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The Apprentice

by Sahypo

Chapter 13

Timmy was curious about the job that Isaac said they had the next day, and Isaac had a lot of things to tell Timmy, so the events of the afternoon were pushed into the background at the moment. Timmy was still processing what had occurred, and needed some time before he could discuss his rite of passage with Isaac.

"So what's up, Isaac?" Timmy wondered.

"I, umm… called Jack's landlord about his place and what to do with his stuff. There's ten days left on his rent, and I'm thinking' we probably need to vacate, so we don't have to come up with another month's rent. I needed to talk to you about how you felt about going over there and seeing if there was anything that meant something to you, and having the salvation army come get the rest for donation."

Timmy sat silently for a long moment, staring out the windshield at nothing in particular. Finally, he spoke,

"If his things will help other people, then yeah, let's do that… we can't keep it anyway." Timmy said.

"Thanks, Champ" Isaac said, "You going to be okay helping us tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I should be there…" Timmy said.

"Timmy, dad bought the house next to ours… it will be another rent property. We get possession when escrow closes, in about 15 days." The house was vacant, and had no note on it, since the owners had paid it off years ago. Timmy's father had paid cash for it, so the closing would be simple. His parents would drive back in two weeks to sign paperwork with Isaac and the seller. Isaac's name was on all the rental houses, so he would have a passive income stream throughout his life.

"What's escrow?" Timmy wondered

"It's a process where an escrow company holds all the money and the deed to the property until all the transactions are settled. If you borrow money to buy a house, you have to qualify for the loan, and have insurance on the house. Then the title to the house has to be researched to make sure the seller actually owns the place, and its not built on a Druid burial ground or something…" Isaac said

"Now I know you're messing with me on the last part of that," Timmy said.

"I shit you not, little turd! It's happened before" Isaac said. Timmy stared at Isaac, a look of "I'll be damned" on his face for several seconds…

"Gotcha! There are no Druids in Texas, Timmy!" Isaac teased.

"You dick!" Timmy giggled, giving Isaac a playful smack. After a few more minutes, they turned down their street, and Timmy gave Isaac a quick kiss on the cheek.

"What was that for, little buddy?" Isaac wondered, surprised at the sudden gesture.

"For being right… if I hadn't listened to you and trusted in what you said, something wonderful wouldn't have happened today.' Timmy said.

"Wh… what was it that I said, again?" Isaac asked, a bit confused. They had talked about so many things in the short time Timmy had been part of his life. They pulled into their driveway and parked, as Isaac killed the engine.

"When you told me that if someone really cared about you and was into who you are, then what you look like wouldn't matter… it's true, Isaac."

Isaac didn't get what Timmy was trying to tell him for several seconds, and then his eyebrows went up…

"You mean that Angie and …" Isaac started, and Timmy finished

"I became a man today, Isaac, yeah… and Angie became a woman."

"You mean intercourse, right?" Isaac asked

"Twice" Timmy nodded. Isaac sat silently for a moment digesting what Timmy had revealed.

"We have to talk, Timmy… right away… Did you use protection, like a condom?" Isaac asked.

"She said her mom had her on the pill, Isaac" Isaac felt a small measure of relief to find the two kids weren't that stupid.

"Timmy, you're going to need more than that, if you and Angie are going to have more sex in the future. Girls can lie about being on the pill, or forget to take the pill… and the pill can't protect you from venereal diseases. You need to use a condom every time, unless its just oral or a hand job. You understand what I'm saying, don't you?"

"I do, Isaac, yes… It was both our first times, so I don't think we could have caught anything from each other." Timmy said.

"Almost no chance of that, true… So, how do you feel now?" Isaac asked.

"Like I would have missed out on that if I hadn't listened to you…" Timmy said.

"Isaac, can I ask you something?" Timmy asked, almost nervously

"Of course, what is it?" Isaac replied.

"When Peter spent the night, did you guys use a condom, too? … just curious" Timmy asked, putting up his hands as if to say "Don't kill me, please".

"I did, yes, Timmy. I'll always have safe sex for Peter's safety and my own." Timmy smiled and said

"I thought so!" They got out of the car and Timmy walked over to their newest property, and walked around the house, with Isaac in tow. They looked inside through the back slider, and made sure all the windows and doors were secure, then crossed the yard and went in to their house, and Timmy immediately stripped and got out of the white denim shorts he was wearing and itched his penis. Isaac stared at the show with a puzzled grin and Timmy explained

"No underwear, and the zipper seam was scratching my dick head!" Isaac laughed at that and said

"The advantages of foreskin are legion!"

"I do have foreskin, and it itches!" Timmy said. Isaac took a few flicks of his own on the boy's prepuce and asked

"There, all better?" Timmy just shook his head and giggled. Isaac removed his own clothes to relax fully, and asked Timmy "Are you hungry?" Timmy shook his head and said

"Not really, Angie made us a pizza" as he plopped his nude body on the couch and grabbed the TV remote.

"Then I'll just have a sandwich" Isaac said, but pronouncing the word "samitch" with no "n" or "w", the way that Timmy had heard older Texans say it. He giggled as he watched Isaac's penis swing and then his behind wiggle as the older boy walked past to the kitchen.

Isaac returned to the couch and sat down, putting his arm around his young friend, and eating his "samitch" with his free hand. They watched a nature show about shark tagging and migration, and Timmy's mind was on something else. Isaac had finished his meal, and after sharing closeness with Timmy for twenty minutes or so, said

"It's all your'n Timmy… I'm going to bed. Don't stay up too late, I want to be at Jack's by seven or so, before it gets too hot, and to give us time to go through things before the truck comes."

"Okay Isaac. Good night, I love you, Isaac." Timmy said, kissing Isaac on the cheek. Isaac kissed Timmy back and said.

"I love you, too little man" and got up and went to his room and closed the door. Timmy's mind was on calling Angie now, and he got up and turned off the TV and lights and went into his own room and found his phone.

Angie answered on the second ring and gushed "Timmy! Hi" Timmy smiled at her bright loud greeting and said "Hey, Angie… I had a great time today. Thanks for everything." He lay back on his bed after making sure his door was closed, and absentmindedly began to handle himself with his free hand.

"So did Isaac tell you what the big mission is for tomorrow?" Angie teased. Timmy was silent for a moment and Angie was almost going to ask if he was still on the line, when Timmy answered

"Yeah… uh, Angie, I didn't exactly tell you everything at the movie, 'cause I didn't want to talk about some stuff, but yeah… we gotta go clean out my dad's place in the morning…"

"But I thought you and Isaac's mom and dad…" Angie began, and Timmy broke in.

"That's Isaac's folks I told you about… Isaac's not my blood brother, Angie… My dad is a drunk who left me with Isaac when he got sick… he's dying of liver cancer and I live with Isaac now, he's my guardian."

"Why… wh- where is your mom, Timmy?" Angie stammered through the question, wondering why Timmy would be with Isaac if his mother was around.

"She was murdered a year or so after I was born. It was me and dad up to about five months ago now, and that wasn't fun."

"Timmy, I'm sorry, I didn't…"

"It's cool… you need to know if you're going to be my friend… I shouldn't keep secrets from you… I need to tell you, it helps me… if you don't mind listening… I mean" Timmy stopped, realizing he would start to babble if he went on.

"We can talk as long as you want" she said softly. "Did your dad hurt you?" she coaxed him to let things out.

"Yeah… It was bad, Angie… I didn't know how bad until I came to be with Isaac. He's the first person in my life who really loves me."

"You two seem so close, like brothers." she observed.

"Isaac changed everything.. I have a life now… he loves me, and does things with me, and shows me things and takes me everywhere… he made me open up and trust people, Angie… it's why we…" he stopped and she finished.

"It's why you aren't hiding anymore?" she suggested.

"Yeah, exactly" Timmy said almost in a whisper.

"Can you talk about the things that happened before you lived with Isaac?"

"There was beatings and getting burned with cigarettes, and shit like that…" Timmy said.

"All of that was your dad doing it?" Angie asked.

"Not always… sometimes he would pass out drunk and the people that came over to drink with him would do things…"

Angie closed her eyes on the other end and fought to keep her emotions under control as tears rolled out of her tightly closed eyelids. She held the phone away and fumbled desperately to mute it so Timmy wouldn't hear her completely lose it..

She took five deep breaths and heard Timmy's tiny metallic voice leaking out of her phone at arm's length asking

"Angie?… Angie?… are you there?" She punched mute a second time and said

"I'm here, Timmy. Not going anywhere, I promise." she said, gathering strength to comfort this little boy who was baring his soul to her. "Was any of that bad stuff … uh, you know…?"

"Sexual?…No, never, Angie… but he called me freak, faggot, one nutted wonder, monkey dick, all sorts of shit. "

"It's all abuse, Timmy. All of it. I'm so glad that no one molested you." she said. She was troubled by one thing, though.

"Timmy, I don't know how I would handle all of that. I can't believe how strong you are. You must totally hate him" Timmy's answer shocked her.

"I'm not strong at all, Angie, not strong enough to hate him. Isaac taught me to let it go and forgive him, so I didn't have to carry that with me forever… Isaac's always been right, about everything and he never lies to me.…So, no, I won't hate… I've forgiven my dad, and don't really have anything left to feel about him at all. It's like that's a part of me that's now empty and the other parts, like you and Isaac are full."

"A part of me was full, you better believe it." Angie immediately lifted the tone of the conversation with her remark. She couldn't resist giving Timmy hints of her horniness, and Timmy responded

"Anything to please the lady"

"Wish you were here pleasing her now" Timmy was replaying the soft wetness he felt in his mind, and felt his penis respond as he caressed it.

"So what is the lady doing at the moment?" he asked.

"Enjoying her very wet pussy, thinking of a very hot boy" she replied, hoping that would give Timmy some inspiration. "What are you doing, Timmy?"

"Enjoying your very wet pussy in my own way" he said, making her giggle. "Isaac says we need to get up early tomorrow, so I got to go, Angie… talk to you later? And … um… thanks for letting me tell you stuff."

"Thanks for trusting me with it, Timmy. You're really special, and so is Isaac… bye"

"Bye, Angie"

Timmy let the phone drop on the bed, and closed his eyes and concentrated on the hard penis in his hand, and savored every delicious sensation as his fingers made contact with the many sensitive little details of his anatomy. He caressed his testicle with his other hand and soon his rhythm was bringing him to edge of orgasm, for the third time in less than eight hours. He caught the semen in a pair of dirty briefs lying on the floor, and after wiping his penis, he turned off the light and slipped between the sheets naked. He was soon asleep.

Angie still had unattended needs as well, and worked her wet clitoris with an index finger, occasionally dipping it into her vagina to distribute fresh lubricant up around the object of her attention. Congestion steadily built up in her pelvic region, as her sexual tension reached its peak, and she began to buck her hips, moan and would have shouted and screamed had she not picked a pillow up with her free hand and pressed it over her face as her orgasm detonated… She lay there, panting, getting her breath back, and when she was fully back in her faculties, she cleaned herself, slipped her long nightshirt on, and went to her parent's bedroom door and knocked on the door, lightly. There was something that she had to do, something she felt compelled to tell them

"Come in" her mother said, and Angie came in to find her mother and father both reading, sitting up in bed. She crawled onto the bed and lay between them, as they watched, somewhat amused. Her nightshirt gapped at the neck, and they could both see that their daughter was nude inside the floppy garment, which was not a big deal in their home. Both children had a tendency to be nude around the house, especially in the pool. This had not changed when Angie and Dylan had entered puberty, either.

Angie began "Mom,… Daddy…" and paused as her face screwed up into tears and she began to cry and kiss each of them on the cheek "I love you both…" she squeaked out in an impossibly high pitched voice, as her parents looked on in amazed confusion. "Honey, what on Ear…" her mother began.

"Me… Brittany and Dawn… We met these two boys… at the movies the other night." she said sobbing.

Her mother nodded "I remember" she said, not sure what exactly was coming.

"We sat with them and had a nice time talking to them…" she said as she continued to cry. She stopped and wiped tears and snot onto her sleeve, and continued

"and the younger boy that I really like called me… and he told me… he'd been abused by his dad all his life and his mom was murdered when he was a baby… He's living with the older boy now, who's his guard, or something."

"Legal Guardian?' her father offered. Angie nodded her head and wiped more tears.

"Uh huh, yeah, daddy. Anyway, I thought they were big and little brothers, but Isaac really rescued Timmy"

"Is he still in danger, honey?" Angie's mother asked, concerned.

"No, he got out of there five months ago, when Isaac, he's the older one… took him in." she was becoming a little more coherent, and continued.

"I never really thought about how good me and Dylan have things… now I know someone who didn't have anything at all… I love you guys." she completely lost it now, and just bawled.

She threw her arms around her parents and lay there, sniffing and snorting until she calmed down and dried out, as they held her and let her have her moment. They knew that their little girl was growing up, and her mother had been more aware of her maturation than her father, who preferred to ignore that which was obvious as she matured physically. Her mother had been a 13 year old girl too, and prepared her daughter for life, including her sexuality. They could both see that she was also maturing emotionally and were impressed at how deeply the plight of another person had touched her.

They had no idea that Angie had given her virginity to this person and had taken his in return, but that was not a discussion Angie had any intention of getting into…

"So is he doing well with this Isaac, now?" her mother asked.

"He loves Isaac like you can't believe. It's like they are blood brothers, Mommy. Isaac treats him like they are the same age or something, not like a kid brother to be bullied… Timmy is different,… he isn't all stupid and dorky like Dylan's friends… he talked to me like he's … 16 or something"

"How old is he, honey?" her mother asked.

"He'll be 13 in December." Angie replied.

"Sometimes kids who went through horrible stuff grow up fast, Angie. You like him, don't you?"

"Yeah, Mommy. I really like him." Angie said, her head resting on her mother's belly. "How can you tell if you're in love?"

"You'll know, baby girl, Trust me, you will know"

In another part of the house, Dylan was busy as well. Like most homes in affluent neighborhoods, Dylan's parents had invested in security devices to protect their home, possessions and very lives. One of those means of protection was an expensive and advanced video surveillance system with strategically located cameras around the "public" or common areas of the home, such as entrances, hallways, the exterior and the pool. One of the features of this system was that the cameras had electronic "Zoom" lenses. There were no moving parts, but the cameras had the latest mega pixel chips, and the resolution allowed a viewer to enlarge an image without distortion or loss of resolution, to a reasonable extent. You could read the print on the label of a can of Budweiser from a cameral 20 feet away, at max zoom. The other advantage of the design was that you could "zoom" any section of recorded video. You didn't have to watch the camera in real time to close in on detail.

Dylan knew that Angie was going to invite Timmy to the house for the afternoon when her parents were out for the day. Mother had some shops to drag his father through, and there would be a dinner at his favorite place, in compensation. They would then take in a show before coming home, which meant Angie had about five hours at home alone with Timmy. Dylan and Angie were close and got along enough for her to disclose her plans for the afternoon, but Dylan had a secret that no one in the family was aware of.

A year ago, he had hacked the security password for the router the cameras were connected to, and was able to select and watch the feeds on his computer in his bedroom. He took his clothes off and reviewed the days images. He found Timmy and his sister in the pool, and his excitement began when the pair left the pool, giving good images of Timmy's thick erection. He switched cameras to the interior stairs and hall, and watched as they made their way to Angie's bedroom. Dylan slowed the images and studied Timmy's penis as he stroked his own tightly cut slender four inch penis. Dylan was slight and willowy, like a swimmer's build, and shared Angie's brown hair and eyes. He wasn't an ugly boy by any means, but not one that drew attention either. He was an average looking kid with a thin build. There was not much body hair present on Dylan, a small downy beginner's patch of brown pubes, a few wisps of hair in his armpits, and a light amount beginning to show on his lower calves.

His small penis was just big enough to fill his closed hand, like a section of broomstick, and the tight cut left no skin motion on his erection at all. He was forced to use lubrication to masturbate, or face sore and blistered skin on his penis. He poured Astroglyde on his hand and distributed it along his shaft and over the head of his member with his fingertips. He continued to caress and stroke his penis, and raised one leg onto his desk for easier access to his scrotum. His testicles and scrotum were hairless, and about the size of a large chicken egg altogether. He caressed and tickled his scrotum lightly and continued to stroke his boyhood with his right hand as he caught images of Timmy on the pool deck, sitting in the chair with an erection that looked impossibly wide compared to his, and his sister kneeling naked in front of him and taking the thick penis into her mouth for the brief moment before she lifted off and said something. There was no audio, so he had no idea what was discussed. He continued to masturbate until he had reviewed all the images he could find of Timmy's penis, and climaxed, propelling two squirts of thin fluid a few inches through the air and into the carpet. He continued to stroke his member as it began to become flaccid, and after another five minutes, Dylan's penis was a little more than an inch and a half long.

His mother had concerns for her son, as Dylan was not obese by any stretch of the imagination, and she knew that his penis was at the very lowest ranges of normal length and girth for a boy his age, height, stage of puberty and weight. She dared not say anything to Dylan, lest it crush her son, but she was concerned enough to discuss the issue with her husband. He too thought Dylan's endowment was lacking, since he was larger than Dylan at the same age, and as an adult was about six and a half inches long erect. He agreed to discuss this with Dylan gently.

The secret Dylan really guarded was not that he could secretly watch the house video, or that he had a small cock. Dylan was gay, in the closet, and desperately wanted access to Timmy.

Isaac got up at six the next morning, and padded into his bathroom to drain his bladder, which also relieved his very rigid erection. He turned the shower water on and went to Timmy's room and opened the door to find Timmy asleep in a tangle of bed clothes. He shook his little friend awake, and whispered "Up and at 'em, Champ. Quicker we get out of here the quicker we get to IHOP." Isaac leaned over and gave Timmy a quick kiss on the side of the face as Timmy's eyes creaked open, and stood up and walked back to the shower. Timmy threw back the covers and got out of bed, his curved erection leading the way as he followed Isaac's smooth, firm little butt down the hall. Isaac stepped in the shower and spied on Timmy as the younger boy stood over the bowl and started to urinate. With an erection, Timmy's stream would deflect down at a 90 degree angle to his penis, which was pointing straight forward at the moment. The root of his shaft exited his body at an up angle, and the curvature of the organ made it gently arch downward to the tip.

"I still can't understand how you can do that" Isaac said, watching Timmy piss with perfect aim into the bowl below him. It was a show that never got old for Isaac.

"It's easy… aim forward, piss down" Timmy replied as if everyone should be able to do just that.

Isaac chuckled and said "You have the most amazing cock, Mister Billings!"

"Why Thank you, Mister Daniels" Timmy replied, and stepped into the shower. "Scratch my back… Mmmmmm, thanks" he said as Isaac applied a loofah sponge to Timmy's dead skin. Using the loofah on each other had been Timmy's idea to add to their morning shower ritual since Timmy had seen one in the store and asked Isaac what it was for.

They got out and dried off, and got dressed. Timmy threw on his briefs, shorts, socks and shoes and pulled on a shirt as he rushed around.

"Timmy, Jack has a vacuum and broom and that sort of stuff, right?" Isaac asked.

"yeah, he does" Timmy confirmed.

"Good, we won't have to bring anything then, I guess. Well, you ready, Freddy?"

"Let's scram, Sam" Timmy said, picking up Isaac's corny expressions. Isaac smiled as he pulled the door closed behind Timmy and followed him to the car. His scared, walled in little boy was turning into a fun to be with, happy teenager. His face and body was filling out, and he looked tons healthier than he did almost half a year ago. The scarring on his body even seemed to be fading… could it be the loofah scrubbing?

The got in the Golf and buckled up, and headed to the IHOP for breakfast. It was not quite seven in the morning.

"I was just thinking how much you grew since I met you" Isaac observed.

"I'm two inches taller, and 18 pounds heavier…and an inch and quarter more here" Timmy grinned, pointing to his crotch.

"You have to keep track of the most important vital statistic, right?" Isaac joked.

"Absotively, Posilutely"! Timmy said, which made Isaac giggle. They pulled into the IHOP parking lot and locked "The Bentley" and went in to eat. They began to refer to the old VW that way since the first bowling alley trip. Isaac needed to stop past the high school auto shop some time to schedule a visit with the Freon exchange machine, so he could replace the compressor and get the artic blast going again for the hot Texas days.

But today, they had a task to do, and arrived at Jack's house and let themselves in with the keys in the envelope. Isaac said 'Look around Timmy, and see if there is anything you left, or want to take with you, buddy." Even Isaac couldn't call the maturing 12 year old little anymore. Timmy was becoming a man, in a world that hadn't been as kind to him as it had been for Isaac. Isaac never forgot that, and resolved from the beginning to make each day as good for Timmy as he could, for as long as Timmy was with him.

They went though the small house, and checked the furniture in Timmy's old room, which consisted of a small dresser and chest of drawers and a bed. There was nothing in Timmy's closet, he had taken what little he had when they came back to collect what Jack hadn't set on the porch. Isaac moved over to stand next to Timmy as the boy surveyed what had once been his room, and put his fingers on Timmy's chin to turn his face to his, and asked "You OK?"

"Yeah, … It's just an old house, Isaac. That's all" Timmy said simply. "There's nothing in here… I've checked.

They moved to Jack's room and went through the closets, and furniture. Jack's clothes were present, and they found a basket of what they assumed was dirties in the closet. Isaac pulled it out and asked Timmy if he could run a load of laundry before the Salvation Army crew arrived. They were going to donate the whole house, including the washer and dryer.

Timmy took the basket to the laundry room and made a sound of disgust loud enough for Isaac to hear and call out "what's up?"

"Wet clothes in the washer, they stink like mildew. I have to wash those again."

"OK, Timmy" Isaac heard the ratcheting sounds as Timmy twisted the timer dial back around to the starting position, and a pop and "Swiiish!" as he pulled out on the knob and the machine began to fill with water.

Timmy checked the dryer and pulled the clothing out and brought it back to Jack's room where he and Isaac sorted it. Timmy found one shirt that he had not taken when he left and held it up to his chest. Isaac looked the scene over and said "Fat chance of that ever fitting again!"

Timmy smiled and they both said "Donate!" at the same instant, which caused them both to crack up.

The thought occurred to Timmy that he had laughed with Isaac more in the last six months, than he ever had in his life up to that day he rode down Isaac's street on his bicycle, and stopped to drink out of a simple garden hose…

They went through the rest of the house, and found only a few things that they wouldn't donate, including an old colt .38 caliber revolver in Jack's dresser drawer, and a box of ammunition so old that the box fell apart. Isaac checked the handgun to make sure it was empty, and held it so Timmy could see it too. They found the weapon to be in great condition… it had a film of gun oil on it that had protected it from the southern humidity.

"This is yours, now, Timmy. Have you ever shot before?" Isaac asked. Timmy shook his head "Never… I didn't even know he had that."

"I'll have to teach you proper gun safety first then" Isaac said.

"I'd like that a lot, Isaac" Timmy said. It was another way to be with this young man who was doing such a good job being the father Timmy never had.

"Let's find something to put these rounds in" Isaac said, as he went into the kitchen to see if Jack had anything like sammich bags, or Tupperware.

He found some disposable container and a lid that fit, and went back to the bedroom to find Timmy stripping the linen off the bed, and folding it, so the men who were coming could get the mattresses out. Timmy's own bed had been stripped already, and that room was ready. They found a few bottles of liquor in the closet, up high. Isaac figured that they would find several stashes in the house and garage… drunks always had a drink, no matter what. There were some old photographs of people that Timmy could not identify, probably Jack's family, probably long dead or very old by now. They decided to hang on to them until they could figure out what they meant. Other than that, there was nothing of value in Jack's room. He secured the ammunition in the Tupperware, and put the revolver and bullets in the box Timmy was packing.

They were startled by a loud knock on the screen door, and Isaac called "Come in!" and left the bedroom to greet the men from the Salvation Army. A large middle age dark skinned black man with a moustache came inside, followed by a smaller muscular Hispanic man in his 30's.

"Good morning, Sir, my name is Leonard, and my partner is Javier" the black man said, offering a huge paw to Isaac to shake, followed by Javier "A pleasure" the smaller man said.

"I'm Isaac, and this is Timmy" Timmy had come in to see who was here and shook hands with Leonard and Javier "Hi" he said, with a smile. The two men exchanged pleasantries with Timmy, and Isaac said.

"Everything in the two bedrooms can go right away, the living room, too. We have to go through the hall closet, kitchen and garage still"

"Okay, Sir, we'll get started in the living room, so we can stage things out of the rest of the house there if we need the room." Leonard said.

'Roger that..Do you guys drink ice tea?" Isaac asked

"Oh yes sir! But we'll work up a thirst first!" Leonard said. "You ready, bandido?" he said to his friend Javier

"Si, Kemosabe!" Javier replied, and the two men cracked up at their little joke. Isaac and Timmy could see that they were very good friends, and probably had been through some awful days before the Salvation Army got them back on their feet. Leonard propped the screen door open as far as it would open after removing the spring, and took one end of the couch while Javier crouched down under the other. As one, they lifted the piece and maneuvered it easily out the door, twisting and turning it to fit through a space it seemed impossible to thread. They did this without speaking, a move they had practiced many times before. They had always worked together since they met four years ago in recovery from addiction.

Isaac and Timmy began making trips to the VW, and the hall closet was next.

They removed all the items from the closet that Isaac and Timmy could reach at their 5'6" stature. Leonard came back in the house and found Isaac setting up a rickety kitchen chair that had to date from the early '60's as a step stool, and said "Whoa, boss! You don't want to do that! Let me get that stuff down outta there for ya…" He stepped in and set the chair aside, and had no difficulty reaching the items with his 6'3" height. There were a few boxes of odds and ends, a hat, and a stuffed teddy bear with a missing eye. It was the last item and Leonard held it in a huge hand, and offered it to Timmy. "Was he yours, son?" the big man asked quietly, dropping to a knee to speak eye to eye with Timmy, holding the bear out to the boy.

"A long time ago… but he needs a family too, Leonard. Can you make sure he gets one for me?" Timmy asked.

"I sure will, son… is this your house?" Leonard asked. Timmy nodded his head.

"Yeah, I lived my whole life here… my dad got sick, and now I live with Isaac in a real home." Isaac put his hand on Timmy's shoulder and nodded in agreement.

I'm sorry, Timmy. I guess life does things to all of us…" Leonard said, gently rubbing the bear's missing "eye". "I'm going to make sure he gets someone who will love him like you did, and like you found someone to love you" he said, looking at Isaac and giving him a nod.

"Thank you, Leonard" Timmy said. Leonard stood up again. He had to get out of that hallway before he got emotional. After a moment, he asked Isaac "Kitchen set goes too?"

"Yes, sir, everything but the stove" They sorted all the closet contents, and kept the boxes, which contained papers, and an old camera. They would develop the film and review the papers to see if there was anything important. The rest went to the truck. They finished the closet and both bedrooms were now empty. Javier and Leonard had worked steady and made good progress loading the large van. Timmy and Isaac went through the kitchen and decided the entire lot should go. Isaac boxed up the cleaning supplies to use on the new rental, and they through out most of what was in the refrigerator. They found a few expired food items and more liquor hidden behind the refrigerator when Leonard heaved it out of its alcove. Isaac had confirmed with the landlord that the refrigerator was Jack's and refused Isaac's offer to leave it in the rental, since he didn't know how old it was, or whether it would turn into a service hassle later. Refrigerators were a pain in the ass for a landlord. Isaac unplugged it, and Javier dollied it out of the house. Timmy carried the booze to the car, along with the cleaning supplies. Isaac would call in the service that his father used to clean Jack's house when they were done, so Timmy would get Jack's security deposit back. Jack's estate would pay the fee, anyway. Javier and Timmy boxed up the contents of the kitchen drawers, and they both carried the boxes to the truck. When it was finished and the kitchen was bare, they stopped for Isaac's tea.

The two loads of laundry were finished and taken to the truck to join the other clothing, and the washer and dryer was dollied out.

This left only the garage. Isaac gave Timmy the keys to Jack's car and asked him to back it into the driveway so they could sort the garage. He told Timmy to let it run in park to charge the battery, since the car had sit for several weeks. Leonard and Javier said their goodbyes, and told Isaac to come down to the thrift store in a day or two for an itemized receipt, after everything was processed and evaluated.

It felt strange to Timmy to sit for the first time in the driver's seat of the car he had ridden in so many times. He knew that he would never be Jack's passenger in this car again. He turned the key and the old Pontiac Grand Prix roared to life. The old vessel was huge by the standards of today, and the hood looked endless in front of Timmy. He grabbed the lever to pull the car out of park, and suddenly had an impulse to see which way the front wheels were pointed, so he got out of the car and made sure…they were, and he got back in and backed the car out slowly and carefully, muttering to himself "Don't let me fuck up… Don't let me fuck up!" remembering that Isaac wanted to let it run for a few minutes, he put the big green car in park and got out to see what Isaac was looking at.

It turns out Timmy had backed over a trash bag behind the car that Jack left in the garage, intending to take it to the curb on trash day. Isaac had heard the noise and the boys walked behind the car, which had wadded the bag up under itself.

Isaac said "Get in and pull up forward, and I'll rescue it" Timmy was lucky, the car had drunk rolled the bag instead of smearing it all over hell's creation, and Isaac was able to pick it up in one piece. He backed the car up again, after Isaac was safely standing next to the driver's door, holding Timmy's victim.

He ruffled Timmy's hair and said "Doofus!" with a grin, making Timmy laugh. He would be checking behind cars from now on before backing up, after this little ding to his pride. He also wondered how badly he would likely have been beaten if this had been Jack instead of Isaac.

"That makes me your doofus, Isaac" Timmy observed.

"I wouldn't want any other doofus, Timmy" Isaac said. "How you holding up? That was a really nice thing you did with the bear. I think you really touched Leonard."

"Really, I didn't ……" Timmy started "It's good, Isaac. I'm allright."

"Lets load this car then" Isaac said. There wasn't much in the garage, an old lawnmower, gas can, some bicycle parts Timmy had accumulated, and some cheap tools, cans of oil, an electric weed-eater, and twine, lumber scraps and other debris and miscellaneous junk. The stuff that still had utility went into the Grand Prix. The rest was piled in the middle of the garage.

Isaac went next door to talk to Jack's neighbor to let them know what was going on, and find out when the trash day was, as Isaac would come back and put the remaining things out for pickup on that morning. The neighbor thanked Isaac and he came back and asked Timmy if there was anything he needed to do. Timmy shook his head, and Isaac turned back one last time before going in the house to lock up "Sure you don't need to pee?"

Timmy shook his head; his business here was finished forever. It was two thirty in the afternoon.

Isaac's phone rang

"Hello… Yes, ma'am… Isaac Daniels, ma'am…… Yes, I am his guardian… okay… Yes, ma'am, tomorrow at ten… We will be there… you too, Thank you." Isaac ended the call, as Timmy waited patiently during the short exchange.

"The lady from the urologist's office called about your ultrasound, Timmy. They want to talk to us tomorrow at ten o'clock… you didn't have plans, I take it?" Isaac teased.

"I guess I do now, huh?" Timmy said. "What did they say?"

"Oh, they'll never tell you anything over the phone, Timmy. She just set the time to come see the doctor."

"It's not Doctor Selden, then?" Timmy wondered

"No… He must have referred you to his specialist… the family practice guys like Doc usually do that anyway. It's normal." Isaac explained.

"Oh… okay" Timmy said. Isaac made another call, this time to Peter.

"Hey Peter, it's Isaac…are you at work?"

"Hey Isaac! How goes it? I'm off today."

"Cool… doing anything at the moment?"

"No, not really, what's up?"

"I could use a screechin' huge favor, that would be worth your while, stud." Isaac promised.

"Hmmmmm…if you put it like that, sure, sexy!" Peter said. "whaddya need?"

"I need a driver…me and Timmy are over at his dad's place and we need to get Timmy's car over to my place."

"Wh…Timmy has a…car?" Peter was confused and Timmy and Isaac were both grinning. Timmy had his ear up close to the phone so he could listen in on the call.

"He does now, and it's a big one!" Isaac said, and Timmy busted out laughing at that.

"This shit I gotta see!" Peter said.

"We're on our way to get you, sexy boy!" Isaac said.

"I will be here…" Peter said, chuckling.

"Bye, dude" Isaac said, and ended the call. "Let's go him!" Isaac said and they got in the VW and left.

Ten minutes later, they pulled up at Peter's, and Timmy got out of the front seat and climbed in back, to save time and gymnastics. They arrived at Jack's house, and Peter whistled. "A '72 Gran Prix type SJ! I haven't seen a ship like that since I was in diapers, dude!" Peter said… "What's in it?" they got out of the VW, and walked over to the big green car, and Isaac unlocked it and gave the keys to Peter…

"Probably some huge ass V8" Isaac said "I think it's the square one"

"It is, the round one is the doors and trunk," Timmy said. The teens looked at the boy.

"He would know" Isaac said. "Start it up, and lets see if she has any issues." Peter got in, and started the car and turned on the air conditioning and radio. They both worked.

"Ice cold air, Isaac!" Peter said. Timmy got in the car with Peter.

"Ok, meet at my place, then" Isaac said and got back in the VW and drove off. Peter backed the huge green Pontiac out of the driveway, and carefully moved off after Isaac, getting the feel of the steering and brakes a little before getting carried away. They wound their way out of the neighborhood and stopped for a light before turning onto a major four lane divided highway that would take them a few miles over to Isaac's suburb. The light turned and Peter put his foot into the pedal as the car finished turning and headed straight down the road. The engine roared as the car picked up speed, then moaned louder as the secondary throats of the four barrel carburetor opened and the V8 wound out. Peter was astonished to see that they were traveling over 70 miles an hour, after only a few seconds of acceleration.

"Je-zus Cuh-reest!" Peter said, having no concept of the acceleration a big block V8 and four barrel carburetor was capable of. "Damn, I'm glad we didn't let a cop see that!"

Timmy laughed. He loved the way the old ship could scoot.

"Just don't get us smooshed!" Timmy teased. Peter smiled and looked over at his little friend.

"So this was your dad's car, huh?"


"This is a nice beast, Timmy, and I'm sorry about your dad and everything"

"Thanks, Peter." Peter looked down at the dashboard and his eyes went wide again. He also had no concept of how thirsty big block V8's could be.

"Oh, shit!" Peter said suddenly "Does this gas gauge work, Timmy?"

"I'm pretty sure it does, yeah."

"Fuck, little man! we're cruising on vapor… I hope we can make it to that Shell up here"

Peter backed off the gas and let the car coast, hoping the huge motor would be kind to them… They did make the Shell station, and managed to just pull into the pumps, when Peter hit the brakes and the car died… It may have been coincidence, but it made them both say "Whoa!" at the same time, and they burst out laughing at each other.

Peter reached into his pocket and retrieved his wallet, and gave Timmy a ten dollar bill. "Get you a soda and me an A&W root beer, and put the rest on pump…" Peter looked for the damn number, which was never where it was supposed to be … "six, Timmy, pump six."

"Got it" Timmy said, and ran into the store to carry out his mission.

Peter got out, and soon had another problem to solve. He looked all around the car, up and down both sides, and was circling the automobile as Timmy came out of the store and saw what was going on. He stopped and watched Peter as the teenager became more confused and agitated. Timmy could see him muttering to himself, as other customers began to notice him. The younger people had looks of concern on their faces, but an older man pumping gas on the other island was grinning, enjoying the show for the same reason Timmy was. Peter was so preoccupied that he didn't notice that he was drawing attention.

Finally, Timmy decided to rescue poor Peter, and walked over behind the Pontiac, flipped the license plate down and pulled the gas cap off the tank neck. The man watching began to applaud and laugh, as Timmy backed up and took a deep dramatic bow, his arm outstretched upward with the gas cap in his fingers like a trophy. Peter put his hand over his face and went "Arrrgghhh". The man said "Son, it's happened to all of us, once!" Peter shook his head and acknowledged the man with a wave, too embarrassed to say anything. Timmy pumped the gas into the car, then they got in and left the station, and Timmy started giggling at Peter again.

"You little fucker! You enjoyed that, didn't you?" Peter said, still red in the face, and trying not to laugh. Timmy laughed harder, and nodded in answer to Peter's question, then Peter began to laugh too.

"You got me on that one" he admitted, taking a swig of his root beer. They got to Isaac's house and Isaac directed them into the driveway of the house next door, and Peter parked the porcine Pontiac precisely.

"What happened to you guys?" Isaac said, "All of a sudden you were gone"

"Car was flat empty when we left his dad's place" Peter said.

"And Peter had trouble getting the hose in" Timmy said, beginning to giggle again.

"Everybody knows its behind the license plate" Isaac said, causing Timmy to belly laugh now.

"Oh, … Just fuck you guys!" Peter bantered with his friends, resigned to the fact that he was probably never going to live this down, especially if the story got around college in the fall. "Go ahead, what goes around comes around you know!"

"Yeah, yeah, we know… hey, thanks for doing this for us, Peter.. can you stay awhile?"

"I got nothing going on, actually… until tomorrow… Isaac" Peter said.

"I think I'm going to tie up your schedule for the next 12 hours, sport" Isaac replied. "I need to unload this crap out of my car, though."

"You say the most romantic things to me, lover" Peter replied, as they began putting loads together as Timmy lined up behind them to gather what was left. When the job was done, Isaac turned to Timmy and said,

"Right! Be a most good chap, Billings and secure the Bentley" in the worst British accent Peter had ever endured, to which Timmy replied "Very good, Mawstuh Daniels" bowed and went out to close the hatch and windows on the little red car. Peter cracked up and asked

"Are you two idiots like this all the time?"

"Constantly, actually, yes" Isaac responded.

"You are lucky to have such a great kid like him around" Peter said. Timmy had come back in the house and had almost stepped around the corner into the kitchen when he heard Isaac say

"Peter, I wake up every morning and thank God for putting this kid in my life, I am really blessed just knowing him. He gives me so many things, and he doesn't even know it."

Timmy stopped and listened behind the wall, as the older boys continued to talk about him.

"You should have seen what he did at the gas station! It was pretty damn funny, and he sure owned me." Peter said.

Timmy did a silent fist pump and mouthed "Yes!" without a sound… Peter had accepted him, and the compliment he unknowingly bestowed on the boy was priceless. Timmy made his way out of the front door without being noticed by Peter and Isaac in the kitchen and circled around to the back door and came in as if he didn't know what was going on.

"Hey, Sprout!" Peter said, holding up a hand. Timmy slapped his palm against Peter's and sat down.

"So what exactly happened at the gas station?" Isaac asked Timmy.

"I should let Peter tell you, from his side of it" Timmy suggested.

Peter told Isaac what took place at the pumps, about the man watching and Timmy's little flourish. Isaac looked at Timmy and said "Good Show, Billings!"

"You got to watch this one, Peter" Isaac teased.

"I'm finding this out the hard way" Peter replied.

"Um, since Peter is going to be here a while, is it okay if he hangs out like we do around the house, Isaac?" Timmy asked.

Peter gave Timmy a puzzled look and Isaac said, "Maybe you should ask if Peter is okay with that, Timmy. It's not up to me."

" We usually don't wear anything in the house when its just us" Timmy explained. "would it bother you if me or Isaac wasn't dressed?"

"You guys don't do anything…" Peter began,

"No" Timmy interrupted. "Isaac feels like he would be taking advantage of me if that happened, so, no… we … don't"

"It doesn't bother me at all, Timmy." Peter said

"To take advantage of me?" Timmy giggled.

"No, hanging with you guys in the nude" Peter said, messing up Timmy's hair. "Smart ass!"

"Who's hungry?" Isaac asked.

"I could get there" Peter said.

"Me too" said Timmy.

"Peter, do you eat fish?" Isaac queried.

"Love it" Peter replied.

"Settles that then" Isaac said, getting up and pulling out a stewing pot, filling it with water.

He put the pot on the stove, and took a package of angel hair pasta from the pantry and six Tilapia filets from the freezer. He turned on the oven, and threw the filets into the pot to thaw. The last item was the marinara sauce, and Isaac smiled when he remembered the time Timmy thought he had called it "marijuana" sauce.

Isaac tossed a simple Romaine lettuce salad, and set the bowl on the table with Caesar dressing.

The thin filets thawed quickly, and Isaac removed them from the warming water, slit open the vacuum packaging and laid the fish on a baking sheet. He lightly spiced them with a seafood blend, and put the sheet in the oven. The water came to a boil about six minutes later, and Isaac put the noodles in and noted the timer reading, subtracting eight minutes from the time. He would have enough time to cut some French bread, brush butter and garlic powder mix on the pieces, and bake it for several minutes by the time the noodles were finished. Once the bread was in the oven, Isaac undressed and the timer went off. He drained the pasta and poured a spoonful of olive oil over it to keep the noodles from sticking, and laid a carpet of noodles on three plates, followed by two filets, and topped with marinara. Two slices of garlic bread completed each plate, and Isaac called Timmy to put the plates on the table while he got the drinks and silver ware.

Timmy and Peter had gone into the living room and looked for something to watch on TV, when Isaac had gotten up from the table to start the meal. Timmy undressed to get more comfortable, and Peter followed suit, as Timmy watched intently. Timmy said "Wow!" as Peter's semi-hard circumcised penis and smooth body was exposed. "You're huge, Peter!" Timmy said, as Peter blushed, and sat down next to Timmy.

'It's not that big, Timmy." Peter protested.

"Looks big to me… bigger than mine" Timmy said.

"Wanna race?" Peter said, grabbing his soft penis as if a speed jerking contest was about to begin, and they both giggled at that.

When Isaac called, Timmy and Peter padded into the kitchen and Timmy helped Isaac get the meal on the table.

The conversation around the table was light, and mainly centered around the Pontiac. Isaac suggested that Timmy take the Auto Shop classes this fall, and take the car in as his project… it would solve the parking issue, and Timmy would get some benefit out of the car, even though he would not be able to drive it for several more years. Timmy had a strong interest in technical things, and picked up on how things worked quickly. He was good help with the old Porsche project, and often asked Isaac questions that showed that he understood things he saw, on a deeper level than Isaac sometimes gave him credit for.

Timmy thought the Auto Shop idea was great, and Isaac promised to take him past the middle school he would be attending next fall; they may be able to meet Mr. Barnes, the department head. Isaac had taken his classes, and Mr. Barnes had been a major influence on Isaac's decision to be an aviation mechanic.

Soon after the meal, the trio cleaned up and did the small pile of dishes by hand. Isaac washed, Peter dried, and Timmy stowed the dishes in the cabinets. Peter and Isaac excused themselves for the evening, and the two naked teens went to Isaac's room. Timmy watched TV, until he decided to play games on his laptop, and went to his room.

Peter and Isaac did what came naturally, in a repeat of their first time together, but this time, they took their time kissing, and then moving into a sixty-nine, until Peter climaxed, and Isaac took his seed in his mouth. Peter put a condom on Isaac's hard member and positioned himself so his lover could enter him. They resumed kissing, and changed positions occasionally, ending with Isaac kneeling, and Peter face up with his legs on Isaac's shoulders, while Isaac rapidly pistoned his five inches of manhood in and out of Peter's hot tunnel. Several minutes later, he rammed his black pubes in as far as he could go beneath Peter's tightly drawn bare scrotum, his testicles beside his flaccid shaft, and shot his cum into the condom and collapsed exhausted on Peter's trim hairless torso. Peter put his arms around his lover, and they lay like that for long minutes, until Isaac's soft penis slipped out of Peter, and nearly out of the condom. They got up and took a quick shower, and got back in bed. They were both asleep in less than twenty minutes.

Timmy tapped lightly on the door in the morning, and getting no response, let himself in, and found Peter and Isaac in bed asleep. There being no need to cover himself after the previous evening, Timmy woke both teenagers and went into the bathroom to start his shower. Isaac and Peter came in as Timmy finished his morning piss, and left their own, as Timmy stood under the shower, luxuriating in the spray. Isaac and Peter talked about their plans, and Isaac told him Timmy had a ten o'clock appointment to get his ultrasound results. Isaac had told Peter about his concerns regarding Timmy in a previous conversation, so Peter knew what this was about.

"I hope everything is good, Timmy" Peter said " Good luck!"

"Thanks, Peter" Timmy said "I'm not worried about it" Isaac stepped into the shower, and asked, "You want to get in too?" Peter shook his head, and said

"Nah, I'll clean up at home… I got to get a ride home here in a bit anyway." as he began to retrieve his clothing and dressed. Timmy and Isaac were done, and standing outside the shower drying off, less than ten minutes after Timmy got started, and Timmy asked Isaac "Can we take Peter out to IHOP when we drive him home?"

"Oh, I'll buy!" Peter chirped.

"Guess that makes it a plan, Timmy" Isaac said. The boys brushed their teeth and got dressed. Timmy used Isaac's SpeedStick and the teenagers laughed… Timmy was confused, and about to say "What?" when Isaac said "Welcome to the world of Stinky Pits! I guess I need to get you your own supply of those!" Timmy held his arm up and pointed proudly to several tiny thin hairs visible in his armpit " I think I'm up to six of them now!" he joked, Isaac laughed and Peter shook his head.

"What, Peter, you don't remember what a big deal your first ones were?" Isaac teased.

"Yeah, I guess I do, but I still only have six hairs there!" he said, faking Timmy out to make him raise his hands to block, and then fast as lightning going low and giving Timmy's penis a finger tip flick "Oh!… Way too slow!" Peter teased, as Timmy turned scarlet. He gave Peter an evil leer and said

"Your junk is flickable too, Red!" and Isaac warned "Ooooh! Watch your back, Peter!"

as the three of them giggled.

They left the house and had breakfast at Timmy's favorite family restaurant and took Peter home afterward. They had enough time to get to the urologist's office downtown and were the first appointment of the day. After a short wait, they were shown into an office room, and the doctor came in. "Hello, I'm Martin French," the doctor said.

Isaac and Timmy shook his hand and introduced themselves. "I reviewed Timmy's ultrasound and there is an image of something on the left side, but it doesn't appear to be his left testicle. The item is too small, and the shape is not right for that".

"So there isn't anything to bring down to his scrotum?" Isaac asked.

"Exactly. That is correct. What I see is a much smaller object than a testicle, … I'd say this object is roughly 8 or 10 millimeters in size."

"Is this something of concern for his health?" Isaac continued

"It's of minor concern, because of two things… First we don't know what it is, and second, the only way we can keep an eye on it is with more ultrasounds." Dr. French said

"Recommendations?" Isaac asked. The teen impressed the veteran urologist with his maturity and level of thinking, indicated by his questions.

"Laparoscopic surgery to remove it, is what I would do if Timmy was my son, Isaac."

'You have to cut me open for that?" Timmy said, not liking the sounds of this.

"No, Timmy, there is no long incision for this. Just three small holes about as big around as a pencil. The procedure is done through those holes with small probes. There are no stitches afterward just some small pieces of tape for a week or so".

"Do I have to stay in the hospital?" Timmy wondered

"No, you would not eat or drink anything for eight hours before, and come in for the procedure in the morning, and be home probably by noon. Then no strenuous activity for three days after, and that's it."

"What is the worst case scenario if this isn't done?" Isaac asked.

"This object is most likely gonadal tissue that never developed into a testicle… the danger of leaving this in place is that if it did become neoplastic, that is cancerous, we would never detect it in time to treat it, until Timmy showed other symptoms, and that would be much too late. This is why we want boy's testicles to be descended into the scrotum, so they are able to be examined. When a boy has a undescended testicle, we try to bring it down as soon as possible."

"That is pretty much what Timmy and I know about this also" Isaac said.

"Now for you, Timmy, we know from your ultrasound that there is no testicle, which brings me to another question… Have you given any thought to getting a prosthetic testicle?" Dr. Fench asked.

"Uhhh, what exactly is that?" Timmy said. The doctor got up and went to a cabinet on the back wall of the office, and removed a small plastic tray and brought it back to the desk and set it in front of Isaac and Timmy. Inside the tray were several clear oval items that looked like huge fish oil capsules. Timmy said "Wow, check those out, Isaac!" as Dr. French smiled, and Isaac and Timmy bent in for a closer look.

"Those are saline filled prosthetic implants that we put inside the scrotum, to give the appearance of a testicle or testicles" the doctor said.

"Testicles? Like as in both?" Isaac asked.

"Yes, Isaac, in some cases the patient is born without testicles and with these implants and hormone replacement therapy, he looks and functions like a normal male, without sperm production, of course."

"Wow, I guess I don't have it bad at all, do I?" Timmy said. "So how do you put these in? Cut the sack open?" Timmy asked.

"No, we do it through an incision above and to the side of the penis, and put it in from above, Timmy. It would take a long time to heal from an incision that long in the scrotum, and there are more complications with that approach."

"How do you know what size to use?" Timmy asked.

"We measure your real testicle and match it, or if you need two, we let the patient decide how big he wants them to be, within reason, of course."

"Mine's been growing a lot in the last year or so, and it's probably not done yet" Timmy said, as Dr. French nodded and said

"We generally wait until a patient is around 15, so we don't have to do the procedure more than once, although we do have some patients that want the implant before puberty and are willing to go through replacements to look like the other boys. Also, Timmy, your testicle will be larger than normal, since the one testicle enlarges to do the work of two."

"Yeah, we read that, too" Timmy said.

"Go home and think over everything, and let Pamela know what your decision is, if you want to schedule the laparoscopy… and I strongly advise that you do this" Dr. French said.

"Thanks, Doctor" Isaac said. "Umm, Timmy has mild hypospadias as well, do you think these two things are related?"

"Isaac, we don't know what causes hypospadias yet, although my suspicion is that there are many causes… We do know that boys like Timmy are slightly more likely to have undescended testicles and herniae, than boys who do not have hypospadias… We don't know why that is, either. I don't think there is a real answer to your question, because most boys with hypospadias have normal testicular descent, and most boys with an undescended testicle don't have hypospadias. Does that make sense?"

"Yes, it does, you're saying both conditions can happen in isolation" Isaac replied

"Ex…zactly" the physician said, drawing the word out for emphasis. He bid the boys farewell after ascertaining that they didn't have any other questions to ask him, and they left the clinic.

On the way out the door, Isaac's phone rang, and he answered the call. "Hello? … This is Isaac Daniels… Yes, ma'am… I understand, and thank you. Yes, … yes of course… bye."

Isaac stood and looked at Timmy. Timmy was waiting for Isaac to continue following him to the car, and turned around and came back "Isaac, are you coming, or what?"

"Timmy, that was the lady at hospice… Jack passed away." Timmy looked around the parking lot, then down at his feet and blew the air out of his lungs like he had birthday candles and said "Whoa… I guess we knew it was coming, didn't we?"

"You okay?" Isaac asked, putting his arm around Timmy and walking him to the car.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Isaac. I was ready for this. No looking back, or living in the past for me…" Timmy said.

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