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The Apprentice

by Sahypo

Chapter 22

Sean sat on his bed dressing, as he and Timmy waited for Melanie to return with food. Timmy had gone over to the house to see what Isaac and his parents were planning for the day. Pat and Lizabeth said that they had to get on the road, and couldn’t stay today. That left Isaac…Timmy told them Sean would be alone most of the day and asked Isaac if he could hang with them.

“What do you want to do, Timmy?” Isaac asked.

“I wonder if Sean played mini golf back in New York?” Timmy suggested.

“See what Melanie says, I guess” Isaac said. Timmy hugged Pat and Lizabeth and they got their midmorning start on the five hour trip home.

Isaac and Timmy went over to Melanie’s house after Pat and Lizabeth had gone, and Isaac told Timmy not to say anything to Sean. They would surprise him if had never played the game before…Timmy grinned and nodded in agreement. He enjoyed Isaac’s

“secret missions” very much, and wanted to see Sean’s reaction.

Melanie came home about five minutes later, bearing six inch Subway “sammiches“, and apologized to Isaac for not bringing an extra…

“Oh, I’ve eaten already, Ma’am, but thanks anyway.” Isaac said.

“Listen, I’m ma’am at work, Isaac…you can call me Melanie at home” she said with a grin. Besides that, I’ve seen your sexy little butt in the altogether she thought to herself.

“Uh, Melanie…Timmy and I would like to take Sean out for the day, if that’s okay” Isaac asked.

“What did you have in mind, Isaac?” she asked.

“Well, that’s classified…if I tell Sean, we have to kill him…but I can whisper it in your ear” Isaac said smiling.

“Oh,…Okay!” Melanie said, laughing at Isaac’s sillyness. She would go along to see what he was up to. He bent close to her ear and whispered

“Has he ever played mini-golf?” Melanie replied “No, pretty sure he hasn’t”. Isaac winked at Melanie, and she returned the gesture, totally confusing Sean. “I’ll be home late, so have a great time. Make sure you lock the house, honey”

“I will, Mom…no worries” Sean said.

“Thanks for doing this, guys” Melanie said to Timmy and Isaac.

“Doing what? What’s going on?” Sean wondered.

“I’m quite sorry, sir, but that information is on a need to know basis, and you don’t have a need to know.” Timmy said, sounding like a government spook. “You will be transported to an undisclosed location where all things will be made clear to you at the proper time.”

“Whoa, Mister Secret Service, there!” Isaac exclaimed. “That sounded pretty good.”

Sean looked at Timmy dumbfounded, and then started to giggle “I guess I’m your prisoner then, if you put it like that.”

“We do put it exactly like that, sir” Timmy intoned. “But first, its time to eat these sammiches”

“Sa- what?” Sean stammered.

“Sammich, BOY! You in Texas now, boy!” Isaac said, trying to sound like a southern sheriff. This elicited more giggles from Sean and Melanie.

“Guess I have to learn the language, huh?” Sean asked.

Timmy and Isaac nodded. Isaac said “Wear some good shoes for walking, and I would wear a hat and put on sunscreen if you burn easy.”

Melanie gave Sean money for the day, and gave him a kiss before she went to get some sleep, and the boys took off.

An hour later, they were at the golf park, getting putters and balls. They had selected different colors to keep things straight, but it didn’t really matter the way Timmy and Isaac liked to play, which was one at a time until the hole was done. That way they could watch each other and cat call and tease each other’s bad shots. Timmy left the score sheets at the window, saying they didn’t need them.

Sean was in awe of the place the way Timmy had been the first time he came to play the courses.

“You guys don’t keep score when you play?” he asked. “How do you know who won?”

Timmy said “We don’t play to win, really. We play to watch each others sucky ass shots and heckle each other. It’s more fun that way. Isaac really sucks at this.” Sean giggled.

“I will have you know I do not suck! I got the 18th hole last time after only 16 tries! Fact!” Isaac stated, like that was a great achievement…Hell, it might have been for him….

“Sixteen, oh, jeez, that’s funny!” Sean said. “How many shots is it supposed to take?”

“See this number on the little sign…that’s par. On this hole its par 4, so if you get it in four, you break even, 3 and you are shooting under…that’s good. More than 4 and you shot over par…that’s bad” Timmy explained. “Low score wins”

“So how do you and Isaac shoot?” Sean asked. A grin flashed on Timmy’s face as he caught the alternative meaning of the question, but decided to pass on the opportunity, as it was obvious that Sean hadn’t a clue that what he had said had any other interpretation.

“Umm, what was that one hole you hate the most, like 17 over par, Isaac?” Timmy teased.

“Shut up…those memories are horrible!” Isaac said, grinning.

“He’s traumatized, Sean…a broken shell of a man” Timmy said, cracking Sean and Isaac up.

Sean soon found that the rough Astroturf and uneven surfaces would cause the trajectory of the balls to be erratic…he began to understand why his hosts for the afternoon played to enjoy watching each other crash and burn on each hole. He also thought about the friend he had found in Timmy and liked the fact that Timmy’s priority was to have a good time with Isaac and Sean, and not to win a contest or competition. Sean was intimidated by aggressiveness, and didn’t care for sports because he had been humiliated a few times when he didn’t understand game rules and made mistakes. He was always picked last, even behind the girls in gym class. Now in high school, Physical Ed classes were segregated by sex which was even worse. He was going to do anything he had to in order to not take PE…

Timmy took a few minutes to show Sean how to hold the putter, and how hard to hit the ball, in a gentle and patient manner. “Thanks, Timmy. I’ve never played before.”

“New things every day, right, neighbor?” Timmy asked.

“Right, neighbor!” Sean replied, and smacked the ball on his first shot on the first hole. It hit an obstruction and promptly rolled back out of the green. Timmy and Isaac cracked up, and Isaac said

“The hole’s the other way, Sean!” as Sean turned purple

“Yeah, yeah, I hear you“ Sean said, but he was grinning. He took seven shots to bag his first hole.

Timmy was up next, and whacked the ball rather hard at an angle to the left, and the ball rocketed around the obstructions and careened off the curbs of the feature. Isaac made dinging noises each time the ball hit something, and said

“What the hell is that, pinball or mini-golf?”

“It worked…I’m ready to putt it in the hole, ain’t I?” Timmy retorted.

“Yeah, it’s close, but it still looked sloppy and you got lucky.” Isaac teased.

“I’ll take gettin’ lucky and sloppy off the sides any day” Timmy said, swaying his hips.

“Don’t corrupt the morals of this minor, Timmy!” Isaac teased, putting his hands over Sean’s eyes. “Oh wait, you’re a minor too…guess it doesn’t count.”

“Oh, go on, corrupt me! corrupt me!” Sean giggled. Timmy putted his ball in two more shots, which was one under par.

“Not bad, smarty pants…Let the pro here show you how it gets done…” Isaac said. He lined up his shot, smacked the ball right into the obstruction in the middle of the fairway. The ball popped straight up about 15 feet into the air, and fell back down and rolled about two feet, stopping less than two inches from the tee. All three of them were following the ball, and no one spoke until it came to a complete stop. Timmy and Sean cackled with glee, as Isaac turned crimson. He thought, if you’re going to blow it, might as well go big.

“Betcha can’t do it again, pro!” Timmy teased.

“Betcha I can’t do it again, either” Isaac said, making Sean laugh. He had a bit better luck the next shot, but he ended up needing seven shots to make the hole. The boys made their way through the next nine holes, and ended up at the snack concession in the center of the park. The courses were laid out in a hex, and to play holes 10 through 18, one would come back to the “hub”. The courses were laid out with hole one and hole nine adjacent to each other, which would trap your ball. To play the full 18, you showed your ticket to the girl in the concession stand, and she gave you another ball to play the “back nine”. It was a well laid out, nicely maintained park, and one of the boys favorite activities. They were happy that Sean enjoyed it too, and said he wanted to come whenever they played.

They paused for few minutes to get a cold drink, and pick which course they wanted to play.

After a year and a half of fights between his parents, the divorce and a move halfway across the country, he was glad to be with people who loved and cared for each other like Timmy and Isaac did, even though they were quite into the game at the moment.

“Damn!” Isaac said, missing a putt.

“A blind man could have made that shot, Mister Completely” Timmy challenged.

“Oh, Is that so, Mister Pro Tour Golfer?” Isaac responded. “Take it off, Skippy!”

“What? Take what off?” Timmy asked.

“Your tee shirt….Come on, let’s see a blind man make this shot!“ Sean watched, as Isaac pulled Timmy’s shirt off and tied it around his head to make a blindfold.

“OK, Helen Keller, dazzle my ass!” Isaac taunted. Sean laughed and Timmy had a grin on his face. He had stuck his foot into this one, no way out but ahead now…

Timmy looked ridiculous putting with a shirt tied around his eyes, and people were beginning to look over at them and watch. An elderly couple was playing the adjacent course and stopped to watch Timmy take the shot. The ball was about twenty eight inches from the hole, and Timmy hoped he was lined up. The hole sloped up slightly from his lie, and Timmy gave the ball a bit extra, and felt the tap against the putter. A split second later, the ball hit the cup, and several spectators began to clap. Timmy turned toward the sound, and gave a deep theatrical bow, much to the delight of everyone except Isaac, who shook his head and said “Oh, good grief…you actually did it!” He was impressed with the shot, even though he had had his bluff called, so protocol prevented him from saying so.

Sean said “Timmy, that was awesome!”

“Thanks, I thought so too…Now back to what I was saying, Isaac…“ Timmy prodded.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, A blind man could out-putt me, okay….” Isaac admitted in defeat. The good natured banter lasted throughout the rest of the course, and the boys decided to do another “front nine” then get something to eat. It was early afternoon when they finished and very hot, so the shaded dining courtyard felt nice as they ate bratwurst on toasted wheat buns with sauerkraut. The whole park was built on a Bavarian theme, and persons of age could buy cold beer by the cup.

“This place is really cool” Sean said. “Have you guys played all six courses?”

“Oh, yeah, the first time I came, we played the whole park. Stayed all day.” Timmy said.

“We all got pretty sunburned too” Isaac remembered.

“Wish Peter could have come today” Timmy said.

“Me too, but he had to work. He wouldn’t be able to take this much sun anyway” Isaac said.

“Peter? And what’s the deal with him and the sun?” Sean asked.

“Peter’s our friend and he’s a redhead…burns like a vampire in church” Timmy said.

Sean laughed at that, and Isaac choked and spluttered on his drink. “Dude, that’s a bit harsh…”

“Why?….Peter is the one that said it first…I thought it was pretty cool.” Timmy said. It did sound like something Peter would say after all, Isaac thought.

“Whaddya guys say we head back to the house and get in the pool?” Isaac asked.

That sounded good to the younger boys, and they left the golf park.

“So, Sean! What do you think of mini-golf? Did you have a good time?” Isaac asked.

“It’s pretty cool…Thanks for taking me, guys” Sean replied.

“You’re welcome, Sean. Glad to have you come with. You played some good golf today”

“I guess so…you guys sure were funny to watch. I thought you were going to have a fight a couple of times” Sean observed.

“Never happen” Timmy said. “Isaac and I talk smack when we play, but we’re never mean to each other for real.”

Sean sat back and thought about his new friends and his new home, and decided things were beginning to look up. Halfway home, Timmy reached over and squeezed Sean’s hand.

“Howdy, neighbor…I’m glad you came with us today.” Timmy looked at Sean for a moment, then let his hand go, and turned his gaze and thought to other things.

“I can’t believe we start school again tomorrow.” Timmy said.

“You start middle school, right?” Sean asked.

“No, I was in 6th grade last year. Seventh now.” Timmy observed.

“Peter and I hit the books again too.” Isaac said.

“You’re in school, Isaac?” Sean asked.

“Yup. Year two for me, year one for Peter at Technical College.”

“What do they teach there?” Sean asked.

“Me and Peter are in the Aviation Maintenance program, but they have machine shop, welding, auto and diesel technician, dental technician, and paralegal degrees too.” Isaac said.

Soon, they had returned to the house, and Sean got out of the car and said “I’ll go get my suit on”.

“We’ll be in the pool, come on over” Timmy replied.

Sean showed up in the back yard almost the same instant that Timmy and Isaac came out the back door. “Let’s get wet!” Timmy said, as they trooped up the ladder and enjoyed the relief of cool water on a hot day. After a few minutes, Isaac asked the boys if they would like some ice tea, and had two takers…he got out to mix a pitcher.

“Were you really naked in here the other day?” Sean asked Timmy as soon as they were alone.

“Yeah, why? I usually always am naked in here” Timmy replied

“By yourself?“

“No, with Isaac and Peter too.”

“So all of you do it” Sean stated.

“Yeah…” Timmy said, as Sean pondered that. Timmy wondered where Sean was going, but decided to let him lead for now.

“So you all see each other’s stuff?”

“Well, sure, of course”

“Don’t you um,…like get boners and all that?”

“Sometimes, yeah”

“What do you do when that happens?” Sean wondered

“Rate it for neatness, originality and hygiene, dude!” Timmy said, snapping a thumb’s up. Sean rolled his eyes, and protested

“No, Timmy! I’m serious!”

“I am too! If we like it, we give a higher score!” Timmy said, clearing yanking Sean’s chain. “Look, Sean…I’ve seen Isaac and Peter boned, and they have seen mine too. Getting boners are what dicks are designed to do…We were both boned this morning, remember?

“You saw that?“ Sean said. Timmy nodded.

“Yeah, I checked you out, just like you did…“ Sean turned red for a few moments, before responding.

“Saw that too, huh? Sorry, I didn‘t mean to creep you out or anything” Sean said.

“It didn’t creep me out, Sean…and the backscratch wakeup was pretty cool, thanks” Timmy responded.

“I can’t believe I did that..” Sean admitted.

“Did what?” Timmy was confused.

“Sleep next to you, let you see me in my underwear, scratch your back and let you scratch mine, and the butt thing…was pretty cool too. I‘ve never done anything like that. Mom only sees me in pajamas.”

“So…What made you choose to do it?”

“I think about things like that happening a lot, …and I almost didn’t do it” Sean said.


“I was scared that you would think I’m gay, and see how little it is and make fun of me…”.

“Sean, I don’t care if you’re gay, I know what being made fun of is like, and having people call you vile names and shit, like freak, morphadite…I would never do that to anyone, ever.”

“Hermaphrodite you mean?” Sean asked. “Heard that in health class, you know” he felt a little embarrassed using such a big word.

“Yeah…Those drunks called it “morphadite”. They be ig’nant and unedjimicated and such” Timmy said, making Sean laugh. “There’s more to dicks than just size.” Timmy paused, sensing Sean’s confusion, but that was a talk for another time.

“I know what the shots do…I won‘t say anything to anybody” Sean was blown away, and wanted to ask how Timmy had figured it out, but it was obvious that he had looked at the internet after Sean had mentioned them to Timmy.

“What about Isaac?” Sean asked. He was somewhat relieved that Timmy had put things together. It took a lot of pressure off of him to know that he didn’t need to keep secrets with Timmy.

“No…If you want to tell him, he’s going to hear it from you. I promise. Umm, I don‘t have a lot of friends, and I don‘t want to lose the ones I do have.”

“I wasn’t sure you would want me for a friend” Sean said. Timmy could tell Sean wasn’t too self confident and decided to butter him up a bit.

“So I would just hang out with this cute and interesting hottie that I can’t stand…”

“I am not a hottie“ Sean protested.

“Sean, just enjoy the flirt and say “Thanks, Timmy, I am flattered” Timmy replied.

“Thanks, Timmy, I am flattered” Sean decided to go along.

“Your welcome, and your cute butt is pretty hot, by the way.” Timmy teased.

“I’ll take your word for it, but I get to see yours next time“ Sean said, leaving the door open to more closeness and intimacy with a trusted friend that had been occupying his thoughts of late. Sean didn’t know if he was gay, or just infatuated with Timmy at the moment because he was close at hand and seemed willing to explore things that Sean was curious about. He wondered if Timmy was gay, but now was pretty sure that Timmy wouldn’t rip him limb to limb for asking.

The back door opened and Isaac came out with pitcher, and three cups. “Did you miss me?”

“Hell, no!…But we were starting to wonder if you had to go pick the tea leaves or something.” Timmy joked.

“The phone rang and I took the call, sorry“. Isaac replied. The boys climbed out of the pool, and began to drip dry, as they drank the tea.

“Peter?” Timmy asked.

“Yeah, he’s coming over tonight after work.”

“Cool…Hey Sean makes four of us…do you think we could play Monopoly?“ Timmy asked.

“We’ll ask Peter when he gets here…What do you guys think about spaghetti tonight?”

“Ooh, Sean…We make the best spaghetti…great idea, Isaac!” Timmy gushed.

“So I’m eating with you guys?” Sean asked.

“No, I just wanted to tell you how good the damn spaghetti is“ Timmy cracked, as Isaac cackled in laughter. “YES! You are invited to dinner with me and Chef Extraordinaire here….you dingle berry!” Timmy gave Sean a playful shove.

“I was a cute hottie a minute ago, and now it’s dingle berry?” Sean asked, grinning.

“Well, you have to adapt to changing circumstances” Isaac said, as Timmy laughed and Sean rolled his eyes.

“You guys are like this all the time, aren‘t ya?” Sean asked.

“Oh, yeah. Just ask Peter about the gas cap sometime” Isaac said. Sean looked at Timmy who simply nodded. Sean wasn’t sure what that meant, but intended to follow up on it later.

“You want to lay out with me for a little while?” Timmy asked Sean.

“Sure, I guess.”

Timmy went in the house and got a blanket to put down on the brick patio, and two towels to roll up for pillows.

The boys set up a place to lay in the sun and refilled their glasses with iced tea, and Isaac went back in the house to make another pitcher. He set the oven timer for 15 minutes, and went about some housework while the boys laid out, and dried in the sun.

Several minutes of silence was interrupted when Sean asked

“Would you get mad at me if I asked you something?” Timmy looked over at Sean and replied

“No…If I don’t want to answer I would just say so…I wouldn’t get mad”

“It’s just that I never talked to anybody about some stuff before, and…”

“What kind of stuff?” Timmy asked.

“Things that boys do sometimes kind of stuff.” Sean admitted. “I don’t know a lot about any of it…Mom and Dad haven’t said anything yet, and now that Dad is gone, he probably never will…”

“I’m sorry you have to go through that, Sean. What did you want to ask?” Timmy said, gently.

“Well, this morning when you were doing that massage thing on me, my dick got really hard rubbing on the bed and I liked it” Sean said.

“I know” Timmy said.

“Is that what you were trying to do, Timmy?” Sean asked.

“I was trying to give you a massage and scratch…If I just wanted to get you hard, I woulda just rubbed it” Timmy explained, and made a stroking motion with his hand.

“Is that what jacking off is?” Sean asked.

“Yeah. Don’t you do that?” Timmy wondered.

“Not really…I just rub it on the bed” Sean said. Neither boy spoke for a few minutes, but Sean’s mind was busy the whole time. He worked up his nerve to ask another question.

“So…have you rubbed and touched another boy’s dick and did they do it to you?”

“Yes, and yes…it feels really good when you get worked over with oil.” Timmy said.

“Oil? You put oil on your…?” Sean had never heard of this.

“Yeah, like baby oil, or olive oil even” Timmy said. Sean let that coast through his little horny brain, and his imagination was in full swing now. The boys had discovered corn oil made a fair erotic massage lubricant during the campout at the farm with Eric, Scotty and Sammy.

Sean was back with another question

“What about…” making a gesture with a finger going in and out of his mouth. “You know…”

“Sucking dick?” Timmy clarified for Sean

“Yeah, that” Sean said. “Ever done it?”

“Yes” Timmy replied.

“Isn’t it gross or taste bad or something? What if they pee?”

“Put your thumb in your mouth and taste it…..taste anything? That’s what a clean dick tastes like, pretty much no taste at all…and how easy is it to pee with a boner?” Timmy asked.

“It’s why I’m asking…I don’t know nothin’ about this stuff.” Sean admitted.

“I know, it’s okay. You’re just trying to learn, and you can‘t ask mom I guess.”

“No way!” Sean agreed.

Just then the back door slid open and Isaac popped out. “You guys been laying out for fifteen minutes now. You both are getting a little red, better come inside now.”

“Aw, mom, dammit!” Timmy teased, causing Sean to laugh, as the boys rolled up the blanket and towels.

Isaac had started the spaghetti, and the boys had supper about six o’clock. Melanie dropped by when she got home and checked in on Sean and got caught up on the mini golf outing. She gave Sean her blessing to stay for Monopoly, but wanted him home by ten, for school tomorrow.

Peter arrived about 8 pm, and hugged Timmy when he came in the house. Isaac warmed some spaghetti for him, while he met and got to know Sean a bit. Peter was seated at the table eating and Isaac came up behind him and put his hands on Peter’s shoulders. “Ummm…This is damn good spaghetti, Isaac”

“Glad you like it” Isaac replied. “Old Navajo recipe”

“Found in a closet on the Mayflower, right?” Peter asked.

“How did you know that?” Isaac teased, rubbing Peter’s shoulders.

Sean had been watching Isaac and Peter, and wondered how close their friendship really was…

“Peter, Timmy and Sean wanted to play Monopoly with us, if you want to” Isaac suggested.

“Like family night! Sure…I brought my things for the night anyway.” Peter said.

“Cool!” Timmy chirped. Isaac went to the bathroom, and Peter stepped out to his car to get his overnight bag.

Sean took the opportunity to sate his curiosity “Are Peter and Isaac….?” he asked.

Timmy nodded. “Together? Yes” Timmy said.

“Thanks…I didn’t want to say anything stupid ‘cause I didn‘t know” Sean said.

“Don’t worry, you can talk to them about anything. I sure do” Timmy assured him.

Sean smiled, reassured.

Soon, everyone was seated at the table, and the game was underway. Fortunes were made and lost over the next two hours, as all the houses and hotels were snapped up, and for a while it looked like everyone was going to owe Timmy everything they owned, but the clock intervened, and at 9:30, it was time to put the game away, and for everyone to get ready for school in the morning. Timmy and Sean would catch separate busses to their schools, and Peter and Isaac would ride to Tech College together for Peter’s first day, and the start of Isaac’s second year. Peter would go on a part time schedule at Atherton’s, and Isaac had decided to pick up on an offer to work part time for Mr. Connors, setting up class exhibits and “bugging” exam components for first year students. He could put in several hours a week between classes, be home when Timmy got off the bus at 4:30, and tend to his yards on weekends.

As the school year progressed past the first few weeks, everyone settled into their routines. It was Sean who began to fall behind in math, and soon after his next injection of testosterone, had another outburst after school one afternoon in front of Melanie. She told Sean that he would probably need a tutor. Sean had gone to Timmy’s in a foul mood, and admitted that he was struggling badly with algebra. He just couldn’t understand it…he was an artistic and creative person, and his strengths were in art, music, writing. Timmy was more analytic, and had a strong ability in math and physics.

“ Let me see what your homework looks like” Timmy said. They spread Sean’s notebooks on the table and Timmy spent a few minutes looking at Sean’s book. Timmy picked a problem out of the book, and worked it, so he could show Sean the steps.

“Okay, this is how you do this…you got terms on both sides of the equal sign, right? What you have to do is get all the x’s in one place, and all the y’s in one place…like this…okay, now divide here and on the other side, and multiply by 2 here, and on the other side, and there’s x and that’s y”.

“Oh, Fuck me…I’ll never get this shit” Sean muttered.

“We can fuck later…” Timmy teased. “Come on, I’ll help you. Don’t give up, Sean…you can do this, neighbor”

Sean and Timmy worked for almost an hour, and finished the assignment. Sean was feeling a bit better when he went home for dinner. He found Melanie in the kitchen, and said

“I think I know who can tutor me, mom”



“Timmy’s only in the seventh grade” Melanie said, wondering how he was going to help Sean with Freshman math.

“He showed me how to do the homework problems” Sean said, as he wrote a short essay for his English class. “What’s for dinner?”

“Baked chicken breast and salad”

“Do I have time before dinner to take a shower? I’ll finish this later.” Sean said.

“About forty five minutes” Melanie replied.

Sean got up from the table, and went to his room. He took his clothes off, put them in the hamper and slipped into his sweatpants. He went to the bathroom and closed the door behind him and slipped the sweatpants off. Watching himself in the mirror, he fingered his penis with one hand, and took the seamstress measure out of the vanity drawer with the other. In a minute, he was fully erect, and wrapped the tape around his swollen shaft. His penis was now about as big around as a quarter, and just under three inches long. He was definitely growing, much to his relief. It would be nice if it was happening faster, of course, but at least it was happening.

While Sean was in the shower and the chicken was baking, Melanie looked out the back door into Isaac’s yard to see if Timmy was there. Not seeing anyone in the pool, she went next door and knocked.

Timmy opened the door expecting to see Sean. “Oh hi, Melanie!”, and stepped back to let her come in and close the door

“Hi, Timmy. I just wanted to say thanks for helping Sean today. He was getting pretty frustrated with that math.”

“Yeah he was ready to give up on it when he came over.” Timmy agreed. “Umm…He got another shot, too, didn’t he?”

Melanie was surprised “You know about those?”

Timmy nodded “He told me he was getting them, and he was like this when I met him, too”

“He told me about that. He felt pretty terrible afterward. He really likes you a lot, Timmy and looks up to you. He is always talking about you and Isaac. Thank you for being good to him. This hasn‘t been a good year for him.”

“He’s told me some of it…I’m glad you got him out of there“ Timmy said.

“Thanks…It’s been difficult for both of us” Melanie said. “Can I ask you something? How are you able to help Sean with high school math? You’re in the seventh grade, right?”

“Yes…But since school started, these people from the school district, doctors of some sort…have been giving me tests“ Timmy said. “To see what grade I should be in I guess.”

“What sort of tests are they giving you?” Melanie asked.

“Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Life Sciences, stuff like that. Me and these other two kids…I haven’t been to regular class yet.”

“How long does this testing last, and then what happens?”

“I don’t know…I guess then they’ll figure out where I’m going to go to school” Timmy said.

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