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The Apprentice

by Sahypo

Chapter 23

Timmy and Isaac continued to receive visits from the county child services people, and Isaac let Melanie know that she might be questioned as a neighbor. Melanie was aware that Timmy wanted to be adopted by the Daniels’ and had expected this. The same people had been to Timmy’s school, and had interviewed all of Timmy’s teachers from last year.

Timmy’s testing had just wound up, and he joined his regular class on Monday of the fourth week of school. The team of specialists were evaluating Timmy and the other two kids he had tested with, and would set up meetings with the students and families to discuss the findings. That would be several weeks from now.

Eric had started on the track team at his school, and ran laps during practices the last period of the school day. Three other boys had practice with Eric, including Craig. Eric had known Craig for several years, and last year the two boys had PE together. Eric had often seen Craig undress and dress in the locker room, and while the boys had spoken before, they weren’t close friends, just acquaintances.

Craig was about the same size as Eric and was also blond, not strikingly in a Scandinavian way like Eric, but more of a strawberry blond with freckles kind of kid. He had brown eyes, unlike the blue-eyed Eric. Craig was beginning to show the muscular definition of a boy filling out, and had a modest patch of brown hair above a generously sized penis. Eric had never given much thought to it, but since meeting Timmy, Eric was almost certain that Craig had hypospadias. He possessed the same rumple of foreskin atop a large glans and most of the other boys thought Craig was circumcised in a strange way. But to Eric, the foreskin looked just like Timmy’s and not the same as the uncut boys in the class. Craig had the same lack of coverage on the bottom as Timmy. No one ever said anything, but they all looked every chance they got. Craig was aware that the other boys looked at his penis, and assumed that most of that was due to the four and an half inch soft hang. He had the largest flaccid organ in the group although a few others were catching up with him. All the boys who were curious wondered how big Craig really got, but usually the only boys to get erect in PE class were prepubertal boys. Aside from masturbation, Craig had no experience sexually, and often wondered to what extent things would go if some of the boys could indulge their curiosity…

Craig, Eric and the two other boys at practices were not fast enough to be sprinters, or run relays and dashes competitively so the coach was running them to build up endurance for milers, 10Ks and marathons. Each afternoon in the last period of school, the boys would run laps, trying to build distance over time and increase their endurance.

Eric hit the track, and saw Craig running alone, the other two boys were running together half an oval ahead. Eric fell into pace beside Craig, and said

“Hey Teammate!….want some company?” The coach was big on team work…

“Hi, Eric!...Sure…beats running by yourself…Ya have a good summer and all?”

“It was good, how about yours?“ Eric asked.

“Great…I can see you’ve had some changes” Craig said, taking the chance that complimenting Eric on his development would appeal to his ego rather than offend him.

Eric caught what Craig meant, and was somewhat surprised that he had noticed. Eric had always felt that he looked like a little kid to the others, and was sure that no one looked at him.

“I am a bit taller I guess” Eric punted.

Craig looked at him and smiled “Yeah, that’s it….What I meant is that you’re not one of the little dudes anymore… if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I do….You noticed?” Eric asked.

“Of course I did…Look, Dude…we all check each other out. I see you all looking at me, and I look at everybody else too.”

“Really, I guess I didn’t think I was much to look at.” Eric said. Craig had not mentioned anything regarding Eric’s lack of a right testicle, and Eric hoped that meant Craig had not been as observant as he thought. Or perhaps Craig was being polite in not pointing it out.

Craig wanted to say something to Eric about “not being much to look at”, but decided to bite his tongue…How could he tell this blond blue eyed beauty that he had often masturbated thinking of Eric lying next to him, letting Craig have his way with him? He had only seen and fantasized about Eric from afar, and now they were together working up a sweat.

“You definitely look….um….different” Craig said somewhat nervously. He wasn’t sure how far he could take things with Eric. This was the first time that they had actually had an extended conversation. They ran on together in silence for a few minutes.

Eric had been waiting for the right time to approach Craig and ask if he was like Timmy…No time like the present…

“ Um, Craig, are you circumcised?” Eric asked.

“Is it hard to tell?” Craig replied “I’m not, by the way.”

“That’s what I thought. I‘ve only seen one other foreskin like yours.” Eric said. This had Craig’s complete attention now.

“Really? Where….When was this?” Craig wondered.

“Middle of the summer at a camp out. Friend of mine has one like yours.” Eric explained.

“Did you get a good look at it or just a glimpse?” Craig asked. Eric looked hesitant to answer. “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything, Eric“

“How do I know you won’t?“ Eric asked.

“I knew about your one nut back in 5th grade and never told anyone” Craig said.

“Really, why didn’t you?” Eric asked. He thought he had been more careful to conceal that.

“I like you, and telling would have been a real dick move.” Craig replied.

“Thanks, I appreciate that“ Eric said. After a long pause he continued

“… And I got a very good um…look at my friend…very thick, wide dick…flat on the bottom…curves down a little, foreskin on top the head, fades out down the sides, peehole is under the head, and the head has a little split on the bottom. It’s called hypospadias.” Eric explained.

“You know what that is! Man, you’re probably the only other kid in school that knows that“…Craig was impressed.

“I read a lot…So you have it too, I take it..” Eric asked.

“Yeah… mom told me about it when I was little. Just don’t say anything, Eric, please?” Craig asked.

“I won’t….I like you and that would be a real dick move.” Eric said, and they both laughed.

“Is there any chance I might meet this friend of yours?” Craig wondered. Ever since he figured out that he had been born with this difference, he took every opportunity that he could to catch a peek at other males at school and in restrooms, trying to find another person like him. He often felt alone and isolated, although his mother had been very good to try and explain to Craig that his difference was the most common male birth defect, and he was not the only one. It made him feel better, and he appreciated the effort that she made to understand, but it only went so far.

“I don’t see why not…I’ll email him tonight“.

“That would be super, thanks, Eric…How far do you live from school” Craig asked.

“About ten minutes on my bike…How about you?“

“I’m over in those apartments” Craig said, pointing to a complex about three blocks away and up a slight incline, clearly visible from the athletic field.

“Wow, that’s close” Eric said. “Do you have a big family?”

“Mom, Dad, me and my ten year old brother…you?”

“It’s me and my grandmother…that’s it” Eric said. “She had a stroke back in July, but she’s getting better. I have to do most of the housework though. I cook and she tells me how…She has a nurse every day for an hour and a half for the other stuff“

Craig thought about that for a long minute. “Is there anything I could do to help, like come over and give you a hand sometime?”

“That would mean more to me than you know, Craig. Thanks.” Eric said. “Maybe you would like to come home with me after school sometime? I have to be home to check on Grandma, so if you can come to my house it would work better“

“Let me check with my folks, but I’m sure they will say yes” Craig replied.

“Great!” Eric chirped.

It was time to get home. The boys went back to the locker room to change back to regular clothes.

“Do you shower before you go home?” Craig asked as the boys sat on the bench removing their shoes.

“No, I usually just change and go” Eric said, as he took his track shirt and shorts off, and slipped his jeans and polo shirt on. He put his other shoes on, and stuffed his track things in his gym bag. “I jump in the shower when I get home”.

“Yeah, me too” Craig replied.

“See ya tomorrow!” Eric said as he left the locker room. By the time Craig replied, Eric was already gone.

Craig collected his things, dressed and filled his gym bag, and headed home. This had been quite an interesting day; a boy he had a serious crush on had struck up a conversation for the first time, and opened the possibility that he might see a dream come true. He was filled with excitement as he let himself in the apartment, and went to the bathroom after throwing his book bag on his bed. He slept in the bottom rack of a bunk bed he shared with his brother Charles, who wasn’t home from school yet. His elementary school was far enough away that he rode the bus. There were busy streets on the way, and his parents refused to let Charles walk or ride a bike there. Craig had a 15 speed bike, and now that Eric had invited him to his house he would be riding it to school in the morning so that he could join Eric on his commute.

Craig stripped the stinky clothes off his body and dumped the contents of the his gym bag into the washer. He started the machine and jumped into the shower and stood under the spray, imagining Eric’s Nordic good looks, and well proportioned cut member. He wondered how big Eric was now, and imagined how his classmates cherry shaped glans would taste and feel like in his mouth, although he had never done such a thing.

The water pressure fluctuated slightly as the washer filled and began to run, but Craig was oblivious to this as his hand lightly stroked his developing erection. At full mast, his slightly downward curved organ was just over seven inches long, and close to six inches in girth. Charles said that Craig’s cock looked like he had stolen it from a pony.

Although there was a three year difference in their ages, the brothers were close and best friends. Charles knew his big brother had been a bit self conscious about his body, but that changed one day when Charles caught Craig masturbating a couple of months ago.

Craig thought his brother was watching TV and lay in the bunk toying with his penis, musing about someone he had seen in the locker room, most likely. Charles had burst through the door and caught a good glimpse of Craigs’ large organ, and the prominent pee slit under the glans. Craig reacted as quickly as he could to cover himself, blushing scarlet. Neither one spoke for a moment until Craig said

“I guess I should do that in the shower…sorry” He was terrified that he had shocked his little brother. That wasn’t how Charles reacted, however.

Charles closed and locked the door…”It’s cool…this is your room too, Craig” Charles stood and looked down at his brother laying on the bed with a pillow over his groin.

“Teach me how to do that, Craig…please” Charles asked. He had seen his brother nude years ago, before Craig hit puberty and knew that Craig had been born with a genital difference. Mother had explained it Charles when he was old enough to mention that his brother’s penis did not look like his uncircumcised organ. Neither brother had seen the other nude since that time, but Charles had noticed the bulge in Craig’s briefs most mornings.

Craig had the urge to resist his brother’s request on the grounds that Charles wasn’t old enough. Then he remembered that his own maturation had begun just after his tenth birthday, and Charles would turn eleven in less than a month.

“You sure about this?“ Craig asked. Charles responded by taking his tee shirt off, exposing a smaller and lighter version of his brother’s body. Charles had not begun to fill out quite yet, and Craig could see his brother’s armpits were still bare. The younger boy slid his jeans off, and stepped out of them, revealing the smooth bare legs of a boy. Craig thought Charles looked hot in briefs and socks but didn’t dare say this…Craig’s cock stirred under the pillow. He removed it, and his hardon sprang up as Charles eyes opened wide.

“Oh my God, Craig…your dick is huge!” Charles said, as he slid his briefs down, revealing a four and a half inch uncut erection with a small sprinkling of pubes at the base. The younger boys penis curved slightly upward and to the left. His pecan sized testicles lay inside a hairless pink bag which hung in front of smooth creamy white thighs.

“So is yours…I had no idea you were changing“ Craig said “When?”

“Umm, like beginning of summer my balls started getting bigger, and then my dick began to get thicker” Charles said. “I want to mess with it a lot more now, too.” he admitted.

Craig grinned, and Charles looked at him questioningly. “What?”

“You didn’t really need me to show you how, did you?” It was more a statement than a question. Charles had been caught, and smiled back at his brother.

“No….I just always wanted to do stuff with you, and never knew how to ask you if you wanted to” Charles admitted.

Craig got off the bunk and instructed his brother to lay on the bunk all the way against the wall with his head at the foot of the bed. He lay back down on the bunk next to Charles, Pisces style. He touched Charles’s cock and felt his brother grip his penis. It was the first time either one of them had ever touched another person’s genitals.

“Rub under my head with your thumb, and finger my foreskin with your index finger as you stroke up and down….yeah, that’s it…..perfect” Craig said, instructing his little brother. Craig worked his brother’s glans and corona inside the foreskin, with a bit of tutoring from Charles. Craig asked his younger brother to move down and caress his scrotum when the sensations in his penis became too intense and then back up again when he could maintain control.

‘Is that making it better?” Charles asked.

“Yeah, unless you slow down and rub my balls for a minute, then I work up to it again, I cum too fast. It’s called edging” Craig replied.

“What’s it feel like when it happens?” Charles wondered.

“Well, you know when you rub it really fast and feel hard as a rock, and like something should happen?”


“Or you have to sneeze but can’t?”


“Then suddenly you sneeze….well its like that in your dick and stuff.” Craig said. “I can’t really explain it, you have to feel it yourself”

“ Oh” Charles said, not really understanding. “What’s this stuff coming out?”

“Pre-cum. It makes things slide easier” Charles understood this, as his glans was well lubricated in his foreskin in response to Craig’s manipulations.

Charles looked over at his hand working Craig’s meat and said.

“Goddamn this is a nice dick, and so frikkin’ big…”

Craig blushed and said “I wish it was like yours, little bro…it looks funny”

“I like the way it looks…wish mine was just as big, too”

“You’re probably the biggest one in your class …you’re only ten, and you got a cock like an eighth grader, Charles.” Craig replied.


“You bet”

Charles asked to see Craig climax, and sped up his strokes at Craig’s urging. Soon Craig was straining to push himself further into Charles’ grip, arching his back as his orgasm overcame him. Semen rolled out of the orifice under Craig’s glans and over his brothers hand, still stroking the large penis.

“Wow, that was awesome!” Charles said, thoroughly impressed. “Umm…you can stop now…” Craig was still stroking Charles’ penis. Craig let go, and asked

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, its starting to get a bit sore. Nothing is going to happen anyway” Charles replied.

“Okay, but it will soon. When it does, I owe you one” Craig promised. Charles smiled as he cleaned his hand on a dirty tee shirt and threw it to Craig.

“Thanks for letting me do it with you. I wasn’t sure you wouldn’t freak out if I asked…”

That was about two months ago and from then on, the brothers had looked forward to times when they could play…There were things they were both learning on the internet that looked interesting…

Craig continued to stroke his swollen member under the warm water, and think of Eric. He worked slowly, as his objective was to savor this after school fantasy rather than get off as quickly as he could. He heard the front door open and close and knew Charles had just arrived. A moment later, Charles came in the bathroom already pulling his briefs down under his cock. He evidently had to pee pretty badly, and looked into the shower as he urinated.

Craig was still edging his cock, and looked like he was about to burst. Charles took in the scene and said

“Wow, you must have seen something pretty hot to make little Craig get that big!“ Charles giggled, as his brother kept stroking, his testicles drawn up almost on each side of his penis.

A few moments more, and five strong spurts of semen issued from under Craig’s glans as Charles watched.

“Uhhhhh…..unn…ahhhh….oh, oh, oh!, oh, oh, Craig panted and grunted as his climax subsided.

“Man, That was so hot!” Charles gushed.

“Wanna get in, the water’s great!” Craig said, as his little brother stripped to join him. The boys didn’t mess around much in the shower, although Charles enjoyed letting Craig push his foreskin back and clean his penis when they showered together. They got done in a few minutes and went to their room to slip into shorts and get any homework they had out of the way. Both boys were good students and Charles benefited from his older brother’s familiarity with what Charles was being taught.

Soon, the boys’ parents were home, and the family got about the business of making dinner. Craig and Charles set the table, and their mother would have them cut vegetables or peel things, and other odd jobs. Tonight it was spaghetti, and Craig was making Marinara from scratch under his mother’s direction, while Charles would time the pasta as it boiled. Mother was cooking ground beef, onions and mushrooms. Their father was making garlic butter for the Italian bread, and warming the oven. The family chatted about the day, and Craig told them about Eric and his grandmother, and asked if he could

spend a few hours after school helping Eric every so often.

“I don’t see why not, if he invited you over, but I need the address and phone number for his grandmother, and the first time you go, I’m taking you there so I can meet her” Mother said.

“Cool, Thanks, mom”

After the meal, he went to the room as Charles watched Discovery Channel with their dad, and sent Eric an Instant Message to relay what his mom had told him. Eric responded later that evening -

1257 Brazos street


Grandma can’t wait, says anytime is ok

Craig wrote this down, and handed the address and phone number to his mother. She got out the map, and looked up Brazos street. It was in a neighborhood where all the streets seemed to be named for Texas rivers. “I’ll call Mrs. Calloway tomorrow and if its okay, I will pick you up here after school and we’ll go visit her and Eric.”

“Okay, that sounds great!” Craig chirped.

Eric had ridden his bike home, and by the time he got there, the combination of the ten minute ride and the hour of running at school had him pretty sweaty and ripe. He rolled his bike into the garage backward so he could ride straight off in the morning, and closed the door. Grandmas Buick hadn’t been driven since the day before her stroke, but Eric had been starting the car and letting it run in the driveway about ten minutes every few days to keep the battery up. Gloria Calloway was recovering from the stroke slowly, but she wasn’t sure she would be able to safely drive again. She had not had the opportunity to make the appointment for Eric with Timmy’s urologist when the stroke hit, but she had not forgotten this either. It was on her “To-do” list, and she finally crossed it off after Eric left for school in the morning. She had called and gotten Eric in to see the doctor next week. He came in the house and checked in on her first thing.

“Hi grandma, anything happen today?” he asked

Hi, baby…pretty much the same, how was school today?” Gloria asked.

“I was talking to a friend of mine, and he offered to come over and help me around here some…I thought that was pretty cool of him. Would that be okay, grandma?”

“Oh, of course it would…you should have your friends over and all that, Eric. You need that, you know.”

“I’m gonna take my shower…what do you want for dinner, grandma?”

“Lobster in butter, Filet Mignon, rare, with a baked potato and house salad with vinaigrette, with a fine Cabernet Sauvignon?”

Eric just gave his grandmother one of those across the top of the glasses stares…”We got fish sticks and hamburger, and maybe some Welch’s grape juice” Eric stated flatly.

“You asked me what I wanted for dinner and I told you!….Wantin’ and gettin’ are two different things!” Gloria was grinning at her grandson.

He groaned in response.

Her sense of humor had not been affected by the stroke. She was always pulling her grandson’s leg, and that had helped Eric’s social awkwardness over the years. He often mistook humor and having his chain yanked in fun for ridicule or sarcasm. He was beginning to be able to discern a good natured teasing from the other variety…Scott and Sammy had explained some of the expressions that people used which confused him. The Wiedemer’s treated Eric with a lot of guidance and patience, like a kid who is learning English. For instance, in Texas, “Bless his little heart” isn’t an expression of endearment.

It literally translates as “he ain’t got enough sense to know better”

Eric climbed into the shower and took a quick one…he had things to do besides homework, and some things could wait until bedtime…

Eric got out, dried and put on briefs and a light robe. He decided to make chili tonight and in twenty minutes his ground beef, onions, diced tomatoes and mushrooms were simmering. Eric’s grandmother had shown him how to use beer and two spoonfuls of sugar in the chili, and the two of them would split the half can of beer left over. Eric liked the taste of beer in small quantities, and sharing the left over was a ritual for them on the nights Eric made chili for her.

Eric ran some laundry and changed the linen on their beds. He spent an hour sorting and putting clothes away, while the chili simmered.

His computer pinged with an incoming message, and Eric went to check it. “That was my friend, grandma”

“The one you want to come visit?”

Eric nodded “His mom wants to come meet you first and make sure it’s okay with you first. She wants our phone number too.”

“That’s fine, Eric. Go ahead and give her my cell number”

Eric sent Craig a reply and had his dinner with Grandma, like he did every night. Eric put the day’s dishes in the dishwasher and ran the load. He would put them away before he went to bed. Since Gloria’s stroke, Eric did everything that required lifting or carrying. He kept some dishes and utensils on the countertop for Gloria to use during the day, so she would not have to negotiate cabinets or drawers to get a drink.

Eric spent about twenty minutes on his homework tonight. He never had anything take him more than thirty minutes to complete.

He took a minute to send Timmy a message.

Timmy! I have news!

I got to talk to the kid I was telling you about….

He DOES have hypo! He wants to meet you


Timmy and Isaac had a typical day after school. Timmy came home, and Isaac was there since he had an early schedule today. Sean’s high school bus came through about 45 minutes after Timmy’s bus, and when his mothers car was not in the driveway, he would check in to see if Melanie left any messages on the kitchen table. He would then go next door and study with Timmy. On the odd days that neither of them had much homework, they would swim or hang out in the pool. Sean was doing much better with a patient and steady tutor like Timmy. He trusted Timmy, and knew that being honest about what he didn’t understand was the only way Timmy could help him. At first, he didn’t want to admit that he had problems with math and reading, but Timmy never made him feel stupid or inadequate. When he got upset, or threw up his hands, Timmy would stop for a while and make Sean take a break. “Don’t overwork the problem, Sean” he would often say. “You’re convincing yourself that you can’t do this before you even try. I know you can do it, Sean, if you slow down and think and don’t let it scare you off.“

“I know you can do this, Sean” echoed in Sean’s head…At first, he thought Timmy was just sucking up to him, trying to make him feel good. But after a month living next door, he realized that this is who Timmy was everyday…He really does believe in me….why the fuck he would is beyond me, Sean thought. And there was no doubt that Sean’s grades were improving. Something was working. The other fact was that Sean had only one friend in the world at the moment. Other than a few kids in band that Sean had social contact with at school, no one was trading numbers and emails with him. He would often have Timmy come over and listen to music with him, and he might teach Timmy a chord or three on guitar, which Timmy enjoyed. Timmy would often lay on Sean’s bed with his eyes closed as Sean played and soak it all in.

Tonight, Melanie would be home after midnight so Sean elected to sleep over with Timmy. The boys watched a movie after dinner on TV in their underwear as Isaac did homework on the kitchen table. At one point, Timmy looked over at Sean, who was engrossed in the movie, and noticed that Sean was quite erect and had a prominent tent in his briefs. He became aware that Timmy was looking at him, and turned to look back at his friend.


“I think those shots are really working, Sean…sorry to stare.” Timmy said. Sean looked down, and saw what had captured Timmy’s attention.”

“It’s okay. I don’t mind if you look” Sean replied. He would never have said that a few weeks ago…

They sat in silence together for a few more minutes, then Sean made a decision.

“Come with me, Timmy. I want to show you something at my house.” Sean said, pulling Timmy up off the couch and into the kitchen past Isaac. “We’ll be back in a minute, Isaac” Sean said, as the two boys went through the patio door into the dark backyard in their briefs. It was dark now and no one would see them slip around the side gates and into the patio door into Melanie’s house. Timmy and Sean came into Sean’s bedroom, and Sean said.

“Sit on the bed, Timmy, I’m going to show you something…“ Sean said as he brought his computer up, and began to access a file. He typed in a password and more file listings appeared.

“Not even my mom knows about this…” he said, opening a logbook file. “My hormone doctor tracks this stuff, so I thought I would too.” There were three columns of numbers, and rows with dates on the left of the table. On the right edge of the table were links to photo files.

“The shots do work Timmy. This first line is three weeks before I moved here, the day I got the first shot. The table is measurements, boring….We‘ll cut to the good stuff” Sean said, clicking on the first jpeg label. The picture that came up was that of an extremely tiny penis, appearing to be only a glans attached to a smooth abdomen. There was no shaft visible, and the scrotum looked like a patch of flat wrinkled skin.

“It looks like a soft four year old, but remember I’m fourteen” Sean said. “Next is same day, but hard.” The penis looked as if someone had added a section of shaft behind the glans, about an inch long. “One point six whopping inches of man meat, there.” Sean said, making Timmy giggle.

“Where are your balls, Sean?” Timmy asked.

“They are there, but really fuckin’ tiny in this pic…” Sean said. “like raisins. They have these ring things at the gland doctor’s office, and they used the smallest one to see how big they were.” Timmy remembered the discussion in Doctor French’s office about the sizes of the implants, and how that had factored into his decision to forgo getting a prosthesis.

“But watch this” Sean started flipping through the picture files, and each set of soft and hard pictures taken a week apart, showed a remarkable change in about ten weeks. The penis in the pictures went from thimble sized to about two and a half inches long flaccid, and just over three inches hard, and Sean’s testicles were about the size of large grapes now.

“Wow, that’s amazing and very cool” Timmy said. “Thanks for showing me, Sean. I was curious if that stuff worked or not.”

“You were very curious pretending to watch the movie” Sean said with a smirk. “Are you still curious?”

Timmy nodded.

“I am too…but I can’t ask my mother about the things I’m curious about.“ Sean hinted.

“Like what?” Timmy asked.

“Like what my friend’s hand feels like on my dick……and what his dick feels like in my hand…” Sean said.

“Probably a whole lot like this, I imagine” Timmy said, lightly touching and rubbing across Sean’s briefs.

“Yeah, I’m sure you’re right about that.” Sean said, returning the favor, feeling Timmy’s awakening cock through the cotton briefs.

“Wow, you are big, aren’t you!” Sean exclaimed as Timmy smiled. He continued to caress the bullet under Sean’s tent, which was hard as a rock. “Mmmmmm this feels so good, Timmy….” Sean said, as Timmy continued to rub a finger up and down the underside of the older boys tiny shaft, still in briefs. Sean gripped Timmy’s penis, which was fully erect and creating quite a gap in his waistband to take advantage of. He slipped his hand inside Timmy’s briefs and felt pubic hair. “Wow!” he said, almost to himself.

“You got any baby oil around here?” Timmy asked.

“In the medicine cabinet in my bathroom” Sean replied.

“Be right back”. He stopped stroking Sean, and the hand retreated out of Timmy’s briefs.

Timmy got up and retrieved the oil and a towel from the bathroom. Sean lay back on the bed. “Wanna try something, Sean?” the older by nodded.

“Take off your undies and let me put this towel under you” Timmy instructed. Sean pushed his briefs off exposing his pale white circumcised boyhood. It was just under three inches in length and as big around as a roll of nickels. Tiny by most standards but Sean was ecstatic; he had waited lifetime to witness the recent changes. The glans was slick and gray, and the grape sized testicles were in a perfect sack, resting on Sean’s smooth thighs.

“That is beautiful, Sean” Timmy whispered as he kneeled on the bed next to the naked boy.

“But you’re disappointed that its not bigger…” Sean stated, to get the size conversation over with.

“Not what this is all about, Sean. I’m not disappointed about anything.” Timmy said, applying oil to Sean and beginning a hand job he hoped would leave Sean breathless.

“Bring your knees up and spread your feet a bit”. Timmy said. Now he had better access to the sensitive sides of Sean’s scrotum and ran his forked fingers down the sides of Sean’s sack, as Sean gasped and moaned. He had never been touched like this in his life, and he loved it. Timmy savored Sean’s reflex reactions to his touches, and worked the oil all around Sean’s scrotum and the shaft of his stiff boyhood. He rubbed an oiled finger tip over Sean’s peehole as Sean squirmed a bit on the bed. Timmy chuckled, knowing how much he loved it when touched or tongued there.

“What this is all about is the way your nuts pull up when I touch them, how your dick throbs when I touch it….the noises you make when I do things to you….has nothing to do with how big it is, Sean.”

“Really, you’re not just saying that?”

“Never lied to you and never will, neighbor. You know what I think?”


“How cool it would be to help you with your logbook and pictures.” Timmy replied

“Oh, yeah! Great idea! You can take the pictures from now on, so I have two hands to do the tape measure…”

“Deal!” Timmy said, making it official.

“I want to see yours now” Sean said. Timmy let go of Sean and stood up and pulled down his briefs. His thick member popped up, and Sean’s eyes went wide. “Holy sh---Timmy, you’re huge, dude!” Sean sat up on the bed and wrapped his hand around Timmy’s thick shaft. He began exploring the penis, and ran his fingers over the loose skin on Timmy’s glans.

“Why is this skin so loose here, Timmy?” Sean wondered as he began to roll and rub the foreskin over Timmy’s glans. Timmy reacted visibly to Sean’s touches and Sean grinned at him and giggled. Sean did it some more, and got a little twitch in Timmy’s abdomen and legs each time. Sean had figured out that this feature of Timmy’s boyhood was sensitive and was enjoying “torturing” his younger neighbor, who tilted his head back and gasped and panted.

“It’s …Ah!…uh, my AH! Foreskin…Ah!” Timmy said, trying to talk. In the positions the boys were in, Timmy standing, and Sean sitting on the bed, Sean was looking right into the tip of Timmy’s penis, and made his next discovery.

“Where is…. your ……oh, wow, there it is….“ Sean said to himself as he lifted Timmy’s cock and discovered his urethral opening in the cusp of the “vee” under the glans. He began to trace a finger over the area, and Timmy let a loud moan escape. Sean stopped

and asked

“Sorry, does that hurt?”

“Oh, fuck no….don’t stop, Sean” Timmy begged. Sean had found one of Timmy’s best erogenous zones. He would have given the kid a week to quit doing this…

“Ummm, why is it like that?” Sean asked. “It’s not the same as mine” Not having seen any others, Sean had only his own organ as a comparison.

“It’s a slight birth defect…my dad, grandpa and my brothers are the same way. And I’m not circumcised, but you are.” Timmy said.

“Yeah, I know. Mom told me” Sean continued to explore Timmy’s cock, and turned his attention to his neighbor’s scrotum. “You have big ball- …” Sean left the word unfinished as he realized his friend was missing something. He looked up at Timmy, who nodded down at Sean.

“Born with just one, Sean. See these little scars, here, here and here?” Sean nodded.

“Had an operation this summer to see if it was inside, or whatever. There wasn’t anything in there.” Timmy explained.

“What happened to it?” Sean wondered.

“The doc thinks it never developed…that’s what he told us.” Timmy said.

“Us, you mean other people know too?” Sean asked, like this was a secret Timmy guarded.

“Of course…Isaac, his folks, my folks, my brothers, Peter….they all know. We don’t keep secrets, Sean.”

“I think I would die if people found out about me” Sean said.

“So why did you tell me?”

“ ’Cause…um, you’re my best friend and I wanted to do….you know, do things with you…and I was pretty sure you weren’t gonna beat my ass if I asked…or tell anyone what I showed you.”

“I won’t say anything, and I’m glad you did ask” Timmy assured his friend. Sean let Timmy’s organ go, and Timmy brought his briefs back up.

“Guess we better get back to the house.” Timmy said, as Sean got up and put his briefs back on and turned his computer off. Sean left a note on the table for Melanie so that she would know where he was, and they went back through the dark yard gates to Timmy’s house. Isaac had gone to bed, and the boys followed suit. Timmy and Sean got under the covers in Timmy’s bed, and Sean snuggled close and put his arms around Timmy.

“Thanks for being my friend, Timmy” Sean said into the back of Timmy’s neck.

“You’re most welcome, neighbor” Timmy replied. In minutes, both boys were snoring.

The alarm clock woke the boys at 6 am, which gave Timmy 45 minutes before his bus arrived. Sean had another 30 minutes, as high school ran on a later schedule. Sean rolled over in bed, and looked at Timmy, who was almost ready to sit up and get up. He put his hand on Timmy’s shoulder and said

“Good Morning….got a second for something?” Timmy grimaced at Sean’s case of zoo mouth, and replied

“Sure, just don’t breathe on me right now!” cracking Sean up. Sean reached down and cupped Timmy’s erection, then put his hands on the waistband and pulled Timmy’s briefs down to his knees. Timmy smiled and decided to lay back and let Sean conduct this train for a few minutes.

“Something on your mind, Sean?”

“Yeah…sure is” Sean said, throwing the cover back, and sitting next to Timmy on the bed.

He took Timmy’s cock in his right hand, and worked the ball of his thumb over Timmy’s piss hole, and rubbed the foreskin flap with his index finger, as Timmy moaned and closed his eyes. He began to stroke the curved six inch length of Timmy’s thick member, while continuing to perform the thumb and finger dance on the hot spots of his friends cock.

“Oh, my God, you are a frikkin’ expert at this, Sean….Oh, don’t stop” Timmy said, as he reached over and touched Sean’s tented briefs, and felt the older boy’s hard thin three inch rod inside.

“That feels good, Timmy” as Timmy worked the small penis in and out of his fingers. His fingers found the flap in Sean’s briefs and worked their way under the flap, and pulled Sean’s erection through the hole. Now Timmy was caressing Sean’s penis without the briefs between it and his fingers. His cock was still somewhat greasy from the baby oil Timmy had used on Sean, so his fingers glided easily across the boys sensitive corona, and the small vee under the head.

“Can you go a little faster, please?” Timmy asked. He was beginning to sense the rise in tension in his pelvic region, and Sean could see his testicle rising and moving tighter under Timmy’s cock root. Sean sped up, and could feel Timmy get harder, and Timmy’s strokes on his own penis moved faster.

Sean had never been interested in masturbation until recently, when he began the hormone therapy. He had frequent erections now, and since he moved in next door, had fantasized about Timmy, Isaac and Peter. He never had the guts to try to join their swim parties unless he had shorts on, but last night had been a turning point. He felt horny and trusted Timmy enough now that he knew his days of hiding were over. He adored Timmy, and pleasuring his best friend’s cock was a dream come true. Timmy’s fingers were stirring feelings in his loins that he had never experienced, and he almost wanted to make Timmy stop…

“Timmy, I think something’s happening…”

“No, I’m not quite there….keep going” Timmy insisted.

“It’s me….something’s happening, I think I have to pee” Sean said, concerned.

“Oh….duh….sorry. Just let it happen, Sean…it’s not pee” Timmy said as he sped up stroking Sean’s small organ, wiggling his fingers to tickle the corona each time his hand moved to the head. He shortened his strokes to keep his fingers mostly on Sean’s glans now, and in seconds Sean gasped in surprise and Timmy felt three small pulses of his friends little organ. There was no emission this first time. Timmy followed in short order, and several burps of semen emerged and ran down Sean’s fingers.

“Wow, is that sperm?’ Sean asked

“Uh-huh…yup” Timmy nodded.

“What happened to me, that felt awesome!” Sean stated.

“You had an orgasm….first time?” Timmy asked. Sean nodded.

‘Won’t be the last, either!” Sean said. Impulsively, he leaned over and kissed Timmy on the cheek. He recoiled in horror at what he did, and instantly felt embarrassed and blushed crimson.

“I’m sorry…I don’t know why I did that….I’m really sorry!” Sean said, battling back tears. He knew Timmy wouldn’t want him as friend anymore. He was sure of it.

“Would you do that again, please?” Timmy asked.

Sean didn’t know how to react to Timmy’s response. His first thought was that it was a set-up, but then again, Timmy had never done anything mean to Sean since they met. He cautiously bent over and gave Timmy another peck.

“Sean, I grew up without love until I got here. No one ever kissed me until I met Isaac. When we give each other a kiss, I feel loved. I wanted that all my life and now I have that. Does that make sense?” Sean nodded. “Don’t ever be afraid to show someone how you feel about them, okay?” Timmy sat up and gave Sean a kiss on the cheek, and looked in Sean‘s eyes. Sean nodded and said

“Okay, I won‘t…Um, …can I wear a pair of your shorts? It would look weird if I came home in underwear” Sean said.

“Yeah, use these” Timmy said, scooping up yesterdays shorts off the floor and tossing them to Sean, as he stripped and headed for Isaac’s room to take a shower. “See you this afternoon” as he walked up behind Isaac sipping coffee at the kitchen table. He wrapped his arms around Isaac and kissed him on the head, as Sean looked on and smiled.

“Morning, Isaac” Sean said.

“Morning, Sean…sleep good?” Isaac responded.

“Woke up even better!” Sean replied with a big smile on his face, as he passed through the sliding door and closed it.

“Looks like you two shared a few things…” Isaac said grinning, as he eyed his naked housemate.

“No secrets left now” Timmy giggled as he padded back to the shower.

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