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The Apprentice

by Sahypo

Chapter 24

Isaac arrived at the house after classes and took the mail out of the box on his way into the house. There was a letter from the court in the stack with credit card come-ons and other junk mail. He tore the letter open and read that a hearing on the adoption would be held on the 25th of the next month, or just before Halloween. The best news was that the letter was sent on behalf of Judge Bailey’s department. He had made good on his promise to Timmy that he would preside over the hearings. He saw that the letter had been sent to Dennis, Debbie, June and Edward Kane as well as Pat and Lizabeth. All parties who could potentially assert parental rights over Timmy would be there….This was it, the main event.

Once inside the house, he called his mother and told her about the letter. She chatted with Isaac a few minutes and told him she would let his father know, and that they would put the hearing on their calendars. Isaac told her about the last couple of visits from the child protective services, and that things seemed to be going well.

He told her that Timmy had been tutoring Sean, and that Sean was doing a lot better, and that Timmy had been in isolated testing for the first three weeks of school. He had a lot of extra homework as a consequence, to get him caught up in his classes. Isaac helped the boys with their assignments, which was actually much more challenging than his own homework.

Peter showed up at the house several evenings back, with two suitcases. It wasn’t everything that he owned, but things were happening at home that made him think he should be prepared one way or the other. He came home from work two days later, and his mother intercepted him at the door.

“We need to talk…I have food for you on the table.” It was an invitation Peter couldn’t refuse.

He sat down at the table, and his mother sat across from him. “Your father and I love you very much, Peter. Very much.” she said.

“Okay…” Peter said between bites. “I don’t doubt that for a minute mom.” Peter replied.

“We are worried about you…something isn’t right, and its bothering you. We can feel it. And now, most of your clothes are missing…Peter, please…this has me spooked. What’s going on?“ she pleaded.

Peter stopped eating and felt tears welling up in his eyes as everything came to a head…He had reached the moment in time he feared the most. The tears came full on now, and spilled freely.

His mother was completely unprepared for this, and all sorts of visions of trouble ran through her mind.

“Peter, whatever it is, it can’t be that bad, honey. Talk to me” she begged.

“It’s worse!” he sobbed. “The most wonderful thing that’s ever happened is going to ruin everything…I’m going to lose my home and family”

“What the…How do you figure that?” she asked, totally bewildered.

“Because you and Dad are going to throw me out and dis-, …um” “Disown you?” his mother finished. Peter nodded and blew snot into a napkin loudly.

“And what have you done that would make us do that, Peter? Did you hurt someone?”

“Not yet” he replied. His mother got up and poured two fingers of Bourbon in a glass and sat back down. She sipped the liquor and waited for her son to continue.

Peter looked up at his mother and said “I met someone who makes me feel like I never have in my life, Mom. I’m in love, and I’m so happy…” he said as he broke down in sobs again. The irony would have been funny as hell in a comedy, but the emotional pain Peter was in was excruciating, and quite obvious.

“Everybody falls in love with someone, Peter….Did you get a girl in trouble, is that what this is about?“

Peter shook his head, and began to cry harder.

“I wish it was that simple, Mommy, I really do….I wanted to find a girl to fall in love with so you and dad would be happy and proud of me…but ….there’s no attraction…I’m so sorry, Mommy, it just doesn’t happen for me. I tried to change it…but I’d never be happy like that, um…with a girl...and we’d both wind up hurt….I‘m sorry, Mommy.”

Peter wailed as if in full blown grief, his safe and private world had just died in a supernova, and the secret that he kept safe all his life was now off his shoulders forever. He waited for the explosive reaction and quick trip out of the house that he had lived again and again in bad dreams. It seemed to his mother that he had never looked smaller and more defenseless than he did now. She sipped her drink hard, and tried to get herself collected as the full meaning of Peter’s revelation hit her.

Well, fuck me running….how could a child I love more than life itself be gay, and I couldn’t have figured it out? Where in the hell have I been the last 18 years?

Moving over to her son, she pulled him out of the chair and hugged him. Peter continued to sob, breaking down completely and soaking his mother’s shoulder with his tears.

Peter’s father heard the commotion, and peeked into the kitchen to see what was going on, and was flabbergasted to see his son shuddering on his mother’s shoulder like his best friend had died, or something equally awful had happened. She gave her husband a “not now” signal and he nodded and went back to what he was doing.

“Peter, we should have talked about this a long time ago…I’m so sorry that we didn’t figure this out sooner, baby….Is this why you never went on dates, and always studied like some Tibetan monk in high school?”

She had often teased her son about his underground existence in the basement and lack of social outlets, and now she realized that he had lived his high school years in fear. Fear of failing with the females and being outed among his peers, and fear of his parents reaction if he came out. He chose the path of least resistance and used his pursuit of academic excellence as a cover, with frequent masturbation to release his sexual tensions, although his mother and father weren‘t privy to those details. The time he spent at Atherton’s working further insulated him from social obligations that he found awkward. To his mother, all this now fit…

Peter nodded. He had quit sobbing and now was hyperventilating, trying to get under control. He hadn’t been in a state like this since childhood.

“I just couldn’t fake it, Mom…Rather than be miserable, I just didn’t play the game. I’ve been so lonely, but now…” Peter trailed off.

“Baby, I’m so sorry you had to live in hiding like this…she paused.

What’s his name, honey?”

“Isaac” Peter whispered. His mother already knew a lot about Isaac from what Peter had told her and his father. She knew that Peter had been spending nights with Isaac, and wasn’t surprised that Peter now confirmed the existence of their relationship.

“Do you love him?”

“Yes, Mother. I love him” His answer came out in a croak, as he became emotional again thinking of the boy he loved.

“And you took your clothes because you thought your father and I would go bat-shit crazy when you told us this…”

“Something like that, yeah” Peter felt rather sheepish, as he obviously had badly misread his parents. His mother was pretty much of the tough love school, and wasn’t fazed by a lot of things in life. She was an Air Force veteran, and now supervised the maintenance dispatch staff for the largest airline in the United States. She had been Peter’s inspiration to pursue a career in aviation, having taken her son to work with her numerous times over the years…under her salty crust was a heart of gold, and her employees would often ask for her advice with problems they were having at home. You wouldn’t get loving from her if you deserved the stick, but the opposite was also true.

“I’m a bit miffed that you would feel that we aren’t proud of you, Peter. Do you know how jealous a lot of people we know are of this family, and wish they had kids as successful as you? Your dad and I are damned proud of you, and don‘t you ever say otherwise if I can hear it. I’m not going to tell you that your father is going to take this well, and it might take a while for him to come to grips with what you told me, but we are your parents, Peter, and we would never turn our backs on you. Gay or straight, like it or not your children are who they are going to be. Things are going to be different than all of us thought they would, Peter. Not just for you, but all of us. But we will get used to this together as a family. We can‘t do that if you feel you have to live a secret life.”

“Yes, mother”

“Invite Isaac over here on your next Saturday off, Peter.” Peter knew that was not a suggestion …

“Yes, mother, I will”

“Let me handle your dad, Peter.” she said. That was also not intended to be a suggestion.

“Okay, mom…and thanks”

She kissed Peter on his forehead and said “Peter…don’t ever go to such lengths to hide anything like this from us….you don’t have to do that in your own family. Your dad and I want you to be happy, and we’re not going to let anything cost us our son. You might have run away, or committed suicide… God only knows what some kids have done because they couldn‘t come out.”

Peter instantly realized why his mother was somewhat pissed right now. “Oh my God! I didn’t think about that….I’m sorry, Mom. That’s the same thing Isaac’s dad told me.“

“Isaac’s dad?”

“Yeah…Isaac’s dad figured out that we were dating and talked to me in private. He told me about Isaac coming out, and that he had to accept Isaac as he is to keep from losing him…and that they were worried about the suicide stuff too. He talked to me about how to tell you guys when the time came, but…“

“So, when did Isaac tell his folks?”

“Like when he was 12, he said”

“Peter, did you or Isaac ever think about doing any thing like suicide or leaving?” she asked.

“No, Mom…Isaac came out as a kid so he didn‘t hide it for long, and I always figured you would find out after I left home…You kind of busted me, though” Peter said, finally cracking a smile.

“It’s going to be all right, son…Now go to bed, you’ve had a long day. Goodnight” she said, giving Peter another kiss.

“ ‘Night, Mom. I love you so much”

“Love you too, son” she said as she poured two glasses of Bourbon.

Peter turned and went down the hallway to the door to his basement man cave, passing his father who was watching TV after dinner. Peter ate his evening meal later than the family, since he was often at the store until almost 9 pm. His father noticed the tears on his son’s face, and his wife carrying two tumblers of Bourbon. Peter went down the stairs and closed the door behind him.

“What’s up with Peetie?” he wondered

“We need to talk, honey…and you’ll need this.” she replied.

Peter was exhausted, not only emotionally, but because he had full 18 hour days on the days he worked. He dropped his clothes on the floor and fell into bed, and drifted off to sleep. At least his mother hadn’t melted down or completely exploded; one down, one to go. He had to call Isaac…


“Hey, Isaac….Well….it happened. Mom figured things out”

“Oh…how did it go, Peter, are you okay?” Isaac wondered.

Umm….I cried a lot…and told her everything…I think she is okay with it, but my dad doesn’t know yet. And I‘m good…I still have a place to live I guess.”

“Peter, you always have a place to live…” Isaac reminded him.

“I’m sorry, Isaac. I didn’t mean that like….how it came out.” Peter said.

“I just love you so much. I want you here all the time” Isaac said.

“I too. And there’s more…You’re coming here to meet them the day after tomorrow. ”

Upstairs, Peter’s mother and father sat together on the loveseat in their living room, and she handed her husband the Bourbon.

“So what’s going on, did something happen to Peetie? Why was he so upset?”

“Something did happen, Paul, and he’s completely terrified because of it”

“But, he’s okay, he’s…not….uh, hurt or anything, is he?” he asked, clearly worried.

“No, he’s okay. Paul, he’s fallen in love with someone….” the man relaxed a little, surprised.

“Really? I mean, he’s never even gone out once that I can remember…what could he be afraid of, honey? Did he get a girl pregnant?”

“Funny, that was the same question I asked him…superior minds think alike!” she said, taking a sip of the whiskey. “No, it’s nothing like that at all.”

“God, then what cou- “ he began, but was cut off

“He was terrified of what we would do when we found out, Paul.” The couple looked at each other, he uncomprehending, and she choosing her words to continue.

Paul spoke first.

“Ok, I’m….Um, I’m totally lost here….why would he be afraid of us for falling in……Wait a minute… this girl friend interracial, or something?…” he trailed off, as she began shaking her head.

“No, Paul…….honey, he isn’t in love with a girl…”

There, it was out there in the middle of the road, like a ten car pile up on the freeway.

“He told me that he wanted to find a girl and make it work so we would be happy, but he couldn’t do it. He feels ashamed and that he’s let us down, Paul. He was afraid we were going to throw him out and disown him.” she explained.

“Peetie’s gay…” Paul stated.

She nodded and repeated “Peetie’s gay, and just came out, Daddy.”

“Oh, Jesus, why couldn’t I see this…” Paul felt a lot of regret “ We should have talked to him so long ago….My God, what did we do? We shoulda seen the signs…they were all over the place. It all fits”

“We didn’t do anything wrong, Paul…we just thought we had a perfect family, and did the things parents do to keep things perfect, and we couldn’t see that it wasn’t perfect for our little boy.”

“So he’s been miserable this whole time and we never knew…” he observed. She nodded again.

Paul took a long hit on his whiskey, and stood up. “Son of a bitch!” he said mainly to himself, and went to the basement stair door. He usually knocked, but paused just as his knuckles would have touched the door. He closed his eyes and put his hand on the knob.

He looked at his wife, who asked “Paul, are you sure you’re okay?” He nodded and said

“I am now, yeah…I just got to get through this little talk with my son” and turned the knob.

“Do you need me with you?” she asked.

“Uh-uh…this is a father’s job, Mommy. It’ll be all right.”

He opened the door and went down the stairs. He navigated the gloom and found Peter’s bed, and Peter curled up in a fetal position, quietly crying himself to sleep.

Paul sat on the bed, and touched Peter’s hair “Peetie…son, can we talk a little bit? Come on, sit up and talk to me.”

Paul got up, so Peter could extricate himself from his bedding and sit on the edge of the bed. Paul sat back down next to his son, and pulled the boy’s head onto his shoulder.

Peter burst into tears again, and his body heaved as he struggled to breath, a fresh round of emotions escaping his youthful body. Paul held and rocked Peter as the teen cried his eyes out.

“Daddy, I’m so sorry….I wanted you and Mom to be happy and proud of me…..and I couldn’t do it…and…and…and …I….couldn’t …hurt …someone I would only be pretending to love...”

“I know son…you did the right thing….”

“It’s not gonna be the way you and mom wanted…..I’m sorry, Daddy. I‘ve been so lonely”

“No, son, I guess it won‘t…But it’s not about what your mom and I want…It’s about what makes you happy and complete in life….if that happens to be Isaac, then so be it, son” Paul said.

“You knew it was him, huh?” Peter asked.

“He seems to be the only other person on Earth, the way you’ve been talking about him.”

“I must have been pretty obvious...Are you mad at me, Dad?” Peter asked.

“No, I’m not mad at you, baby…I am troubled that you would be afraid to talk to me…I should have just talked to you about this when you were younger, and I’m sure that would have embarrassed the shit out of you. But at least you would have known your old man was there to listen to you….I dropped that ball, Peter. Big Time. Will you forgive me?”

“Yeah…of course I do….I thought this would be the worst thing I could have done…”

“Oh, Peter….you have no clue how much worse it could have played out…You could have run off and abandoned your family, or committed suicide on us….”

“Mom said that too…” The reality of his parents concern and love for him was beginning to sink in. They were both scared to death that he might have picked that option. He didn’t realize that there were families who lived with that reality. Pat had talked briefly about this with Peter, but it hadn’t registered with him at the time.

“Peetie….Peter….You have no idea how proud we are of you. How it feels to have a mature and responsible son who graduated magna cum laude in his class, who is respectful, caring, considerate and never gave us anything to worry about. You don’t know how I get on my knees and thank God for giving you to us when I listen to my friends and coworkers talk about their shitty ass rotten entitled kids and tear their hair out over drug addictions and knocked up daughters…

Peter, Look…I’m not going to lose my only son because I can’t handle him being gay. But I need some time to get used to this, please…Give me time and understanding for that, okay?”

“Yes” Peter whispered. “Dad?”


“I’m sorry I didn’t give you and mom the benefit of the doubt…will you forgive me?” Peter asked.

“Yes…but…no more secrets. No one can be happy if they can’t be who they are. Do we have a deal?”

“Yes, Sir, we do” Peter agreed.

Paul leaned over in the darkness and kissed his son on the top of the head. “Get some sleep or you’ll be a zombie tomorrow…I love you.”

“I love you too, Daddy” Peter said. He realized that he didn’t say that nearly often enough, as he drifted off. He had several short nightmares that night, and woke up exhausted. He also knew that there was something those nightmares were trying to tell him.

Paul reversed course and emerged from the top of the stairs. He put the whiskey glass on the counter, and poured himself another drink. He felt a pair of hands slip around him from behind, and turned to give his wife a peck on the cheek.

“How did Daddy’s talk go?” she asked.

“Really well, Mommy…God, I have never seen him that upset and scared before.” Paul said.

“I know…Are you coming to bed?”

“After this drink…I got to think for a bit…won’t be able to sleep right away.”

“Okay…don’t stay up too late.. Oh, Peter’s going to ask Isaac over on Saturday. Got any plans?” she asked.

“No, I think that’s more important than anything else right now.“

“Good Night, dear” she said as she turned to go.

“Night…I won’t be long” Paul replied.

Peter looked like hammered shit when Isaac came by to pick him up for school in the morning.

“Holy Moley, Peter, did you sleep at all?“

“Not really”

“Was it that bad?”

“No, they were both really great about it…I didn’t expect dad to be as cool as he was, but I think he had a few drinks before we talked…I know Mom did”

“Can’t really blame them can you?”

“Nope….It was the bad dreams that kept me up Isaac”

“Dreams? What sort of dreams?”

“They both talked about how kids who can’t come out often commit suicide, and your dad said something about that the day we talked out by the pool….which really helped with last night by the way….and I had dreams about gay kids killing themselves and shit…I didn‘t know that kind of stuff happened”

“My dad was really talking to you about suicides?” Isaac began

“Yeah, he did…He was talking about being aware of stories about that happening, and he was glad that you told them so early….anyway, that really got me thinking. And it kept me up all night.”

“So what do you think it means? Isaac asked.

“I’m not sure right now…I think its telling me I should do something, you know…get involved…help people“ Peter replied.

“Maybe you’ve heard a calling? Anyway, everything’s now okay with your folks?”

“Yes, it’s all been said and cried over and done, thank God”

“Peter, I’m so happy for you” Isaac said, and leaned over to give his lover a peck as they drove away from the curb.

“About tomorrow, it’s going to be a feast, so bring Timmy, okay?” Peter asked. “They want to meet him too…I’ve told them so much about the two of you, I just hope you can live up to the hype”

“Gee, Thanks, DARLING!” Isaac teased.

Later on that afternoon, Isaac dropped Peter back off at home, so Peter could change and go to work. Isaac and Timmy would spend the evening in the usual way, homework, dinner, and a swim, TV and bed, or some variation on that theme. Peter had planned to spend the night with Isaac, and then come home Saturday morning with Isaac and Timmy, for the “Coming Out“ bash, as Peter referred to it.

Timmy had received Eric’s Message about Craig, and hurried off a reply


That’s awesome! Please give him my contact info!

This is just as exciting 4 me as it was when I met you!

Thanks, you’re the best!

Timmy sent the message, and went back to the kitchen to help Sean with science homework. Timmy was placed in a college level basic chemistry class, as part of the adjustment of his schedule. All the accelerated classes that he passed carried college credit, just like the Advanced Placement classes that high school students could apply for. The difference was that the program Timmy was in did the same thing for middle school students. He was learning about latent heat, or the capacity to store thermal energy that all physical materials possessed. The homework questions were deliberately designed to make you work; the facts of each problem were presented as a mix of imperial and metric values, so Timmy had to convert watts to kilocalories per joule, and so on…

“Dammit!….” Timmy said, and slid his calculations over to Isaac, who was studying for a quiz on Oxygen systems that would be given tomorrow.

“Isaac…I keep getting the wrong answer on this one, and I’m not seeing what I got screwed up…can you look at it?”

“Sure…let’s see what you got” Isaac read the problem in the book, and looked at Timmy’s equations.

“Uh…yeah…I see it.” Isaac said, looking at Timmy.

“There’s a mistake?” Timmy asked, relieved that he wasn’t going in circles any longer.

“Yeah” Isaac said, teasing Timmy. “It will cost you to find out what it is”

Timmy rolled his eyes and said “No, I won’t give you a blowjob!”

Sean dropped the pencil he was fidgeting with as he read the science book, and screeched with laughter, as Timmy and Isaac cracked up.

“Promises, promises!” Isaac teased.

Timmy reached across the table and grabbed his papers from Isaac “Gimme my shit back!” he teased. Isaac got up and found the instant tea and began to fill the pitcher with water.

After the boys collected themselves, Timmy asked again, “So where did I klooge this thing up?”

“How many horsepower in a KiloWatt, Timmy?”

“746!” Timmy stated flatly…

“Umm, you’re thinking backwards, big guy…” Isaac said. Sean arched his eyebrows and snuck a hand under the table and squeezed Timmy’s crotch; Timmy squealed in surprise,

“Sean! What the hell!” Timmy protested as Sean cackled with glee “Just checking if the nickname really fits!”

Isaac noticed that both boys seemed preoccupied and it began to dawn on him what it was.

“Do you two horny toads need a cold shower?” Isaac asked.

“Sounds good” Timmy said

“Can we?” Sean asked.

“How much of this homework do you guys have left?” Isaac asked.

“I’m almost done with mine” Timmy said.

“I have to read a chapter, but that won’t take long” Sean added.

“Go take a break then…half an hour” Isaac said.

“Forty five minutes?” Timmy begged.

“Okay, dinner’s on in forty five minutes guys.” Isaac agreed.

Timmy and Sean went back to Isaac’s room, to use the big shower, and took their clothes off on the bed. Sean’s nearly three inch hard erection was leading the way, and Timmy took notice.

“Man, that looks so frigging hard! Does it hurt?” He asked, half in jest.

“It feels great now my pants are off…it’s a bit weird that it seems bigger each time I look at it“ Sean said.

“But that’s a good thing! When did you measure it last?” Timmy asked.

“Sunday before I went to bed” Sean replied.

“Cool, I can’t wait for the next update in your logbook “ Timmy said.

“It should be easier to capture the data now that I have an assistant” Sean purred. “Would you like to handle the test subject for your own evaluation, Doctor?”

“Why, certainly, Doctor! Anything to assist a colleague!” Timmy responded, taking Sean’s rigid little member in his hand, gently rubbing the corona and the area under the glans…Sean began to sigh and melt and closed his eyes as he enjoyed Timmy’s gently fondling fingers.

Sean found Timmy’s underwear by Braille, and rubbed his friends’ full basket, as Timmy’s cock came to full tumescence. Sean slipped his fingers inside the waistband, and peeled the undies off Timmy’s torso, and the thick curved penis swung up once free of the briefs. It pointed horizontally then gradually down, unlike Sean’s straight unit. Sean immediately went low, and ran his fingertips along the bottom of Timmy’s cock, and teased his now wet piss opening. Timmy moaned in delight. Sean had found all of Timmy’s “good spots” and made the greatest effort to please the friend he adored and looked up to, wanting to perform this service just right. Timmy rewarded his older friend with praise and gratitude, moaning how good Sean’s fingers felt. He leaned forward to kiss Sean gently, cradling his head in his hands and gently tonguing Sean’s lips as his mouth relaxed and let Timmy show him how to French kiss. After a minute of heavy kissing, Timmy reached in and turned the water on, as he continued to caress and stroke Sean’s stiff boyhood. They climbed into the shower together, and Timmy got on his knees on the shower floor, and looked Sean’s boycock directly in the “eye”. As Sean looked down and watched, Timmy licked Sean’s tip, shaft, and ball sack, then took all of Sean’s organ in his mouth and began to run his tongue around Sean’s corona. At his size, Timmy took all of Sean and by letting his tongue out of his mouth, was able to suck Sean’s dick and lick his scrotum at the same time. Sean couldn’t decide between jumping eight feet straight up or passing out. The new sensations flooding his body were the most intense that Sean had ever experienced. Sean’s smooth body was entirely devoid of hair, and Timmy ran his water slickened hands up and down Sean’s chest as he worked the exquisitely hard little cock in his mouth. Sean moaned with pleasure, as his first experience with oral sex played out in his neighbor’s shower.

Although Sean was used to having erections that would last until he got bored with them or his penis would not respond further, things had been changing inside and now the incredible sensations of pleasure no longer became boring, but now grew more intense. Since his first orgasm assisted by Timmy the other day, Sean had barely anything on his mind other than repeating that experience over and over. He watched intently as his penis slid in and out of Timmy’s gentle lips, and felt an incredible tension building in his groin, Timmy could feel Sean’s cocklet tighten further, and in a matter of seconds Sean began gasping as the cock in Timmy’s mouth spasmed and pulsed eight or ten times before Sean gently pushed Timmy’s mouth off his spent staff, and rinsed it off as it returned to its flaccid state.

Sean assumed the position Timmy had been in, and looked at Timmy’s wide penis.

“Got any tips?” Sean asked.

“Just take it slow and easy, and don’t try more than you can handle at first. You have to work your way up…” Timmy suggested.

“It’s so damned big, Timmy” Sean said.

“Umm, I have friends who are bigger….lots bigger” Timmy replied, Sammy coming to mind.

“They must be deformed” Sean joked, then realized what he said…”Oh, shit! No offense intended, Timmy!”

“How can I be offended by a boy who wants to suck my dick?” Timmy joked. “It’s ok Sean, you don’t have to walk on eggs around me and worry about what you say. I’m cool with my stuff the way it is.”

“I think your stuff is hot” Sean stated.

“Aaah, You’ll meet somebody better down the road.” Timm said. “I’m just the first guy you’ve been with.”

“I’ll never have another first, Timmy. That’s always gonna be you, no matter what. You were the first one to see me naked, other than my doctor and that don’t count, and touch it, and you made me cum the first time ever.”

Timmy didn’t know how to respond at that moment, and simply let Sean tease him with his tongue. Sean worked up until he could handle half of Timmy’s length before his gag reflex took over.

“You’re doing great, neighbor….It feels awesome” Timmy assured his friend. “It takes practice…like every day” Timmy said, looking for a reaction from Sean.

Sean pulled off and said “I bet you would just hate to have to sit through all that practicing, wouldn’t you?“

“Helping a friend is well worth the sacrifice” Timmy quipped as Sean resumed his oral ministrations. Sean began working Timmy’s piss slit with his tongue, and jacking the part of the shaft he couldn’t get in his mouth with his right hand, as his left hand felt and gently rolled Timmy’s testicle around in the sack. Timmy quickly reached his point of no return, and cried out,

“Oh, I’m gonna cum…..Ahh, …Urmm….Ahh, Ugh…Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh! Oh, yeah… a warm salty tasting thick liquid flooded into Sean’s mouth. He let the semen dribble out of his mouth onto the shower floor, and kept working Timmy until his friend’s big penis softened.

“Well?” Sean asked, standing up again.

“Needs lots of practice….Lots…Every day….Twice a day on weekends” Timmy teased. “That was awesome and I loved it, thanks, neighbor.”

“Likewise…that was my first time..” Sean said.

“Giving or getting?” Timmy asked.

“Both” Sean replied, and gave Timmy a light affectionate kiss. “You’re a bad influence on me, I hope!”

Isaac announced time was up with a knock on the door. Timmy turned the water off and the boys dried.

“Timmy, would Isaac say anything if we didn’t get dressed?” Sean asked.

“Not if it’s your idea to do it, and you’re completely okay with this.” Timmy answered.

Sean thought about this and how he had wanted to join Timmy, Isaac and Peter in the pool on those hot afternoons when they swam in the buff. “Should I ask him, or you?”

Timmy smiled and walked out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen. “Isaac, Sean is way too chicken to ask you if he can be nude with us.” Sean turned purple and then scarlet with embarrassment, as Timmy cackled, delighted with himself.

“You fucker! That was totally evil!” Sean spluttered, trying not to laugh at being had.

“Got the job done, what are fuckers, I mean friends for?” Timmy shot back.

Isaac watched the exchange with amusement, and said “Yes, Sean. Our house and pool is clothing optional. You can be nude when it’s just us and Peter here. But we never do it if someone who is not comfortable with nudity is present, got it?”

“Sure” Sean said, walking into the kitchen covering himself.

“Umm, that kind of defeats the purpose of not wearing clothes, doesn’t it?” Isaac asked.

“Yeah, I guess. I was afraid you would say something” Sean admitted, slowly moving his hands away, exposing his small genitals.

“Say something about what, Sean?” Isaac asked gently.

“You know….about how small it is and stuff.” Sean admitted.

“All of us have to start someplace, Sean…everybody is small to begin with…it’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of. You’ll get a lot bigger, and it won’t be long before that happens,…. no pun intended.” Isaac said, raising his voice at Timmy, who was cracking up with laughter. He had gotten the innuendo instantly, even though Isaac had not intended that it be meant that way. Isaac shot Timmy an evil glance, as if to say

I’m trying to help this kid build some self esteem here…don’t be a complete dingle-berry, Count Dorkula!

Timmy caught the lack of amusement in Isaac’s eyes, and put on a mopey guilty face…


“So Sean, part of going naturist is accepting yourself as is, and others too. If you get into it, it’s very liberating to not worry about such things.” Isaac said. “By the way, I have a small penis too…”

“No, he doesn’t…It’s average” Timmy corrected. “The small side of average” he teased.

“And you’ve seen Timmy’s differences, right?” Isaac asked, ignoring his younger friend for the moment.

“Yeah, I have.” Sean admitted.

“So everybody is a little different. Nothing wrong with that, Sean.” Isaac said. Satisfied, Sean sat back down at the table to watch the back and forth between Sean and Isaac.

“Getting back to your little issue, did you find what you did wrong?” Isaac asked.

“Isaac, Dearest, none of my issues are ever little” Timmy deadpanned. Isaac rolled his eyes as Sean chuckled. Timmy was in fine form this afternoon “But yes, I think I found the mistake, Thanks….“

Sean got up and took his textbook off the table, and headed into the living room.

Timmy pointed to the line in his math where he had gone astray. “This should be one divided by 0.746, right?”

“Yes, exactly” Isaac said.

Sean was reading his science chapter on the couch. He was laying across half the couch on his back and had his hairless legs propped up against the backrest, his textbook on his chest.

“This I don’t get…I’ve read this three times now, and it still makes no sense” Sean complained.

“What makes no sense?“ Isaac asked.

“Well it says humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes…one set from the mother and one from the father…”

“Yes” Isaac said, as he came over to the couch and stood next to Sean.

“One pair determines the sex of the…the..” Sean forgot the word he was looking for.

“Fetus, yes” Isaac finished.

“Yeah, thanks…girls are XX and boys are XY” Sean stated.

“Correct…and?” Isaac said, encouraging Sean to continue.

“ So how come you can’t have a third sex, with YY chromosomes?” Sean wondered.

“Oh, that’s easy…you can only get Y chromosomes from the father, not the mother. You get an X chromosome egg from mom and another X or a Y in the sperm from dad….since there are no Y eggs, you just can’t put a YY baby together…it wouldn’t live anyway because all the Y chromosome does is make you a boy” Isaac replied.

Sean considered that in silence for a moment, then continued

“So your saying that since a dad has to give you the Y chromosome to be a boy, the father is the one that makes the baby male or female…” Sean asked.

“Yup” Isaac said.

“Well, damn! I shoulda just asked you first before I got all confused trying to read this!“ Sean beamed, smiling up at Isaac. “Thanks!”

“No sweat, little buddy” Isaac said, provoking laughter from Timmy.

“Oh, will you please give that a rest already!” Isaac teased.

“What?” Sean wondered, puzzled.

“Inside family joke” Timmy replied.

Soon the homework assignments were completed, and the boys were enjoying the evening meal, nothing on of course. After dinner, Sean got dressed and decided to call it an evening, and left. Timmy and Isaac cleared the table and were standing in the kitchen washing and drying dishes.



“You never did tell me what Detective Walsh said to you that time you blew chow over the back fence.”

Damn it! I thought he had totally forgotten about that! Isaac cursed silently, and collected his thoughts.

“I’m pretty sure I don’t remember…” Isaac deflected.

“You almost fainted on the patio and you tossed your cookies, but you don’t remember”

Timmy was obviously not buying any of this attempt at evading the question.

Isaac rinsed his hands off, and stepped over to the table and took a seat. He looked at Timmy and said

“Little buddy, you know I love and cherish you so much, and I would do anything for you, to make you happy, or keep you safe…I never asked you for anything in return for my love, right?”

“True” Timmy acknowledged.

“This is one time when I am asking you for something….I’m asking you to understand and accept that I can’t tell you, because I do love you and want you to be safe and happy.

I just want you to be able to be a kid and have fun with your friends and stuff, Timmy. Please…let this go, okay…?

“Uh, sure, I guess….are you okay?” This whole conversation had really brought Isaac down, and now Timmy felt bad for pushing the issue. He hugged his older buddy and said

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought it up again, Isaac. I didn‘t want to bum you out“

“I’m okay. I know you weren’t trying to do that” Isaac replied, then changed the subject.

“Listen, Timmy. Peter came out to his folks last night…”

Timmy’s expression changed to one of surprise “Oh….Oh, wow….Like was there a huge fight?”

“I don’t think so, but Peter’s coming after work, you can ask him. Then the three of us are going to his folk’s house tomorrow”

“I can see why they would want to meet you, but why me?” Timmy asked.

“I was told to make sure you were included in this…” Isaac replied. “I think one does not refuse the mother unit in Peter’s house, from what I hear.”

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