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The Apprentice

by Sahypo

Chapter 25

Craig’s mother called Gloria Calloway on Friday afternoon just after lunch, and to her surprise, spent a good twenty minutes talking to Eric’s grandmother after introducing herself. She got the impression that the elderly lady was lonely and cooped up in the house because of her stroke. Gloria and Eric relied on a retired next door neighbor to drive Eric to the store once a week, when the pair needed groceries. Eric had an ATM card that Gloria had gotten him, so Eric could manage some of their affairs in her stead.

The worst thing for Gloria concerning the stroke was losing the ability to drive; luckily, the next door neighbor, Buddy, had insisted on helping Gloria out as much as he could, and it was his idea to take Eric along and do his weekly shopping on the same outing Buddy had a Suburban, and he and Eric could pack the old SUV pretty tight. Eric always thought Buddy had a crush on his grandmother, since both of them were single. Buddy had retired from the county sheriff’s department around the time Eric was born, and had always been there as long as Eric could remember. Buddy had been married to the job, and had never wed or had any children. Now in his early seventies, Buddy was getting frail, and having Eric along during the store trips was welcome, and sometimes necessary.

Buddy had also driven Eric to Doctor French’s office the day of Eric’s appointment. Since Eric’s ability to travel was limited, French agreed to take Eric without a referral from a family physician, and the ultrasound was performed after a brief examination.

During the examination, Doctor French explained the importance of testicular self examination to Eric, and told the boy he should perform the same inspection routine that he was doing at the moment, going over the surface of Eric’s testicle looking for anything out of place.

“Based on your level of maturation, you are probably seeing pretty rapid growth of the testicle..” Doctor French stated.

Eric nodded.

“That’s normal, and it will end being a bit larger than normal, Eric…that’s common in boys with single testicles. Anything unusual, like pain, or strange lumps and bumps, and things that happen fast…we want to know about that sort of stuff, ‘kay?“

Eric nodded again. “Got it”

“Okay…I’m going to pull your gown back over you, and the ultrasonographer will be in just a minute…I don’t see anything in my visual and manual examination that indicates a problem, okay?”

“That’s good, thanks” Eric said.

The ultrasound technician came to the door just as Doctor French was leaving “He’s all yours!” he said as he pulled the door shut behind him. The lights in the room went off, leaving Eric and the technician to see by the light of the ultrasound monitor.

“Hi, Eric…I’m Billy, and we’re going to do your ultrasound here in a minute…now this here gel might be a bit cold…” Billy was a short, stocky girl with black hair, brown eyes and freckles. Eric thought she looked a bit like a pixy, and wondered what Billy stood for.

“But this won’t hurt ya a bit….This here’s going to feel like I’m rubbing a bar o’ soap on ya.” Eric decided Billy must be short for hillbilly…

“Where are you from, Billy?” he asked.

“Mountain Home Arkansas!” she crowed, confirming Eric’s guess. He immediately took a liking to her, and her down-home laid-back affect.

She twiddled and typed information into the ultrasound machine, and in a minute she was ready to begin. She put a towel over Eric’s groin, and lifted the gown, exposing Eric’s right abdomen from the navel to just above the pubic hair. She moved the probe over Eric’s skin for several minutes, then put the probe into the holder on the side of the cabinet the machine was in, and said

“Eric, I will be right back, honey. Can you lie still there for a second or two?” Billy asked

“Sure…I’m good” Eric said.

Billy slipped through the door and closed it, and found Doctor French in his office.

“Knock, Knock, Doc!” she giggled, getting her employer’s attention. “What is it, Billy?”

“Doc, I’m going to share my monitor image on your desktop…I think you need to see this” she said as she turned to rejoin Eric.

Doctor French pointed his cursor at her screen share request and clicked Allow….he found himself looking at a blank gray screen which twitched and moved as Billy picked the probe out of the holder and began to pass it over Eric once more. She made several passes over Eric’s abdomen, moving the probe over an inch or so each time, like mowing grass. The images he was seeing of Eric’s internals had his eyebrows going up very quickly after they began.

Doctor French came in the door, and spoke to Eric

“Eric, how are you doing?”

“Ummm, I‘m fine.” Eric said.

“Okay” Doctor French asked.

“Where is your grandma, Eric?” Doctor French asked.

“Waiting room, unless she stayed in the car. I came in by myself. Buddy drives us since grandma had the stroke.”

“Billy, I need images of uh, all of it, please.

Doctor French left the exam room and called one of the nurses aside. “Can you find Mrs. Calloway, please? She may still be in the car, and I’ll need you to meet her at the car door with a wheelchair, if she is, please.”

There was no one in the waiting room who answered to the name, so the nurse went out and saw two elderly people in a Suburban. They were talking, and Buddy was peeling an orange and giving slices to Gloria. The nurse came up to the window, and asked “Mrs. Calloway?”


“Doctor French needs to talk to you….can I offer you a ride?“

“Oh, that would be great! Thanks…I don’t walk so good you know.” Buddy got out and came around, to offer Gloria assistance. “She can walk a little with help on her weak side, we just don’t let her overdo it” he said. Together, they swung Gloria around in the seat and she put her legs down, and Buddy supported her weak left side, and she stepped away from the vehicle a few feet. With the wheelchair behind her, she sat down and the young nurse took over, pushing her through the parking lot and into the building.

They ushered her into French’s office, and the Doctor came in and closed the door. He had several prints from the ultrasound images.

“Mrs. Calloway, I’m pleased to meet you”

“Likewise, Doctor”

“I understand you are recovering from a stroke?”

“Yes, doctor.”

“I certainly hope that is going well for you, ma’am”

“Thank you.”

“Umm, first, Eric looks very healthy and on target as far as growth and maturation are concerned…no worries there. It appears that he does have some things that need to be addressed internally, however.”

“Is there a testicle inside, Doctor French?”

“Um.…there are definitely undescended testicles, Mrs. Galloway…I am going to show you something….” he said, sliding over the first of the pictures in front of Gloria.

“Testicles? But he has one down where it….” Gloria began.

“It appears that there may be three in all, including the one in his scrotum…see this right here?”

Doctor French pointed to a pair of small objects each about the size of a small grape, close to each other, adjacent to Eric’s right kidney.

“They are each about thirteen millimeters in size” he said, making motions with his fingers to indicate how much that was in “American”

“These could be a true testicle and what we call an accessory, or his right testicle developed in two parts, or this is two independent true testicles”

“There’s no tumors, or cancer is there?” she worried.

“I doubt that. But it is something that we check when we relocate or remove testicles. And tumors will usually grow out of something…this is an organ of its own…”

“Doctor, how in the hell is something like this possible?”

“It does happen…rarely, but it isn’t unknown. It really is more of a ”hmmm that’s interesting” thing than something to worry about.”

“I see” Gloria replied. “I don‘t know that much about this sort of thing, all my children were girls…until I took Eric in.“

“Eric is your biological grandson, or a foster child?” Doctor French asked.

“He’s my daughter’s boy. She suffers from schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder to the extent that she had to be institutionalized.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that, Mrs. Calloway.”

“Well, Eric is a blessing…He is the one wonderful thing to come out of all the bad, I suppose. And my daughter is safe where she is…it could be much worse.”

“Yes, ma’am”

“So what do we do now?” she asked.

“Well, the main concern is Eric’s health and well being…It is quite apparent that none of these undescended structures are viable…Even if we brought down that testicle and took off the accessory, it would never grow or function. Worse, he cannot examine it for changes like I have instructed him to begin doing…We need to operate on him, Mrs. Calloway”

“Yes, it definitely needs to come out. I am glad that this was found. When can you schedule the surgery, Doctor?”

“My handler will give you a call…I’m so busy I just do what he tells me I have to do that day.” He joked.

Doctor French’s “handler” was an insanely brilliant young man with a savant’s gift for organization and time management. It was suspected that Danny was slightly autistic, but he could recite the office appointment calendar several weeks in advance without consulting his computer, and took care of operating room booking, and scheduling anesthesiologists and surgical technicians. He could also wilt salesmen and solicitors with his off-putting lack of emotional affect. The rest of the staff was used to Danny, and knew he was what he was, but young sales reps eager to set the world on fire soon had their hopes iced when they had to deal with Danny.

The nurses in the office loved to bring Danny with them to appliance and furniture stores, or car dealerships. He was totally immune to any sort of emotional or impulse strategy, and could calculate interest rates, rebates and cash back come-ons in his head.

Because of his obsessive-compulsive issues, he could not be distracted either. Salespeople hated him, and the nurses were often asked “is your boyfriend always like this?”

Even though Danny was young and very handsome, all the females in the office thought of him like a younger brother, who was off limits sexually. Danny did not flirt, or make any moves that ever indicated that he had any interest in women, or men for that matter. He had been born with a severe form of hypospadias, the urinary opening had been behind Danny’s scrotum. His penis was very small, and bent downward when erect. He had been a patient of Doctor French when he was eleven months old, and after three surgeries his tiny penis was straight and he could stand up and pee, his opening now close to the tip of his glans. Now as an adult his penis was still too small to engage in intercourse, even if he had had any interest in sex to begin with.

Doctor French hired Danny when he left school and realized that he could function quite well if given some basic accommodations, like a private corner in which to work that protected his personal space and let him take complete control of his environment. He was a compulsive neat freak, and kept his area spotless. When the building was remodeled, Doctor French created a corner office for Danny with glass walls and lots of plants, including a huge vine that wormed up and down the hallway at ceiling level. Patients loved it, and Danny thrived in his jungle. Doctor French would often find himself wondering what would happen to Danny if he decided to retire and close the practice. He made the decision to begin a search for a younger physician whom he could pass the practice over to, partially in consideration of Danny’s future.

Eric got dressed, and after a brief chat with Doctor French explaining what the images appeared to show, Eric asked to keep the pictures. Doctor French stapled the sheets together and gave them Eric.

“I’ll see you again very soon, Eric. Take care and keep an eye on your testicle for changes, right?”

“Yes, Sir, I will.” Eric said, then turned and left with Buddy and Gloria. They dropped Eric off at school, and went home.

Later that evening, Eric sent a message to Timmy, Scott and Sammy.

Went to my ultrasound today. The

doctor says I have three balls….two inside that

have to come out, and one in my bag…

Top that, suckers!

All three boys pinged back with variations on “You’re full of shit,“ or “Wishful thinking“, etc. Eric giggled and messaged back

I have pictures…what do you have?

Taunting his friends good naturedly. They all assured him that it was his obligation to make sure they got to see the printouts, to keep him “honest”. After a bit more back and forth banter, Eric signed off and went to bed.

It was now one week later, and this afternoon Craig and his mother would come to visit.

Eric arrived home from school and checked on Gloria, and began his daily routines after changing into a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. He didn’t bother with underwear or socks.

Craig and his mother showed up ten minutes later, and Eric greeted them at the door. Craig was still wearing his clothes from school, of course, and commented on how Eric hadn’t wasted any time changing once he got home.

“It’s Friday, dude!” Eric said, then whispering in Craig’s ear “No underwear from now until Monday morning!” Craig’s mother saw her son’s eyebrows rise, but was busy making her way over to Gloria, so the elderly woman didn‘t have to get up. She sat next to Gloria on the couch, and Eric introduced Craig to his grandmother. “Grandma, this is my friend Craig…we’re on the track team together and run every afternoon.”

“And this is my mother, Anna” Craig said.

“It’s nice to meet you Craig and Anna…I’m so glad you stopped by.” Gloria said. “That was a wonderful chat we had on the phone, Anna, thank you.”

After trading a few other niceties, the boys retreated to Eric’s room, and the women continued to talk about how nice it was that each of the boys had a friend, and whether Gloria would want two teenagers running amok, and so on.

“I may be old, but I still know which end of the hickory switch is for what!” she said, swinging an imaginary whipping stick.

“Oh, my! Have you had to do that with Eric?”

“Heavens, no…Eric has never been a bit of trouble…compared to his mother, that is…”

Gloria went on to explain the experience of dealing with a child with a severe mental health problem, and that ride on life’s roller coaster. She went on to say that she was glad that Eric had found a friend he could be close to, since his added responsibilities of late had largely curtailed his freedom to be a kid. Gloria didn’t want her health to be a burden on Eric, and felt guilty that he had been thrust into a position that many older people often resented and didn’t handle that well.

In Eric’s room, Eric was giving Craig a brief description of what he did when he got home from school, and that today was laundry and every day was dinner and dishes. Craig looked around at Eric’s room, which was dominated by his collection of books and a queen size bed. “Where’s your computer, dude?” Craig asked.

“I use grandmas” Eric said. “It’s out in the living room. I‘m saving to get a laptop”

“So do you get much time for yourself?” Craig asked.

“If I get my stuff done fast, yeah, I guess.” Eric replied.

“So…if you had help, you could…you know, hang out more?“ Craig suggested.

“Yeah, I guess so” Eric replied.

“Speaking of hangin’, are you really going commando?” Craig asked.

Eric responded by pulling the leg of his shorts up his thigh, exposing an inch or two of his circumcised penis, as Craig stared. It was obvious to Eric that Craig was interested, since his visitor made no effort to disguise the fact that he was staring at Eric’s display.

“I wish mine looked so perfect like that” Craig said wistfully.

“Really? Every guy in PE wishes they had yours, you know.“ Eric replied.

“No they don’t…mines weird looking, Eric”

“That’s not what I think when I…” Eric stopped, afraid he might have said too much.

“When you think about boys….”Craig finished “I always think of boys when I uh, do it.”

“You do?” Eric asked. Craig nodded. “Who do you like to think about when you …uh…you know?”

Craig just looked in Eric’s eyes for a long moment. He waited until comprehension crossed Eric’s face, before he looked down at the floor and asked

“I’m sorry…Do I need to leave now?”

“Huh? No way!… You think about me? Why?“ Eric wondered.

“Ever since I first saw you in 5th grade PE, I get horny thinking about you and stuff.” Craig confessed. Eric pulled his shorts leg higher, to give Craig more to view.

“What about right now?” Eric teased, as Craig unsnapped his jeans and eased his zipper down.

He was wearing a pastel green pair of briefs which were tented over an obviously large erection. Eric’s eyes widened as Craig’s nearly seven inches of slightly curved penis sprang up from under the waistband. His organ was a bit more slender than Timmy’s, but shared the characteristic lack of a prominent urethral rib along the bottom surface. The glans was grayish, wide and blunt, partially covered by a hooded foreskin. He lifted the organ to allow Eric to see what he had successfully hidden from his other classmates, and to Eric the anatomy under the tip of Craig‘s penis was familiar territory. He had seen Timmy’s identical example extremely closely.

“Especially now..” Craig giggled.

“You’re bigger than my friend, but his looks exactly the same as yours” Eric said. “And he wants to meet you sometime, too. Here” Eric rolled over and took a scrap of paper off his desk, on which he had written Timmy’s contact information. He worked the paper into the front pocket in Craig’s jeans, which were at half mast at the moment. He wanted to touch Craig’s member very badly, but decided that they had plenty of time for that when Craig could stay over.

“I always wondered what you looked like hard, and its much bigger than I expected.” Eric said. Craig blushed slightly, still a bit surprised that Eric had been so forward about giving him a show. He had not seen Eric erect so far, and said.

“You’re probably huge too, when you’re boned.” Craig offered.

“Nah, everyone’s bigger than me” Eric said.

The boys had to cut things short, so to speak, as they heard themselves being called from the living room. Craig stuffed himself into his clothes and zipped up, then headed out of Eric’s room.

“Honey, we have to get home now, and get supper on. Mrs. Calloway says its okay if you come over, but you make sure you don’t give her any trouble.” Anna said.

“Don’t worry, Ma’am. I’ll come after school and help you and Eric out” Craig said, addressing Gloria. The boys exchanged a glance that neither woman caught, and Eric took advantage of having every one together to ask

“Would it be okay if sometime Craig could come home with me on Friday and go home in the morning?”

“You mean a sleep over” Craig’s mother suggested.

“Yes” Eric replied.

“What do you think about that, Gloria?” she asked. “You would have to put up with them!”

“I still have that hickory switch, you know” Gloria said, eliciting an eye roll from Eric.

“God, not that hickory switch story again!” Eric protested, making Gloria chuckle. Craig looked confused.

“What’s a hickory switch?” he wondered.

“Back in the old days, people used to cut a green twig off a tree and beat their kids with it if they missed the stagecoach to school and stuff” Eric said, baiting his grandmother.

“Craig, Eric would like you to believe that I can remember the dinosaurs, but I’m not that old” Gloria joked. “Besides that, the stagecoach cost money. We walked to school, uphill both ways, through seven foot deep snow.” She winked at Craig, who was giggling and clearly enjoying having his leg pulled.

“You boys can have a sleep over whenever you want to. We could use the company, and would love to have Craig stay with us.”

“Great, thanks! I guess we’ll let the boys work out when they want to do that. It was nice meeting you and Eric!” Anna said.

“And nice to meet you and Craig” Gloria replied. After they left, Eric took his shower, then began the evening meal, as Gloria read a recipe to Eric that they had not tried before.

Peter arrived at Isaac’s about quarter to nine in the evening. He looked beat. He actually looked worse in the morning when Isaac had picked him for school, but the improvement was marginal.

Timmy ran to embrace his red-haired friend, and asked Peter if he was okay. Peter assured him that everything was well, and that he was just worn out from lack of sleep.

Timmy was curious to hear how things had gone last night firsthand. Peter was too tired to get into all that, so he hugged Timmy, said that he had cried a lot and his parents listened and also shared some things with him that he felt brought them closer. He promised to talk to Timmy more in the morning, and kissed his younger friend on the forehead before embracing his lover.

Peter and Isaac briefly discussed the plan for tomorrow, and Peter let Isaac undress him for bed. Once Peter hit the sheets, he was out like a light and snoring. Timmy and Isaac were still up, Isaac reading in the kitchen, and Timmy lounging on his bed with the laptop. After Sean had gone home, Isaac and Timmy had a relaxing nude dip in the pool, and Isaac told Timmy about the hearing on the 25th. They had gotten out in anticipation of Peter’s arrival, and dried off.

Timmy had two offline instant messages. One was from Craig…

“Hi Timmy,

My name is Craig. Eric Calloway is my friend

and gave me your messenger ID. I also have

hypospadias and kinda wondered if you would

want to chat with me? Thanks…Craig”

Timmy’s eyes grew wide with realization that he had found the person he had often thought of…fantasized about. Someone that shared his secret, someone that understood what it was like to have this secret, in particular. He felt his mouth go dry and his nerves shake a little as he composed his reply.


You bet I want to chat! Please say thanks to

Eric for me, it was really cool of him to get

us hooked up. Ever seen anyone else with it?


He hit send, and went to the other message. Timmy read it, but didn’t quite understand

because he didn’t recognize the name of the sender at that moment. .


Just wanted to say hi, and hope everything

is going great for you.


He had certainly never been introduced to anyone named Dylan, and had no friends at school by that name. He decided to cautiously try to determine who this was.


“Thanks Dylan, and same back at ya.

Do I know you?


Ten minutes away by bicycle, but nanoseconds by internet, Timmy’s message popped up on Dylan’s computer. Awesome! Dylan thought, he’s online! Dylan knew that Timmy had kept in touch with Angie after the day Timmy and Angie had spent time alone at the house…he knew what they had spent time doing, but Angie had never revealed this to her brother. He could guess that she had done more than put Timmy’s penis in her mouth on the patio, and he knew that they had gone to her room and spent forty minutes from the security camera footage. He had watched them in the pool, and also as they left the pool and went inside the house, climbed the stairs and went down the hallway to Angie’s room, both teens nude the entire time.

He had asked Angie if she was serious with Timmy, and she had told him that they had talked and that Timmy wasn’t ready to date, and not sure if he was even straight. It was the opening that Dylan had been looking for, as he had no desire to create a huge conflict with his sister by interfering with something she may have had going with Timmy. Now that she confirmed that such was not the case, he took the opportunity to approach him.


We never met…I’m Angies brother.

I was hoping we could be friends and

like hang out and stuff”

Now Timmy remembered Angie comparing Timmy’s manhood with her brother’s when she saw and felt it that afternoon in her pool. This must be whom she was referring to.

He replied

That would be cool, but you know

me and Angie aren’t dating or going together…

we’re just friends, right? What do you like to do?

Timmy hit send and waited for a reply.

Dylan sent

I know, that’s cool”

“Go out for rides on my bike, swim, chat…stuff”


Timmy grinned and that…”Stuff” he said to himself. He re-read the message and realized that he had the old Banana seat Schwinn Stingray bicycle he had bought at a yard sale down the street from Jack’s when he was nine years old…he wondered if Sean had ever ridden a bike, being from a huge city. He got up off his bed and went to the kitchen to find Isaac.

Isaac was still at the table reading and Timmy padded up to him and put his arms around Isaac’s neck.

“Hi” Timmy said.

“Hi…what’s up?” Isaac asked.

“I’m thinking about taking some money out and getting a better bike, maybe a ten or twelve speed…also, I was thinking about maybe getting one for Sean too, he’s probably never had one.“ Timmy said.

“I got a better idea” Isaac replied


“Why don’t we give Sean my ten speed, and you buy a new one. I don’t ride mine anymore, and there’s nothing wrong with it….It’s in perfect condition.” Isaac said.

“I didn’t know you had a bike”

“It’s in the garage rafters over the Porsche…you never looked up” Isaac said, tickling the Timmy’s ribs. His penis made slapping noises against his thighs as he jerked in response to Isaac’s pokes. Timmy retaliated, tickling Isaac, and soon they were involved in a full out tickle war on the kitchen floor. Timmy was much stronger and harder to control now, as he had grown and gained weight in the last year. They continued after admonishing each other not to wake Peter up. After ten minutes of tussle, they were both worn out, and Isaac was straddling Timmy, pinning the boys arms to the floor. Timmy was flat on his back and Isaac lowered his head and brushed Timmy’ face with his black hair, making Timmy giggle and wrinkle his nose and shake his head from side to side, trying to escape the tickly mop.

“Gross! Now I got hair in my mouth! Timmy sputtered.

“The prisoner should remain silent during tortures, please” Isaac said in a horrible accent.

“Who the hell is that, Dracula?” Timmy asked

“No Dracooolah….Is Igor, RrrrrRussian intelligence agent…but if you vant Dracoooolah,…” Isaac said, leaning down and nibbling Timmy on the neck. The boy began to squeal and squirm. The sensations of Isaac’s lips, hair and breath on Timmy’s neck was too much to bear and the boy screeched with laughter and bucked on the floor attempting to free himself.

Thinking better of waking Peter, Isaac relented and let Timmy’s arms go, but continued to sit on Timmy, looking into his eyes. Timmy looked up, and saw something on Isaac’s mind.

“What?” he asked.

“How are things going…are you happy? Want to talk about anything?” Isaac asked.

“I’m good, Isaac. Are you nervous about going to Peter’s tomorrow?” Timmy asked.

“No, just going to go and take things as they come, Timmy. I think it will turn out okay.”

“I hope so too…Let me up, will ya? You‘re mooshing my wiener”

Isaac chuckled and got up, leaving Timmy to tend to his wounded weiner.

“Good night, Timmy” Isaac said, heading for bed.

“Night” Timmy said, turning off the lights and going back to his computer. Isaac took off his underwear, and put them in the bed in front of Peter as he slipped in, snuggling against Peter‘s back. He put his finger in his mouth and reached over the sleeping boys side and found his lover’s cut member. Touching the tip of Peter’s penis with his wet finger, Isaac began to massage the small opening with tiny circles. He ran his wet finger across the orifice until Peter responded by arching his back, and rolling slightly toward Isaac. He was still asleep, but moaned softly in response to Isaac’s touches. His organ got steadily harder, and in a few minutes, Isaac began to stroke the long cock slowly, with extra attention paid to the glans at the end of each stroke. Peter responded by issuing precum, which Isaac used to wet Peter’s frenulum and pee hole. He kept his finger busy flicking over and around Peter’s glans on each up stroke. Occasionally, he checked Peter’s testicles to gauge how close the redhead was to orgasm. Peter stirred and moved around slightly, so Isaac sped up his rhythm but kept the mechanics of his movement the same…up the shaft, pause as the finger went across the frenulum, back over the glans and around the rim, then the hand went down the shaft.

Peter murmured “Mmmmm” and Isaac shortened his stroke, to keep his massage up on the head and upper half of Peter’s organ. Precum was now flowing steady but not heavy, lubricating Isaac’s workplace. Isaac could feel Peter’s testicles up tight against his groin, so he reached for the underwear laying next to Peter and continued to work Peter’s cock with the underwear in his hand. The change in texture between skin and linen sent Peter over the edge and Isaac could feel Peter’s organ jump, releasing a substantial cumshot into the underwear. Peter drew his legs up and continued to snore, as Isaac flicked the underwear out from under the cover and onto the floor.

Timmy had answered Dylan, saying that he liked the same things. It was decided that Dylan would meet Timmy at a nearby park on Sunday, to see how they hit it off.

The next morning, Timmy woke and went to the bathroom and Peter was already up and in the shower. Timmy went in and began to urinate, haltingly because of his erection. Peter heard the noise and peeked out of the shower. Watching Timmy piss at a 90 degree down angle was something he had never seen before, and he stood watching the entire process. The angle lessened as Timmy’s erection subsided, and Timmy continuously and smoothly adjusted his aim to keep the stream in the same place in the bowl. It was skill he had learned when he was three, and he could do it better hands free. He usually always held it, scratching the skin along the bottom of his shaft, which was always itchy in the morning.

“Wow, that’s cool, Timmy” Peter said.

“Glad you like it…it’s just how it works” Timmy said.

“Wanna join me, water’s great” Peter joked.

Timmy climbed into the shower with Peter and asked “Does Isaac use the loofah on ya?”

“Yeah, sometimes when we shower together.” Peter said.

“Cool…turn around and let me scrub you, then” Timmy said. He liked to use the abrasive sponge on Isaac, and loved the way it felt when he was scrubbed. He put some body wash on Peter’s skin and began to rub him with the loofah.

“Ahh, yeah, Timmy…that’s awesome buddy.” Peter cooed.

“Get’s all the dead skin off of you, too.” Timmy explained. “Peter, are you nervous about us meeting your folks and all that?”

“Not really, no, and I think they are really excited that you guys are coming over, actually.”

“I hope your folks are meat eaters…they aren’t Hindu or something, are they?” Timmy asked.

Peter cracked up. “Yeah, they’re Hindu, Timmy….sheesh, you kill me sometimes, you doink!” Both of them were laughing about that when Isaac stirred to life.

Isaac came in and swung his swollen phallus over the bowl and began to relieve his full bladder. “Oh man, that’s the best feeling there is” he said to no one in particular.

“Sex is the best feeling there is” Timmy stated emphatically. Isaac looked at the boy and said

“Tell me this, then…Would you rather go a week without sexual relief, or a whole day without a piss?”

“That’s two different things” Timmy said. “I said sex was the best feeling there is, but I guess a good piss after you’ve been holding it can’t be far behind”.

“Whoa, you go, white boy!” Peter said, which completely cracked Isaac and Timmy up, considering the relative pigmentation of the tanned Timmy and the pale white teenagers.

“God I need coffee and another hour to wake up” Isaac intoned.

“I’m getting’ out anyway….I’ll make breakfast and coffee” Timmy said, as he traded places with Isaac, who was brushing his teeth.

“I like the way your pee-pee wiggles when you brush” Peter teased. Isaac rinsed his brush, and got in the shower with Peter.

“I’ll let you see it wiggle all you want, lover” Isaac said, kissing Peter. “Sleep well?”

“After that insomnia treatment, Doctor, never better” Peter said. Timmy finished his brushing and went out to get breakfast going. Peter kneeled in the shower to minister to Isaac’s residual erection, and soon had his lover erect. Isaac gently swayed as Peter expertly sucked his penis, and less than five minutes later, climaxed. Isaac finished his shower as Peter got out and dried, then went into the kitchen where he found Timmy cooking bacon and eggs in the nude. He smiled as he sat down and watched the boy work.

Peter got dressed and took the two suitcases out to his car, and put them under the hatch. Isaac came out of the house with a length of nylon rope in his hand, and threw it in the back seat of the VW.

“Who are you going to tie up, Isaac? Peter teased.

“We’re going to make a stop at WallyWorld on the way back…buy a bike. It won’t fit in the car, so we’ll have to tie it down.”

“Ummm, I have a bike I never use…why don’t you guys just bring it back with you?“

“Timmy wanted some bikes he and Sean could ride…that would probably work perfect. I gave him mine already, now they have two to use. Cool….thanks, Peter.” Isaac gave Peter a light kiss. They went back into the house to collect Timmy and lock up.

“You got a another bike, Timmy” Isaac said.

“Huh?” Timmy “Another one?” He was confused. Isaac had given him one bicycle already.

“Peter says you and Sean can ride his old bike too. You won’t need to buy one.”

“Aww, Cool! Thanks, Peter!” Timmy said, coming over and giving Peter a big kiss on the cheek. Peter hugged Timmy in close and said

“You’re welcome, dude…just be careful when you ride.”

“I just wonder if Sean has ever been on a bike” Timmy said.

“You can ask him when we get back” Isaac said.

Peter’s mother met them at the door when they arrived. She had heard Peter’s Datsun come down the street, through the open kitchen window.

“Isaac, and you must be Timmy…I’m Jeanette, and my husband is Paul. Welcome, come in, come in!” she said.

Paul came out of the kitchen to greet the visitors, and introduced himself to the boys.

“We’ve heard so much about you boys, is it all true?” Paul teased.

“Only the parts where we leap tall buildings in a single bound” Isaac replied “Everything else is lies and slander” he grinned, shaking Paul’s hand.

“Yes” Timmy giggled, agreeing with Isaac.

“Peter tells us you are in the second year of the same program he has just started, Isaac” Jeanette stated.

“Yes, ma’am”

“And you manage properties for your father as well”

“Yes, I do the lawn maintenance and upkeep on the rentals…now that I have an apprentice it’s not that much work” he said, grabbing the boy and pulling Timmy nearly off his feet as both of them giggled.

Jeanette could see the affection shared between Timmy and Isaac, and said

“Peter told us how you and Timmy met and all…how are things going for you, Timmy?”

“Great…Better than I could have dreamed” He said, putting one arm around Isaac and the other around Peter and giving them a yank. They both stumbled off balance and giggled. “Even though I found my real family, I still have my two big brothers, here. I can go to them with anything.”

As a group, they all sat down at the table.

“The three of you are very close, then, I take it?”

“There are no secrets between us“ Isaac said.

“So Timmy, you are okay with Peter and Isaac’s relationship?” Jeanette asked.

Timmy giggled “Of course….I prayed that these two would get together. After everything Isaac has done to take me in and care for me, it was time someone special was there for him.“

“I’m not sure how to ask this, …” Paul began, looking at Isaac.

“It’s okay…you can ask whatever’s on your mind, Sir” Isaac assured him.

“Is Peter your first…?”

“Yes. Peter is the first person I have had a relationship with.” Isaac replied. Paul looked at Timmy and wasn’t sure if he could continue. Isaac caught the glance and said

“I have no problem talking about anything with Timmy sitting here…there isn’t anything I haven’t probably talked to him about anyway.” Isaac said.

“Okay…my concern is for Peter’s safety and health…I gotta know that you two practice safe sex.”

“Sure…I figured you would be concerned about that….yes, Peter and I have always used protection, and he is the first person I have touched in six or seven years.” Isaac looked at Peter, and continued. “There was some experimentation with a classmate when I was 13. Nothing else until I met Peter. From what Peter told me, he pretty much lived a monastic life until…we met”

“Yes” Peter replied. “There’s been no other for me.”

Isaac was aware of the fellatio sessions after work between Peter and the older man, but Isaac didn’t see how revealing that would serve any useful purpose, so he moved on.

“Neither of us has ever fallen in love before…that‘s why we’ve taken things slow and don‘t feel we have to rush anything.” Isaac said, and Peter nodded.

“We understand that you were a top honors student, Isaac?” Jeanette asked.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Peter sensed that his mother wanted to speak to Isaac privately, so he got up from the table and flicked Timmy’s ear playfully.

“Come on little brother, I got something for you to check out…Dad, I might have to move your car….”

“Keys are on the hook, son” Paul said. Timmy made his way around the table and followed Peter into the garage. Peter’s 15 speed bicycle was on a hook behind Paul’s car.

“Timmy, hit that big button next to the door, would ya?” Peter said, and the garage door rose. In a moment, Peter had backed his father’s car out far enough to bring the bike down without undue trauma, and the two boys looked it over.

“Some air in the tires and it should be good to go.”

“Thanks for letting us use it, Peter…I really hope Sean likes to ride”

“He’d have to be from New York City or something if he didn’t” Peter joked.

“Or something!” Timmy replied, as they both giggled at Peter’s quip.

“There is your tire pump…take it for a spin when you get them aired up” With that, Peter went back inside, leaving Timmy to pump.

Back at the table, Jeanette wanted to know how Isaac had decided to adopt Timmy into his life. She knew most of the story behind Timmy’s background, and had learned a great deal about the boy from Peter. She had also learned a great deal about Isaac from the way he had brought happiness into the child’s life.

“Um, I’m not that religious at all, but I once heard someone say that one’s highest calling is to help the least of his brethren, and I mean, he had next to nothing. After jack died he would have been on the streets or in county care…I couldn’t believe a kid living only six blocks from me was in such trouble. I didn’t have a choice.”

“Peter told us a lot about him, we know about the abuse“. Isaac just nodded for a long moment.

“Peter met him after most of the worst was over…that kid slept with me for two months straight because of the nightmares. He’s taught me so much…I come from a great family with a lot of love, and never dealt with anything like he did. He told me things that made me cry, you know? And I said I’m sorry, I should be strong for you, and not cry…and he says why can’t he be strong for me….that’s who he is. He’s never asked for anything he wants….he only asks for what he needs.”

“How does he do in school?” Paul asked.

“Timmy’s in a special state program for gifted and genius category kids. Most of his courses are college level, and carry college credit. He’s been tutoring our tenant next door, a kid in high school…he’s not an ordinary kid.”

“Sounds like it…how is the adoption process going?” Jeanette wondered.

“So far so good….we have a hearing on the 25th, and I found out two of my teachers are active in the county child protective services department, and the presiding judge likes Timmy a lot, so I guess we will see. I think this is a hearing to determine if anyone wants to exercise parental rights over Timmy, before the adoption is final.”

“Now, you aren’t actually old enough to adopt Timmy, right?” Paul asked.

“Correct, my parents are legally the ones adopting him…you could say I brought him home and asked mom if I could keep him!” Isaac joked, and they laughed at that.

“Speaking of which, where is he?” Jeanette asked.

“He was test riding my old bike…he’s going to take it home with him” Peter said.

“Keep an eye open for him…I’m going to put lunch on soon” Jeanette said. Peter went outside to see what Timmy was up to, and Isaac, Paul and Jeanette continued to talk and get to know each other more.

“Isaac, you drink beer, don’t you?” Paul said, getting up.

“With my dad, yes. We like trying different kinds. It was something we’ve done since I was a kid”

Paul brought three cold cans of brew to the table. Jeanette said “I think I’ll mix myself a cooler. Would you like a cooler instead of beer, Isaac?”

“I might try one later, thanks” Isaac said, cracking a beer with Paul. Peter came in, and Paul indicated the third beer. “Don’t mind if I do!” Peter said, opening the can.

Paul looked at Isaac and said

“You know, I told Peter that it would take some time for me to get used to my son being gay. But I love him, and I want my boy to be happy in life…we only get one go round you know. And you make him happy, Isaac. That’s all I want and care about…so thank you for making my son happy, making me happy.”

Isaac blushed beet red, and met Paul’s toast with his can, causing a small beer mess on the table.

“I think Peetie has great taste in men, and choose very well” Jeanette said, echoing her husband’s comments. Peter turned red this time, now Isaac knew his nickname and would surely use it against him in his moments of weakness.

“Gee, thank you very much…I really appreciate that…” Isaac stammered, not expecting such compliments.

“Come on, group hug!” Jeanette urged, and all of them stood and hugged Isaac. Just at that moment Timmy came in from the garage.

“Did I miss it?” he wailed.

“Not hardly!” Peter said, pulling Timmy into the pileup. Over the course of the next hour, Jeanette and Paul put out a small feast and no one felt that there wasn’t enough to eat. Jeanette and Paul both had one on one chats with Timmy and Isaac, and by the time evening came, they had a good feeling about who Peter had been spending time with. Timmy and Isaac both had their heads on straight, and Peter’s parents were impressed with how Timmy had survived and thrived with Isaac as his guardian.

Peter was still feeling sleep deprived, and laid out on the couch to rest for a minute. Soon he was snoring, and Timmy decided to curl up with him. He too fell asleep. Peter’s cat, perhaps feeling a bit jealous, decided that Timmy made a great place to lay, and piled on as well.

Paul and Isaac were on the other couch talking, and they both looked over at Peter and Timmy. Paul got up and retrieved his camera, and took several pictures…he knew Jeanette would love them.

“I wonder how long it will take Timmy to realize there’s a cat on top of him” Isaac whispered.

“I’ll say half a second after she puts her claws in him!” Paul offered. Just then Jeanette came in the room. She had caught the exchange between Isaac and her husband.

“Oh, you guys are awful! We can’t have our big lioness mauling our guests!” Jeanette said, picking up the kitty and taking her to the kitchen to be fed.

“Gee, I really wanted to watch that….” Isaac said.

“Me too…” Paul commiserated.

He really liked Isaac the more he got to know him, and his sense of humor made all of the nervousness and anxiety this day had promised dissipate. He found Isaac to be a lot like Peter in ways.

He saw how affectionate Timmy was with both Isaac and Peter, and how the young boy seemed mature beyond his years. Of course, his maturity had been bought at a heavy price, his childhood. Peter agreed with Isaac that whatever they could do to give Timmy a bit of that back would be a priority. Paul knew that Peter had been helping Isaac plan outings with Timmy, often rearranging his schedule with Keith to join them. He now knew why the boy was so special to Peter and Isaac.

Paul and Jeanette had listened intently as Peter and Isaac told them the more memorable things about Timmy, some funny and hilarious, other things that made Isaac stop and collect himself as he went. Most of this Peter knew, but he had not been aware of Timmy’s efforts to lobby Isaac to call Peter.

“Oh, he wasn’t gonna let it go….call him, you’re gonna call him, right? He was so excited about the whole thing. I think he had a crush on Peter from the start” Isaac said, with a wink to Peter.

It was getting on into the evening hours, and Jeanette warmed up some of the lunch leftovers, and everyone nibbled a bit more. Then it was time for Isaac and Timmy to take their leave, and Isaac helped Peter bring the two suitcases back into the house. Peter and Timmy took the bike apart and loaded it into the Golf. With the back seat folded, it just fit with the wheels removed.

“I feel like one son left with those suitcases, and two sons brought ‘em back” Jeanette said. No one spoke for a long minute, but Paul stood behind her, rubbing her shoulders. Her eyes were moist. Isaac hugged Peter, and Peter hugged Timmy, and gave him a kiss on the head. Paul and Jeanette hugged each of them and thanked them for coming, before they left.

It was after 10 o’clock when they returned to the house and Sean must have been waiting for them. He was beside the car before Timmy could open the door.

“Hey, what’s up?” he asked.

“Just got back from Peter’s place. We met his folks” Timmy replied.

“How did it go?” Sean asked.

“Really well” Isaac replied “ His folks are nice people”

“Hey, look what you and I are going to do, buddy!” Timmy said, opening the hatch.

“Peter’s gonna let us use his bike, and Isaac has one in the garage too…So you want to go riding tomorrow?” Timmy asked. Sean’s eyes got wide and excited.

“Hell yeah! I been dyin’ to do some exploring around here” he exclaimed.

“You ever ridden a bike?” Timmy asked.

“Yeah, last summer at my grandparents farm…probably still have the scars to prove it” Sean joked.

“I’ve never seen any scars on you” Timmy said, with a knowing lift of his eyebrows “and we have seen all of you, remember?”

“Speaking of which, are you going to hit the pool before bed?” Sean wondered.

“Is your mom working late tonight, big guy?” Isaac asked.


“Wanna stay over? Go leave her a note, and help me put this bike in the garage and we’ll swim some” Timmy suggested.

“Cool! I got the wheels if you got the rest of it” Sean chirped. They carried the wheels and bike frame into the garage, and Timmy put the wheels back on as Sean went over to lock the house and leave Melanie a note on the table.

Sean returned through the back yard gate nude, carrying a pair of shorts. Isaac and Timmy came out the back patio door in the buff as well, with towels. Sean had never seen Isaac out of clothing yet, and had also never seen an uncut penis with a full foreskin, only Timmy‘s partial covering.

“Is that a foreskin?” Sean asked.

“Uh-huh” Isaac answered “Sure is”

“Never seen one before…all the kids at my school in New York were Jewish”

“Was it a Jewish school?” Timmy asked.


“Well, duh!” Timmy said, which cracked Isaac up, and after Sean thought about it, he began laughing too. They climbed the ladder and got in the pool.

“You’re Jewish? I didn’t know that” Timmy said.

“Yup. What are you guys?”

“Human” Isaac quipped, making the younger boys laugh some more.

“Come on, you know what I meant” Sean said, giggling. He wanted his question answered.

“I really don’t know” Timmy said. “Jack never took me to church, and I never knew what religion my mother was.”

“My dad was raised Jehovah’s Witness…but he doesn’t adhere to a lot of that. Mom is Seventh Day Adventist or something…neither of them is religious at all.” Isaac said.

“Do you and your mom go to church here?” Timmy asked.

“Synagogue is what we call it, and no, not yet.” Sean said.

“Did you go in New York?” Isaac asked.

“When I was little, yeah” Sean said. “Not so much the last few years. What about you guys?”

“I went to a Catholic wedding one time when I was a kid” Isaac said.

“Never been in a church” Timmy said.

“If you want to go, I’ll take you sometime” Isaac said.

“Okay” Timmy said, letting the topic slip away for now.

Sean was quiet for a few seconds, unsure of how his request might be received.

“Isaac, can I ask you something….and if it’s not okay, I understand.”

“Umm, sure, what is it, Sean?”

“Can I check out your foreskin, you know, touch it?” the teenager wondered.

Isaac had somewhat expected Sean to ask him this, and didn’t blame the boy for being curious. It wasn’t the first time a circumcised boy had made this request, and a few uncut ones had too before Timmy wanted to inspect it.

Isaac stood up in the pool and said “Sure, go ahead, but be gentle, please” Sean reached out and gently tugged on the skin, stretching the prepuce, then pushing it back to reveal Isaac’s slick and smooth pink glans.

“Wow” Sean muttered, fascinated by anatomy that he had never been this close to. He released the skin and it rolled back over the end of Isaac’s penis.

“Does it stay like this when its hard, too?” the boy wondered.

“You mean covered?” Isaac asked.

Sean nodded.

“It does, yeah” Isaac confirmed.

“That’s cool…thanks, Isaac!” Sean said, releasing Isaac’s penis.

“You’re welcome…Ask me anything if your curious.”

“K, I will“. Sean replied. The three neighbors swam and soaked for another half hour, then got out of the pool and dried off on the patio. It was time to head to bed. Timmy and Sean headed to Timmy’s room, and Sean put the shorts he brought on Timmy’s desk.

“So have you done your dick log update this week? Timmy asked.

“No, I was waiting for you, and my stuff is on my computer anyway.” Sean replied.

“We can do it tomorrow then” Timmy said, as he sat on the bed and faced Sean who was standing.

“Oh, whoa…..Dude, check this out…” Timmy said, studying Sean’s pubis intently.

“What? What is it?”

“I think I see hair, Sean….“ Timmy said, grasping Sean’s limp penis and pulling it taut to smooth out the little crease in the skin at the base of the shaft…“Yeah, there is hair starting to grow” Timmy could see very fine, slightly darker hairs about half an inch long, laying at the very base of Sean’s penis.

“There’s about six or eight of them, they’re darker than your peach fuzz, and longer.” Timmy said, letting his friends’ organ go.

“Oh, my God, you’re right…Wow…so hard to see.” Sean said.

“I’m tired, and we better get to bed if we are going exploring tomorrow.” Timmy said. He would tell Sean about the meet with Dylan when the time came. In a minute, Timmy was asleep, and Sean lay awake a while, surprised and pleased at the signs of increasing maturity between his thighs.

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