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Journey of Love

By The Journeyman

Chapter 9

At dinner tonight I became ill. I just made it to the bathroom before I threw up. I couldn't stop shaking. My lover wrapped his arms around me and held me, but it didn't work. I didn't have a fever, but I was hallucinating. I saw a shadow, and it was gone, but my stomach turned over and I puked again. They put me to bed and gave me some hot tea, which I managed to keep down. Actually, I felt pretty silly about it all afterward, and about 9:00 I went down cuz I was hungry. This time I kept a peanut butter sandwich down, and I managed to joke around a little before we went to bed.

Friday was a busy day for both of us. It was Danny's last day of basketball camp. I spent the day doing chores around the house. Mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage -- I found the chain from my first bicycle. Jeez, the place was filthy. I played some hoops with the guys and then we went swimming. By the time I rode out to meet Danny, I was tired. We rode home in the sweltering humidity, got cleaned up (separately), and sat down at the Shaw's dinner table to meatloaf. I hate meatloaf. I've never told Mrs. Shaw, and I usually manage to choke down a few bites, but I detest meatloaf. What a waste of good hamburger. I wish she'd told me we were having meatloaf; I'd have gone home for dinner. I hate it. Ya know?

Anyway, we wrestled with Charlie a little -- he's 13 and getting strong. It was just friendly, we didn't hurt him. He likes to wrestle with us. Then a little TV, and then Mrs. Shaw said since they were leaving at five o'clock the next morning, it was bed time for everyone. Fine with me.

But believe it or not, Danny and I were too tired. For anything. We brushed our teeth, closed the bedroom door, stripped naked and got under the sheet. The air conditioning kept the house sort of cool, but the Shaws had an automatic thermostat that raised the temperature at night.

So we laid there, under the sheet, and wrapped our arms around each other, and our legs, too. In the dim light, I could see Danny's eyes. God, they were amazing. They could be merry, sad, intense, sexy, loving, serious, moody, brooding, intelligent, sly, evil, lustful, but mostly they were beautiful. His eye lashes were so long I though he must feel them brush his cheeks every time he blinked. When I told him to fuck off at Becky's party, the light that was always there in his eyes went out. When we made up, that light came back on, and has never gone out since. I got goose bumps thinking that the light in his eyes, those incredible, wonderful eyes, burned for me.

"What are you looking at?" he asked.

"Your eyes."


"They're fantastic. They always have been."

"What are you talking about?" He really didn't know.

"How do you do it?" I asked.

"Do what?"

"Make your eyes send all those messages."

"I don't. They're just my eyes. I don't do anything with them."

"Oh, Danny, yes you do. You always have. You just don't realize it."

"Stop, you're freakin' me," he said with a giggle.

I pushed myself up over him, lowered myself to him, and kissed him full on the lips. He let out a tiny moan, almost like he was helpless, and parted his lips. I slowly, gently, let my tongue find his. They touched, caressed each other through our open mouths. He was becoming familiar territory to me, but then again, each kiss was a new experience. He tasted like Danny, but always tinged with whatever he had eaten last. This time it was the peaches we'd had as a bedtime snack. I held myself off him so as not to put too much pressure into the kiss. It wasn't a kiss of passion; we'd had those before, where we almost tried to climb into each other. This was the gentleness of growing, flowering love. Respectful love. Lasting love. A long, deliberate, exploring, lingering love kiss.

We wrapped ourselves in each other's arms and ---- fell asleep just like that Can you believe it? Naked, curious, horny. Asleep.

We were still like that the next morning when there was a knock on the door.

"Danny. Justin."

"Yeah, mom," Danny replied sleepily.

"We're leaving now."

We suddenly realized we were naked in each other's arms. We quickly disentangled ourselves and moved apart, making sure the sheet covered everything. Then the door opened slowly. How did she always know just how long to wait? She came over and sat on the bed.

"You two behave yourselves," she said brushing Danny's hair from his forehead.

"Yeah, we will, Mom. Don't worry."

"Okay. I left the phone number of Aunt Mary's on the fridge. We'll be home about 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. Be good, boys."

"We promise," I said. "Besides, my folks are just down the street. How much trouble can we get into without them finding out?"

"I love you both," she said, and she left, closing the door behind her. We heard the car pull out, and then take off down the street.

"We're alone," he said.

The covers were now down around Danny's middle, and his chest was bare. His dark hair was mussed, but then, it always was. He was lying on his side away from me, watching the door. Then he rolled over on his back and stared at the ceiling. He moved his hand behind his head, and I could see the beginning of dark hair in his armpits.

I laid my head on his chest, and he moved one arm around my back and drew me tight. My heart pounded. Like I said, I always knew my parents loved me, but there wasn't much affection in our house. Lots of tension, love, but no affection. This, what Danny was doing, this simple act of putting his arm around me and squeezing me to him, was exactly the feeling I craved. I needed it deep inside, and it began to fill a well that had long been empty. A tear slipped from my eye and fell onto Danny.

"Hey, what's the matter, bud?" he asked.

"Nothing. This is perfect. I'm so happy right now."

"Heh heh. Bet I can make you happier."

"No bet, but I get to go first, just cuz."

And as I lay on his chest, I snaked my tongue out and along his bare skin. He inhaled sharply, and I did it again. I teased him with the tip of my tongue, and realized I wanted to explore every inch of his body.

I raised up and moved to his lips. They were soft, as soft as last night, but this time we kissed with passion. It started slow, but we were drawn together this morning, and I don't know about Danny, but I was instantly hard.

"Can you play?" I asked. It was a question I'd asked a million times as we were growing up, but this time it had a completely different meaning. I kissed him on the cheeks, his lips, his ears, his chin and back to his lips. They held something special for me. I kissed him deeply, pushing my tongue past his, feeling his mouth. It was weird, not like mine at all, but wonderful cuz it belonged to Danny. I sucked his lower lip into my mouth and lightly bit it, then did the same to his top lip. I licked his ears, kissed him on his eyes and then his forehead. I ran my hands through his hair as I kissed him over and over. I kissed him down his jaw to his neck, and felt the softness and vulnerability of that area. He began to moan, softly at first, then with increasing urgency.

I wanted to know Danny's body as thoroughly as I knew his mind, which I knew intimately after all these years. I kissed around the soft part of his neck and he turned his head so I could kiss more. He began to roll over onto his stomach and I continued to kiss. His whole backside was open to me and I kissed from his hairline down his neck to his shoulders. He kept his arms up, cradling his head like that day at the lake, the day of the accident. I kissed across his shoulders, all the way up his right arm to his head, across the back of his hair and down the left arm. I kissed and licked to his armpit, and lightly licked around. It was salty and bitter, and I knew immediately I'd do it again. Across his muscled, smooth back, with not one blemish except for a tiny mole right under his left shoulder blade, which I stopped and kissed, and then to his right armpit. I kissed down his right side, and I could feel each rib with his arms pulled up like that.

I kissed each rib on his right side, and between each rib. It was easy, because Danny's not ticklish. Sometimes I wished he were because I am, and he could tickle me till I begged for mercy. I soon found other ways to make him beg. Each rib, down to the soft part just below the ribs, above the waist, then across his back again, across that low part of his spine, right above when his beautiful bubble butt started, to the soft part on his left side. I kissed my way back up, each rib, each soft spot in between, to his shoulders. All this time I guess I had my cock nestled in his crack, but I truly wasn't paying any attention. I felt only my kisses on him, and heard only his increasingly urgent moans.

I licked my way down his spine, to his ass. Then I sat up on his legs and looked at that beautiful round butt. I touched it, kneaded it in my hands. It was firm, but soft, smooth and I couldn't wait to taste it. I lowered myself and kissed him at the top of the left cheek, and drew my tongue down, stopped to kiss, then licking, all the way to the fold at his thigh. I worked my way back up with kisses and licks, and realized Danny was writhing on the sheets, the moans becoming open-mouth pleas for release. But I didn't provide it. All around that left cheek I kissed, ending at the top. I started the very same thing, mimicking my motions as closely as I could, with the right. Up and down, across, as far around to the front as I could without Danny rolling back over, then back toward the crack. I knew there was a hidden treasure in that dark crack. I'd fingered my own asshole while masturbating, and I figured Danny would like it as much as I. I slid my tongue down the crack, but pulled out before I got to the treasure spot. I wasn't sure what his reaction would be, or mine either, for that matter.

I covered that sweet ass with kisses, and when I got to the bottom of the right side, I moved back over to where his legs came together, and worked my tongue into that sweet area where I knew his pucker lie. His legs opened involuntarily, and I licked, but not deep enough to find the spot. Instead I worked my way down his legs. Danny was pressing into the mattress, trying to drill a hole into it, and I worked my way down his right leg, kissing and licking again, till I got to the back of his knee. His legs were strong and muscled from the week of basketball camp, but his knee was soft. If he'd touched that spot on me I would have burst out laughing and spoiled the mood, but he didn't. He just moaned, and I continued down his calf to his ankle. Here I took special care. I kissed all around his ankle, and he started to lift it to give me more access, but I pressed his foot back down. I kissed his heel, and down his arch to the ball of his foot. I kissed there, and licked then I moved to the sole of his foot. It was clean and soft and tender. I was a little surprised it was unblemished, considering how hard he played basketball. I licked and kissed all over the arch, nibbling the outer edge, and sucking on the soft parts. I coated the sole with my saliva, and ran my tongue along the base of his toes. Again I was surprised at how straight and perfect they were. Not long, but sort of squat and perfectly succulent.

I knelt on the floor at the foot of his bed and kissed his right foot all over. I lifted it slightly, and took his pinkie toe into my mouth. I nibbled on it. I sucked on it and kissed it, scraped my teeth against it, popped it out of my mouth and took it in again. I held it in my mouth and tasted it, the sweetness of Danny, and I swirled my tongue around. I licked between this pinkie and next toe, and took both of them into my mouth, again swirling my tongue around. I pulled back till they were almost out of my mouth, then sucked them back in. I ran my tongue along the top, then the bottom, then took the next one into my mouth as well. Three toes, wet and slick, sucking on them, playing my tongue across each, and between them. My mouth was full of Danny toes, and I was soo close to shooting a load that I knew that if I only touched my cock, I would spray a gallon of cum around his room and we'd never get it all cleaned up. I left those three toes, then took the one next to his big toe all by itself. Again I kissed it, licked around it and caressed it with my mouth.

"Oh, god, that feels good," he said. "Do it some more. Don't stop." It was nearly the same thing he'd said the day at the swimming hole, the day of this accident.

Then I moved to his big toe. This I treated as if it were a miniature cock. I licked around it, teasing the base, licking between it and the next toe, getting it covered in saliva. I swirled around the "head" and sucked at the tip. One corner of the fitted sheet had come off and the bare mattress was exposed. I took the toe into my mouth, and began bobbing up and down. I used my tongue to rub that spot where all the nerves would come together on a penis, and licked where the cum slit would be. Danny picked up on what I was doing and groaned. He was trying to push his penis into the mattress, trying to work up friction to get him off. But I didn't stop. I sucked up and down like I would on his cock. He moaned and pressed himself deeper into the mattress. I kissed each toe down to his pinky, around the outside of his foot to the heel, nibbled a bit, then licked all the way up the soft, pink sole, wet and slow. From then on all Danny had to do was get barefoot and I'd be immediately horny. Lick, suck, lick, slurp, across his toes, the ball, his arch, around his heel, and up the ankle.

Then I stopped.

And moved to his other foot.

And repeated action for action everything on his right foot.

I thought he'd come. I would have. But he's made of stronger stuff, I guess. When I was done, I kissed my way up his calf, over the muscles taut with tension, to the soft backside of his knee, over the powerful thigh, up to the bottom of his butt. I crawled up over him, letting my cock tease his butt, kissed the nape of his neck again, and rolled him over. When he was lying on his back, he scooted over a bit and smiled.

"There's a wet spot on my mattress," he said.

"Did you..."

"No, I'm just leaking soo bad. Take me now...please," he begged. His mouth was soo cute I had to kiss it again, and I did, four or five times before I moved down to his tanned chest toward those sweet nipples. I licked all around the right one, not touching it, just teasing. Three times I circled the dime-size nipple with my tongue. He and I were both tan from the summer, and Danny's nipples were just a bit browner than the rest of him. I only made it three times before I had to suck it into my mouth.

He arched his back and clasped my head to his breast. The nipple was hard in my mouth, and I drew back, sucking it along with me, till only the nub was in my mouth. I closed my teeth on it and nibbled lightly. Danny's moans, a non-stop stream of "Oh....oooooohhhhhh....oh, god, Justin....ohh....ooooooooooooooh, jjeeeeezzzzzz...." punctuated by sharp intakes of air and violent exhalations filled the bedroom, and probably the whole house. While I sucked the left nipple, my left hand found his right one. It was also hard, and I put the tip of my finger on the very tip of his nipple. I didn't press, didn't rub, just moved my finger around, taking the tip with it. "JJJJJJJEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZ, Justin, I'm gonna cum if you don't stop that."

I didn't say anything, just sucked, and when I was through, I went to his right nipple. There I did the same thing, but now my right hand played on his left nipple, slick from my love-making to it. I could slide my fingers over it sensuously while I worked my mouth over the left one. A broad swipe with my tongue, a suck, a nibble, and repeat. Over and over. My other hand was rubbing him along his rib cage, cupping his butt, and rubbing more.

Then I moved to that depression in his chest right between the nipples. It was soo cute. Not too deep, but noticeable. I licked and kissed my way to his belly button. I think I told you once it was an innie, the cutest I've ever seen, and it was right in a crease that made it elongated. As I licked all around it and kissed right on top of it -- a sucking, licking kiss that would have been fun to do to his mouth, too. I ran my tongue into it, kissed it, even made a popping noise. I licked all around, and was again glad Danny wasn't ticklish. I could do anything I wanted. Right below his navel, the very slightest hint of a future treasure trail was noticeable, and I followed it to the top of his pubes. He was anticipating my mouth on his cock, and his moans became short bursts of "oh, oh, oh." But I disappointed him. I moved around his cock, which was iron hard and lying flat against his stomach. He tried to move his hips so my lips would at least brush it, but I was faster than that. I had him. His legs spread open involuntarily. His breathing was ragged, panting. He clutched the sheets. I licked him across his thighs, and down those legs again. His knees I kissed from the front this time, and continued down to his calf, to the ankle, and kissed his feet from the top this time. Again I sucked and slurped each toe, each inch of his foot, and up the other leg.

There was nothing else to kiss or lick, except one area. He opened his legs again. The sheet was bunched under his legs. I licked the inside of his thighs, and then took his balls into my mouth, one at a time. I licked them in my mouth with my tongue, gently held them, felt their warmth, and slowly let them back out. Four or five times I licked the ridge between his balls and his hole with the very tip of my tongue, making my tongue as hard as I could. I put pressure on that area, and Danny's back arched off the bed.

I licked the base of his ball sac, and took it in my mouth. I worked my way back to the base of his cock. I took it in my hand, raised it off his tummy, and looked at the oozing precum. . I started to lick up from the base, but Danny let out a groan the let me know the end was near. There was no way he was going to last. Before I took his cock in my mouth, I sucked my thumb quickly, and as I held his butt I positioned my thumb at his pink pucker, the one he'd teased me with yesterday as he stripped. I lifted up, opened my mouth, and lowered it over his hard penis. It was delicious. The head was wet with precum, and I licked it with my tongue as I lowered my head over it. I went as far down toward the base as I could, and slowly pulled up. To the very tip. To the cum slit. I pursed my lips, and tried to provide as much friction as possible on my way back down. I pulled back a little, and licked my favorite spot, the one on the underside of the head where the nerves collide. He was almost there. It wouldn't take many more of these. Back down, and on my way up I practiced for one of Snyder's malts

Meanwhile, my thumb was working its way into his asshole. I just worked it round and round, applying a little more pressure each time, till, finally, it popped in. Danny screamed in delight and damn near sat up bolt straight. He forced himself down on my thumb, I licked and sucked two more times, and he let out the longest, most shuddering groan I've ever experienced. His whole body shook, tensed, and shook again. And I felt the flow. It wasn't a spurt, it was a flow, a stream of cum, a river almost. Like when you pee in one long steady stream. But this was his sweet nectar. He took a breath and started the groan all over again. Rigid, his body had stopped squirming and was concentrating every ounce of its energy on that release. The flow slowed, but didn't stop. The sweet cream coated my mouth as I swallowed and licked. I wanted it all. As much as he could give me. It was a lot.

At last he relaxed, and I realized I was grinding my own cock into his calf. It must have hurt him, but I guess the adrenaline rush blocked it. All I knew was I was on the verge of cumming myself, but I didn't want to.

I held his cock till I knew it was too sensitive, opened my mouth and let it go. I pulled my thumb out, too. His cock, still hard, lay against his tummy, and was still leaking a little cum, which I slurped up before scooting back up to kiss him. He was blissful, dreamy, listless. Beautiful. His face was flushed, his eyes were half closed, and his little nipples were like nail points.

Hehehehe. I'd done that to him. And it felt wonderful. We'd always tried to make each other feel good in the past -- bought good birthday presents, shared treats, things like that. But this was the ultimate. I had made Danny feel the absolute best I could. And I was happy. I lay down on his outstretched arm, and he drew me in for a kiss. My reward. He held me against him, and I felt his muscles relax as he drifted into a light sleep.

I lay there drinking in his aroma. It lingered there, the smell of Danny, left over from a night of sleep and the sheen of sweat from the morning sex. We lay on our backs with my head on him just below his shoulder, his arm wrapped around me. Lightly his fingers brushed my nipple, slowly at first, then more deliberately. He pinched it, tugged on it. My nipples were a little larger than his, round and pink, and hardened to points like his. He kissed me above my ear, then slid from under me and licked around the ear, down my neck and found my lips. You know, I could kiss him for hours. Just kiss. Oh, I'm sure it would lead to other things, and we probably wouldn't even make it an hour, but I'd like to try some time, I think.

"Danny, if you do this much longer, I'm gonna cum whether you touch me or not," I said truthfully. I was so hard I thought my cock would split open and molt. He grasped my penis gently in his and rubbed the head as his mouth found my left nipple.

"Justin, you've given me a feeling I've never had," he said. "I knew it was right to love you. To turn my heart over to you. I don't know if I can make you feel the same way, but I'll try for the rest of my life. I'll try..."

He worked on my nipples more, licking and sucking, pinching, pulling, rolling them in his fingers, all the while stroking my penis ever so slowly. It would have been agony if it hadn't been so exquisite. He kissed his way down my chest to my belly. But he knew I was ticklish, so they weren't light kisses. They were substantial, designed to arouse, not tease. With that tiny part of my brain that could still think and not be clouded by an overwhelming desire to cum, I realized how much he really did love me. He knew me better than I did in some ways. He knew my body intimately, even though we were still new at this. I guess over the years of wrestling, showering, swimming, splashing, teasing, tickling (him on me), hugging (on special occasions) and playing he'd been watching me, learning about me. Hell, I was an ignorant fool; I didn't study him. When I had been kissing around his body a few moments ago it was to explore him, to learn the feel of his hair, face, chest, torso, legs, feet, hands. I had never done that before. Danny had. He not only knew me and my body, he cared about it. Either he had thought about it, or he was so perceptive that he could feel my needs and desires.

That part of my brain closed down when he reached my cock, on the verge of erupting. He kissed around the base, and then licked my balls, back behind them, lifted my legs and ran his tongue to my asshole.

Like the day in school when I'd set myself off by just scratching my nipple, that lick did it. It didn't push me over the edge, it flung me with might. It rocketed me over the edge, sent me soaring and tumbling. I stiffened, lost all control of every single part of my body, concentrated on one thing and one thing only -- the earth-shattering orgasm that was rising from my balls. I heard thunder as the first shot of cum spurted out of me. Danny held his mouth steady over the head of my cock, as it pulsed. I crossed my legs behind his head and pulled him close. God, I could have choked him, but I couldn't help it. I came so hard I nearly doubled up.

Danny stayed with me, just holding me in his mouth, until it was all over, even the shuddering. When he let me go, he lay his head on the pillow beside me and apologized. Apologized!

I'm sorry," he said.

"What for?" I managed to pant out.

"I didn't play with you as long as you played with me."

"Jezzuz, Danny, you couldn't have. I was on the verge when you first kissed me. There was no way I was gonna last that long. I was soo turned on by your orgasm that I nearly came myself. Man, you kept me going as long as you could. Thanks."

We lay cuddled under the covers for a while, and I heard thunder again. This time I wasn't in the throes of the mother of all blow jobs, and I realized it was coming from outside. It was raining. And as soon as I heard the rain, I had to pee. Jeez, don't ya hate it. I mean, you just get done, you're cuddling with your other, and you gotta get up to pee. Lesson number one in how to break the romantic mood -- bodily functions unrelated to sex. And I mean I had to go right now.

I almost gave Danny whiplash. He was laying with his head on my chest, drawing little circles around my nipples, when I scooted from under him, stood up, jumped over the bed and raced to the bathroom, stark naked. I could hear him giggle, then laugh out loud as my piss stream hit the toilet. I sounded like a gallon bucket being poured into the toilet. You get the picture.

Funny thing was, the laughing stopped and Danny was suddenly beside me, and he did the same thing. My turn to laugh, cuz I was done now.

I went back to the bedroom and looked out the window. It was a gray morning, the sun just coming up somewhere behind the thick wall of clouds. It looked like a rain that was here for the day. Danny joined me, circling his arm around my bare waist. We stared at the rain, splashing in puddles in the back yard. We kissed and then crawled back under the covers.

"Let's just hang out here all day," Danny said.

"And do what?"

"I dunno. Eat. Watch TV. Read. Have sex. Something will come up."

"I think I'd like that," I said.

"I bet no one comes over in this rain. And for sure no one's gonna be out side."

We dozed for about half an hour, till Danny's stomach growled. We got out of bed and went to the kitchen, naked. I let Danny lead the way. I could look all day at him. Not even fool around with him, just look. He was soo sexy. Let me tell ya, I'd looked at magazines. There was this guy in the neighborhood, he'd give us his old Playboys and Penthouses. I even learned how to find some pictures on the web at home (I learned how to erase that damn history thing on the web browser so my parents couldn't tell where I'd been). I knew sexy. Danny was far better than anything I'd seen. I'm sure it wasn't just because I'd had sex with him and didn't have a chance of ever seeing the people in the magazines or on the web pages. No, that had nothing to do with it. He was just, well, sexy. Lean, but not hard. Slender, but soft in the right places. And hard in the right place at the right times.

We didn't feel like making breakfast a whole big production. We got out cereal, milk, juice and bread for toast. Danny sat next to me at the breakfast table, and we listened to it rain and watched TV through the doorway into the family room. As we munched, I felt Danny's toes begin to caress the bottom of my foot. Just a gentle stroking, that felt really nice. Nice enough that I was almost immediately hard. But he didn't do anything about it. Didn't even look at it. He just lightly stroked my foot, and every couple of strokes I had to pull away cuz it tickled. But I'd always go back, and he'd start stroking again. We watched two Bugs Bunny cartoons and a Road Runner that way, and then in the middle of a Sylvester and Tweety one, I felt his fingers brush my arms.

I'd been concentrating on not looking at him. I don't know why. I guess I just didn't want him to think he could seduce me whenever he wanted to. But the truth was, he could. I mean, he'd just done it, right? And he did it in school that day. And I think it scared me a little to think Danny had that power over me. I didn't know if I had it over him. I'd never tried to seduce him when he wasn't looking, so to speak. I decided I'd try some time. But then again, when DOESN'T a 15-year-old guy want to be seduced? I mean, one stroke and most of us are ready to plant it somewhere just to get off.

I was ready. I looked at Danny, and he was looking at me. Love was in his eyes. I think it was love. I tried to make my eyes do that, but I don't know if I succeeded. Whatever, Danny leaned in to kiss me. And we did, sitting at the breakfast table, naked, both of us hard, kissing. His parents could have come home having forgotten something (don't worry, they didn't), our friends could have knocked looking for us. Some weird aunt could have stopped by, not knowing Danny's parents had left town. Anything like that. And that made it sort of exciting. Danny's kisses were exciting enough, and then he moved his hand to my hard 5 inches. Still kissing, he started to jack my cock. His touch was feather light. He didn't grab me so much as hold me like you would a crystal glass. I could feel him, for sure, but, oh, I don't know how to describe it. Soft, loving. Loving, that's it. Like it was the most precious thing in the world to him. Like I was the most precious thing in the world to him.

He broke off the kiss and bent over a little to lick my right nipple. He took it into his mouth, and began to increase the speed on my cock. He licked at the nipple till it was hard, then licked around it and over it. He drew it up into his mouth and flicked his tongue across the tip. He held my cock harder and rubbed his thumb over the head. That's all. Just his hand on my cock, his mouth on my nipple. He didn't caress the other nipple, didn't squeeze my balls, didn't probe for my pucker or knead my butt. His hand speeded up a little more, almost imperceptibly. But I could feel it. His tongue was brushing against my nipple -- just one nipple -- at the same pace as his hand on my cock. My breaths got deep and I slid down a little in the chair. He didn't waver. His hand went a little faster and I tried to thrust my hips forward to encourage him. My cock felt like it itched. I needed to get off. I desperately needed to cum, but Danny wasn't doing it fast enough or hard enough. I wanted to take my own cock and beat off properly, I knew there was no chance of that. Danny wouldn't have let me. He was going faster on my nipple, matching his hand again, which had also speeded up. Oh, God, why wouldn't he just get it over with?

"Dammit, Danny," I begged, "go a little faster. Please,"

It did some good. He speeded up a little, but if I had been doing myself, my hand would have been a blur by now. I would have been close. I would have closed my fist around my cock, squeezed it hard, and pushed myself over the top. I would have waited for the signal from my balls, which would have been here by now, pinched whichever nipple I'd be playing with, taken a ragged, deep breath, and blown a wad out the cum slit, onto my chest, over my belly, into my pubes and all over the hand pumping away. And pumped till it was over. And taken a deep breath. And relaxed. Hell, I'd probably have gone to the bathroom to clean up by now.

But that wasn't Danny's plan. One nipple, one cock. No other distractions. He made me focus on the nipple and my cock. Nothing else. A little faster, tongue across nipple, hand on cock. He held me even harder, but still delicately. I couldn't control my breathing, and I wanted to slide onto the floor. My legs began vibrating, and I clasped Danny's head to my breast. He sucked and ran his tongue across the nipple, then nibbled lightly with his teach. His hand was going faster, reaching the speed I would have gone on myself. I tensed, and finally I could feel what I had been waiting for. He wasn't quite fast enough or tight enough yet...No, now he was.

"Danny, I'm gonna" I groaned.

He didn't say anything, just pumped harder, and with a mighty suck on the nipple, he closed his hand tightly. I almost jumped off the chair when it hit. It shot out of me like a blast, and all I could do was wail. A long, ecstatic shout as Danny lifted off my nipple, watched my cock and encouraged me.

"Yeah, cum for me, Justin. Cum in my hand. Come on, bud. Cum for me."

Who could resist that? I came in gobs, despite the fact that I'd come just an hour ago in Danny's bed.

"That's it, bud. Did it feel good?" he asked.

I couldn't answer. I could just moan. His hand held me, all covered with sticky white goo, which he leaned over to lap up. I'd come everywhere. I think a plop landed in the milk in my cereal bowl. He licked the cum off his hand seductively, then he cleaned me with his tongue, and then kissed me. I tasted myself in that kiss. I wrapped my arms around him and held him till my breathing returned to normal.

I couldn't do anything but just stay slumped in the chair. Danny giggled at me, then took a spoonful of the milk in my cereal bowl and giggled again. I got horny again just watching that.

Then he stood up, cleared the table, rinsed the dishes, put away the cereal, put the dishes in the dishwasher, and replaced the milk and orange juice in the fridge. I just sat there, watching the cutest butt in the world walk back and forth across the kitchen. God, I wanted that butt (it's way too cute to call an ass; I think butt is a cute word). And everything attached to it. I looked at his cock, soft, about two inches long, not too big around. Just right. And I wondered if it tasted any different soft than it did hard.

When Danny was done cleaning, he came over, kissed me, and pulled me to my feet. He wrapped his arms around me and ground his cock into me. Then he led me to the family room and we collapsed onto the couch and started to watch cartoons. I love Saturday morning cartoons. Especially the old ones like Bugs Bunny. We snuggled on the wide couch, me in front, Danny behind. I could feel his pubes brushing the top of my ass and after a while I felt his penis begin to harden. He pushed it into my crack. We lay like that for a while, our legs entwined, he resting his cock in the warm valley between my buns. We howled at the cartoons, and during commercials, he kissed my neck. Now and then he'd lightly brush my nipples with his fingers. Needless to say I was hard again. After Bugs Bunny and some weird Japanese cartoon, Danny began to lick my neck just below my hairline. He stroked my nipple, and he began to grind against me. His cock, still nestled in my ass, had been leaking precum, and it was slick. He moved his hips so that his hard five inches slid along the crack. Now and then he'd get low enough so that the tip would push against my pucker, but he never made an attempt to put it into me. I knew I wanted him to.

His rhythm started slowly, and he giggled a little at first, but not for long. As he slid, I could feel the heat from his penis. He was stroking my nipple, and I wanted to do the same for him, but, of course, I couldn't without turning to face him, and that would have broken contact between his penis and my butt. He began in breathe a little more deeply as he increased his rhythm. I turned my head and glanced back, and could see that his eyes were closed. He started moaning a little, just tiny "Oh, oooooh" noises. Not loud. In my ear. Fingers pinching my nipples, he humped a little faster, and his breathing became more irregular. He was having a little trouble generating enough friction, and I pushed my butt back against his cock. He hissed as he drew in his breath, and then started the little noised again. Then he added my name. "Oh, Justin, oh, Justin." Like that. I could feel him push against me, and his cock stuck at my hole. He pushed, and with a little more lube it might have gone in. As it was, his cock slipped past, and continued it's track deep in my crack. It was now wet with his precum, lubricated with Danny's juice. His penis made a crackling noise, sort of like beating off with a fist full of lotion.

He was concentrating so hard on the sensation of his cock and my ass that his hand stopped its work on my nipple. I was so caught up in the feeling, I didn't notice at first. But I heard myself start saying, "Yeah, Danny. Make love to my ass. Rub yourself against me, Danny. Make yourself cum."

He must have remembered his fingers, cuz they tried to find my nipple again, but he was so intent on the pleasure of feeling the sensitive underside of his cock against the slick heat of my butt that he couldn't find it. He was pinching the skin on my chest, searching for the nipple. His breathing was shot to hell. It was ragged, gasping, gulping. He was also losing the rhythm of his action against me. His hips were jerking instead of flowing, and he tried to speed up even more. He was just thrusting now, pushing against me. The fingers gave up on my nipple, and his arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me tight against him. Once more his cock caught at my hole, and once again it slid past. His lips found the back of my neck. Thrusting hard, wildly, making the whole couch, the whole floor shake, Danny tried to find the release that would send him over the top. He was bucking against me, and the only reason I could stay on the couch was his arm holding me tight. He slowed, thrust HARD three times, and let out a groan that could be heard above the peal of thunder that suddenly rocked the house. I felt the hot liquid of his penis blaze a trail through my butt and up my back. He thrust a few more times as he tried to sustain his orgasm, and finally, with one last mighty thrust, let the sweet cum flow onto me. Time stopped. I couldn't believe the passion that I had just experienced.

His cock was still pressed against me, but I rolled over, kissed him and thrust my tongue into him. I drew him tightly to me, and clasped my arms around his strong back. His hands roamed over my body. His index finder found its way to my crack, just where his cock had been. He slid his finger up and down, then circled my asshole. Gently, he worked his finger in, coated with the slickness of his boy cream. He didn't force it. Our lips were touching, but we weren't kissing. He was breathing slowly and deliberately. He licked my lips with his sweet tongue, but didn't kiss. He played with my hole, making his circles smaller and smaller till his finger was just working the tight muscle that held me closed. Round and around, adding a little pressure, making sure he was slick with his own juice, he pressed against my pucker, until finally, his finger slid gently in. I arched my back, grinding my cock against his, which was still hard, still also coated with his latest production.

"I read about this on the Internet," he said. "I wanna see if it works."



He worked his finger in, backed off a little, and worked it in a little further. He moved it around gently inside me. Then he withdrew it completely. I felt empty.

"Danny, why..."

"Sssshhhhh, my lover."

I felt another finger slide into the wetness of my crack, and push against me again. This one was just a little thicker. His middle finger. It worked gently into me, and began to move around inside. It was like Danny was trying to find something.

He must have found it. I felt a jolt of electricity go through me. I gasped and got rigid.

"Aaaaahh," was all he said.

He moved his finger and found it again. I jumped once more, and he found it again. He began to massage it, move his finger against it, oh, so gently. But insistently. Massaging. I wanted to grab my cock and jerk it madly, but I was tight against Danny. So I ground into him as best I could. I knew it wasn't good enough to get me off, though. But I needed to. Oh, god, that finger was driving me mmm....maa...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Whammo! My orgasm came out of nowhere. I've never cum like that. I've always built up, known for at least five strokes, usually ten, that I was on the verge, and felt myself go over the edge. This one just hit. POW! I came. All over Danny and the couch. Up his chest, onto his chin, coating a nipple. Around his smooth belly. His thumb found one of my nipples right away, and massaged it as I shot my third spurt, which cause me to spurt yet again.

I didn't even have time to lose my breath. It came and went. Well, so to speak.

"Holy jeezuz, what the hell did you do?" I gasped, awestruck.

"That was your prostate," he said with a smile. He kissed me on my nose. "It's got something to do with sex, but I don't really understand it all. I read about it on this website about gay sex."

"You found a gay sex site?"

"Jeez, Justin, you can hardly miss them. They aren't hard to find at all. I've been looking at them since I figured out I was gay."

"Pornography and all?

"Well, a little pornography. It's hard to find pornography of boys. Most of those sites you have to pay for. But there are sites out there about gay love and gay teens. I'd love to show you. They talk about feelings, fear, coming out, friends, family, suicide.


"Yeah. It's really common among gay teens. There's a lot of pressure. A lot of hate. A lot of rejection. Some guys are thrown out of the house. Their friends gang up on them and beat the snot out of them. They're the target of everyone at school, church, home. And for a lot of them, there isn't any place to find help. They're all alone. And they figure the best way out is to kill themselves. They're made to feel like outcasts, like what they're doing is wrong. Like love is wrong, at least the kind of love they feel. They feel like society's against them. No one will listen, no one will hug them or give them shelter. They find a gun and shoot themselves, or jump off a bridge, or hang themselves, or take an overdose. And they die. Alone." He choked on the word, and the tears started. He grabbed me and sobbed onto my shoulder as I caressed him.

"I thought I'd lost you, Justin. I thought you'd never be my friend again," he sobbed. "When we made up that day at the swimming hole, I didn't let myself cry. I was on the edge, but I knew that if I cried, you'd reject me forever. I didn't want to give you that ammunition."

I was immediately ashamed for what I had been thinking that day. I've remained ashamed to this day.

"I made myself not cry. But I can't hold it in any more, Justin. I love you. I want you so badly And I thought that for the rest of my life, every time I'd see you, you would look at me with disgust. Oh, my god, Justin, I couldn't stand it. I'm soooo glad you gave me a second chance. I'm sooo glad you let me talk to you that day. I thought you'd never let me. I was afraid I'd.... I was so scared....I thought....I couldn't stand...."

With an enormous sob, he said "Justin, I thought I'd die alone."

My heart pounded once and felt like it had stopped. A wave of dizziness passed over me. With a thump I felt my heart start again. The thought of Danny alone, his limp body hanging from a tree branch. I thought I'd be sick. I started to get up to run to the bathroom, but he wouldn't let me go. He was crying huge cries, long moans of despair.

"Noooooooooo!" He cried. "Don't leave. Doooon't leave me, Justin." I forced myself not to vomit. I couldn't leave him. I hung onto him with my whole soul. I wrapped my legs around him, kissed him around his nose, cheeks, forehead, lips. Gentle, lingering kisses. I kissed his tears as they fell away from his eyes. We held each other tight. His crying lessened, his breathing evened out, and I realized eventually that he'd fallen asleep. Still, an occasional tear fell from his eyes, and he gasped as if still sobbing in his dreams. I fell asleep holding him.

Waking up three hours later to a baseball game on TV was an interesting experience. We were glued together! Not like Super Glue, but as we rolled apart, the cum I had coated us with had dried and it pulled a little at our skin. Danny stretched, his hands above his head, and I teased the hair in his armpits. We kissed and kissed. Lover's kisses, they were. For a long time we did that, until our bellies rumbled. Danny fetched some chips and nuked some hotdogs, and we sat watching the Cubs win a rare ball game. Jeez, their pitching stinks. It was still raining outside. Danny had been right. No one came looking for us. Then the phone rang. It was my dad, asking if we were okay, and what we were doing. Just watching the game, I answered. I told him we'd eaten, that the house was NOT a mess, that we were just goofing around passing the time. He said fine. We could come to my house for dinner if we wanted, but I said we'd been eating all day. He said fine, told me a dirty joke he'd heard, said he and mom were going to a movie and that they'd see me tomorrow.

Hungry again, and still naked, we went out to the kitchen. Danny turned on the oven and dug in the freezer for a frozen pizza. I could stare at his body all day long. Especially his cute cock. And his sweet toes. Don't know what it is about his toes. I DO know what it is about his cock!

We ate our pizza and drank Coke and told jokes and talked about what the school year might be like, who we hoped we'd get for teachers, who was going with whom, that kind of shit. We started to clean up. I put the dishes in the dishwasher. He threw away all the pizza wrappings. As he was rinsing something at the sink, I came up behind him, cock hard. I pressed it into his butt and kissed him from behind. My hand found his nipples and pinched them to hard peaks. Then I moved my hands to his butt, and lightly scratched all around. He wiggled his butt against my cock and giggled. Such a cute giggle. He wormed his way from in front of me and went to put the leftover liter of pop back in the fridge. As he bent over, his pucker came into view again, and I couldn't help myself. I slid over to him, dropped to my knees, and licked all around that sweet spot. It tasted like Danny. Exactly like Danny. He almost shouted and backed himself into me. I buried my face between his cheeks and licked. I forced my tongue into him, then lapped at him again.

We fell to the floor like that, and he rolled over and kissed me hard. We rolled around on the kitchen floor till I thought we were gonna have bruises. Finally he said, "Justin, take me. Make love to me. I want you inside of me."

"I don't know how," I said.

"I do. I've read about it."

"Isn't it going to hurt?"

"Yeah, a little."

"Then I won't. I won't hurt you."

"I want you to do it. It won't hurt long. It's the ultimate love, Justin. The pleasure overcomes the pain. I need you to," he pleaded.

We got up off the floor and headed to the bedroom, where it had started early this morning. On the way, he stopped in the bathroom. I heard the medicine cabinet open. I lay on the bed and he came in, a jar of Vaseline in his hand, which he set on the night stand. He lay on top of me, smothering with kisses. He moved down, nipples, belly button, cock, balls, all the way to my toes. He licked the palms of my hands and kissed my neck. He sucked on my ear lobes. He made me squirm with need. Then he popped the top off the jar and took a glob and smeared it on me. All over my cock. And he handed me the jar.

"Put some on me before you try to push inside of me," he said. He got up on his hands and knees and I could see it again. I couldn't help myself. I went to lick it again, coating it with saliva. I loved it. Then I spread the gel on him.

"Push a finger into me," he said, and I did. I felt around for the prostate, and felt something hard. Danny gasped. "Don't do that. I don't want to cum yet," he said, panting. I slid another finger in, then three. It took about 10 minutes all together, and I squished my fingers in and out of him, feeling him loosen up. I hadn't touched myself, but I was ready to cum.

I positioned myself at his hole, and pushed in. It wouldn't go. I couldn't get the angle right. I tried again, and then again. If I tried much more, I was gonna shoot just from the stimulation of touching him.

"Wait. Let's try another way," he said. He rolled onto his back and pulled his knees to his chest. I climbed onto him, again positioned at his opening. I pushed, and I felt him slowly open to me. He had a look of agony on his face. I started to pull back, but his arms wrapped around me.

"I'm ready for this, Justin. Please do it. It doesn't hurt much," he lied. I pressed and slid a little more, then stopped till his face relaxed a little. Then more when his grip tightened on me again, then a wait. Then more, and my pubes were brushing his. I was in. I pulled back till I was almost out, then pushed back in.

I'd like to recount every long, slow stroke, every thrust of my hips until I became unable to control them. Every brush against Danny's prostate. Every tingle that grew out from my nipples, balls, cock head. The building wave that crashed over both of us, engulfing us in a sea of white cum. Every pant, gasp, hiss, grope. Every single spurt from both our cocks as we came together.

But I can't. The fact is that by the end of that second thrust, my cock was sooo sensitive a gust of wind would have set me off. I drew back, thrust in a third time, and the blood pounded in my ears as I arched my back, sought the deepest penetration I could find, and unloaded. I gushed as much as I could having come three times already. It wasn't much, and it wasn't the greatest orgasm of my life. But I was inside my best buddy, my lover. My soul mate. The friendship that had been founded as babies in strollers as our mothers took walks together was consummated as my cream shot into him. I left myself in Danny's body, where my heart had gone, where my friendship had always lay.

He had a tear in his eye.

"Did I hurt you?"

"Not only did you NOT hurt me, you fulfilled me. You're inside of me. Just where I want you. Thank you, Justin. I love you."

"I love you, bud. I always have. I always will."

I pulled out of him, my cum flowing out. He was soft. I took his soft cock in my mouth and in a moment he was hard. I sucked, but not for long. I probed his hole for that prostate, and as I found it, he came, a trickle compared to earlier in the day.

It was starting to get dark. He had a sudden need to go to the bathroom, and while he cleaned himself out, I walked naked to the family room. The couch had some stains on it, so I went to find the can of carpet and furniture cleaner. I sprayed it on, waited, then got out the vacuum and swept it clean. When Danny came out a while later, we cuddled on and overstuffed chair and watched a couple of movies on the Sci Fi channel. About midnight we decided to take a shower.

It was anti-climatic, so to speak. We couldn't get hard if we'd tried. Well, okay, we did try, but our cocks were raw. We'd overdone it. It actually hurt to get an erection. We rinsed the day's activities off us...sweat, cum, like that...and then went to bed. Our lips were chapped a little from kissing so much, but we did anyway, till we fell asleep.

I learned so much that day. I learned about me, about Danny, about love, about passion, about sex. Raw sex. And right now I've got to have sex. I think my lover will let me wake him and have my way with him. I'm feeling better after telling you this part of our development. I think I'll be okay now. For a while.

Good night.

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