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Stories by Toby Johnston

Short Stories

On Earth Peace, Good will toward men, except Evan

[A story in 3 chapters and Epilogue]

No-one Messes With My Peter!

[A story in 3 chapters]

This story was written for the Inspired by a Picture: About Number Seven… writing challenge but submitted way after the surveys closed. Wisely, Toby submitted this anyway and asked if we could link it to, and from, the challenge.

This challenge was to write a story based on the picture below.

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2023 Inspired by a Picture Challenge - About Number Seven…

Because it has arrived too late to run any surveys for it there will be no survey to fill out. Instead, please click Toby's name at the head of any chapter and offer your thoughts directly

God I Hate Him, He's So Annoying!

[A story in 3 chapters]