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God I Hate Him, He's So Annoying!

by Toby Johnston

Chapter 3

I think I like being teased!

My mouth was so dry, it felt like my tongue was dehydrated. I blinked a couple of times and tried to focus, but nothing was making sense. Where am I? What had happened? Had it all been a bad dream or was it real?

I was on my side looking out a window. The hospital bed was a good clue—I wasn't in my bed at home. I lifted my head a little to look around the room.

"Hey, you're finally awake," I rolled over and stretched, my body shuddering as I felt my morning wood rubbing against the sheets. There was Ben, across the room in another hospital bed, lying on his side, looking at me.

"I've been waiting for you to wake up," he grinned, "I would have come over to wake your sorry butt, but I'm kind of all hooked up." He lifted a casted arm and I could see he had all kinds of monitors and wires around him.

I didn't seem to have any of that. I did have an IV in my arm—but that was connected to one of these things on wheels. "Did we really sink out in the bay?"

"More or less. I guess technically we didn't sink, but we did lose our mast, capsize, huddle on an overturned boat in the middle of a derecho, fired off a ton of awesome flares and have to be rescued by the Coast Guard."

I nodded, as the events of last night kind of flashed back in my mind, "You saved my life, blocking the mast from cracking my head open when it snapped."

He held his casted arm up, "Definitely broke it, but they say it's not bad—few weeks in the cast," he smiled, "And you saved my life once we went in the water. No way I could have gotten myself back up on the boat. I was so cold. I could feel the energy leaving my body. I, umm, I didn't think we were going to make it."

I nodded, fighting back tearing up and losing it as I remembered more of what happened, "It was scary, but I think we did the right things when we had to. We pretty much kicked ass actually. I'll bet there's grown-ups that would have lost it!"

We both were quiet for a while, still looking at each other. Then I saw Ben take a deep breath and he locked his eyes on mine, "I meant what I said last night Xavier."

I hesitated; I think I remembered what he said. But I wasn't totally sure. And more importantly, I wasn't sure that my interpretation of what I think he said, was the same as what he meant to say—overthinking this too much ya think?

"Do you remember what I said?"

I nodded, but it wasn't a very convincing nod, "I think you said you were sorry. And you kind of made some jokes about liking me…" I wasn't going to go further out on the limb than that, like blurting out that I had a major crush on him or that I wanted to kiss him—way too risky!

"Can you come over here?" he asked quietly. He lifted his arm showing me all the wires, "I'd come over there, but I am kind of attached to all this gear."

I pondered his request for a few seconds, this was either going to go amazingly well, or just way wrong. But only one way to find out. I took a deep breath and flipped back the blanket, swinging my legs over the edge of the bed—not realizing that that I'd flash Ben in the process. I felt the cool air on my balls and pubes as that flimsy hospital gown flipped up.

Ben snickered, "Sorry, I didn't mean to look!"

I blushed—how effing embarrassing, morning wood and all!

I managed to make it to his bed without flashing him again—had to hold the back of that robe together as that was pretty breezy too. He patted the edge, "Sit here."

I did, painfully aware of how close we were to each other. I could smell him—have I mentioned he smells really nice, it's just a 'Ben smell' but I like it. He reached out and took my hand in his—firmly, but gently.

He squeezed my hand, "I meant it when I said I was sorry. And I meant it when I said, umm, I like you…a lot." He squeezed my hand tightly, "I liked you before I really even met you. I wanted to get your attention, so I teased you—it's stupid but that's what I do. Then it got out of hand and I didn't know how to fix it."

I took that in, trying to process it all as quickly as I could, quite aware that his confession, not to mention his holding my hand, was making me hard as a rock, again! I nodded—here it goes, "I like you too, yeah, umm, like a lot too. I guess that's why I reacted so badly when you teased me."

"Grace told me I was being an idiot and I should just come clean and apologize. Do you think we can call a do-over?"

I grinned, "Yeah, I think a do-over is reasonable."

"Xavier Werner, I Benjamin Wilson really, really like you," he paused, "and by like, I mean boy to boy like, as in boyfriend like—just so there's no confusion."

Now I seriously blushed, sure I'd thought about this, fantasized about this, but to actually hear a real boy tell me he liked me…like that…wow! I think I just started back at him stunned for a while, then I grinned, "and I Xavier Werner, since we were being so formal, really like you, Benjamin Wilson, the same way!"

We both sort of sat there, unsure what to do next. We'd make eye contact, then get embarrassed, break eye contact, and giggle.

Finally, I decided to be bold, "I want to kiss you!"

He tilted his head and leaned in. I did the same. My heart was pounding like crazy! It seemed to take forever, but we leaned in closer and closer, then finally our lips brushed. It was a little stiff and awkward at first, but we figured it out pretty quickly and then really kissed. Not a 'quick peck kiss', but not a 'porno-kiss' either, but definitely a 'I really, really like you in a boyfriend way kiss'!

Once that dam broke, it was kind of a kissing free for all. I'm not sure on how you count kisses. I don't think our lips ever really parted, so maybe it was one long kiss. But if you count by who was the 'kisser' versus the 'kissee', it was a ton of kisses as we went back and forth. But maybe you just count the total kissing time—which was a lot!

At one point I was leaning forward and kind of lost my balance—honest, I didn't do it on purpose—and put my hand out to steady myself. I sure steadied myself. My hand landed on his blanket, but under that blanket was Ben's really hard dick! I probably should have pulled my hand back, but I didn't. I squeezed—he moaned—then beep…beep…BEEP! Fucking alarms everywhere! All going off!

Seconds later, the door burst open! We both sort of jumped back. Ben looking totally innocent. Me looking totally guilty. I couldn't even look up. I just stared at the wall—feeling the burning of my blush all over my body.

The curtain was flung aside. A nurse. A male nurse no less, I'm not sure if that was better or worse! He punched a bunch of buttons on the machine—turning off the alarms thank God. But then he started looking at the screen. "Your heartrate spiked. Were you doing anything that would have caused that?"

I shook my head, still staring at the wall—willing him to go away. He didn't. I heard Ben snicker again—he seems to do that a lot. As nervous as I was, I grinned, I am getting to kind of like that snicker.

I could see his grin without even looking at him when I heard the cheeky, "Might have been, might have not!"

I could see the nurse just out of the corner of my eye, looking at Ben, looking at me, "Hmmm, well sometimes these machines malfunction. Can't have that, false readings and all. I'll have to replace it. Probably take me 30 minutes, you'll just have to make do without a monitor until then."

I heard him opening a couple of drawers and rummaging about and then he headed for the door, the wheels of the heart monitor squeaking as he went.

I didn't raise my head until he was gone. Ben was sitting there, turning over a small pack in his hands. A bunch of them were strewn across his table tray. Curious, I reached over and picked one up—Astroglide Personal Lubricant.

I was horrified and excited at the same time, the nurse 'knew'. But at the same time, he 'sanctioned' what we were doing. I looked at Ben; he looked at me. We both grinned.

I watched as Ben ripped open his packet. I felt my dick quickly getting hard again. I tore open mine. Now I figured we were going to jerk ourselves together. I was wrong.

Ben flipped back his blanket and lifted his hospital gown. There he was—rock hard. The first other boy's hard-on I'd ever seen—I couldn't tear my eyes away. Hard. Pulsing. Sticking kind of straight out at an angle. A tight cluster of blond pubes crowning the base.

I took a deep breath, and lifted my gown revealing myself in all my glory. My eyes still glued to Ben's dick, I figured his were equally locked in on mine. For some reason my mind was clicking through the differences I knew he was seeing. Mine curved up and out, black pubes obviously (I think mine were thicker), I was uncut to his cut.

That's about as far as I got before I felt Ben's lubed up hand wrap itself around me. I moaned and felt a shudder flow through my whole body. I wanted him to feel as awesome as I did, at the same time, I desperately wanted to feel his cock in my hand.

I watched my hand move to his as if it weren't mine. Reaching. Touching. Encircling. He was so hard. It was hot—like way temperature hot. I felt it throb in my fist. Both of us started pumping. I felt the tingle deep inside me already. I wasn't going to last long.

A flood of senses overwhelmed my brain—his hand on my cock, sliding up and down my shaft. He kept going back to my foreskin, playing with it. I matched his movements—loving the feeling of his shaft sliding in my fist. Slipping my thumb up and over his swollen head every time he toyed with mine.

Ben came first, his whole body arching up off the bed as he came. I tried to keep him aimed at his chest and abs. I quickly followed. We were less successful with me—some landed on him, the rest spewed across the bed.

"Wow!" he panted.

"Yeah, wow. Seriously wow!" I smiled at him. He grinned back. We both still had each other's cocks in our hands, gently squeezing. I really didn't want to let go of him; guess he didn't want to either.

Finally, he kind of whispered, "He's going to be back soon. Think we need to clean up."

I pouted, "I don't want to let go of you."

He grinned, "Me either. But the nurse would prolly be shocked if he found us like this."

"Something makes me think he wouldn't be too shocked. He did give us the lube."

"Next time we'll find a more private place and take our time."

"I like the idea of next time. Lot's of next times," I said softly. With a sigh, I let go. Fortunately, there were plenty of disposable wipes to take care of the evidence—and even a biohazard bin!

We were still sitting close, just kind of looking at each other when the nurse returned with the new monitor. "We all good, boys?" he announced loudly as he opened the door.

We both blushed and nodded. He was all smiles as he hooked Ben back up. "Take a few deep breaths." He looked at me, "Probably a good idea if you get back over to your own bed."

"Okay, your heart rate's looking more normal now. Let's try and keep it that way, alright? We don't want you to be held over another day when you could be at home doing whatever you want right?"

We had to hang out for another hour or so before our 'rents showed up. They filled us both in on a lot of what had happened last night after they had arrived in the Emergency Room. The doctor arrived shortly after they did, and after a lot of poking, prodding, and chart reading he declared us 'none the worse for wear and fit to be released'. Thank God as I was hell bent on finding a private place alone with Ben.

Turns out that was going to be easier than I anticipated! Both Mom and Dad had important meetings that afternoon. It took little persuading between Ben and I for all the parents to agree that I could spend the day—and night at the Wilson's!

That did require that Ben and I be briefly apart so Mom could swing me by our house to pick up clothes and stuff for the night. I willed Mom to drive faster all the way to Ben's house—silently cursing the inefficiency of all the slow drivers out on the roads! I bolted out of the car as it was still coming to a full stop. Mrs. Wilson met me at the door, gave Mom a wave off, and ushered me instead. I looked around—no Ben.

Mrs. Wilson noticed my head on a swivel I guess and told me that Ben had gone right up to his room after they'd come home saying that he was tired and wanted to rest. My heart sank. I mean his mom was nice and all; but I wanted to be with him again. To hold him. To feel him against me. To smell him. To kiss him. To taste him.

"Oh, he did say for you to come right up when you got here. Sorry. I should have told you that right away. Upstairs. Hang a U-turn. His room is on the right at the front of the house."

I heard that last part as I was taking the stairs two at a time! I went a little airborne as I grabbed the top of the banister and used my momentum to swing around and head forward. Then I stopped—what if he's sleeping? As much as I wanted to dive on top of him, if he was sleeping then I shouldn't wake him.

I tiptoed down the hall. Knocked as softly as I could, and eased the door open. "Ben?" I whispered.

"Damn boy, where have you been? Get your butt in here!" he whispered back.

I giggled, "Your mom said you were sleeping!"

"How could I ever sleep waiting for my cute boyfriend to get here! That was just an excuse to make sure we got alone time. Get in here and lock the door!"

Alone time. My dick started getting hard! I couldn't close and lock the door fast enough. Ben was lying in his bed, his fluffy duvet pulled up tight against his neck. I moved over to the edge of his bed and looked down at him; he looked back with that cheeky grin.

"You're overdressed," he observed.

"I am?"

"Yep," he flung back the duvet. And there he was—totally naked, his beautiful blond hair splayed out across his pillow. He took my breath away. My eyes traced down his body. We were both skinny thirteen-year-olds, but you could already see he had broad shoulders that flowed down into his tight waist. His tan lines made it look like there was a spotlight highlighting his midsection—'make sure you look here at my throbbing dick'!

"You're so beautiful," I whispered.

"You're still overdressed!" he whispered back.

Seconds later, that was corrected, my clothes strewn somewhere on the floor around me. Ben patted the bed next to him, grinning, I slid in next to him, ensuring that as much of my body was touching him wherever I could—yes, of course dick to dick, balls to balls! Ben wrapped his arms around me—well, arm and cast I guess—and pulled me in.

We snuggled in and just looked at each other for a while. Grinning. Rubbing noses. Then the kisses and gentle touching started—exploring each other by feel! Eventually, Ben sat up and flung back the duvet, "Time for me to get a close-up look at you. I need to figure out how this whole foreskin thing works!"

I lay back, propped up against the pillows and feeling just a little exposed and vulnerable. Ben made me tuck my hands behind my head with strict orders not to pull them out—no touching anywhere!

Then, oh so slowly, Ben went in for a very professional—not!—examination. Starting with my neck—kissing, licking, sucking. Then moving down to my chest where he roamed across from arm pit to arm pit, pausing at both nipples for special attention. It was all I could do to keep my hands where ordered; but he hadn't imposed any body rules so I was twisting, arching, tensing and relaxing.

Finally he got to my abs—licking my grooves and kissing my lobes. I almost lost it when he dove in and started tonguing my belly-button. The whole time keeping his body up and away from my straining dick. Then I could feel his breath on my groin, his kisses skirting my pubes as he made his way down to my inner thighs. Then back up where he licked the groove between my groin and thigh—My God, I didn't even know that was a sensitive spot!

I watched as he hovered over my dick, my pubes, my balls. He locked his eyes with mine, grinned, and then touched me, most definitely spent quality time gently pulling my foreskin down, and up, and around. My soft moans filled the room.

"You're leaking a lot," he giggled.

"Uh-huh," was articulate as I could get.

And then he kissed me, right on the head! Then licked my shaft from base to head. It was all I could do not to thrash all over the bed. I was hanging in there, barely. But when he maneuvered his tongue in between my head and foreskin that was it—my abs started fluttering uncontrollably! I tried to warn him, but Ben just kept his tongue swirling and his hand stroking. Me, I just whimpered and thrust up as I launched shot after shot.

I lay back on the pillows, my fingers tracing through Ben's soft hair as he lay with his head on the edge of my midsection. After a bit, Ben crawled back up on top of me and we kissed and cuddled. Both of us panting like crazy. I could feel my heart pounding against his. Our breathing synched up, me inhaling as he exhaled. My brain was still overwhelmed trying to process everything flooding in from all five senses! Eventually, I rolled him over—carefully shifting his casted arm.

Then I launched my own 'up-close examination' with the same outcome. I was really surprised when I felt his dick swell up in my mouth. I never expected that, but figured out pretty quick that he was about to come—and he did! We spent the rest of the afternoon discovering new experiences, again, again, and again.

We did shower and venture downstairs for dinner. Mrs. Wilson is an awesome cook—steaks, mac and cheese, and a ton of other food. Ben's Dad made some comment about the night on the bay making us ravenous. Ben snickered; I blushed and nodded. We didn't last too long after that—now we were seriously tired as opposed to 'need alone time tired'!

Naked, we crawled back into bed. Kissing and cuddling for a little bit—but soon the yawns overtook the kisses. Ben rolled over and tucked himself back into me, pulling my arms around him tight.

I snuggled in, burying my nose in the soft curve of his neck. He fell asleep really quickly. Me, I happily held him tight, thinking how lucky I am to be falling in love with this beautiful, sexy, funny, smart, and totally annoying boy!


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