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My Best Friend is Gay

by Victor Thomas

Chapter 2

It was Friday night at last. Party time! Sometimes our parties were held in the graveyard or some other remote location, but tonight the party was at Spencer's house. His parents were out of town, so his house was party central.

There was alcohol, naturally, but the supply was severely limited because high school kids only had so many connections and could only get so much. I didn't mind. I wanted a buzz, but I sure didn't want to come home drunk. The shit would hit the fan if I did. My main party interest was girls, and there were plenty of them.

Spencer had music playing loudly, but not so loudly no one could talk. I drank a little and danced a lot. I wasn't into dancing for the sake of dancing, but it gave me a chance to show off my moves and get close to girls. It was easy to rub up against them and sometimes get a feel of their ass.

The living room was crowded and too warm. The warmth was intentional. I had explained the advantages of a too warm room at a party to Spencer long ago. It encouraged girls to slip off some clothes, gave guys an excuse to take off their shirts, and made getting a girl to go somewhere cooler and quieter much easier. I knew all the angles.

I searched the dancers and mingling kids, but didn't spot Rebecca anywhere. I wasn't surprised. She didn't strike me as a party girl. I sure wished I would've known she would turn out so freaking hot. I could have laid some groundwork with her last year, but I hadn't even noticed her then. She was an entire year behind me in school, which is the main reason for that. Younger girls usually had less to offer and were generally less willing to put out. In the future, I needed to remember that girls with flat chests could turn into babes in a year or two. A little kindness now could get me action later. I sighed. Why did I only realize that now in my senior year?

I danced with a few girls, attempting to detect special interest. A lot of girls would make out with a hot football jock like me, but the further one wanted to go, the fewer the girls who would oblige. Picking the right girl was crucial. I did not want to go home with a case of blue ball. I was prepared for action. I had two condoms in my pocket.

I quickly grew sweaty dancing. I pulled off my shirt and stuffed it in the belt of my jeans. Thanks to the warmth, no one thought I was showing off. Girls were into cocky boys, but not big show offs. It was a fine line between the two and one had to tread carefully.

I knew I looked good in the dim light. I was sweaty enough my torso gleamed, but not so sweaty my deodorant and cologne couldn't handle it. Better still, some of the guys with bods hotter than mine, like the Duley brothers, were absent. Others, like Lucas and Cody were present, but there were more than enough girls to go around.

Corinne Bleu reached out and caressed my pecs as we danced, giving me an instant hard on. Granted, it didn't take much to get me going, but she was easy, and touching me meant I had an excellent chance of getting some. I focused on her and ignored the other girls. I knew she would like it. Girls ate that shit up.

Our eyes were on each other as we danced and hers often fell to my chest. Yeah, she liked what she saw. She wanted some.

"I am burning up," I said after an appropriate amount of time.

"I could use some cool air," she said, fanning herself. Her brow was sweaty.

I guided her toward the stairs and she hesitated only a moment before following me to the second floor. I didn't immediately try to get her alone. I knew I could blow things if I moved too fast, even with a slut like her. Girls were like that. We remained in the hallway where it was cooler, but I was still completely comfortable shirtless.

"Why is it always so hot at indoor parties?" she asked.

"It's probably all the body heat," I said.

"I like the outdoor parties more," she said, "except in the cemetery. That's creepy."

"I'd keep you safe," I told her.

She smiled. I flexed just a little without looking like I was flexing.

"I've watched you play," she said. "You're really good."

"Thanks," I said. "You're really beautiful."

She smiled again.

"I wish I didn't have such an unfortunate name."

"Corinne is unfortunate?" I asked. "I think it's a great name."

I knew she wasn't talking about her first name, but pretending ignorance is sometimes a good idea.

"My last name," she said. "I know the guys talk about me. Corinne Bleu."

It was true. I'd heard a lot of shit talked about her in the locker room because of her name and the fact she was slutty.

"I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about you, but I never pay much attention," I said.

"I'm not as easy as my name implies."

Yeah, right.

"Of course not, it's only a name," I told her. "Guys are just frustrated because they want you and can't have you."

I grinned and gazed into her eyes. I slowly leaned in and down. She didn't pull back, so I kissed her. Her tongue was soon in my mouth and we made out for several long moments.

Now was the time. I grasped her hand and pulled her toward Spencer's room. Once inside, I closed and quietly locked the door behind me. Don't get the wrong idea. I wasn't locking her in. I was locking anyone who might try to come in out. I didn't want to be disturbed.

We kissed more and her hands began to roam over my chest. I held back on feeling her up for several long, agonizing moments, but tried a few tentative grasps. She didn't object so I got a good feel of her tits. As I did so, she groped my dick.

I began undressing her. She let me. Soon, she was topless. Mmm. I striped naked, then removed the rest of her clothes. I lowered her onto Spencer's bed, kissed her and let my fingers work their magic. Later, I'd tell Spencer what we had done on his bed.

When we were both extra hot, I stood and took out a condom from the pocket of my jeans. She didn't object as I tore open the package and unrolled it over my hard dick. With some girls, everything came to a halt when I pulled out a condom, but Corinne had just given me the green light.

I climbed on top of her, kissed her, and slowly entered her. I began to thrust and she began to moan. I very nearly shot in less than a minute, but I calmed myself and regained control without ever stopping my thrusts. I kept going and going for minute after minute. I was the man! I was a stud! Finally, when I couldn't hold out another moment more, I groaned loudly and filled the condom.

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