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My Best Friend is Gay

by Victor Thomas

Chapter 3

What the hell was that?

I sat up and rubbed my eyes, disoriented and confused. I looked around my room. There were my familiar football trophies. Sports Illustrated swimsuit pinups of hot babes, and my CD collection.

Why did I dream about a boy blowing another boy?

I fought to calm myself as I climbed out of bed. The dream I'd just experienced was disturbing and so was the fact that I was hard. Did the dream make me hard? No! It couldn't. I wasn't gay. Guys didn't do anything for me. If I was a homo, I'd know it. I showered with the hottest guys in school and they didn't excite me. The hottest guys… I knew what guys were hot. I noticed that they were hot. Did that mean that some part of me was a homo? Maybe I was bi.

These disturbing thoughts troubled me as I walked into my bathroom, turned on the hot water and stepped into the shower.

I am not gay!

I had never once experienced the desire to suck dick. Getting sucked was another matter. I loved head, but I didn't think about guys blowing me! The boy in the dream was good at sucking cock. He was better than any girl who had sucked me.

No! I'm not thinking about that.

My balls needed relief. I began to stroke while thinking about Cody's mom, Rebecca Braxton, and Corinne Bleu. Yeah. Suck it! Blow me! You know you love my huge cock. Suck it, bitches. I moaned as the pressure in my balls released. I sighed with relief.

I rinsed off and stepped out. I was no longer hard. I don't know why I'd dreamed that dream, but I wasn't gay. I was obsessed with girls, especially girls who put out. I'd dreamed weird ass dreams before. They didn't mean anything. This one didn't either.

Forget about it. It's pointless to try and figure out a dream. Dreams are meaningless. I hope.

I dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast. I could smell the bacon before I arrived. I stepped into the kitchen. Pancakes! Yes! Mom made the best pancakes.

"How did you sleep?" mom asked.

"Uh… fine," I lied.

"You don't get enough sleep," she said.

"Mom. I have practice and I have homework. If it's a school night I'm not out running around."

"You still need more sleep."

"Okay, I'll sleep during classes," I said.

I grinned and made her smile.

Dad entered the kitchen and mussed my hair.

"Watch the hair!" I told him.

"Sorry," he said. "I keep forgetting you're a heartthrob now."

"I have always been a heartthrob," I said, as I stuffed my mouth with pancakes.

"Can you pick up Valerie's dress from the cleaners?" mom asked dad. "She has a dance and I'm swamped today."

Mom didn't have a job, but she always seemed to be busy.

"Of course, dear," dad said.

She smiled. She and dad got on well, sometimes too well. He kissed her and it wasn't just a quick peck. Parents shouldn't kiss like that. Witnessing it was disturbing. Eww.

My sisters did not make their appearance until I was nearly finished with breakfast. Girls! Mary was sixteen and Valerie fourteen. They were okay as far as sisters go. I probably wouldn't think so if I didn't have a private bathroom. They could spend hours in the bathroom. I did have to clean mine, but it wasn't that hard, and was well worth it to have my own. I did not want to share with my sisters. That would be a nightmare.

I finished up my breakfast, grabbed my backpack, kissed mom, called out a general 'goodbye' and headed out.

I felt much better and was over my earlier panic as I drove to school. I knew I wasn't gay, so why worry about a stupid dream. Being gay was not that big of a deal anyway. Everyone knew the Duley brothers were gay and no one much cared. Even if a guy did blow me, it wouldn't mean anything. Now, if I sucked off a guy that would have plenty of meaning, but not the other way around. I wasn't going to let a guy blow me anyway. It might feel the same, but the thought of a dude on my dick didn't excite me and I was far from desperate. I smiled to myself thinking about Corinne.

I arrived at CHS in no time. I lived close enough I could have walked, but I have a rep to preserve. Cool jocks did not walk to school. I pulled into the parking lot and Spencer pulled in beside me moments later. I grimaced as I looked at his car. It was uglier each time I saw it.

"I see you're admiring my fine automobile!" he said as he climbed out.

"A Camaro or a Corvette is a fine car," I told him. "A Toyota Corolla is not."

Spencer's car was passed down from his parents when they had got a new car two years ago, right after we had both gotten our drivers licenses.

"Hey, this is a 2012 classic."

"I hate to tell you this, Spencer," I said, "but it's not a classic. At least it's red. It does have that going for it."

"You know you're jealous," he said. "Admit it."

"Yeah, sure."

"I do wish it had a bigger back seat," he said.

"No kidding," I said. "The one time I rode back there I had to sit sideways."

"Yeah," he said. "I need a van."

"Now you're talking," I said.

"That dream will have to wait," he said.

"Just like my dreams of a Camaro," I said.

"At least my dreams of girls come true," he said.

"Yeah?" I asked. "Have something to tell me?"

"Unfortunately, not," he said, "but I'm working on a junior."


"Is your sister going with anyone?" he asked.

"Mary?" I said. "No. Wait… why are you asking me about my sister?"

I turned to him as we walked toward back of the school.

"Hey, she's hot," he said. "If she was my sister…"


"Come on," he said. "Tell me you haven't thought about it."

"I haven't thought about it," I said.


"Dude, I am not into my sister!" I said. "That's just gross."

"I'm into your sister," he said.


"If I had a hot sister… mmm."

"If you had a hot sister, you wouldn't be into her," I said.

"Oh, I would," he said. "Incest is hot."

"Does that mean you want to do your mom?" I asked.


I laughed.

"What about your cousin, Beth?" I asked. "She has nice tits."

"No way!"

"Why not?" I asked. "She's hot."

"Yeah, but…"

"She's your cousin," I said.

"Well… yeah," he said.

"You only think you're into incest," I told him.

"You may be right," he said, "but it's a hot fantasy."

"Yeah, like sex on a beach, but I hear sand gets everywhere," I said.

He smiled and nodded to himself.

"You had better not be picturing me with my sister," I warned as we walked on.

"I can fantasize about whatever I want," he said.

"You're probably just fantasizing about me naked," I said. "Homo."

"Dream on," he said. "I'm focusing on Mary."

"Hey, I don't want a guy like you near my sister," I said.

"Sorry, you cannot control my fantasies," he said.

"Oh yeah," I said. "I'm going to fantasize about you and your mom. I'm picturing you getting down between her legs and…"

"Disgusting! Stop!"

"I will if you will," I said.

"Okay. Deal," he said.

"Now that you're done being a pervert, we can move on to important things, like my chances with Rebecca Braxton," I said.

"I would say… not good," he said.

"Why not?" I asked.

"I've heard she's an ice princess," he said as we entered the back door.

"I can thaw any babe," I said. "Remember that exchange student from last year? She shot down everyone until I came along."

"I'll give you that one," he said. "When I hit on her I almost got frostbite."

"Well, you aren't me," I said.

"It's a good thing I like you," he said.

"Hey, you're hot, just not quite as hot as me," I said.

"You think I'm hot, huh?" he said. "Who's the homo now?"

Shawn Duley passed us in the hallway just then. Spencer paled. He watched as Shawn continued up the hallway.

"Shit. Do you think he heard?"

"We'll find out in the locker room," I said. "If he kicks your ass, he heard. He looked a little scared. I laughed. "Dude, he's not going to beat you up."

"I hope not," he said. "He could."

"Yeah, I'm working my way toward having a bod like his," I said.

"What?" he said. "I thought you were perfect."

"Oh," I said, "I'm close to perfect, just not quite."

He smiled and we went our separate ways. He was right, I didn't have much of a chance with Rebecca, especially after making a fool of myself, but some girls were worth a lot of effort.

I gave Corinne a knowing smile as I passed her on the way to first period. A few guys treated her badly because she was easy, but I wasn't one of them. I wasn't unkind to anyone unless they deserved it, and it was crazy to treat a girl who put out poorly. I wanted to stay on her good side. I wanted me some more of that.

Soon after I passed Corinne, I spotted Rebecca, the girl of my dreams. Okay, I'll be honest. In the past there had probably been an average of three of four girls of my dreams a semester, and their standing was mostly based on my lust, but Rebecca was something else. Yeah, I wanted to do her, but I just wanted to be with her. That was something new to me. I smiled at her as she passed and … nothing.

I began to design my campaign as I moved through my morning classes. Whenever I wanted to seduce a girl, I used kindness and my hot bod. I wore tight shirts that showed off my muscles; I stretched so my shirt would ride up and reveal my abs, and I bent over to show off my ass. I have no idea why girls care about a boy's ass, but they do, and I have a hot one. I had plenty to offer a girl with needs and I was talented when it came to sex. I had overheard girls talking about me. I had a good rep.

I would try my usual repertoire first and see what happened. My first overture of kindness hadn't received a reaction, but I would keep it up. Even an ice queen could be melted.

Throughout the day, I gave Rebecca my most charming grin. My shirt was sufficiently tight to show off my bod and I stretched my arms back a couple of times to give her an even better look at my chest. Her reaction was unenthusiastic. It was a good thing I didn't have self esteem issues because her reaction to my bod was underwhelming.

Lunch arrived at last. I went through the line and then sat down with my tray of sweet and sour meatballs and brown rice. I wanted to ask if any of the guys had dated Rebecca, but her older brother, Kevin, was sinning near. He likely would not appreciate my interest in his sister, especially since I had a reputation of being a player.

Spencer followed a pair of cheerleaders with his eyes. He had good taste. They were babes.

"Try not to drool on your meatballs," Elijah said.

"What did you say about Spencer's balls, Elijah?" Lucas asked.

"I said meatballs!" Elijah said.

"We all know what you were thinking," Lucas said.


"Don't get Mini-Gaylord upset or he might kick your ass," Shawn said.

Elijah's last name was Gaylord, and both his older brothers had played football at CHS. He was also really small for a football player.

"Yeah, he can get pretty fierce," Lucas said. "You can think about Spencer's balls, I mean, meatballs, if you want, Elijah. You are the Lord of the Gays."

Elijah glared with pretend anger.

"Has anyone nailed one of them?" Spencer asked, nodding toward the cheerleaders taking their seats at the cheerleader table.

A few guys shook their heads.

"Well, don't look at me! I'm not interested," Elijah said, getting a laugh.

"I could be the first," Spencer said.

"Keep dreaming, Spencer. Shawn, Steve and Elijah are more likely to score with them than you," Cody said.

"You're a riot, Atkins," Spencer said. "Hmm, perhaps I should go for them one at a time instead of together."

"Yeah, I don't think I'd invite them to a three-way," I said.

"I bet you don't have the balls to even approach one of them," Kevin said.

"Oh? Need I remind you about Janet Greenway, Suzanne Becker, Abby Hargrave or Corinne Bleu?" Spencer asked, listing girls he'd had.

"Okay, I see your point, but Corinne doesn't count," Kevin said. "Everyone has had her."

"Not me," Steve said.

"Me either," Shawn said.

"Nor me," Elijah said.

"You guys don't count," Lucas said.

"Why not, Lucas? Answer carefully. If I don't like your response, I'll make you my little bitch in the locker room while everyone watches," Shawn said.

We all knew he was kidding, but Lucas paled a little.

"Because… uh… you have higher standards?" Lucas said.

"I like that," Shawn said. "You may keep your anal virginity."

"I bet he's bent over lots of times already," Spencer said.

"How would you like me to bend you over and make you my little bitch?" Lucas asked.

"I do not believe I'd enjoy that," Spencer said.

I was uncomfortable about gays in general and didn't trust them, but Shawn and Steve were different. They didn't check any of us out in the showers or locker room, they were jocks, they were funny, and they seemed normal. Elijah was pretty normal too for that matter.

There were other gays who gave me the creeps. I hated the girly ones and the ones who checked me out. If they were all like the Duley brothers and Elijah, they wouldn't have been so bad, but most of them were not normal.

I laughed out loud. Of course, they weren't normal. They liked boys instead of girls.

"What are you laughing at, Philip?" Kevin asked.

"I was just thinking about Shawn making Lucas his bitch while we all watched," I lied.

"Oh," Kevin said. "So, you'd like to watch?"

"I didn't say that!" I said.

"It's okay, Philip," Lucas said. "It's safe to come out."

"Fuck you, Lucas," I said.

"I'm an accepting guy, but no thank you," Lucas said. "You may like taking it up the butt, but not me.

"I'm not into guys!" I said.

"That's fine, Philip," Lucas said. "We all believe you. Don't we guys?"

Everyone, even Shawn, Steve, and Elijah nodded their heads in an exaggerated manner. I growled and the guys laughed. I had stuck my foot in it, but I could take it as well as I could dish it out.

"Philip isn't cool enough to be gay. None of you are," Steve said.

"You're so funny, Duley!" Cody said.

"Oh, wait. Philip can't be gay. He must be bi. After what he did with Karen Lankford at that party last year, he has to like girls too," Kevin said.

I grinned. My dick stirred in my jeans as I remembered that night. It was one of the rare times I'd had sex while others watched.

"Hey, maybe we can invite your mom to a party, Lucas, and I can do a repeat," I said.

"No, we'll invite your mom," Lucas said.

The guys all laughed again. Moms were acceptable targets when insulting teammates. I did avoid talking shit about Cody's mom since I had actually fucked her more than once. Mmm. Remembering our encounters was… stimulating. Maybe I could talk her into doing it again.

Steve gave me a knowing nod when we all got up to dump our trays at the end of the lunch period, but I knew he was messing with me. Everyone knew I was not gay. I was also not bi. I was into girls and only girls.

My afternoon classed were… eh… I actually kind of liked school, but I still got bored cramped in a desk for most of an hour. My ass always hurt by the end of the period. Couldn't they pad desk seats?

I spotted Rebecca at her locker after school. She was talking with two other girls. I changed course so I could pass by.

"Hey, how are you doing?" I asked, turning on my charm.

"I'm fine," she said, and promptly turned back to her girlfriends.

I moved on. She had shot me down again.

"She want's you bad. I thought she was going to grab your dick there for a moment," Spencer said as he stepped in beside me.

"I'm gonna punch you," I said.

He laughed.

"Come on, you dish it out, so you have to take it," he said.

"You were at lunch, right?" I asked.

"Yeah, you set yourself up for that," he said.

"I probably should think before I speak, but it's so exhausting," I said.

"Thinking wears me out, too," he said.

"That wasn't the response I wanted from her," I said.

"I kind of figured that. I wouldn't waste my time on her. There are far easier targets," he said, while gazing at Stacy Wyatt.

She was no Corinne Bleu, but was far, far easier than the likes of Rebecca Braxton.

I grabbed his shoulder as he began to turn to pursue Stacy.

"Later," I said. He sighed. "I know how you feel, buddy."

"Hey, you get way more pussy than me," he said.

"True, but it's still not enough," I said. "I swear, I am horny all the time."

"Welcome to my world," he said. "It's a little like being tortured, but I like it."

"Maybe you're a masochist," I said.

I often wondered why I was in a constant state of sexual need. Sometimes I needed sex right after having sex. Even when I went multiple rounds with a girl, it wasn't long after we finished before I began to want it again. I got hard in classes when nothing the least bit sexy was going on. I got hard riding my bike and driving my car. I was very, very lucky I had never gotten hard in the locker room or showers. I would never hear the end of it. Well… maybe that's not true. Quite a few of my teammates had got hard in the locker room or showers over the years. The jokes and taunts were merciless for a while, but didn't last long, probably because every guy feared it would happen to him next.

When I was in the locker room or showers, I killed any potentially embarrassing erection by thinking of truly repulsive or tragic things as soon as I began to stiffen. It almost always worked, thankfully.

Spencer and I entered the locker room and stripped. This was a workout day, so we dressed in comfortable shorts and shirts instead of our uniforms. I loved getting out on the field, especially when we ran plays, but I loved workout days, too.

I bet the homos on the team loved our weight room days because most of us worked our shirtless. The weight room always seemed like it was too warm. Add to that, the physical activity of lifting and it was too damn hot to wear a shirt. Guys liked to show off anyway, even if it was only for other guys. That did seem a little gay, but it was mostly a matter of dominance. There was a hierarchy based solely on physical fitness. I had hoped to be at the top my senior year, but no such luck. I was in the top five at least. That was something. I hit the weights hard to improve my body and move up, but the better built guys did too. It was unlikely I would catch up or pass them, but I sure tried.

I noticed that Shawn and Steve never checked out other guys in the weight room. They were all business. If I was gay, I would've looked around… I guess. I wondered if there were any other gay guys on the team beyond the three who were out. If there were, they were well hidden. If I was gay, there is no way I'd be out. Luckily, I didn't have to worry about that.

Working out around other guys made me horny. I would have been worried about that if I didn't get horny so damn often and for so little reason. Despite that weird ass dream, I knew I was not into guys. Hell, the best built guy in the room, Shawn, was gay. I could probably hook up with him if I wanted and I had no desire to do so. If I were gay, surely I would have sexual thoughts about him. I didn't. My thoughts about Shawn were more along the lines of how does he get that definition in his abs or I wished my chest looked like that. Shawn's body inspired jealousy, not lust.

The room was filled with grunts as guys pushed themselves to the max. Working out was a little like torturing oneself, and yet I loved it. Maybe I was a masochist too. I loved the way lifting heavy weights made my body feel and I loved the muscles it gave me. I was handsome enough, but it was my body that attracted girls. The girls talked about wanting a caring, sensitive guy, but what they really wanted was an aggressive boy with muscles and a big dick. They wanted a boy who would make them moan and scream.

Our workout lasted as long as practice, and by the end I was beat. I could have slacked off somewhat, but this wasn't like an assignment I did for a grade. I got out of this what I put into it and I wanted to look as hot as possible.

I drove straight home after practice, locked my bedroom door, and stroked while fantasizing about group sex with cheerleaders. Man, I wish my fantasies would come true.

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