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Logan's Living

Chapter 4

By Wayne Telfer

The ride to the residence was a quiet one. Benjamin simply sat between Logan and his mom and quietly wept. They noticed this at almost the same time and had exactly the same reaction. They each reached out, took one of his hands and simply held it.

Damn, that felt so good. It was a gentle and simple gesture of acceptance.

They piled out of the Hum V in front of the residence, the three residents standing at the top of the stairs. But before they could ascend, Benjamin stepped over in front of Brad and Jackson.

"Logan told me that you two were responsible to discovering what was happening to me and called the police."

"Yes we were, Benjamin," answered Brad with a smile.

"I want to hug you, but I don't wan..."

Jackson solved his dilemma by simply stepping up and wrapping the boy in his arms. The boy, for his part, clung to the big man.

"Thank you, thank you."

"You're welcome, Benjamin."

The gesture was repeated with Brad and then they trooped up the stairs.

Reed stepped forward slightly as they reached the top step. "It's nice to see you again, Mrs. Justice. Please allow me to introduce my dad, Dr. Oscar Stewart, and my older brother, Phillip Stewart."

"Mrs. Justice, it is a great pleasure to meet you after all these years. I've admired your charity work for some time now. And please, my name is Oscar."

"And mine is Margaret, Oscar. It's a pleasure to meet you as well. My son and yours speak very highly of you."

"Well, they're both a joy to have around, I assure you. It's been such a pleasure having Logan here. Reed has been far too isolated since I took him in. I was thrilled when he started bringing your son around to visit. Now, there seems to be a new face in the crowd."

Margaret laid a gentle hand on Ben. "Oscar, this is Benjamin Grice. He's had a rather rough two weeks and I'd love it if you could look him over carefully. The authorities are going to want to know the details of his condition."

"Hello, Benjamin," said Oscar as he held out his hand.

"He...hello, Dr. Stewart."

"No need to be frightened, Benjamin. We'll simply have a quick look at you, ask a few questions and then you can have a look around the residence."

His easy, friendly manner put Benjamin more at ease.

The two of them walked off to parts unknown while everyone else retired to the kitchen first and then the living room.

"It's a beautiful home you have here, Phillip," said Margaret after they were seated.

"Father was very successful as a pediatrician. But this is mostly the result of careful investing. He loved to dabble in stocks and such when he was working. Since his retirement two years ago, he's taken to it full time. How he does it, I can't tell you. He's got an instinct that I just can't match."

"Some people just have a knack," she smiled.

"Me, I just go with the flow. My passion is numbers. In particular, financial figures. I do all of father's accounting and taxes, for which he pays me handsomely. At least that's how it started. Once he saw my talent he started letting out about my passion and I've been garnering more work from his friends. It's become a bit overwhelming of late."

"My job is to make sure they both eat once in a while," said Reed with a chuckle. "You should see them when they're at their computers. You'd think the rest of the world had disappeared and they were capable of surviving on air."

Phillip laughed. "It's sadly true. My little brother has become an invaluable asset."

"If I'm being impertinent please tell me, but I've wondered how you ended up with Oscar, Reed."

"That's my fault I'm afraid," answered Phillip instead. "I'd gone out to the mall two years ago and had retired for a moment to the men's room. When I stepped in, here was this poor bedraggle youngster huddled in a corner crying. He'd clearly been beaten and was not dressed for the nasty cold spell we were dealing with at the time. The poor kid was almost blue with cold."

"My parents had discovered me with another boy," Reed said softly. "My dad had started beating me after he'd kicked the boy out of the house. I managed to get past him and ran for my life. I ended up at the mall a couple of hours later, nearly frozen and feeling pretty sorry for myself. I didn't have a clue what I was going to do."

"Then this guy comes in and sits beside me without saying a word. He just sits there. Well, I was scared at first because several guys had already tried to get me to go to one of the stalls with them. But this guy just sat there and didn't say a word. I finally couldn't stand it any longer and asked him what he wanted."

"Well," said Phillip, picking up the story, "I know what lone teenage boys can be subjected to in places like that. I knew if I made a move toward him he'd bolt. I needed him to come to me, as it were. When he asked what I wanted I told him I simply wanted to help, nothing more. 'It's obvious to me that you've had a bad time,' I said. Well, that brought out the tears."

"I recognized the symptoms. You see, Mrs. Justice, I'm gay and had a similar experience. It was Oscar that found me huddled outdoors, crying my eyes out. So I simply told Reed my story as he sat there and cried."

"The short version is that I persuaded him to come to the food court with me. I got some hot food into him and then took him around and bought him some warm clothes and convinced him that my father and I could provide him a warm bed and meals until he decided what he wanted to do."

"I've been here ever since," said Reed quietly. "I was desperate enough that I decided that if I had to give up something for a warm bed, it'd be a small price to pay." He blushed at the inference. "But all I ever got from Phillip and Oscar was love and acceptance. It didn't take me long to decide I liked it here."

Logan simply sat there stunned. He knew that the story was partly made up, but he somehow knew that the essential parts were nothing but the truth. He'd have to ask Reed about that later.

Margaret simply got up and went over and hugged Reed. "You've been a lucky young man, Reed."

"Thanks, Mrs. Justice. Logan's lucky to have a mom like you. You're awesome."

Just then Oscar and Benjamin entered the living room. "Well, everything is just fine with Benjamin here. Nothing a little proper nutrition won't remedy."

Benjamin was all smiles.

"Phillip, Reed, why don't you take Benjamin around and show him all the sights." He then turned to Benjamin. "Now, you're sure it's all right if I discuss your medical conditions with these two?"

"Yes, sir. I'd just be embarrassed if I had to be there."

"Ok, you go off with my boys while I talk to Logan and his mom."

Oscar took a few moments to pour himself a glass of wine and then sat opposite them.

"First off, Benjamin is just fine. He has one bump on the back of his head from when his parents pushed him into the basement. But other than that, not a mark on him. He's a bit under nourished, which is expected considering that he mostly had only junk food to eat for that two weeks."

"Emotionally, he's pretty resilient. I really can't see him having any lasting effects from this incident. Mostly he just feels relief."

He looked at Logan. "He thinks you walk on water. Did you really strip naked and walk down into the basement?"

"Gave my mom quite a shock," laughed Logan.

"Yeah, well, Benjamin confided his homosexuality and couldn't talk enough about all you've done to help him understand about that. I have to admit I questioned him about what you'd been telling him and I have to say that you've done a fine thing, Logan."

He then turned to Margaret. "And he thinks you're an angel for wanting to take him in. Have you given any thought about the long term?"

"Not yet. I'm not certain I really want this to become long term. But I don't want him abandoned either."

"I understand. If you can take care of him for a few days, I think I might be able to provide some options. I know several fine families that would be thrilled to take in someone like Benjamin. I believe my boys were telling you a bit of their history." She nodded. "Well, they aren't the only unfortunates I've helped over the years. There have been about a dozen or so that I've helped find accepting homes. I'm sure I could do the same for Benjamin."

"I've already broached the subject with him," he continued, "and he seems accepting of the idea, but I think it'd be best for the immediate future if he could stay with the two of you. It'll give him a feeling of acceptance and love that's been sadly lacking in his young life. I'll arrange a little get together of several prospective couples and we'll bring Benjamin in to meet and talk with them. I've always had good luck with that approach. The boy gets a choice that he wouldn't get if the state took charge of the situation."

"Well," she answered thoughtfully, "I'm more than willing to have him stay for a few days or a week."

"That's marvelous, Margaret. Now Logan, I'm going to be blunt with you. Benjamin is in desperate need of more of your guidance. He's a lonely boy and very self-conscious, both about his homosexuality and his small size and late blooming. I can almost guarantee that he's going to want to sleep in your room with you."

Logan sighed. He'd been thinking along those same lines.

"I know. He's not really your type, is he?"

"It's not really that, doc. He's just so unready. His body is just now starting to develop."

Oscar smiled. "You know, I haven't known you all that long, Logan, but the more I come to know you, the more impressed I become." He turned to Margaret. "What are your feelings about this?"

"How old is Benjamin?"


"Oh my, I had no idea. Well, Logan knows I trust him. I'm not sure how I feel, really. I guess that if Benjamin really needs time with Logan then it'll be up to my son to decide how to handle it." She looked at Logan. "This is a bit awkward, isn't it?"

"Uh, yeah, I'd say so. Look, mom, I don't mind if Benjamin wants to sleep in my room. But I know he's going to want to experiment a bit. There isn't much we could really do. I don't think he's really very advanced physically. But, yeah, this seems a bit weird, talking about a guy sleeping in my bed at home."

Oscar simply sat back and watched the two of them. Logan really was a fortunate boy to have such an open and understanding parent. And she was fortunate to have a son that seemed so sure of who he was. It was a real credit to the manner in which she'd raised him.

"Sweetheart, it's just a little odd, is all. I can see, though, that you only have his best interests at heart. You two work it out between you and don't worry about it. If time with you is what he needs to boost his self-confidence, then you do what you think best."

Oscar shook his head slightly.

"What?" asked Logan.

"Oh, nothing. I just marvel every time I see it, is all. Parents like the Masseys and the Grices can't live with their sons being gay, and then I see someone like you, Margaret, who are not only accepting, but willing to let her son be himself, right under her nose."

She blushed in embarrassment. "Well...thank you."

"All right, the only other thing to mention, Logan, is that I've done what I can to reassure Benjamin that his development is not abnormal. Some boys just come to it later than others. But he's still embarrassed by it."

"I know. I've tried to make him feel better about it. Maybe now that you've given him a medical opinion I'll have better luck. I'll keep trying."

"Good boy. So, let's find the boys and get you on home."

"Thank you, Oscar. Do I owe you anything?"

He laughed. "No, Margaret. I do these examinations for the boys and no other reason. Oh," he handed her a paper, "Here is the documentation you'll need for the authorities. By the way, I have a lawyer that I've used before in cases like this. He's very good, and I'd be willing to pick up the expense."

"Someone experienced would be welcome. I wasn't certain who to call."

"Well, don't worry about it then. I'll have him call you this afternoon. He'll chat with you about your schedule and then take care of all the arrangements with the police. He'll probably want to talk with Benjamin before the meeting."

"We'll make it happen, and thank you Oscar."

The trip home turned out to be a quiet one, mainly because Ben fell almost immediately asleep, leaning against the window. He was terribly embarrassed when he had to shaken awake.

"Sorry, they came storming into the house real early this morning. I don't know how long I've been awake."

"The police said they arrested your mother at four this morning," said Jackson.

"Well, the first thing you probably want is a nap," said Margaret.

"Could I take a shower first? I've only been able to wash a bit in the utility sink in the basement."

"Whatever you'd like, dear."

"I bet you're hungry too," said Logan as they entered the house.

"I don't know if I can stay awake long enough to eat."

"Mom, could you make him a sandwich while I make sure he doesn't fall asleep in the shower?" laughed Logan.

Logan simply sat on the toilet seat and kept up a stream of conversation about nothing in particular with Ben, thus ensuring the boy got clean without collapsing. Margaret slipped in about halfway through the shower and set a sandwich and glass of milk on the counter, smiling at Logan's method of keeping Ben awake.

Clean and fed, Logan led Ben into the spare bedroom. He pulled back the sheet and blanket as the younger boy stripped and got into bed naked.

"I'll warn mom that you sleep naked so she won't catch you in the altogether," he chuckled.


He sat on the edge of the bed. He saw the hesitant reach and completed it by taking the boy's hand in his.

"Thanks, Logan," he whispered and squeezed his hand.

"Ah, Benny," he leaned over and gave him an unexpected kiss...right on the lips. "We're friends. That's what friends do for each other. Just do me a favor and don't get stuck in another situation like that, I don't think I'll be able to strip in front of my mom again."

That got a chuckle out him. "That had to be weird."

"Well, not at the time. All I could think about was helping you out of that pickle. It wasn't until later that I got embarrassed by it. Now, I've got to go to work. I'm already late."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. This was much more important."

"I thought you worked nights?"

"Oh, that's right, you haven't been around for all the latest doings. The short version is that I'm a florist now." That got a perplexed look. "I make flower arrangements. I'll explain it all later, or you can ask mom about it when you wake up."

"I really shouldn't sleep, I'll be awake all night."

"Tell you what, I'll tell mom to wake you in four hours. That way you get what you need so you can enjoy dinner and still be able to sleep tonight. You can go in my room and play the PS3 if you want. You can log in on the guest account on my computer if you want to check emails and things."

"Thanks, Logan," he yawned.

He chuckled. "Go to sleep. I'll see you after work."

Ben was asleep before Logan even got to the door.

He found his mother at the dining room table, nursing a coffee. "Well, he's asleep. Be careful mom, Ben sleeps nude." She chuckled. "You should probably wake him in four hours. He's afraid if he sleeps all day he'll be up all night. Oh, and I told him he could go into my room and play the video or use the computer. Now, I really should go put in an appearance at work."

"I gave Ralph a call and explained why you weren't there. He said to take whatever time you needed."

"Thanks, mom." He paused. He could see that something was troubling her. "What's the matter?"

"Huh? Oh, nothing really." She then looked at him and blushed. "Oh, all right, I was just remembering what happened at Benjamin's house. I haven't seen you naked in quite a few years, dear. It was a little startling."

He came over and pulled a chair up next to her and sat down. "I'm sorry, mom. I didn't mean to embarrass you, really. All I could think about was poor Ben down there all alone and scared."

She smiled and caressed his cheek. "I know, sweetheart. I'll always remember that moment; not because of your nudity, but because you were willing to do anything to help out your friend...including embarrass yourself like that."

Logan laughed. "It wasn't until we were riding over to Reed's that it sunk in what I'd done and became embarrassed because of it." He looked into her eyes and could see there was more to it. "You're also embarrassed because your baby boy is a bit less of a boy than you thought."

She blushed, and then laughed. "Yeah, I suppose that is the root of the matter, isn't it. I just never imagined that you were so..."

Logan smiled sympathetically. "So well developed? Well, all I can say is they're your genes."

That got a genuine laugh out of her. "They must be, because they certainly weren't your father's."

He blushed, but laughed. "Well, I think that falls in the category of too much information." He hugged her. "I promise to be more circumspect the next time I have to go running in to rescue a friend."

"I think I'd appreciate that, son. Now you should probably be getting out of here."

"Oh, mom, one other thing. Reed and I had made plans for all day tomorrow..."

"That'll be fine, dear. Benjamin's going to have to talk with the police tomorrow and then I planned to take him home to pack up some clothes. I'll make it a full day by taking him out to eat lunch. Will you be home for supper tomorrow?"

"Yes ma'am." He gave her another hug and a kiss. "I'm going to try and be home early today, too. I think I want to spend some time talking to Ben."

The salon was busy when Logan arrived. Lots of milling people in the display areas. As he made his way through the crowd, it became obvious why. Everyone...absolutely everyone, turned to watch him walk through. 'Oh, Jesus,' he thought, 'Just don't decide I'm some sort of teen idol.'` But it was apparent that this is precisely what was happening.

"He's so cute," whispered one teenage girl. And it was then that Logan realized that most of the people present were teenage girls. Well, that simply had to stop. He did, after all, now have a vested interest in the success of this business. The minute he got behind the counter he pulled over a chair and stepped up on it so that he was clearly visible.

"May I have your attention please?!" That immediately brought silence. "Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who are here to engage in business, I must apologize to you. This is not the way Maxwell Creations normally does business." He then glared around at all the young ladies. "I don't know what you young ladies think you're doing, but you are interfering with our ability to conduct a legitimate business. This is not some rock concert and I'm certainly no teen idol to be fawned over. I do not appreciate you coming here for the express purpose of throwing yourselves at my feet."

"This is where I work for a living. This is where all these fine folks behind me work for a living. Your coming in here like a bunch of groupies is interfering with our ability to earn money for this business and thus justify our presence. Now, if you are not here to engage in commerce I want you to leave. Now!"

There was considerable grumbling as the showroom emptied. Soon there were only half a dozen patrons remaining. They took a moment to applaud Logan's speech. He got down from his perch and immediately stepped out into the showroom and started to interact with the customers.

He answered questions, pointed out alternatives and made suggestions when asked. It helped quite a bit to calm his nerves. When he was convinced that he'd done all he could and any further 'help' would be considered intrusive, he excused himself and entered the work area. He went back to his bench and simply sat. He just kept thinking of all those ridiculous girls. The more he thought about it, the madder he got.

It was Martha that came back and broke him out of his funk.

"Logan, dear" she said as she stepped up and simply hugged him. "Don't be upset, my boy. They're just silly girls; all hormones and no brains at that age. I know, I use to be just like them. You should have seen me when Duran-Duran came to town."

That image broke the spell and he laughed. "That's a picture I'd like to see."

"Not on your life, mister!" she laughed in return. "I can't believe I survived to become a responsible adult. I was such an air head at that age." She then cast a winning smile at him. "You handled that very well, Logan. You're probably going to have a hard time getting a date for your junior prom, though."

"If that's true, then they aren't worth pursuing anyway." He hugged her. "Thank you, Martha."

"Don't mention it. Now, do you think you could lend a hand around here? It seems I heard someone say we had a business to run."

He spent the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon helping the others complete orders, occasionally going out into the showroom to assist customers. He was recognized, certainly, but the recognition was always polite and brief.

It was about one-thirty when Logan saw Ralph for the first time. He simply appeared behind Logan as he was making a final adjustment on the arrangement he'd been helping Jake with.

"Very nice, my boy." He stood up straight as Logan got up from his bench. "You've had a pretty full day from what I hear, mister."

"It's been a bit odd, that's for sure."

"Well, I wanted to compliment you on how you handled the groupie thing this morning. I was just about to chase them off when you arrived."

"Well, I hope the word gets around, or I'll be doing that everyday for a while. It's so stupid."

Ralph laughed. "I wouldn't worry about it, my boy. I imagine there are quite a few over heated cell phones right now. I doubt if we'll have a repeat performance."

"Look, Ralph, mom told you how we began our day?"

"Yes she did. How's the young man doing?"

"I think he's okay, but I'd really like to spend some extra time with him. Would you mind if I..."

"Took a bit of extra time off? Not at all, Logan. You've done enough here today. Go on and see to your friend."

He found his mother at her usual afternoon research when he arrived home. She hadn't awakened Ben yet, so after he'd given her a good laugh by describing the events at work, he went on in and sat on the bed and gently shook their guest. Ben's eyes flew open and there was definite fear in them.

"Shh, shh, Ben, it's Logan."

He was so relieved that Ben shot up and hugged Logan...hard. "Oh god, I was dreaming of the basement." He was actually shaking. Well, no matter how adjusted Oscar felt he was, it was obvious to Logan that there were bound to be some nightmares yet. He simply held Ben until the shakes subsided.

When he realized what he was doing, Ben pushed away quickly. "Oh Logan, I'm sorry."

"For what?!"

"'ve never liked me trying to hug you."

Logan sighed and pulled Ben into an embrace. "It's something we'll talk about a little later. For now let's just be good friends, ok?" He waited until he felt Ben's arms hold him back. "Now," he said softly, "Why don't you go ahead and get dressed. My room's right across the hall. Come meet me in there after you've gotten yourself put together." He pushed him away and kissed his forehead. "Come on, Benny, time to begin this day again; but this time, without all the drama of this morning."

That got a chuckle out of Ben. "I can definitely go along with that."

He didn't rush. He dressed slowly, then turned and remade the bed, before going to relieve himself. He saw Mrs. Justice at her computer across the hall as he exited the bathroom. She looked up at him as he hesitated at the door.

"May I come in?"

"Of course, Benjamin. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, ma'am, very well." He hesitated a moment and then stepped up and gave her a hug. "Thank you for letting me stay with you."

"Ah, Benjamin, it's our pleasure."

"Mrs. Justice, would you call me Benny?"

She smiled. "I heard Logan call you that when we were in the basement. But he always called you by your full name anywhere else."

"It's something I only allow special people to call me. And only when we're not in public."

"May I ask why...Benny?"

He smiled at her usage. "I look so much like a little kid that most people make it sound so childish."

"Well, thank you, Benny."

He left and went to Logan's room to find a tray of juice, cheese and crackers sitting on the desk.

"Thought you might be ready for a bit of a snack. You haven't had much to eat lately."

"God, that's the truth. I don't think I'm going to be able to eat another chip or cookie for months. And don't even get me started on sodas." He grabbed a couple pieces of cheese and a glass of the orange juice and looked around for a place to sit. Logan solved that by patting the bed beside him.

"So, you think you can stand to begin the talk I promised you?"

"I guess. It sounds serious."

Logan smiled. "Yeah, I suppose it is. But we're going to make it a friendly serious, ok?"

"Ok," he smiled back.

"When's your birthday, Benny?"

Well that was not what he'd expected to hear. "October seventh."

"That makes me months older than you. Does that sound like a lot of difference to you?"

Benny shook his head.

"Well, I happen to agree with you."

"Then why won't you do things with me?" he whispered. "It's because I look like a little kid, isn't it."


That was another unexpected response. "No?"

"No, Benny. I've never thought of you as a little kid. A little kid would not be able to carry on some of the conversations you and I have had. A little kid wouldn't be able to hold off an entire police force or keep his parents at bay. A little kid wouldn't be as good at sports as you are."

"Then why? Because my dick is too small?"

Logan sighed. "Because your body isn't ready to do all the things you want to do. Look, Benny, it's not fair, I know. You're fifteen and all your buddies are talking about jacking off and having sex with girls and all you can do is dream about it. You've been cursed with late maturing genes."

Benny simply hung his head.

"But it is happening, Benny. I saw a big difference this morning, and it's only been a couple of months since you showed me yourself."

"You saw a difference? Really?"

"Benny, you're my friend, and I do like you. I'm not going to lie to you. Yes, I saw a difference. How big is your penis?"

"Uh, I don't know."

"Benny, Benny, Benny." Logan got up. "Wait here, be right back."

Logan went down to his mother's computer room and walked up behind her and hugged her. "Mom, Benny and I are going to need to be alone for about an hour. And yes, I know this is have no idea how awkward this is. But I'm going to close my bedroom door."

She simply turned and kissed his cheek. "It's all right, dear. I've adjusted, I think."

"You're the best, mom."

Benny couldn't imagine what Logan was doing, but he was surprised when he returned and closed the door. He then went over to his desk and rummaged through a drawer and walked over to the bed and sat down, a ruler in his hand.

"Ok, Benny, we are going to eliminate the suspense. Stand up here in front of me, please."

He could only sit and stare for several moments.

Logan smiled. "Do you trust me?"

Ben nodded.

"Then come over here, please." Benny moved slowly into position and reached for his belt. Logan batted his hand away gently. Without a word he began to undo his belt. Then he undid the button and unzipped his pants. Finally, he slipped a finger inside the waist band of his underwear and then paused and looked up at Ben. "Last chance, Benny. You say the word and I'll stop."

"D...don't stop."

He smiled and slowly pulled pants and underwear down. Since Benny was bare foot it was a simple thing to get him to lift his feet so that he could pull them all the way off. When he looked up Benny was hard.

"Is that as hard as it's going to get?"

"I...I guess so."

"Hmm. Well, if we're going to have an accurate measurement, we'll need to be sure." He reached up, but then paused. "Benny, how come your dick is so red?"

He blushed. "Well...I didn't have a lot to do the last two weeks."

"Jesus, Benny, you weren't using lotion or something?"

He shook his head.

Logan sighed and went over to his night stand and pulled out his tube of KY. "Ok, Benny," he laughed softly. "Time for Professor Logan's masturbation 101." Benny laughed at that. "You're going to hurt yourself if you keep pulling on this thing without some lubrication. I mean that seriously, Ben. Don't ever let it get this red again, ok?"

He nodded.

"So, this is KY jelly. You can get it in the pharmacy section at any store. And it's cheap." He squeezed a large dollop onto his index finger. "It doesn't take a lot." Without further ado, he began applying it to Benny's dick, gently, knowing that it'd be sensitive from all the recent abuse.

Benny hissed and reached out quickly and braced himself on Logan's shoulders. "Oh, Jesus Christ, Logan."

"I'm sorry, does that hurt?"

"NO! I feels incredible!"

So Logan simply coated the entire penis and then spent a few moments stroking it. When he was certain he'd gotten all the hardness he was going to, he stopped. That brought a groan of disappointment from Benny. Logan simply chuckled and set about measuring, something Benny watched closely.

"Hmm, four and three quarter inches. It's a good beginning, Benny."

"You really think so?"

"You'll know yourself. You just measure it every couple of weeks." He took the ruler and set it on the floor. "Now, I don't think we can leave this thing like this." He took hold of Benny's waist and turned him and pushed him onto the bed. "So, Benny, do you have orgasms?"

"I...I don't think so. I've just rubbed it until it started to hurt."

"Ok, we're going to try and get you an orgasm."

"What do I have to do?"

"Just lay there. I'm going to do this for my friend." And he began. Benny simply closed his eyes and marveled at the feeling of having someone else doing the deed. It was was was the best feeling ever. Then suddenly something new started to happen.

"Logan, I'm starting to tingle down there," he said in a worried tone.

"Good, Benny. That's how it begins. Just let it happen. Trust me, this won't hurt."

Well, if he couldn't trust Logan, then who? He simply let go and allowed these new feelings to grow. It started as a slight tingling in his nuts that quickly grew to include the base of his small dick. Then it continued to grow until it was traveling all the way up his dick. The feeling continued to grow more and more intense until finally, with no warning his dick began to spasm. It pulsed and jerked and his entire groin was suddenly on fire with this new sensation. But it didn't end there. It traveled rapidly throughout his body, until every cell seemed to be celebrating this wonderful new experience.

It ended suddenly, like hitting the ground. But the tingling subsided more slowly as Logan continued to slowly stroke. When he finally had control once again, he opened his eyes and looked down into Logan's smiling face.

"Was that...?"

"That was an orgasm, Benny. But it was more than that. Look here."

He followed Logan's eyes and saw a small puddle of something just there below his navel.

"Is that..."

"Well, it's not quite cum, Benny. But it's the clear fluid that your sperm will swim in once your balls finally start making it." He smiled up at his friend. "You surprised me, buddy. I didn't really think things had gotten this far yet."

Benny suddenly frowned. "But why'd it happen so quickly? I thought it was supposed to take longer."

"Ah, don't sweat that, Benny. First times are usually like that. Your body's been wanting it for a long time. When it finally understands, it just goes for the gusto as fast as it can. Don't worry, it'll take longer from now on." He patted Benny's arm. "Tell you what, when we go to bed tonight we'll give it another go and you'll see."

Benny was speechless for a moment. Did Logan mean what he thought he meant?

"Yes, Benny, you can sleep with me." He grew serious. "But I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not doing this because I'm 'in love' with you. This is going to be about us having a bit of fun together and me showing you what your body is capable of right now."

Benny thought about that for a moment. "Yeah, I can see that." Then a thought struck him. " Reed going to be upset that you're doing this with me?"

Logan smiled big. "See? That's what I'm talking about. A little kid wouldn't think about things like that. They'd be all about now and to hell with everyone else. No, Benny, Reed won't be upset. Yes, he and I are sexual together, but it's for the fun of it. Not because we're in love."

He suddenly couldn't help himself. Benny began to softly weep. It was easily the happiest he'd been in such a long, long time. He couldn't seem to wipe the smile off his face as the tears slowly rolled down the sides of his face.

"Damn...Logan...I've never...been this...happy."

Logan simply leaned over and kissed his lips. "I'm glad, Benny. Now, let me clean you up."

And then the most remarkable thing happened, to Ben's mind. Logan leaned over and actually licked up that small puddle of goo. He looked up at Ben and smiled as he made a big production of tasting and then swallowing it.

"I thought that stuff tasted gross?" he whispered. "That's what all my friends have said."

"Ah, Benny, Benny. You can't believe everything you hear. As far as I'm concerned it's the best taste two guys can share. And you, my friend, taste even better than most." He smiled at the wide eyed look he got. "Now that doesn't mean that it isn't something you have to get used to. When you first try it, only take little amounts. Get use to the taste."

"You mean...just scoop some up like you did?"

"You could. But there's an easier way and you'll get a smaller amount. Just let your guy cum all over himself, then, when he's done, you squeeze the base of his cock and pull up. A drop or two will still be in there. All you have to do is lick it off the tip. Like this."

He looked down and watched as Logan performed the described procedure. He could clearly see a bit of fluid form up on the tip. Then Logan leaned over and licked it off. He did the whole thing again, but this time, instead of licking it off, he swiped it off with one finger.

"Of course, most guys find it easier to start by tasting themselves. It is, after all, your fluid. So, what do you think, Benny? Want to give yourself a taste?"

He looked at the glistening drop on the tip of Logan's finger. Well, why not? So far Logan hadn't done anything but help him. He nodded. The finger moved up and Benny opened his mouth and shut his eyes. Ok, he was nervous about this. But when the finger landed gently on his tongue, he closed his mouth around it and licked the finger clean as it was slowly pulled out. Yes, it was different. But, yeah, it was pretty cool. Sort of sweet. He smiled and opened his eyes.

Logan had leaned down and was directly over Benny's face. "That, friend Benny, was the very essence of who you are." He then grew serious. "Now, there will surely be times when you share that essence with someone you barely know, simply for the fun. But the very best times will come when you share it with someone close to you; someone that will understand that you have just given them a portion of the best part of I do." He leaned in and kissed Benny. This time it was a lingering kiss.

Benny smiled big when Logan broke the kiss. "Logan, you're the best friend I've ever had."

"And you are certainly one of my best friends, Benny."


"Yes, Benny."

"I've never seen anyone cum before." Logan stopped him with a finger over his mouth.

"I promise, tonight you will. But I promised mom we wouldn't need our privacy very long."

"You told your mom what we were going to do?!"

"Well, not specifically, no. But, yes, she knows we were doing something sexual."

"Why? Why did you tell her?!"

"Because I didn't want her to walk in and catch us at it. That would have been more embarrassing than her simply knowing we were doing things." He gently brushed the hair off of Ben's forehead. "Benny, you needed this very badly. You've spent a lot of time thinking you were totally abnormal. I wanted you to know differently, and I wanted you to know it right away. This last two weeks you've been abused verbally, shut off from the world and your friends, and I bet you were beginning to think you were a pathetic failure."

Benny stared wide eyed for several moments before nodding. How had Logan known?

"Well, I wanted you to know as soon as I could make it possible that you're not a failure. You're not abnormal for having these feelings. And you're certainly not less than a man because your body is taking its sweet time at getting where it needs to go. In the last half hour or so you've seen for yourself that you're functioning normally. Can you deny that you feel better about yourself now?"

"Oh gods, Logan, I feel incredible." He leaned up and quickly kissed Logan. "And I have you to thank for knowing that."

"You're welcome, Benny. Now, I'm going to get you a robe so that you can go in a have yourself another shower. Having sex produces a very unique aroma. Let's not embarrass mom any more than we have to, ok?"

Logan preceded Benny down the hall, went into his mother's computer room and partially closed the door.

Margaret smiled at the slight blush on her son's cheeks. But he was smiling as he walked over to her and hugged her.

"I presume things went well."

"Yes mom, they went well." He paused and leaned back slightly and looked her right in the eyes. "Did you ever imagine the day would come when you and I would be having conversations like this?"

"No, dear, I have to admit this is well outside any of the parenting manuals. But...I'm not sorry for it. Is Benny happier now."

"Oh yes. He's not quite all the way there, but he's definitely further along than I suspected. But I mainly wanted to warn you. It came to me as I was walking down the hall that Benny may not be very good at hiding how he's feeling right now." He sat in the chair that was always present for him. "He's just learned something big about himself. He's not a failure; he's normal after all, just a little behind his friends. He may be a bit...effervescent?"

Margaret laughed at that choice of descriptions. "Where do you come up with these phrases, dear?"

"Blame yourself. You're the one that got me hooked on reading," he laughed. "Now, I promise that this is the only time I'll make that particular request. We'll limit anything else to more appropriate times. He's just had such a crappy time lately; I wanted to try and give him something positive to focus on as soon as I could. And I have to admit that it went much better than even I thought it would."

She caressed her son's face, marveling at the sensitivity and genuine concern in his eyes and heart. "You're remarkable, dear. He's lucky to have a friend like you. And I want you to know that I am just as proud of you as you say you are of me. I've learned some valuable lessons in the past few days. Not only is my one and only son much more physically mature than I imagined, he's also much more emotionally and intellectually mature than I ever thought. I think Benny's going to make some remarkably rapid progress with your support and guidance." She pulled him into a hug and kiss. "Now, a nice officer stopped by while you were at work and dropped off a small suitcase with a couple of changes of clothes for Benny. It's sitting by the front door."

There was a light knock at the door and Ben stuck his head in.

"Come on in, dear."

He immediately went to her and hugged her and kissed her cheek.

She smiled. "And what was that for, sweetheart?"

He blushed. "Just because."

She laughed softly. "You're welcome. Now where are we going to go for supper?"

They chose Chinese for their evening meal. Ben found a nice set of trousers and shirt in the suitcase, so he felt like part of the family and not a stray they'd picked up. It was hard, at first, containing his enthusiasm for all the things he'd learned about himself in the past couple of hours. And there was the added excitement of what the night had in store for him. But he concentrated on the casual conversations and the unfaltering inclusion he felt, and it became easier. He was actually able to put it out of his mind for...oh...five or ten minutes at a time.

"By the way, Benny, dear," said Margaret, about half way through the meal, "I got a call from the lawyer that Oscar is providing us. He'll be coming by at nine tomorrow morning so that we can talk with him. He's arranged for the police investigator to stop by at eleven so that they can get the information they need."

"What are they going to ask me, do you know?"

"No, dear, I don't. But I assure you that I'll be right there with you. And I have to say that the lawyer seemed very nice. Oscar assured me that he's done this sort of thing many times before and is very good. The lawyer, Mr. Prentice, was adamant about ensuring your rights are protected and in getting you the very best outcome possible from all of this."

"Will you be there too, Logan?"

"I'm sorry, Benny, but I've got commitments tomorrow that I can't cancel. But I'll be home for dinner. Mom assures me that you have plenty you'll be doing tomorrow too. Just remember, there's the video and computer in my room."

Benny smiled. "Oh don't worry about it, Logan. I'll be fine, really. I already feels tons better." And he really meant it, too. Logan couldn't be expected to put his life on hold because of Benny. Besides, if he really had a lot of time on his hands, maybe Mrs. Justice would let him invite a friend over. Actually, he could spend some time calling and emailing his few friends and let them know why they haven't heard from him.

Well, it didn't really take all that long for night to arrive. It was Logan that suggested that he and Benny make an early night of it. To say that Benny was excited as they entered Logan's room and closed the door would have been a gross understatement. Hell, he could feel that his dick was already hard inside his pants.

"Let's leave our underwear on at first," suggested Logan. "It'll give you a chance to calm down and let your dick relax."

" did you know?" he asked in embarrassment.

Logan laughed in what was clearly a friendly, teasing manner. "I had a first time too, Benny. In fact, I came right in my underwear the first time, I was so excited."

"No, really?"

"Oh, I promise you, it's quite true. I thought for sure he was going to laugh at me and send me away."

"What happened?"

"Gods, Benny, he was the nicest man..."

"Man?" he whispered.

"Yeah, a teacher. And no, I'm not going to tell you who," he smiled. "He simply reached out and rubbed the front of my wet briefs and complimented me on how fully I'd filled up my shorts. Then he proceeded to show me that almost thirteen year old boys could make a whole lot more of the stuff real fast."

"You were twelve?"

"Yeah," he blushed. "I was one of the early bloomers, as Doc Stewart would put it. I entered puberty while I was still eleven. Actually it was pretty embarrassing. No one else in my seventh grade gym class had started it. I got stared at an awful lot in the locker room."

"Did you ever...I mean, did it ever..."

"Yeah, a couple of times. Damn thing had a mind of its own. But that only scared them even more. I was small like you are at the time. My cock grew pretty fast and it looked enormous against my small body. So, you see, it can be just as embarrassing sometimes to be at the other end of the puberty tree."

That got a chuckle out of Ben. But then he sobered and simply looked into Logan's green eyes.

"I...I don't really know what to do, Logan."

Logan stepped up and pulled him into an embrace. "I know that, Benny. If I remember correctly you haven't touched another guy since you were twelve. It's really quite simple though. If you remember that all these male parts are pretty sensitive, and you take your time and not rush, you'll do just fine."

He pushed Ben's head back so that they could look at one another. "One other thing. I don't have any expectations, Benny." That got a frown. "I mean that I'm not expecting you to do things in any particular way. If you do something I don't find enjoyable, I'll simply tell you. Your job will then be to try something different. The main thing is for you enjoy this. This is the chance you've wanted since we first met, to see how it all works."

He pulled Ben toward the bed and pulled back the covers. Once they were laying facing one another he continued. "One final thing, Benny. It's no sin to talk. Some guys hate it when their partner comments or asks questions; I'm not one of those. Comment if you like; ask questions if you have them. Tonight is going to be all about fun and learning."

This was simply the most amazing moment of his life. What had he ever done to deserve a friend like this? It was now perfectly clear that Logan hadn't been rejecting him all these months. He'd simply understood better than Ben that there were limits that Ben wasn't physically ready to approach, let alone cross. But now that Ben was capable of crossing at least some of those barriers...who was there to help him? Well that just made it more important that he do the very best he could for this perfect friend, despite his inexperience.

Benny took the lead. He pushed Logan onto his back and then crawled up on top of him and simply looked down on him. "You said earlier this was not going to be about being 'in love', Logan. But I do love you."

"Ah, but Benny, you can love someone without being 'in love' with them. I love you, too."

Oh, that was just too much. Ben got tears in his eyes as he leaned down and began what was, for him, the most intense kiss of his life. It was suddenly the most important thing to want to taste every part of Logan. He didn't 'charge' in, though. He started slowly, a kiss of friendship, nothing but their lips touching. As the moments passed, though, he wanted more. He placed his hands on either side of Logan's head and twined his fingers in his hair and this forced their lips together harder, with slowly increasing passion. And the tears continued to roll.

When he felt the lips below him part slightly, he took that as a sign of welcome and encouragement. He opened his own and tentatively began licking at Logan's lips. It was an incredible feeling and a marvelous taste. And then it happened. Their tongues touched and it was electric! And it stopped being about thought. It was about touching and feeling and experiencing.

Ben became instantly aware of every single point of contact between their bodies. First were their lips, pressed hard against one another. And then their tongues, which seemed to be able to attain positions and contact that should have been impossible. The taste was exquisite. And the tears continued.

Next was the feel of all that soft, red hair, twined over, through and around his fingers. He suddenly wanted to touch each and every strand. He held it tightly and then caressed it gently. And he felt Logan doing the same to him, and that only heightened his desire the more.

But there was so much more. So many sensations occurring that it was a wonder to him that his mind could process and encompass it all at once. But it did. He could feel their skin touching in other places. Their chest...their stomach...their legs...and yes, of course, their crotches. It was silken and smooth, and there was a tingling associated with the feel of their skins sliding gently against one another.

And suddenly it didn't matter about the difference in their sizes. The fact that Logan was so much taller than him didn't matter. The fact that the fully man-sized cock pressed against him was nearly twice the size of his own was irrelevant.

Oh, and the heat! The longer they kissed and touched, the hotter they became. And the hotter they became the more he came to realize that there was as much passion and intensity coming to him as there was going from him. Logan was just as involved in this moment.

Ben broke the kiss finally, but only to move down and begin kissing and exploring Logan's neck and jaw, which he jutted out so that there was easier access for him. Yes, Logan was as into this moment as was Ben.

"Oh, Benny," he breathed longingly.

This was absolutely incredible. This once overly shy, inexperienced boy was sending waves of passion through Logan's body that were unbelievable. He'd never expected such sensual intimacy. But he was certainly enjoying it. Benny was hitting all the right triggers. Logan was as hard as he'd ever been with another guy.

The sound of Logan's voice only spurred him on. Down he moved. First the shoulder, then across his chest to repeat himself on the other shoulder and neck. Then down a bit further. He hesitated for only a moment before gently sucking in Logan's left nipple.


He could feel that small bump suddenly harden and jut out. Never had he imagined such a thing happening. And then he just had to repeat this with the other nipple, and that action brought exactly the same response, both physically and verbally.

'Jesus,' he thought, 'just how many sensitive areas are there on a guy's body?' And that thought simply had to be acted upon.

He moved over and up, stuck out his tongue and gently tickled that point where arm met chest. The arm slowly rose, allowing him better access and he dove in. There was no thought of hesitation or revulsion. He lathed the soft hairs with his saliva, smelling the remarkably pleasing aroma of Logan. He tasted the sweat that was accumulated in Logan's pit and loved the experience. He was, now he was willing to admit it, wild with the desire for more. So he kissed his way across that chest once again and found the other arm already up. Yes!

"Oh God, Benny," he whispered hoarsely. "Oh, yes!"

But he wanted more. There was so much more to discover. He reluctantly left behind the hair and the smell and moved down. Now it was the navel; that small indent in the human body that represented connection. It is that one point that had once connected to another human. And suddenly he wanted to be connected to that point. He drove his tongue into that small opening and was well rewarded when Logan pressed his head gently, yet firmly into place.

"Oh fucking hell, Benny!" He never spoke above a whisper, but the intensity of the words gave ample evidence of his enjoyment.

Ben suddenly understood what Logan had meant earlier when he'd said, 'But the very best times will come when you share it with someone close to you; someone that will understand that you have just given them a portion of the best part of you'. He'd been referring at the time to the fluids that were the ultimate result of sex. But Ben realized in this ever so brief moment of coherent thought that it meant so much more than that.

But the time had finally arrived. Ben had longed for this moment for months. Ever since Logan had pulled his pants down in the restroom stall at the church after troop meeting that day.

He forced his head away from Logan's briefs, and suddenly he was staring at the object of so many night time fantasies. Well, almost. There was still that bit of cotton fabric covering it, forcing it down against the body. As he placed his hands flat against Logan's ass cheeks, he felt the dampness of his sweat. But it was the growing spot of wetness that was spreading from the head of that trapped monster that captured his full and undivided attention.

He didn't stop to consider. He didn't analyze his decision in any conscious way. He never once considered that he should be tentative. He just did it. He leaned over and wrapped his mouth around the head and that spot and sucked gently on the fabric, taking in the essence of Logan. For the first time he tasted the life giving fluids of another man. And he basked in this supreme gesture of intimacy. He relished the taste. Yes, it was different than his had been. Sweet, yes, but with just a hint of salty.

Logan's cock got rock hard in his mouth. He could feel the flaring of the head. He could feel, as well as hear, the groans of delight and desire.

He couldn't wait any longer. He had to accomplish this one, longed for act. He had to bring his friend to fulfillment. He gently dug his fingers under the band of Logan's briefs and pulled them down to his knees. There it was...there it was. Pulsing and bouncing there against Logan's stomach.

He couldn't believe it as he reached out...his hand was actually shaking. But it steadied as his fingers wrapped around and enclosed that marvelous piece of male flesh. Finally, after all those months of dreams and fantasies, he held it in his hand. Logan's most intimate of parts.

It stiffened and the head flared.

"Oh my God, yes, Benny." His back arched a bit as he felt that soft, gentle hand encompass his far too excited manhood. How had this novice done everything so exactly perfect? This boy that until a few hours earlier hadn't even had his own orgasm now had Logan on the very precipice. "Oh, Benny, I'm not going to be able to hold it."

He remembered Logan's advice from earlier in the day. He simply began to stroke all eight and a half inches of that dripping, drooling tool. He used those fluids that flowed from the tip as a lubricant, ensuring that the friction was smooth.

It didn't take more than a few strokes and suddenly Logan's cock got rock hard, the head flaring and becoming beet red. His back arched slightly. His hands grasped desperately for the sheets. And Ben smiled. This was the moment. This was the culmination of all his fantasies, all his desires. But most important of all was that this was for his best friend. This was for the one person who had always accepted Ben for who he was, always made him feel special when they were together.

He felt it. That first pulse of male juices. He could feel them race to the head beneath his hand. And then they were there, bursting forth into the light of day. They sailed, it seemed to him, in slow motion to land between Logan's nipples. And then there was a second...and a third...and a fourth. It just went on and on and on. An eternity passed for Ben as he watched this unbelievable moment. He would remember it for the rest of his life; this first look at the fulfillment of another; fulfillment that he had caused.

When Logan finally collapsed, Ben began to milk that cock again and again. He licked frantically at the cum. Yes, that was the proper term. But it was no longer the mildly dirty word his friends made it out to be. It was suddenly and completely the most perfect word. The perfect word for the perfect substance. It was the term for the one and only substance that represented a man.

When he was sure he'd gotten all that remained, he realized that it wasn't enough. He had to have it all. There was no way he could allow any drop of Logan's seed to escape into some cloth to be simply washed away and forgotten. He leaned up and began to lap up each puddle as he encountered it, moving slowly, inexorably up his body. Until finally there was no more.

When he looked up, it was into the loving eyes of...Logan. It took his breath away. The satisfaction expressed in those eyes was incredible. And yet, there was astonishment there as well. Ben smiled shyly as he realized that he'd surprised this much more experienced boy. His instincts had guided him; and guided him well, apparently.

His head was gently surrounded by Logan's hands as they pulled him up and kissed him ever so gently. Then his hands went down and grasped Ben's ass and pulled him up. At first Ben was confused, not understanding the relevance. And then it dawned on him. And it was like a bolt of lightning going through his body. His pent up desires were rekindled. His total concentration on Logan had made it possible for him to suppress his own desire for fulfillment; his own need for release. But now it came back in full force as he realized that something unbelievable was about to happen.

And then it did. Logan took all of Ben's cock into his mouth. His fantasies had never conjured such feelings as were suddenly coursing through him. His earlier orgasm had been incredible. But the orgasm that he was instantly driven to was so much more that there was just no word he'd ever heard to describe it.

"Uh! Uh!! Uh!!!"

Logan locked his lips firmly around that cock. He pushed and pulled those hips, driving it in and out of his mouth. The fluid was the same watery consistency of earlier, but there was so much more of it this time. He was more than satisfied by it. This is what he'd wanted most for his friend. This simply had to be an incredible experience for him.

When Logan finally could get no more and he felt Ben suddenly relax, he lowered him down so that Ben lay on top of him. He waited until his breathing began to return to normal before speaking.

"That was incredible, Benny," he whispered.

Ben's answer to that was simply to hug Logan as tight as he absolutely could. There was no doubt in his mind whether he'd satisfied Logan. That had not been a patronizing statement. He had meant every word.

They simply lay like that for several minutes, simply basking in the after glow of their loving.

"How come I came so fast again? You said it would take longer."

He chuckled. "Well, if I'd done it with my hand, it probably would have taken longer. But I surprised you. Your body was expecting one thing and I gave it something totally new. I'm sorry if I disappointed you."

"Oh gods, Logan, no! That was...was...well, I just don't know any adequate words. Incredible doesn't do it justice."

"So, any questions?" he asked impishly.

Ben laughed. "I didn't say a whole lot, did I?"

"Oh no, Benny, you spoke volumes," he answered most seriously. "Your conversation was simply beyond the ability of the spoken word. But believe me, I understood. And you're welcome."

They squeezed each other again.

"Now, I think a quick shower would be appropriate."

"Won't that wake your mom?"

"Nah, the laundry room is between her room and the bathroom."

The shower was quick and quiet, yet it was also intimate as they washed one another. When they returned to their bed, exhaustion was the overriding feeling. They hugged, then kissed briefly, and then fell fast asleep.

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