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Logan's Living

Chapter 5

By Wayne Telfer

When Logan woke the following morning he was laying on his side, so the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was Ben laying there simply looking at him with a gentle smile on his face.

"Well, that's certainly one of the nicer sights I've seen on waking," he whispered.

Ben chuckled. His answer was to give Logan an unrushed kiss. "Thank you for last night."

"You're welcome, Benny. But you make it sound like the end."

"Logan, I don't want you to feel obligated..."

He stopped him with a kiss of his own. "The only obligation, Benny, is going to be enjoying myself in your company. That was a lot of fun for me too. And I really hope you want to continue. It'll be great for once in my life to have two good looking guys to share my evenings with."

That brought out the little kid smile.

Logan looked over at the clock. "Wanna go see about some breakfast? If we get it right we can surprise mom with a morning meal she hasn't had to prepare."

"That'd be fun. But I don't really know how to cook, Logan. My mother would never let me in the kitchen."

"Well, hell, Benny, we can't allow that to continue. Every self respecting gay man has to know how to cook."

"Does this mean I'm going to have to learn to arrange flowers or be an interior designer too?" laughed Ben as he crawled out of his side of the bed.

"Hmm, well, now, I just don't know. Maybe we should research it online. I'm sure there's someplace out there that can give us a definitive list of careers that are acceptable for gay men."

They busted up laughing.

When they arrived in the kitchen it was to find mom pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Ah, mom. We were going to surprise you and make breakfast."

"Well, my dear, I think I'd like that very much. All I've done so far is brew some coffee. I wasn't expecting the two of you to be up so early."

Ben blushed and Logan laughed.

"You are so bad this morning, mom," he said as he gave her a morning hug and kiss.

"I know." She pulled Ben into a hug. "I'm sorry, Benny, I shouldn't have teased you. From what Logan tells me this is all sort of new to you. It's not fair for me to make fun."

Ben laughed and then, greatly daring, kissed her right proper...for a son. "You know, in a strange way, it's sort of fun to be teased for a change."

"So, mother, what's your pleasure this morning?"

"I just went shopping the other day, so we're well stocked, dear."

"Ok then. Come on Benny, it's going to be bacon and eggs with a small plate of dollar pancakes on the side."

Ben got the pancake duty. Mixing was easy. But his handling of the spatula and flipping took some practice. It was fortunate Logan had opted for small cakes, because poor Ben would have been a disaster with a full sized one. But it was all fun. Lots of laughter and more of that belonging that he'd had so little of.

The boys had to share Logan's toothbrush since the officer hadn't thought to include one. Of course, it was probably the simple fact that determining which brush was his had been impossible.

They were surprised when Oscar arrived with Mr. Prentice at nine. Once the introductions were made, Oscar took the lead.

"I'm here this morning because I have some news that you deserved to hear in person, Benjamin. I had the pleasure of meeting your pediatrician yesterday. After I explained what had occurred, I asked if I could have a look at your medical records. I have to tell you, Benjamin, the man was beside himself with pleasure. He nearly threw the thing at me in his rush to be able to help you."

"Help me? What's that suppose to mean?"

"Benjamin, you have a condition called Hypothyroidism."

"Ok. My Latin's a little rusty, Dr. Stewart."

They laughed.

"Your small stature and late development is the result of a failure in your pituitary and thyroid links. The signals that govern growth and maturation of your body are not getting where they need to go."

He paused to allow that to sink in.

"You found this in my medical file?" Oscar nodded, seeing the light of understanding illuminate. "You mean they knew and didn't do anything?" He now began to become angry. "You mean they left me to suffer when I didn't have to?!" He was suddenly beside himself and couldn't continue.

"How long ago was this diagnosis made, Oscar?" asked Mr. Prentice.

Oscar's eyes never left Benjamin as he answered. "Three years ago."

Ben jumped to his feet and now the anger was joined with the tears of hurt and betrayal. "Three years?! Three years they've known?! And they did nothing?!!" He ran to the spare bedroom and flung himself onto the bed and wept.

Everyone was silent for a few moments.

"Can you treat it, Oscar?" asked Margaret.

"Absolutely. It'll require a shot every day for the next year or so, but it is treatable and it won't take that long to see an improvement."

With that she got up, motioning Logan to remain as he too started to rise. "Let me handle this, sweetheart."

"Oscar, I'll need a copy of that diagnosis," said the lawyer.

"I thought you might," he answered as he handed over the paper. "Are you going to have any trouble getting a guardianship?"

"Not a bit. I've already spoken to the prosecutor's office and the judge. Your record has spoken for itself, and Margaret Justice's reputation is impeccable. The only question is which of you gets custody."

"Let's let Margaret do that. I'll be her support."

"You going to try and find a new home for Benjamin like you've done with all the other boys?"

"It's already in the works. I have two interested couples already, and I think I can promise a couple more in a day or two. Here are the names of the one's I have so far." He handed over another paper. "I'll get you the others as soon as I have them so you can review them for suitability. Mark, I don't want to drag our feet on this one."

"I promise to put all my resources on this."


Margaret entered the bedroom and immediately pulled Ben up into her arms and allowed him to vent his hurt and anger on her shoulder.

"Why?! Why do they hate me so much?!"

"Benny...Benny," she said softly. "I can't begin to tell you why anyone would want to hurt a sweet child like you."

"I never hurt them! I always got good grades! I never once got into trouble!"

"We may never know what possessed them, sweetheart. Now, I want you to calm down so that you don't make yourself sick." She could feel him trying to get control of himself. "There is some good news, Benny."

He pulled back and looked up at her, begging for something positive. "Good news?" he hiccupped.

"Uh huh. Oscar says that there's a simple treatment that you can have that will put everything back on track. It'll take a year or so to do the full routine, but he promised that it wouldn't take long for you to begin to see the results."

"He did? There is? He can fix me?"

"Yes, dear. He promised. And I get the strong impression that he's not the sort of man to go back on a promise."

That brought out more tears. But these were far less intense and definitely of relief and not anger. She hadn't realized anyone had come in until she saw a hand patting Ben's back.

"Benjamin," said Oscar softly.

Ben looked up into wise, compassionate eyes that smiled down on him. "You can really make me better?"

"I most certainly can. I even brought your first shot along with me. It was my thought that you'd like to begin as soon as possible."

That brought out a few more tears. "Where?"

Oscar understood the question easily. "Your arm will do nicely, Benjamin." Ben immediately pulled up the short sleeve of his t-shirt and presented it to him.

He was not normally one to watch shots being given, but Ben watched every step of this one. It was a very small syringe and even smaller needle. He didn't even wince at the little stab as it went in. He simply watched in wonder at the fluid within as the plunger forced this miracle into his body. When the plunger bottomed out, the needle was withdrawn and he finally asked the all important question. "How long?"

"Before you start to see some results?" Ben nodded. "It'll take two or three months, Benjamin. I'm sorry that I can't rush it a bit. I know how much you want this to happen."

He jumped up and hugged Oscar. "It's okay. It'll be enough for me to know it's going to happen. Thank you, Oscar, thank you so much."

Oscar returned the hug. "You're welcome, my boy."

They returned to the living room where Logan gave Ben a hug.


"Oh, yeah. Much better."

By the time Mark finished with his questions, it was time for Logan to leave. He looked out the window as he stood, and noticed only one vehicle, and it wasn't one that Oscar typically drove. "Would you like to ride home with me, Oscar? I seem to be headed that way," he laughed.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, that would be perfect. Mark won't have to drive across town when he's finished here." He shook Mark's hand and then went over and hugged Ben. "We'll get something set up so that you get your shots on a regular basis. In the mean time you keep your chin up."

"Thanks again, Oscar."

Logan had just barely gotten out of the drive when Oscar couldn't wait any longer. "'d it go with Benjamin?"

"Why, whatever could you mean, Oscar?" he teased. All he got in response was a glare. "All right. Things have gone very well, Oscar. Yes, we've had sex, and I have to tell you, for a novice he has excellent instincts. I'll also let you know that he's a bit further along than we thought. He is capable of orgasms, though he'd never managed it himself, and they do include clear liquid."

"Give me a few more specifics would you please? I'm not perving, Logan, really. But I need to update his medical file and this would be a big help."

"Ok...medical stuff...let's see...his penis is four and three-quarters inches long when fully erect." That got him another glare, to which he laughed. "All right, I'll stop teasing. I jacked him off before dinner. I had to give him a lesson in lubricants first, however. He'd abused himself a bit during his two weeks of boredom. But I was able to give him his first orgasm and I was really surprised that I got any kind of emission. Then last night he jacked me off. He wanted to watch it happen. After that, I gave him a blowjob. Can't tell you how much he ejaculated, but it was definitely more than the first time." He paused. "God, Oscar, I've never been a guy's first partner. It was awful humbling. He was so fucking happy when it was all over with; I've never seen anyone glow like that."

Oscar simply smiled for a moment. "I knew I was leaving Benjamin in capable hands. So, is that it? One time to get him started?"

"It's funny you should ask. He actually suggested that I didn't have to do anything more with him. But damn, Oscar, I really enjoyed it. He's very conscious of signals and he's really responsive when it's his turn. And we're essentially the same age. But we've agreed that we're in this for the fun...and the learning. We've agreed to love each other, but not be in love."

"Logan, I'm impressed. You couldn't have handled it better if I'd given you a script. Well done, boy. Very well done." He paused. "Now, Logan, about the partnership. It's not really a done deal yet. You'll be receiving a package in a week or two. You, your mother, and Ralph. It'll be up to the three of you to decide to accept or decline the offer, as you see fit. Don't worry about the wording. It will be coming from someone that does similar things for many others; others that have no connection at all with our little side business."

"Actually, he was rather excited about the opportunity to help you, Logan. It seems that you were already on his watch list." He held up a hand to stop Logan's questions. "I'm not going to tell you more, my boy. The surprise will need to be genuine for you, so I'm going to keep the whole story to myself."

"All right, Oscar. I don't know why I'm surprised. You've managed to accomplish so much for me already that seemed impossible a short time ago. Thank you seems like such an inadequate phrase, Oscar, but it's the only one available in our language."

"You're welcome, son." He patted Logan's leg. "So, are you and Reed working or playing today?"

"A bit of both, actually. We'll decide a little later if we're working at playing, or playing at working."

Oscar laughed. He loved the boys' sense of humor. Logan and his son were well matched in that regard.

"I've been thinking, though, that'd it help a lot if I could actually see where we'll be doing this double. I've got some ideas, but I can't know if they'll work without seeing the venue."

"Well, Reed's never been there either, so Phillip will have to take you both over. Will that be a problem?"

Logan thought a moment before answering. "I can't see how. Phillip walked in on Reed and me the other morning and it didn't bother either of us. Actually, it'd probably be a good idea to have his input. He knows how things will look as we perform." He paused a moment. "The more I think about it, the more I like it."

Besides, the prospect of having Phillip present gave him a couple of ideas. Of course, he'd run it by Reed first, but there were some definite possibilities.

It was nearly eleven when they arrived at the residence. Reed was sitting in the living room with Phillip.

"Hey, brat!" called Reed.

Logan paused at the arch and put his hands on his hips. "That one's going to cost you later, you has-been."

"Promises, promises."

"Phillip, the boys have never seen the theater and Logan thinks it'd be a good idea if they could actually look over where they'll be performing. Can you spare the time?"

"My afternoon's free, dad." He then looked from one to the other of the boys. "That going to be a problem?"

"My thinking is that it'd be good to have your input," said Logan. "I've got some ideas, and I'm sure Reed does too, but you'll know better how they might come off." Reed nodded his agreement.

"Tell you what, then, I'll take the two of you to lunch and then we'll go out to the theater."

"Ooh, Logan, we better take advantage of that. I can't remember the last time my big bro took me out to eat."

"Now who's the brat?" laughed Phillip.

Lunch was at Phillip's favorite Mexican restaurant. Every one of them ate too much. Where Phillip took them next surprised both boys. He pulled into a bus yard; one for a local tour company. He parked inside a garage that, he said, was specifically for the use of the staff and performers.

"We've built this yard specifically because the auditorium is underground. We needed some way to disguise the fact that a lot of people were going to the same location. The way it works is that the audience get's picked up at several different locations around the area in one of the buses. The bus is specially equipped with blacked out windows and the driver's compartment and windshield are closed off from the passengers after the final pickup."

He took the boys over to another garage. It was just big enough for one bus and nothing else. Other than the large access door for the bus, the only other thing in the room was a large freight elevator. They rode down and the boys were absolutely overwhelmed. The elevator descended quite some distance; definitely more than a single floor. But when it finally lowered to their destination, the large, ornate 'lobby' took their breath away.

There were three large chandeliers across the length of it. The carpet was purest white and ornately sculpted. There was a long, full service bar at one end and an equally large buffet at the other.

"The bar is open for the entire performance. The buffet is open only after the show. The audience is expected to linger afterwards. The performers shower and dress and then come out here to mingle with the audience."

That got startled looks from both boys and it was obvious that this little tradition had them worried.

"Not to worry, guys. Everyone is reminded before they depart the bus, once they arrive here, and after the show that the performers are strictly off limits except for hand shakes. And if the reminders aren't enough, you will each be escorted everywhere by your own bouncer. You know Jackson and Brad won't let anyone get away with anything."

That got a laugh from the boys. They were very happy with the selection of body guards.

Phillip led them into the actual theater through one of two sets of double doors. It was a theater in the round. The stage at the center of the room was, according to Phillip, thirty feet in diameter. Around this were two circles of recliners, set up so that no one had an obstructed view.

He left them standing in the aisle and left. After a few minutes, the house lights went down and the stage lights came up. Phillip cycled the lights through several different combinations.

"We have a lighting specialist," they heard over the announcing system, "that has years of experience at this sort of thing. He can create nearly any sort of effect you'd like to have. Now look above the stage."

With that statement, large video screens came to life directly over the stage. There were eight of them and they were so large that every person in the theater would be able to easily view one.

Phillip walked down another aisle toward the stage. "Stay where you are," he called across to them. When he stood on the stage, he was also viewable on the video screens. It was a bust view of him; only head and chest.

"You'll notice that I'm speaking in a normal tone of voice and yet you can clearly hear me where you stand. There are microphones all around the periphery of the stage. The theater is also surrounded by video cameras. We'll have two video technicians in the booth during your performances. They can operate each camera remotely."

Just then, something remarkable began to happen. Phillip began to rotate. The stage was moving!

"And this is the final piece of the puzzle you'll have to deal with. We'll rotate the stage slowly so that everyone can enjoy views from every angle. We don't actually begin the stage rotation until you've settled into a permanent location for your sex."

He smiled. "So, what do you think?"

"Fuck! It's incredible, bro," said Reed.

Logan could only smile as his mind began to spin with the possibilities this presented.

"Come on up here, guys. There're a couple of things to show you.

When they were all gathered on the stage Phillip pointed out the outlines of the hatch that hid a king size bed that could be raised out of the floor from the control room.

Well the discussion began at that point of what they had in mind. Many different scenarios were discussed and after four hours of talk and planning, two performances were agreed upon. The boys would have to work out the details and write at least a brief description so that the control room would know what to expect.

As they were riding the elevator back to the garage level, Phillip was as pleased as he could be. This would be, without a doubt, the best pair of performances he'd ever had the pleasure to arrange. It'd also be the most expensive for the clients. They would certainly be shocked by the cost, but he planned to include a money back guarantee, which he knew he'd never have to give. These would be the most original performances he'd ever heard of...and certainly the longest as well.

"Phillip, Reed and I talked a bit while you were shutting things down," said Logan as they walked back to the smaller garage. "After everything you and your dad have done for us, we'd like to make these performances the very best so that everyone will remember them for years."

"Gods, Logan, what we've put together already is well beyond anything we've produced before. I don't know that there's anything else you could improve on."

"Thanks. But it'll be over the top if we could have a day of dry rehearsal with the lighting and video guys. You said they've got years of experience, so my thinking is they'll be able to do better work on the nights of the performances if they've already been able to work out the basics and make their own notes instead of having to strictly fly by the seat of their pants."

"Actually, the guys will be thrilled with the chance to actually plan their part for a change. They've always complained that they felt like they were always playing catch up. I'll arrange something soon. Now that we've worked out the basics, I don't want to delay any longer than we have to."

"That's fine, Phillip," said Logan, "Just don't rush it so much that we lose any of the potential here. You'll do yourself a favor with the organization if we take our time and give them something unforgettable."

"Think of it, brother mine. This could be a huge feather in your cap. Dad's told me that you're well thought of in the organization; but this could take you to a new level. You'd become more than just 'a handler'."

In reality, Phillip had been thinking along similar lines on his own. He even had a remarkable idea for these performances. But he'd have to talk to Dad first. This would require his permission before he even broached the subject with the boys.

"So, what've you guys got planned for the rest of the day?"

"Actually, I've got to get home. I promised mom I'd be home for dinner. I didn't think this would take as long as it did." He saw the disappointment in Reed's face. "I know, Reed, I was really hoping for some private time with you too. But it's too late to be calling and begging out of a dinner that's probably close to being done. But I'll see if I can't get away with coming back and spending the night. But I've got to be careful with Benjamin."

"You two have a bit of fun last night?"

"Yeah." He was a bit worried, but Logan couldn't see anything that he could attribute to jealousy. "He needed someone to prove to him that he's not less than any other guy."

"Hey, why so worried?"

"Well, to be honest, Benjamin's worried that you'll be jealous of the time I've spent with him in bed. I tried to reassure him. He even told me this morning that he wasn't expecting me to do anything more with him."

"Ah, bullshit! We can't let that happen. He seems like a great kid. Hey, tell you what, you call and get permission for me to come to dinner and I'll spend the night. We'll give Ben the rockingest night of his life...together."

It didn't take more than an instant to arrange. Of course, Logan asked mom not to tell Benny he was bringing Reed over. They were soon driving to Logan's, but this time in Reed's Vette.

"Jesus, Reed, this is one sweet ride. Is this real leather?"

"Oh yes. Dad is the one that had it made over. All I got to choose was colors. It was his idea to install the Corinthian leather. The wood accents are even real wood. And the stereo wasn't even a glimmer of an idea back in `69."

Logan laughed. "Not what you'd call a stock vintage Vette."

"That's for sure. I definitely won't win any awards at Vette shows. But I did get a lot of attention and compliments at the one show I did take it too. I just had to show it off once, after all the work dad had done to it."

"Does your dad do anything by half?"

"Nope. His current philosophy is 'if it's worth doing at all, it's only worth doing if you take it over the top'." He laughed. "Dad says he can't take it with him, so he's going to enjoy every bit of it now. He's told us he sets aside a bit for Phillip and me and then just lets it all hang out."

Just then Reed stuck his hand out of the window, like he was stretching.

"Cramp?" asked Logan.

"Sort of; parents. There's a restraining order, so we can't acknowledge each others' presence, but I always seem to have a cramp in my arm whenever I see them. I don't ever want them to forget what my life is like now. Did you see what they were driving?"

"You mean that beat up Malibu?"

"That was it. They just barely have a pot to piss in. So I rub there noses in it every chance I get. They treated me like a piece of shit all my life, so I'm just returning the favor."

"Gods, Reed, you really hate them, don't you?"

"You have no idea. They used to tell me all the time that I was an accident. They resented every dime they had to spend on me, from food to clothes."

"Damn, Reed, I'm sorry you had that kind of family."

"Yeah, well, I've got the best family now. Dad's made a special point of doing everything he can to spoil me without actually spoiling me, if you can understand that."

"Yeah, I get that. Then fuck them, and I'm happy for you."

"Good family...good friends...everything I could ever ask for? I'm pretty happy for me too." He laughed, then immediately sobered. "Uh oh." He was looking in the rear view mirror. "Seems like they want to make an issue of it finally. Call Dad quick and tell him my parents are following us and we're headed for the mall parking lot."

Logan made the call and listened carefully, then shut his phone. "Oscar said when we get to the mall to park on the Sears side. We're supposed to get out and act like we don't know they're there. He said the security guys will already be in place."

They parked and had just gotten out when the Malibu raced up and screeched to a halt right behind them. The man got out and came at Reed without any preamble and attempted to hit his former son. Tried...because the minute the arm started in Reed's direction, the boy was all over the man. Logan was sure the man never knew what hit him. Hell, Logan had seen the whole thing and he couldn't believe how many hits the man took before he hit the ground.

Now Logan had always been taught that a gentleman never hit a woman. But he made a gleeful exception as Reed's mother came running around the front of the Malibu to come to her husband's defense, screaming obscenities at her son. She and Logan reached the back of the Vette at exactly the same moment and he delivered an upper cut directly to her chin, with a properly clinched fist this time, just as Brad had told him to. The punch lifted her clean off the ground and landed her on the hood of the Malibu, senseless.

From behind them came laughter and a familiar voice. "Damn, boys, what the hell did you need us for?" said Jackson.

Reed never looked up from the stunned man at his feet. "Witnesses. Besides, someone's got to do something with them."

"Oh, we have just the thing for the likes of these two. Here, we'll move the Malibu and you two can be about your business."

A man Logan had never seen came around them and climbed into the Malibu, while Jackson came over and unceremoniously pulled the woman off the hood and let her land heavily on the ground. "Shouldn't we wait for the police?"

"Come on, Logan," said Reed as he started to get back into the Vette. "There's not going to be any police. This incident never happened."

There was absolute silence except for the purring engine for the first five minutes of the trip home.

"All right, Logan, you've got to get over this," said Reed finally.

"Isn't this just a little brutal?"

"No, sir! They were warned after the last time they tried to get at me."

"So they're just going to disappear now?"

"Huh?" Reed was genuinely shocked. "Oh, fuck, Logan!" He pulled the Vette onto the side of the road and came to a halt. "Is that what you thought was happening?"

"It sure sounded like it, Reed."

"Damn! You think this all has the backing of some sort of crime syndicate, don't you? Didn't Dad sit down and explain the organization to you?"

Logan had to think back for a moment. "Uh, he started to once, I think. But he got all excited about my love for floral arrangements and who my mom was."

"Damn him! Ok, here's the quick version. But trust me, when you and Benjamin come over tomorrow, I'm stealing Ben and you and dad are going to have a talk." He took a deep breath. "This whole thing is financed and supported by an alliance of wealthy businessmen, none of whom has any connection to organized crime. The board of directors are all men who are ruthless in the business world and know how to provide the same kinds of protections that the mobs do. But this is not a crime syndicate. Just a bunch of guys that love teenage boys."

"As for my parents; no, you are not going to see them for a while. But that's going to be due to the fact that they are going to be in a private hospital recovering from their injuries. Several months, most likely. There's a special unit of the security we have that enforce warnings. Don't get me wrong, those two are going to be seriously hurt. But it will be a lesson they will live to profit from. They might even decide to become human beings."

That was certainly a relief. Then he remembered back to the attempted rape and how upset Jackson had been by the eventual death of the man he'd disciplined. That was certainly not the response of a man in an organization that simply eliminated trouble.

"I'm sorry, Reed. Too many gangster movies, I guess."

"Still friends?" Reed reached out his hand, but Logan ignored it and hugged him across the console between the bucket seats.

"No way! But brothers, yes."

"Trust me, Logan, dad is going to get an earful from me when I get a chance to call him. You should never have been allowed to get this involved without knowing the truth. Dad has harped at me repeatedly that we can not afford to take any shortcuts with the way we run this." He gently pushed Logan away. "Now, you okay? Because we can't go home to your mom with you looking like you did a few moments ago."

"No, no, I'm fine. Let's get going or we'll be late." Once the Vette was in motion again, he continued. "Where in the fuck did you learn to fight like that?"

"After the beating I got the day I ran away, I swore that I'd never find myself defenseless again. I've been learning from the security guys. Two years of martial arts, boxing, some Army hand to hand shit, and even some kick boxing. That's the first time I ever had to use it though." He paused and there was a slight smile on his face. "God damn! That felt sooo good!"

They made it home in plenty of time. Ben was standing at the front window as they pulled up and his mouth fell open at seeing the Vette. He raced away and was immediately coming out the front door as the boys got out of the Vette.

"Whoa, Reed! This yours?!"

"All mine, little man. Wanna ride?"

He simply stared for several moments without a word. "A vintage `69 Corvette, Stingray. Never thought I'd live to stand next to one of these beauties." He paused and then realized he'd been asked a question. "Huh? Oh, no, not right now. Mom said dinner is just about done and that you two had better make it in time." He then looked expectantly at Reed. "Could we do it after dinner? Please?"

"You bet. Any time for my friend Benjamin."

"Your friend?"

Reed could easily read the disbelief. He walked over and hugged Ben...hard. "Yes, sir, Benjamin...friend. Only a friend would worry that he was encroaching on a relationship between me and your brother, Logan."

Ben leaned back quickly and looked up at Reed.

"Benjamin, that was the sweetest thing I've ever heard, really. I was amazed that a guy, just fifteen and only now realizing what he can do, would worry about that sort of thing. So you just bet that you're a friend. And to prove it, I'm going to spend the night and convince you."

Ben's mouth fell open in shock, and yes, anticipation.

"So, she's 'mom' now?" asked Logan, "Good for you."

"Well, mom at home. In public it's Mom Justice."

They entered the house and Reed headed for the location of the wonderful aromas.

"Hi, Mom," he called out as he entered.

Margaret looked sharply toward the unfamiliar voice and then smiled. "You, too, eh? Well, I guess it was bound to happen. Well, don't just stand there, son, come give mom a kiss. I always get a hug and kiss when my boys come home."

There were immediate tears of gratitude in his eyes as he walked over and hugged and kissed her. "Thank you...Mom," he croaked.

She squeezed him all the harder. This poor boy had been too long without a maternal adult in his life. She was, quite frankly, humbled by the fact that he wanted her to assume that role. She was discovering within herself a vast reservoir of love; enough to share with three special boys. When she looked up, she saw Logan and Benny standing at the kitchen entrance, simply smiling their approval.

She eased up and let Reed step away. "All right, I've got just enough time for one last hug before I have to get back to the stove or we'll be eating burnt...whatever it is I'm making."

"D`ja miss me?" asked Logan as he gave her his hug and kiss.

"Now why should I have missed you? Your little brother was here to keep me company. We had a good time, didn't we Benjamin?"

"It was a ripping great time! Mom, Reed's a Benny person too."

Well, Ben had to take Reed aside to explain, while Logan finished the table setting that Ben had already begun. Dinner was full of laughter and family, all capped off with a peach pie mom had picked up at her favorite bakery.

The boys volunteered to clear the table, load the dishwasher and clean the kitchen. It was a joy for Margaret to sit in the living room and listen to the laughter and playfulness of the three boys. Once done, Reed took Ben off for the promised ride while Logan simply sat next to his mom on the love seat.

"So, did you two have fun?" asked Margaret.

"Yes we did. Been a while since I just hung out with friends. We spent a few hours hanging out with Phillip and having fun, then Reed and I went to the mall for a little bit. How did you and Benny do today?"

"He described it pretty well. We had a great time. He's so starved for attention, that boy. But he took everything in stride. He simply allowed himself to enjoy our company together. We went to his house and the officer on watch let us in so we could pack up his things. Then we went to lunch and did a bit of shopping in town."

"Maybe you could look at his computer sometime. I had him set it up in the spare room. But his parents have put all kinds of restrictions on it. The boy can barely type in his password without some parental control limiting him. He admits that he spends more time at the library doing research than he does on his computer. He says it's easier. That's not right."

"Well, that shouldn't be a problem. It's unlikely that he's got anything of any importance on it, so I'll just reload the operating system from my disks. It'll wipe the hard drive completely clean. I'll load on the programs I have and then you can come in and we'll set up the few controls you like."

"You think I should? I'm not really his mother, after all."

"No, you're better than his mother. Look Mom, Benny's never really had access to his computer and the internet. We don't know him well enough to know how he'll respond. Let's not set him up for immediate failure. He could get himself into trouble without even realizing it. No, let's set up the same controls you've put on my computer. It's never hampered me."

"All right, if you think so." She hugged him. "I did miss you today, dear."

"And I missed you, despite all my fun."

Ben was all ecstatic boy when he got back from his ride. "We figured out that I can even fit on the small seat in back. The one time my small size has been a benefit," he laughed.

"Mom, I've invited Benny to come home with me and Logan tomorrow. We'll play some video and some pool."

"Actually, that would be good for me. I need to spend a little time catching up on my computer work. I took today off, so I have a few things to look at. Just don't make it an all day affair. I'd like to spend some time with the two of you."

"We'll go over first thing in the morning and come back for lunch," said Logan. "Benny and I'll even make it. How's that sound?"

"That sounds fine, dear. But how about we modify it and have you home by two and then you both can make dinner?"

"What's on the menu?!"

"Steaks and corn on the cob. I thought you could teach Benny a bit about grilling. Since you want to do the cooking tomorrow, you can grill. I picked up some fresh morel mushrooms too. I know how much you love them. Oh, and I got some of those huge shrimp we love. And before you ask, yes, there's plenty to invite Reed."

All three boys whooped for joy. Then she had to endure hugs and kisses all around. Oh, what a horrible life she was leading, she thought, with a laugh to herself. All this youthful enthusiasm was certainly energizing. As the boys left for Logan's room she found herself marveling at the thoughts she was having. She knew perfectly well what would be taking place in that room tonight...and she didn't care in the slightest.

During their day together, she'd gotten up the nerve to ask Benny how he'd felt about his night with Logan. Once he got over the shock of the question and she'd assured him that she wasn't the least bit offended...well, the boy had done exactly what Logan had predicted... he effervesced. There was no other word that applied for the way his delight had blossomed. He'd been circumspect enough to keep details out of the discussion, but he'd made it quite clear that he was thrilled with what he'd learned and who he'd learned it from.

So, if this is what it took to make their lives complete and happy, then where was the harm? They were being careful and not going faster than any of them could handle. She'd discerned that much from Benny's description. She somehow had a feeling that Oscar was keeping a discrete eye on the situation. That eased her mind as well.

She was just glad now that her computer room sat between her room and Logan's. It was likely to be lively in there tonight. And with that thought, she chuckled inwardly all the way to her room and a long luxurious soak in her whirlpool tub. She wondered if any of them would still have the energy for a full day tomorrow. 'Margaret Justice, your son is right,' she thought as she closed her bedroom door, 'You are just so bad.' Of course, now that she was behind a closed door, she laughed aloud.

"Hey, Logan, this is one nice room. It's definitely a gay boy's room, isn't it?" said Reed.

Logan laughed. "Hey, floral arrangements are my passion." There were two large paintings of elaborate floral displays and several smaller pictures strategically placed around the room. "That one over the bed is pretty special, though. After that last charity fashion show she had me take my favorite pieces to the studio of an artist friend of hers. It took him two weeks to paint this just for me. Take a look at the signature."

Reed stepped up and read what he found aloud. "Commissioned for Logan by Mom, Rene` Francis Gebauer. Hell, Logan, even I've heard of him. Dad says he's one of the modern masters. I didn't know he lived here."

"Most people don't. He refuses to have his privacy violated. So he lives in relative anonymity here. He's a great guy though. He had me in stitches when I was at his studio setting that arrangement up. I swear, he took nearly a hundred photos before he had me take them away. He said they'd never have lasted long enough for him to do it justice."

Reed laughed. "He didn't say that..."

"Oh yes, he most certainly did. My stomach hurt, I laughed so hard."

"Well, you're one up on dad. He has an original Gebauer, but not a personal commission."

"So, Benny, mom says your computer is set up in the spare room."

"For all the good it does me. I can't sneeze in its direction without a parental restriction popping up. I can't even use it to do homework research."

"Yeah," said Logan sympathetically. "That's what mom said. Have you got anything saved on it that you want to keep?"

"Hell, Logan, I barely used it."

"Tell you what, then, after dinner tomorrow you and I will sit down and wipe it clean and load it with all my software. We'll have you a computer that you can actually use, in no time. I've even got some spare hardware floating around here that we can use to upgrade you a bit if it needs it."

"Hell, that'd be great, Logan. I used yours for a bit this afternoon and couldn't believe the things I could do. I only got one parental block the whole time."

"Yeah, mom's pretty cool about it. We'll be setting up the same blocks on your computer. That okay with you?"

"Sure. Hell, the only reason I got the one block is because I mistyped my request. If it hadn't been for that, I probably wouldn't have known there were any blocks." He paused a moment. "I don't know if my computer is very up to date."

"Okay, we'll take a quick look at it in the morning and see what you've got for hardware. We can stop at the computer store on the way home and pick up any bits and pieces we need to make sure you're part of the twenty-first century."

"Gods, Logan, that could run into quite a bit of money."

"So? It's my money. If I want to spend a bit of it on a friend, then where's the harm? Ralph gave me a substantial hiring bonus, so I've got it to spare." He could see Ben's eyes tear up, so he walked over and simply hugged him. "Get use to this, little brother. This is how real families treat each other."

The silence lasted for a few moments before Reed broke it.

"Hey, Logan, you better stop or Benny's going to drop a load in his pants." He laughed at Benny's blush as they all looked down at his tenting pants.

"I can't help it. I get hard every time you guys are around."

"Hey, Benny, it's all right. I was just teasing," said Reed. "Hell, when I first figured out what this thing of mine could do, I started wearing underwear that was three sizes too small, trying to hide my perpetual woody. Not that it really helped. My parents kept buying me pants that were too small." He then looked up at Logan. "May I?" He tilted his head toward Benny.

"Be my guest," smiled Logan, stepping away, as Benny simply looked from one to the other of them, not quite believing what was happening.

Reed walked over and knelt in front of Ben where he was sitting in the desk chair and placed his hands on the boy's knees. "Ok, Benny, no more jokes. You and Logan here both rate the same on my cute meter. You're also a friend. You and I share a similar history with our families. We have a lot in common and I want to share more with you. So now comes the big question, Benny. May I share more than just my friendship with you?"

There was just a hint of moisture in his eyes as Ben answered. "I'd like that, Reed," he whispered.

Reed took a moment and simply rubbed Ben's knees. "Hey," he said softly, "You okay?"

Ben could only nod. There was just too much sudden emotion welling up inside him. He was smiling, though, as that first tear trickled down his cheek.

Reed thought he understood, though. He reached up and gently caressed the younger boy's face, wiping away the lone drop of happiness. "It's just a bit much, isn't it? You've spent a long time believing that nobody would ever be interested in you sexually, and now there's not one but two good looking, slightly older, more mature guys vying for your body and your love."

The tears began to fall as he nodded again, slowly. It was true. He'd felt like a complete failure for the past year or more. Intellectually, he knew that it was not his failure. He had no control over how his body matured. But that didn't help him emotionally. He was so far behind everyone his age, and they never let him forget it.

"Everybody's made fun of you for a long time," continued Reed, as Logan moved in behind Ben and began to gently rub his shoulders. "If you weren't the teenager in a little boy's body, you were the boy that couldn't even jack off like everyone else."

He nodded again, but the tears began to subside under the gentle massage. They retreated further as he looked into those understanding eyes before him. There was no mockery there, only compassion. No ridicule, just reassurance. Where before he'd felt inadequate, these two made him feel equal. Where once there had been only feelings of failure and disappointment, now there was only success and elation.

Ben leaned his head back and looked up into Logan's eyes. He reached up and pulled Logan's head down and initiated a kiss of love that consumed him. He felt Reed push his t-shirt up and felt the gentle caresses of an impassioned lover. As Ben kissed Logan with more passion, he felt Reed kissing him on his chest. And then an amazing thing happened. Just as he'd done with Logan the night before, Reed gently sucked Ben's left nipple into his mouth while he caressed the other with this hand.

Ben moaned loud and long into Logan's mouth. It was astounding to him that he didn't cum right then and there. But all he felt was his cock pushing against the fabric that trapped it. He felt one other thing, too; Reeds hands working to release his straining boyhood. 'Oh, God, yes,' he thought, 'free me'.

Reed was amazed at the responsiveness. This was an experience of give and take. Ben wasn't simply allowing his body to be taken. He was fully participating. He was giving as much as he was being given. He wasn't forcing things to a rapid conclusion. He was allowing them to progress as they would. He wanted this to proceed at a leisurely pace that would prolong the experience.

The kiss Logan was sharing was amazing. It wasn't all about wild passion, nor was it all about gentle love. This moved from one to the other as naturally as they breathed; one moment gently exploring each other, the next wildly battling for dominance.

Ben felt Reed pulling on his pants and underwear, so he pulled slightly on Logan to enable him to lift his body slightly. The release of the binding fabric caused him to groan in relief. And the odd thought came to him at that moment of Martin Luther King's speech at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial: Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty, Free at last! That caused him to chuckle into Logan's mouth, which in turn, caused Logan to break the kiss.

"What?" asked Logan.

"Oh God, not now, I'll tell you later," breathed Ben.

Instead of resuming the kiss, however, Logan moved slightly down one side of Ben's head and he began nibbling and sucking on Ben's ear.

Reed leaned in once he'd pulled Ben's clothes off and began gently sucking the small balls into his mouth; first one, then the other, and then both of them together. He sucked on them, rolled them around in his mouth.

Ben thought he'd never felt anything so exquisite as his nuts in Reed's mouth. But then Logan sucked the lobe of the ear he was playing with into his mouth and began doing precisely what Reed was doing. The combined electricity sent shock waves through his body.

"Oh God, Oh God, Reed!"

Well, Reed got that message immediately. He abandoned Ben's nuts and dove on the throbbing, dripping boy meat that stood at full attention before his nose. He swallowed it in one motion and Ben began to buck and groan and hiss as Reed bobbed up and down. It was immediate, it was glorious, it was completion. There were four distinct blasts of the watery liquid onto Reed's tongue, and he savored every one.

Logan had been watching carefully as Ben's small cock throbbed and dripped and so was prepared when he noticed a slight flaring of the glans. That was when he'd dove in for Ben's lobe, hoping that it would affect Ben just as it always did him. And he was not disappointed.

Reed and Logan locked eyes at the moment of Ben's orgasm. The three of them became connected in that moment of ultimate intimacy, either through physical contact or emotional fulfillment. It was such an emotionally charged moment, that Reed and Logan both teared up slightly as they basked in the rapture of their friend and lover.

They both knew precisely what this moment would mean to Ben. This was the ultimate accolade, the ultimate acceptance, the ultimate acknowledgment of his budding manhood. He would never again be the outsider. This was experience, not dream. This was fulfillment, not longing. This was being a part of, not being apart from.

Ben collapsed and immediately began to weep; tears of elation and tears of amazement. They were tears of inclusion, not exclusion; tears of connection, not separation. They were the fulfillment of all his hopes and dreams and fantasies. But this was so much more than those paltry wishes could ever have been.

He felt Logan move around him and Reed move up and then felt himself pulled into their loving, understanding embrace. They didn't say a word; they understood what this moment meant to him and they were willing to allow him to vent all his pent up anxiety and all his suddenly realized joy. He clung to them. He loved them as he'd never loved anyone in his whole life. This moment of three souls bound by their love would remain burned into his mind and heart for all time.

Reed had felt much like Ben was now feeling when Mom Justice had hugged him that first time outside the restaurant and again in the kitchen when she'd accepted his hinted at request for her motherly attention. Just as Ben had dreamed of being included in sexual union, Reed had dreamt of feeling the warm affection of a mother, someone that would understand and comfort him. Someone that would love him for who he was, not what they wanted him to be. That someone was now Mom Justice and he couldn't have been happier.

They huddled there together for several minutes as they warmed themselves in the glow of their shared love for one another. There was no need to rush the night. It wasn't even nine. There was more than enough time to do all they wanted and needed, and still get a good night's sleep. Reed and Logan continued to hold the younger boy until Ben, himself, moved to disengage himself. They simply smiled at one another. There really was no need for words of thank you and appreciation. It was there in their eyes.

"Ok, so what was the laugh about?" asked Logan.

Ben explained the odd thought that had filled his mind as he'd felt his pants coming down. When he repeated the lines they all three broke up. As they laughed Ben was aware that these two marvelous guys were staying connected. Logan was gently and slowly stroking Ben's cock and Reed was massaging his nuts. But what was amazing to him was that it didn't feel in the least sexual. Granted, he'd just ejaculated, but that had never really prevented him from staying hard; but here he was, all his parts being touched...and he was soft...completely soft.

"Is it always that good?" he asked softly.

Reed shook his head, but it was Logan that answered. "No, Benny, it's not. It's always pleasant, but it's not always that intense."

"It's only that great," continued Reed, "When you are sharing all of yourself with your partner. When you're connected in more than just the physical sense; that's when you see the stars and the rockets go off. It's at those times that you all have the over the top experiences like we just did."

"We? But I'm the only one that got off."

Logan smiled up at him. "All right, let me ask you. When you got me off last night, was that just something clinical you were observing like some movie?"

"Oh, hell no! I felt like I was part of what was happening to you."

"Exactly," said Reed. "There will be plenty of times when you'll do that and it will be fun to watch, but that's all you'll really be doing...watching. Last night you and Logan were totally connected. And just now, so were we."

"We weren't just watching you have an orgasm," said Logan. "We weren't simply tasting your body fluids. We knew, and felt, what was happening here," he pointed to Ben's head. "And here," he said, pointing to Ben's heart. "Reed and I understand that right now you are feeling more like a guy than you've ever felt. You feel like we've accepted you into the great fraternity of males."

Ben was silent for a moment as he looked from one to the other of them. "I do feel like that. But how did you know?"

"Because you participated, Benny," said Reed softly. "You weren't just a lump of male flesh allowing things to be done to you. You were part of the whole show. You grabbed Logan and initiated that awesome kiss, not him. You paid attention to what was happening to you and warned me so that I wouldn't miss out on my chance to really taste you. You taste fabulous, by the way. Now, I want a kiss."

The kiss Reed got from Ben was not a boy's kiss. It was his Vette at full throttle, hurtling down the highway, and it was the majestic Roles Royce, flowing past the reviewing stand. When they broke apart, Reed smiled. "Yeah, like that."

"So, Benny," said Logan as he stood, "This night is all about you. So what is it you'd really like to have happen next?"

Ben knew, and blushed because of the knowledge, but he found it hard to say.

"Well, it must be something good from that reaction," laughed Reed. "Come on, Benny, out with it. What's your great desire right now?"

"I...I want to watch." It sounded so lame just saying it like that, thought Ben.

"Really?" asked Reed. "How come? Not that I'm saying no. If that's what you'd like, then, of course we'll do it. But why?"

"Be...because I really don't know how it all works. Logan said I did pretty good last night, but I've never actually seen 'sex'. Obviously, I've never been able to sneak a peek at porn on my computer. All I've been able to do is dream about it; imagine what guys would do together. But you guys have shown me that my fantasies weren't anywhere near the real thing. Could I please watch you two?"

"Yes, Benny, you can watch us," answered Logan as Reed nodded his agreement. "But you'll probably see some things that may shock you. You think you're ready for that?"

"Shock me how?"

"You ever play with your ass?"

Ben blushed bright this time, but he managed a nod.

"Ok, so I know that Reed likes to be fucked."

"Really?!" asked a startled Ben. "Doesn't it hurt?"

"Just a bit," said Reed, matter of factly. "But it goes away pretty quickly and then there's only the pleasure."

"I don't think I could do that."

"Doesn't matter if you wanted to or not," said Logan. "Your body is way too small to be thinking about that. Hell, Doc Stewart told me I'm not really ready yet. There's a lot of preparation and practice that has to happen before I'm ready to take the real thing. For you, it has to wait until your body has grown."

"So, you think you're ready to be watching something like that?" asked Reed.

"Yeah," he answered shyly. "I just want to know some of the things that are possible. I'll talk to one of you before I try anything on my own."

"Good decision, Benny," said Reed. "Now, let's go shower. You need to clean up and Logan and I need to be sure we're squeaky clean before we can begin."

It didn't take long before all three of them were back in the bedroom. Ben had really enjoyed showering with the guys. It was the first time he'd showered with other boys without feeling embarrassed and inadequate. And best of all was he'd been able to openly look at his shower mates, even help them wash their backs.

Logan's body was much softer in appearance. It seemed 'complete' to Ben, but it looked sort of satiny and a bit delicate. Reed, on the other hand, had a much different body. His looked older. It was definitely better defined, more muscular than either Logan or Ben. But it wasn't harsh, it was firm. It looked firm and felt that way too. And their cocks were certainly different. They both looked huge to Ben, of course, but he had the leisure to look at and analyze the differences. They were nearly the same length, though Logan was just a bit longer. But Reed's was definitely fatter than Logan's. Their balls were essentially the same size, but Logan's hung low, while Reed's rode higher into his crotch. It was sort of a thrill to be able to look to his heart's content and not be ridiculed for it.

When they got back into the room, Ben moved the desk chair close to the bed while the other two pulled the blanket and top sheet down off the foot of the bed and then crawled onto the mattress and one remaining sheet.

"Ok, Benny, enjoy yourself," said Reed. "I expect to find out that you've jacked off during all of this and cum three times."


Reed and Logan laughed. "No, not really," answered Reed. "All I'm really saying is, if you feel the urge to jack off, go for it."

" won't mind?"

"I love knowing that someone has gotten off by watching what I'm doing," answered Reed.

"You let other guys watch you have sex?"

"A time or two. Now, enough talk. Logan and I haven't been able to do more than catch a quickie a couple of times. I desperately want to ravage his body."

Before Reed could move, however, Logan grabbed him and rolled over so that Reed was on the bottom. "Oh, I don't think so, brother mine," he whispered in Reed's ear. "You've had your shot at me...twice I believe. I want more than a simple quickie in the shower."

With that said, Logan began with the closest body part, Reed's ear. The thrill for Reed wasn't that his ear was a particularly sensitive spot. His parents had hit him so many times on the ears that they'd lost some of their sensitivity. But that was totally irrelevant right now. Logan could have been attacking the hair on Reed's head and Reed would still have been turned on by it.

Reed hadn't had a partner his own age since that fateful night he'd run away from home, and he'd never had one as cute as Logan or Ben take a real interest in him. Just the feel of Logan's smoothness against him was a total turn on. He was hard in an instant.

As Logan worked over Reed's neck and chest with his tongue and hands, their cocks battled side by side between their stomachs. Reed was astonished at the rapidness with which his body responded. He'd always prided himself in his ability to control his body and hold off cumming. But between the excitement of getting Ben off and the feel of Logan against him, he was rapidly building to an eruption. He finally resorted to grabbing Logan's head and pulling it up to his face.

"I don't know what's wrong with me, Logan," he whispered. "I'm so close already."

Logan was shocked to see actual tears in Reed's eyes. But the words had been spoken in awe.

"I don't seem in command of myself, brother," continued Reed. "There's no controlling it...I've got to cum...real soon."

Logan answered this by simply leaning in and kissing Reed, being careful not to move his lower body and thus excite Reed more. The other morning, their kiss had been one of desperation and love. This one was of gentle passion, exploration, and longing.

Reed's attention immediately left his over-excited groin and became focused on these marvelous lips and tongue. All of his attention was swallowed by Logan's mouth. He could feel his heart swelling to encompass this marvelous experience. And the longer the kiss lasted, the more he knew he was losing his heart to this marvelous guy. Try as he might, he couldn't help but love Logan as he'd never loved anyone in his life.

When Logan finally broke the kiss, Reed was amazed...and see moisture in the younger boy's eyes. He realized in that moment that they were losing themselves in each other. They were losing the battle to remain simply good friends and brothers. They were, to their utter amazement, falling in love.

For Logan, it no longer mattered how long this moment lasted. He'd intended to prolong this experience for as long as he could. But as he looked into those light blue eyes, there was no mistaking the feelings that Reed was experiencing, because they were the same feelings that were welling up within himself. They were losing themselves in each other.

No more thoughts, no more analysis. Logan had to complete this moment. He kissed his way down Reed's body, stopping only long enough to lap up the copious fluids that were already coating his lover's stomach and filling his navel.

Normally Reed would have simply closed his eyes and enjoyed the experience. This time...the first time in his life...he watched. He watched in anticipation as Logan cleaned his stomach. He squirmed as Logan moved lower and then simply sat for a moment and looked at all of nature's handy work. Reed was astounded when Logan finally reached toward him with both hands; they were actually shaking. One he laid flat on top of Reed's pubes, the other first cupped and then enfolded Reed's nuts.

Reed's cock stiffened and stood nearly flag pole straight. And it ached. It throbbed with the heat of this moment. It pointed, as best it could, toward the one person it wanted most. Yes, it stood there and begged Logan to finally take it.

Logan slowly lowered himself, entranced. He was hypnotized by this moment. He licked the saturated head of that thick, flaring head and then gently...ever so gently...ever so slowly...wrapped his lips around the tip. He pulled more and more of it inside, determined to memorize, through the connection of his lips alone, every vein, every bump, every sensation.

Reed was beyond caring that this was going far faster than he would normally have wanted. As he watched Logan lowering himself onto his cock, he could feel the equally slow building of pressures that it was far too late to control. At the exact moment that Logan began to pull up, it happened.

Logan was thrilled, not disappointed, when Reed released himself. That first taste of Reed's cum was nectar and honey. But before he could do more than acknowledge that taste, his own body stiffened and the most amazing thing happened. He came as well, shooting this first load with such intensity that it actually landed on Reed's nuts and his own hand.

Reed recognized what was happening even if he couldn't see the results. It was obvious that they were both cumming and the thought of that was simply too much. He simply immersed himself in the experience. Whatever was happening between them, it was too marvelous to analyze. Not everything in life had to be understood.

Ben simply sat there through it all, in utter disbelief. Even at the tender age of fifteen and with all his lack of experience, he recognized that something profound was happening between them. What he was witnessing was more than sex, more than two friends enjoying each other. Hell, it was even more than the stars and rockets that Reed had claimed was the ultimate moment between two people.

When Logan was sure he'd gotten all he could, he simply released Reed and rested his head on Reed's stomach and allowed himself to fully experience the final few pulses from his own cock. He moaned softly as Reed placed his hands on Logan's head and caressed him through their moments of recovery. Logan simply placed his hands on Reed's chest and caressed the small patch of hair in the middle of it.

Reed and Logan both recovered at about the same moment and both of them did exactly the same thing; they turned to look at Ben. He was simply sitting there, his mouth slightly open, two tear trails down his face...and he was smiling slightly.

"," he whispered.

The two older boys simply smiled.

"Sorry, little brother," said Logan. "Meant to do more."

"Sorry? God, Logan, that was incredible to watch."

"It was incredible to experience, too," said Reed. "We'll have to try again another time to show you more."

Ben's mouth fell fully open at this. "You still want me..."

"Come here, little brother," said Reed with some heat. When Ben was close enough, Reed reached up and pulled his head down and planted a firm kiss on him.

When Reed released him, Logan immediately grabbed his head and did the same thing.

"Nothing's changed, Benny," said Reed as Logan released him.

Ben could only marvel at their continued desire to have him be part of themselves. He'd witnessed them establish a new, closer connection to one another, and still they wanted to include him in their intimate lives.

"Logan," he whispered, "You came and never even touched yourself."

"Yeah, pretty intense. It's never happened to me before, I'll tell you."

"If anyone had told me that was possible I'd have called them a liar."

"I have heard it talked about, but I never really believed it either," laughed Logan. "Now, little brother, you think you could change this sheet while Reed and I go clean up?"


On his way to the bathroom, Logan stopped at the linen closet and pulled out a clean sheet and threw it to Ben, then went in to join Reed.

After they'd washed one another, they simply held each other and let the water flow over them.

"Did we just complicate our lives?" asked Logan.

Reed chuckled. "I'd say a bit, yeah. But I don't think it really affects the business. We're not expected to share more than the performance anyway. I love that part. Sharing sex with any of the clients was really just to scratch my itch. Now that I've got you and Benny I don't need that. We'll just keep making the money and save the sex for each other."

"I'm glad you want to keep including Benny."

As they exited the bathroom, they saw Benny making his way to the spare bedroom. They didn't have to consult, they simply acted. They each grabbed one of Benny's arms and ignored his quiet protests. They lifted him off the floor by his arms and carried him back into Logan's room. As one they tossed him into the middle of the bed and then crawled up and laid on either side of him.

"Damn it, Benny," said Reed. "Nothing's changed between the three of us. Logan and I still want you to be part of this. Now stop being so fucking noble and self-sacrificing. We aren't going any place, and neither are you."

They shared a group hug, kissed one another and then promptly fell fast asleep.

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