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Soulbound ‡ pact

by Wes Leigh

Chapter 1

This is a work of fiction (or is it?) intended solely for the entertainment of my readers; any resemblance to any real people or places is purely coincidental. This story is the property of the author and is protected by copyright laws. The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent.

Nowhere on earth for your heart to hide
Once love comes sneakin up on your blind side
You might as well try to stop the rain
Stand in the track of a runaway train
Just can't fight it when a thing is meant to be, yeah
Come on let's finish what you started with me, yeah

-- From Love Sneakin' Up on You by Bonnie Raitt

No one saw them leave. Good.

Xavier grabbed the new boy by the hand as they ran out of the gym and raced across the soccer field toward the trees, giggling madly the entire way. Sneaking out of class was insane, but the two of them hadn't been caught, and now they had an entire hour without anyone watching over their shoulders, staring, trying to catch them doing something they shouldn't be doing.

And what shouldn't they be doing? Other than holding hands?

When they reached the relative safety of the pine trees ringing the far side of the athletics field, they stopped and turned to face each other. Xavier wasn't out of breath. Though he wasn't an athlete like the new boy, he was still a vampire, and a short run like that hadn't winded him in the least. And obviously, the new boy wasn't even breathing hard. He was a star football player, after all. His broad chest slowly expanded as he took in a deep breath and blew it out. So sexy.

Looking up at the new boy, Xavier smiled. He wasn't accustomed to looking up at his lover. Jack had been shorter than him, and Xavier was accustomed to looking down slightly at Jack's upturned face just before they kissed. He shook his head slightly. This was no time to be thinking about Jack. Jack was ancient history, almost a century in the past, and the new boy was his lover now.

Xavier leaned forward slightly, tipping his head up to look the new boy in the eyes. They were beautiful eyes, slightly green in color, maybe with a bit of blue too. Sparkling in the late afternoon sun. Studying Xavier. Watching, waiting for him to make the next move.

What should the next move be? Xavier hesitated only a second. He knew what he wanted, what he had been hoping for since the beginning of the school year. He wanted Connor, the new boy.

For weeks now, Xavier had been keeping an eye on Connor, secretly scrutinizing him, memorizing every powerful muscle on the tall boy's body, wanting to run his fingers through Connor's wavy auburn hair, yearning to feel Connor's strong arms wrap around him and hold him, longing to have Connor's full lips pressed against his own. It had been difficult keeping his crush on Connor a secret, especially with everyone watching their every move, but now … hidden away in the trees with no one to see them kiss, Xavier's mouth was slightly open as he leaned up, licking his lips, exhaling slowly, caressing Connor's face with his cool breath.

Connor leaned down and sighed. His breath was warm. His lips were soft and moist. His eyes squinted slightly in desire.

The first kiss was gentle, unassuming, an invitation for more.

The second kiss was desperate, filled with longing, both asking and both agreeing that this is what they desired. Tongues touched and danced. Faces turned and pressed closer. Hands slid around to pull their bodies together.

Xavier felt Connor's arms tensing slightly as Connor pulled him into a tight hug. Connor's broad chest pressed against Xavier's thinner, bonier chest. Their crotches connected. With hard shafts straining in both their pants, their intense desire for one another was confirmed. Eagerly, they each slid one hand down to grasp and squeeze each other.

Xavier was amazed at the size and girth of Connor. He had certainly looked big enough in his tight jeans, but that was before his passion filled his cock with pounding blood. Now he was huge! Xavier moaned in expectation.

Xavier knew his cock wasn't anywhere close to Connor's in size, but he knew he had nothing to be embarrassed about either, so when Connor slid his hand inside Xavier's pants, Xavier sucked in his stomach, granting Connor full access. Connor's hand explored Xavier's hard, throbbing cock from top to bottom, squeezing and caressing, forcing a drop of precum to ooze from the tip, which he rubbed gently around the tip of Xavier's cock.

Xavier moaned again and moved his mouth down to the side of Connor's neck, kissing, sucking, wishing he could extend his fangs and bite deep into Connor's wide neck, knowing that would be the end of their lovemaking. When the passion overtook him, Xavier had to fight with all his might against the blood-crazed vampire inside him. NO! He's my lover, not my meal. Leave his blood inside his neck … and his amazing cock.

Xavier dropped to his knees and yanked Connor's pants down, exposing eight throbbing inches, pale white skin with a dark purple cap, and a drop of glistening moisture on the tip. Moaning with desire, Xavier grasped the skin just below the cap and pulled down slightly, exposing Connor fully. Licking up the front, Xavier teased the tip of Connor's cock, glancing up to see if Connor was watching.

Connor's eyes were wide open in anticipation. His lips were parted. His tongue was dancing out, touching his lips briefly.

Xavier smiled and placed his mouth fully around the tip of Connor's cock, sucking the sweet drops onto his tongue, then pulling back and showing Connor that the precum droplets were now gone.

Connor smiled and reached out to caress the side of Xavier's face.

Xavier placed his hand on top of Connor's, pressing Connor's hand against his cheek.

With a devilish gleam in his eyes, Xavier pulled Connor's cock down slightly, pointing it at his mouth, and dove forward, shoving Connor's cock deep into his mouth in one pass. Deeper still. Feeling the tip stroke the vampiric glands in the roof of his mouth, making his body quiver and shake, fighting the desire to transform into the blood-sucking monster. Deeper. Into the back of his throat, and down. Stroking the back of his throat, causing him to swallow convulsively, pulling Connor deeper yet. Pressing his lips against Connor's furry belly. Feeling the soft nest of pubic hair tickling his upper lip.

Connor slipped his hands around to the back of Xavier's head and gently stroked his scalp. Then taking a firm grip, Connor began slowly thrusting, forcing his enormous cock down Xavier's throat, pulling out only enough to give Xavier a chance to suck in a short breath through his nose, then pushing back down, down, down until Xavier's lips touched his belly and balls.

Out slowly, almost leaving Xavier's mouth, then back in, deeper and deeper until he was fully buried in Xavier's throat.

Out again, pulling completely away this time, Connor lifted Xavier's chin and stared down, frowning. Xavier's eyes were filled with tears.

A gentle, concerned whisper … did I hurt you?

A smiling, happy response … no … not at all.

Connor pulled Xavier to his feet and kissed him, deeply, passionately, then turned Xavier around and lowered Xavier's pants just enough to expose his butt.

Xavier felt the soft, wet tip of Connor's cock seeking, searching, finding, penetrating. Delicious agony spread throughout Xavier's body. His back arched and he cried out.

With a single, sharp thrust, Connor slid fully up inside Xavier's body and held him tight. Leaning down, Connor whispered in Xavier's ear … did I hurt you this time?

Xavier shook and began humping himself slowly up and down on Connor's enormous shaft as he replied … yes … it was wonderful.

Xavier sat up in bed.

He looked around, blinking.

Then he blew out his breath, exasperated.

It was the third time this week he'd dreamed of the new boy, Connor Finnigan. Each dream had left him panting for breath—he touched his groin—and apparently this one had left him soaked with cum. Damn it!

He threw aside the blanket and sheets and stood up. His underwear was sopping wet. He felt the bed and was relieved to see that it was still dry. That was one thing to be thankful for.

He walked to his dresser and slid open the middle drawer. Reaching inside, he pulled out fresh underwear and carried them to the bathroom connecting his bedroom with his cousin Gregor's room. He left the light off in the bathroom. He didn't want to wake up Gregor and have to endure his cousin's teasing. As much as he loved his cousin, as many trials as they had endured together, some days the guy was a bloody pain in the ass.

Feeling his way across the bathroom, Xavier dropped the clean underwear on the counter and fumbled around until he found the shower door. Pulling it open and reaching inside, he turned on the hot water and waited until the temperature was comfortable, then stepped in. The warm spray struck his chest and groin, soaking his sticky underwear. He pulled the waistband out and aimed the water at his now-flaccid cock, rinsing away the evidence of his sexy dream.

'Why was Connor in my dreams?' he wondered once again. They barely knew each other, though they shared a couple of classes. Connor never talked to him, which wasn't surprising. They had absolutely nothing in common.

Connor was an athlete, star of the football team, a huge, hulking force of destruction on the field, stalking quarterbacks and running backs and burying them in the turf. Xavier was a musician, a star in his own right with a trumpet held to his lips, playing solos in the marching band at halftime.

Connor struggled with his academics, needing extra help from the teachers. Xavier found school boring, having been forced to endure countless years in high school as he moved from town to town, changing his identity each time to hide his immortality.

Connor was tall, muscular, tanned, auburn-haired, and fucking gorgeous.

Xavier was thin, pale-skinned, raven-haired, and … okay … he had to admit he was handsome in his own way. Regina was always hitting on him, telling him he was extremely attractive, but he wasn't interested in Regina, or any other girl for that matter.

He was gay, and only boys got him hard. Specifically one boy, lately. Connor. And that was another way they were different. Connor seemed to be a man's man, totally straight, and it was ridiculous to be lusting after him all the time like this.

Especially when you considered the biggest difference between the two of them: Connor was a werewolf and Xavier was a vampire.

As Xavier turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, the bathroom light came on. He glanced over and saw Gregor standing in the door, frowning in confusion.

"What the fuck are you doing, cousin?" Gregor growled.

"Taking a shower," Xavier replied with a shrug.

"At fucking 3 in the morning?"

Xavier chuckled. "You better hope Minerva doesn't hear you talking like that. You know how she feels about 'gutter language'."

Gregor sneered. "Fuck Minerva. Fuck her fancy talk. Fuck her rules." Gregor frowned at Xavier. "And why the fuck are you taking a shower now?"

Xavier sighed as he began toweling off. "Had a messy dream."

Gregor's lips curled and he began laughing softly. "Aren't you a bit old for wet dreams?"

Shrugging, Xavier replied, "I might be over a century old, but my body is still 15."

Gregor snorted. "So is mine, but I take care of it."

Xavier rolled his eyes and pumped his hand up and down. "Yeah. Every night. When you leave the bathroom door open, I can hear your bed squeaking."

Gregor pulled his underwear down, exposing his thick cock, and grabbed it in his fist. Shaking it in Xavier's direction, he said, "I don't need to beat my meat. I have plenty of humans to satisfy my desires. You should try it some time."

Xavier finished drying off and tossed the towel in a hamper. Taking his underwear off the counter, he stepped into them and pulled them up into place. "I don't enjoy your 'parties' Gregor. Forcing humans to orgasm for me so I can dine on their passion? Seems a bit pointless."

Gregor leaned back against the counter and smiled wickedly. "I've seen you getting into it, cousin. The power of controlling another's passion! The way their bodies twist and shake as they orgasm! The lust they emit at the moment of release! You love it, even if you won't admit it."

"That's just it, Gregor. I don't love it. I do it because I have to eat, not because I enjoy manipulating a human and making them orgasm for my dining pleasure." The last part Xavier said with a sarcastic sneer, knowing that for Gregor, the control of a human's emotions was almost as important as the passions he feasted upon. Xavier hated the necessity of it, simply to survive, but it was better than sucking the life from his classmates. Xavier snarled and added, "I don't enjoy it … like a few other vampires I could name."

Gregor chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. "Why shouldn't I enjoy it? It's our privilege to dine on humans. They should count themselves fortunate we only sup on their emotions, not their blood." Gregor turned around and stared in the mirror. His ghostly reflection was hard to see, but he grinned as he turned his head from side to side. "With a handsome devil like me, some of these girls wet their panties when I talk to them. It doesn't take much more to get them naked and shaking with orgasmic pleasure."

Xavier shook his head in disgust. "As handsome as you are, why don't you try dating a girl? Just to see if you can make her cum without taking control of her mind?"

"Controlling a girl's mind is half the fun, Zavy." Gregor studied Xavier's flickering image in the mirror. "Or a boy's mind," he added with a leer.

Xavier blushed and pushed past Gregor, heading back into his own bedroom.

Gregor followed him, stopping at the door and leaning against the doorframe. "When are you going to stop missing him, Zavy?"

Xavier pretended not to understand. "Missing who?"


Xavier turned slowly and gulped. "I don't miss Jack."

Shorter by a foot, with blonde hair and freckles, Jack had a hellacious temper. Ready to charge into a fight with the other teens in Whitechapel, there had been dozens of occasions when Xavier and Gregor had been forced to hold Jack back from a challenge. And then there were the street whores. Jack detested them, for they reminded him of the mother who abandoned him as a boy. Jack had always fallen into a dismal mood whenever they crossed path with the loose "ladies" of London.

And yet, despite his hot temper and foul moods, Jack loved his adopted family. He adored Mum, Xavier's mother. He played games with the younger children for hours on end. And he loved his 'brothers' Xavier and Gregor. They were inseparable, spending every moment together, whether it was working side-by-side in old man McCoy's stables or wandering the streets of Whitechapel or …

… nipping into a dark alley for a quick bit of fun. Oy! Jack liked that the best. Any dark alley would do. Or the hay loft in the stables. Or behind the trees near the Whitechapel hospital. He was quick to pull Xavier's trousers down and slide his mouth onto Xavier's cock. Jack enjoyed sucking cock almost as much as he loved getting buggered by Xavier during the night, while Gregor watched on, bemused at how much the two of them relished their nighttime frolics.

For Xavier, it wasn't just sex. He couldn't look into Jack's eyes without feeling his heart pound. He loved Jack, and all Jack's emotional outbursts made Xavier love him even more, wanting to protect the younger teen, wanting to keep him safe from the Whitechapel bullies and whores and any other danger in their poverty-stricken borough.

That was why it was especially bitter for Xavier to realize that it had been his own fangs that had penetrated Jack's neck in a moment of passion, injecting the serum that changed the lad into a vampire. Sure … Xavier wasn't entirely aware of what he was doing at the time, having just been bitten himself and not having a clue what he was doing. But it was still his fault. He was the one who'd bitten his cousin Gregor and his friend Jack. He was the one who'd turned them both into vampires. And he was the one who had stood watching as Jack teleported around Minerva's estate in Whitechapel, trying to avoid being captured, laughing as Jack taunted his pursuers, until … until he … until he misjudged his jump and teleported into the middle of a wall, dying seconds later with Xavier holding him in his arms.

Why the fuck shouldn't he miss Jack? Could anyone blame him?

Never again, Xavier promised himself. Never again would he fall in love. Never again would he enjoy sex with another. Never again.

And yet his heart seemed to be betraying him now, late at night, taunting him with dreams, reminding him of how wonderful it feels to have a soulmate, to be bound in love with another.

Gregor pushed off the doorframe, snorting. "Bullshit, Zavy. You miss Jack. It's quite obvious, and I understand why. I miss him too. But at some point, you're going to have to let it go and move on. You need to find someone new." Gregor smiled and teased, "Regina is willing."

"I don't want Regina," Xavier snapped.

Gregor walked slowly forward and took Xavier in his arms, pulling him into a hug. Gregor whispered, "I know you don't, Zavy. I know what your preference is, and I don't care. Maybe I've outgrown our teenage games. Maybe they were never games for you. I really don't care. I love you, cousin, and I want the best for you."

Xavier sighed and allowed Gregor to hug him. "Thanks, cousin. I love you, too."

"You need someone, Zavy. You need someone to replace Jack in your heart. And I hope you find him soon, because you're driving me crazy!"

They both laughed and released their hug. Xavier shoved Gregor slightly, sending him back to his own bedroom.

"Night, Zavy."

"Night, Reggie."

"And don't let Minerva hear you calling me Reggie," Gregor said with a chuckle.

"Don't let her hear you calling me Zavy."

They both chuckled and smiled, enjoying a brief return to the camaraderie they had enjoyed as teenagers growing up together in London. What had happened to them? How had becoming a vampire stolen their brotherly connection, just as it had stolen their mortality?

Ah, well, it didn't matter that much. They were still friends, and they would always remain so, always backing each other up. And they'd never be able to keep secrets from one another; they knew each other far too well for that.

Gregor headed back to his own room, leaving Xavier to ponder his cousin's words. 'You need someone to replace Jack in your heart.' Did he? Did he even want to replace Jack? And had his heart already chosen a replacement without informing his brain of the decision?

Or was it his cock that was running this show?

Xavier reached up to turn off the light, slid under the blankets, and tried to go back to sleep. Visions of Connor's dimpled grin kept intruding into his thoughts until he finally managed to fall into a restless sleep.

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