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Soulbound ‡ pact

by Wes Leigh

Chapter 2

There is a moment when you realize you are not doing what you want to do or being who you want to be. It is at that moment that you become who you really are.

-- From Katie in Love by Chloe Thurlow

"I hate bein' here," Connor mumbled under his breath, thinking how much he'd rather be running wild through the forests, running down a deer or chasing off a pack of coyotes. He'd lost track of how many times he'd felt this way. The current torture making him long to shift into werewolf form and run free was a lesson on the history of North Dakota.

"North Dakota became a U.S. territory as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803." Mrs. McDuffey's voice had a droning, monotone buzz that was so numbing it could put a charging bear to sleep, and Connor, along with all the other students in the class, was struggling to focus on her lecture. She didn't seem to notice, writing dates on the white board as she talked. "We were originally part of the Minnesota and Nebraska territories, until, along with South Dakota, we were organized into the Dakota Territory in 1861." The marker squeaked as she added another date. "The state was very sparsely populated until the arrival of the railroads in the late 1800s, and finally became a state in 1889."

Connor wrote down the dates, wondering when, if ever, he would need to know all this. His adopted parents insisted that he be here. Andreas said he had to take the classes to play football. Gabi said he needed to learn and fill his brain with knowledge. But he wasn't sure it was worth sitting through this torment just to play football, and filling his brain with these numbers and facts gave him a headache.

He glanced at the clock on the wall, sighing when he realized there was half an hour left before the class ended and he could head out to the field house to suit up for football practice.

Football he enjoyed. Smashing into the guys. Knocking them around. Tackling the ball carrier. Those were school activities he could sink his teeth into.

Not that Coach Sean would let him do much tackling. Coach kept saying to take it easy and save his werewolf-fueled aggression for the opposing teams. But Connor had to do something to let out his frustration. Some days he felt like the wolf inside him was going to explode out and rip open the next teacher who made him sit at a desk for an hour of boring lectures.

The thin, dark-haired boy—Xavier he was called (what a weird name!)—was sitting at a table underneath the clock with two friends, all dressed in black. Xavier caught Connor's attention. Again. Every time he saw the guy, Connor couldn't help but stare. There was just something about him…

Why did he make Connor feel so … so nervous and excited at the same time?

Why did Connor's heart begin pounding out of his chest every time he saw the boy?

Why did his cock start boning up every time the boy was near, like he was now?

Connor slipped one hand down to his lap and pressed on the front of his pants. It seemed to be happening more and more. Getting hard at the worst times. Embarrassing the hell out of him. Jacking off didn't help. And getting one of the younger pups to suck it for him didn't help either. It still got hard. Even during Mrs. McDuffey's mind-numbing history lectures.

Xavier glanced over and their eyes met.

Connor gulped. The boy's eyes were black, like his hair, which shone like a raven's feathers, with blue highlights. Xavier was handsome. Very handsome. And he smiled just the smallest bit when he noticed Connor looking his way.

Connor smiled back and nodded slightly.

Xavier raised his eyebrows and grinned, then his eyes darted down to Connor's lap, noticing Connor's hand trying to hold down his boner and not succeeding. Xavier's eyes widened slightly in surprise, noticing how large a lump Connor had in his jeans.

Connor blushed furiously. Damn it. He looked back at Mrs. McDuffey and tried to imagine her naked with long, stretched out breasts hanging down over a wrinkled stomach. It didn't help. He could almost feel Xavier's eyes still on him, and he began thinking about how Xavier's long, thin body would appear naked, standing next to him in a quiet forest clearing, just the two of them, touching each other.

Mrs. McDuffey turned toward the class and said, "Open your textbooks to page 35. In the table at the top, you will see a timeline of major events for the state, starting in 1713, when England obtained the northern part of North Dakota from France."

Connor fumbled with his textbook, finding it difficult to open and flip to the correct page using one hand while keeping his boner partially covered with the other hand. He quickly glanced sideways at Xavier and saw him grinning, but no longer looking Connor's way. Gulping with relief, Connor pushed down hard on his cock one more time before grabbing his backpack from the floor and pulling it into his lap, pretending to search inside for a pen. He left the backpack draped across his lap, finally hiding his predicament, and used both hands to open his textbook to the correct page.

"In 1763, the Treaty of Paris granted to England the part of the state drained by the Mouse and the Red Rivers…"

Finally, the droning voice of Mrs. McDuffey put his cock to sleep. He snorted and thought, 'I guess my cock is harder to control than a charging bear.' He jotted down another note on fur traders building forts on Park River, smiling as he thought, 'I wonder if Caleb will give me a blowjob before practice starts.'

Coach Sean blew his whistle and shouted, "One more time. Offensive lineman … you're gonna have to do better than that."

Donny McCoy shook his head. "We're doing the best we can, Coach. There's no way to stop Connor." It wasn't for lack of trying. Even though Connor was Donny's best friend and future alpha, Donny was giving it everything he had, to no avail, for Connor was too fast and too strong.

Coach Sean chuckled and replied, "Double team him. Triple team him if you have to. We're only sending three pass rushers, so I want the center, left guard, and left tackle all blocking Connor. Do NOT let him reach the quarterback."

Donny moved forward to his position on the line, bent over and tilted his head up to see Connor grinning eagerly. Donny shook his head and laughed. He knew he couldn't block Connor on his own, and he pitied their future opponents. Connor was going to tear them up on defense.

The center and left guard were both seniors. They were both bigger than either Connor or Donny, and they had been playing football all their lives. The center nodded his head at Connor and mumbled to the guard, "Take him low. I'll come in high from the side. Little fucker isn't getting past us."

The left guard simply nodded his head and crouched over, ready to launch himself at Connor.

Donny rolled his eyes. The seniors on the team thought they were bad ass. All the girls thought they were hot, and they ate it up. But these two, as big as they were, were only humans, and there was no way they were going to stop a werewolf like Connor. Donny knew that. He was a werewolf too, and he couldn't stop Connor. There was just something remarkable about Connor's ability to take his body right to the edge of shifting into a wolf and hold it there, tapping into the powers of his lycan form while still holding human shape. It made him faster and more powerful than anyone else on the field, werewolf or human, no matter how big, strong, or experienced they might be.

The quarterback, another senior, moved up behind the center carefully, glancing quickly at Connor. After running the play six times and seeing Connor come at him with supernatural speed, slicing through his pass protection with ease, and stopping just short of smashing him to the ground, the quarterback was expecting the worst. Who the fuck was this kid? A sophomore, just starting school in Agony, and he played like a college linebacker. Or even a pro. The kid was crazy good. The quarterback barked out the cadence, took the snap from the center, and quickly dropped back to make the pass.

The offensive players reacted immediately, the left guard diving for Connor's knees, the center jumping in from the side to hit Connor in the shoulder, while Donny valiantly came in from the Connor's left, attempting to shut off an outside angle.

Connor wasn't bothering with an outside angle; he charged to the inside, hitting the center in the chest and knocking him backwards off his feet. With one hand, Connor grabbed the left guard by the shoulderpads, a muscular kid weighing around 210 pounds, and tossed him sideways into Donny, knocking them both over. Then Connor, with no one to stop him, charged the quarterback.

The quarterback's eyes widened in fear. How the fuck did this newbie move so fast? The quarterback tried to dodge to his left, but Connor cut him off and wrapped his arms around the quarterback, holding him without tackling him. Coach Sean didn't want the quarterback hurt, so Connor wasn't allowed to sack him. No smearing the quarterback in practice!

Coach Sean blew the whistle and shook his head in amazement. He shouted, "One more time. Dillon, this time I want you to shift over from your fullback position to block for Casey when Connor comes through. Maybe you can slow him down."

Dillon laughed. "You got it, Dad."

Coach Sean glared at Dillon. "What did I say about that?"

Dillon grimaced. "Sorry. I meant, 'You got it, Coach!'" On the field, he was supposed to call his father Coach, not Dad, but he sometimes slipped up. Like today. When he was being asked to do the impossible. He laughed again and said, "Connor won't get past me!"

The rest of the players laughed along with Dillon. It didn't matter. They could pile the entire offensive line on top of Connor and he'd still manage to break through. No one could stop him.

Coach Sean tried to hide the excitement he was feeling. The other teams were going to hate playing against the Agony Cougars this year.

In the showers after practice, Caleb looked up at Connor with hero-worship in his eyes. "You're a beast, Connor. You're terrific out there."

Connor smiled and reached over to squeeze Caleb's shoulder. Young Caleb was one of Connor's favorites among the werewolf teens. He was always laughing and joking, and he gave terrific blowjobs, which Connor seemed to need almost every day. Just thinking about Caleb's soft mouth wrapped around his cock made Connor's cock jump and start filling out.

'Oh, shit!' he thought. 'Not here. Not now.'

Of all the places to pop a boner, this was the worst. Connor gulped and quickly turned to face the wall, turning the shower to a cooler setting, hoping the cold water would make his hard-on disappear.

Caleb noticed Connor's distress and moved up next to him, blocking the other players from seeing anything. Glancing down, Caleb was surprised once again by how big Connor was. Caleb knew from experience that Connor would grow to over eight inches in length, and his cock was so thick that Caleb always had a sore jaw after sucking it. He looked around the showers nervously, hoping no one else could see. He loved Connor and would do anything for him, anything at all, and he wished there was something he could do now.

Connor saw Caleb move up and stand next to him. He knew what the smaller boy was doing, and he appreciated it, but just having Caleb next to him and feeling the warmth of their bodies touching slightly in the shower was having the inevitable effect on Connor's cock. It was no longer getting hard. It was now pointing straight up, fully hard and throbbing. Connor squeezed his eyes shut and begged his cock to go down.

No good.

When it got like this, only one thing would work. He had to cum. Sometimes twice.

He turned the water to full cold, aiming the spray at his cock. As a werewolf, he wasn't bothered that much by cold temperatures, but he hoped the icy water would convince his cock to wait until later.

Donny walked up and swatted Connor's ass. Moving up next to Connor on his other side, he glanced over and saw Connor's predicament.

"Shit, bro," Donny said with a chuckle, "We gotta get you a girlfriend."

Caleb leaned forward and spoke around Connor. "You know the elders won't let us near the werebitches."

Donny smiled. "There are ways to get around that, and lots of girls here in school who would love a massive dude like Connor." Donny snorted and looked down at Connor's throbbing cock.

Caleb huffed, "You're talking about a human, right? Donny, you better not get Connor in trouble. Andreas will tear you apart if he finds out you're getting Connor a human girlfriend."

Connor gulped and shook his head. "I don't want a human girlfriend. I don't want a werebitch. I just want this darn thing to stop gettin' hard all the time."

"Then Caleb is going to have to do a better job," Donny said with a grin. "Ethan and I do each other every night. You don't see me poppin' boners all day long."

Connor groaned and mumbled, "Caleb sucks me every morning before school. I still get hard-on's all day long."

"Maybe you need a blowjob before AND after school," Donny said.

"If that's what you need …" Caleb offered, looking up at Connor with sympathetic, but devoted eyes.

Connor sighed. "Thanks, Caleb. I sure do appreciate it. And we can try that, but the more you suck it, the hornier I get. Some days I think there's something wrong with me."

Donny laughed. "Nothing wrong with you, bro. You're an alpha. Alphas are the horniest wolves in the pack. It's just the way it is."

Connor groaned again. "Shit. So it's gonna be like this for the rest of my life?"

Donny shrugged. "I don't know. Probably. Even after the Pack lets you take a mate. Until then, you have Caleb's mouth and ass. Use them."

"It's not fair to Caleb," Connor complained.

"I don't mind," Caleb said. Then he smiled shyly and said, "And I kinda enjoy it too, you know. Especially when you shift while we're doing it. You're really big when you shift."

Connor blushed, knowing exactly what Caleb meant. The last time he'd been humping Caleb's butt, he'd felt an overpowering urge to shift into werewolf form. As his body had grown into its massive werewolf shape, his cock had swelled up and lengthened to a full ten inches, making Caleb moan each time Connor slid fully inside. It had surprised them both, especially with how much Caleb enjoyed it.

Connor loved Caleb, and some days he wished the Pack didn't expect him to take a mate from among the werebitches. He thought he'd be satisfied humping Caleb for the rest of his life.

But deep in his heart, Connor knew that he couldn't be happy doing that, even if the Pack would allow it. Yes, he loved Caleb, but it was the love of an alpha for one of the smaller members of the Pack. He adored the young pup and enjoyed every moment of sex play they indulged in, but there was something missing with Caleb. Some spark that wasn't there. That made what they did into play, not love-making.

Connor didn't know what was missing or how to find it, but he felt his heart being tugged in a different direction. The only question was: where was his heart taking him?

Finally, the freezing shower worked. His cock began to droop. He sighed gratefully and ducked his head under the cold spray to wash his hair. When he turned around to rinse off his back, he saw the seniors on the team staring at him. One smirked and Connor blushed when he realized his cock was still plump and pointing slightly forward.

Connor looked the senior in the eye and squinted. 'Get a good look, asshole,' Connor thought. 'I'm the best player on the field and the biggest cock in the shower.' Connor deliberately jiggled his gear, pretending to wash it and letting it fill out a bit more, then he turned his back on the older boys, who snickered and whispered to each other.

"Ignore those jerks," Caleb whispered. "When we get done here, you can take me home. I'll suck your cock while you drive."

Connor nodded and turned the hot water back on. He didn't care anymore. If he popped a full boner, that would really give the seniors something to whisper about.

Connor had to pull over. Caleb's mouth was sliding up and down his cock, coating it with saliva until even his balls were slippery with Caleb's spit. Connor knew he wouldn't last much longer, so he pulled the truck to the side of the road, shut it off, and tugged his pants down lower.

Caleb pulled Connor's hips slightly, urging him to move away from the steering wheel so Caleb could get a better angle on the bigger boy's cock. With nothing to slow him down, Caleb picked up his speed, sliding down as far as he could each time, feeling Connor's cock striking the back of his throat. Caleb paused, took a deep breath, and pushed down hard, taking Connor's cock deep into his throat until his lips pressed against Connor's auburn pubes.

Connor groaned and arched his back, shoving his cock a fraction of an inch deeper. He could feel Caleb's throat convulsively squeezing the tip of his cock and Caleb's lips pressing against the base of his shaft and Caleb's tongue sliding over his foreskin. The combined sensations sent him over the edge. His balls pulled up against his body and launched stream after stream of cum down Caleb's throat.

Caleb swallowed rapidly, knowing from past experience his mouth would fill up and overflow if he didn't. He pulled off slightly, catching the next few pulses from Connor's cock in his mouth, enjoying the taste of his alpha's juices. Caleb thought about stories he'd heard of his own father servicing the Pack alpha, Andreas Finnigan. He wondered if his dad had enjoyed doing it as much as he enjoyed taking care of Connor. Caleb's father seemed to love his mother, and the noises coming from their room at night made Caleb think they loved each other a LOT, so maybe one day Caleb would have a werebitch of his own. Maybe. But even then, he hoped Connor would still want to do stuff with him. He loved making Connor happy.

Caleb sucked up the last of the juice flowing from Connor's cock and swallowed it. Then he pulled off and smiled at Connor. "How was that?" he asked with a grin.

Connor reached out and stroked Caleb's cheek. "Terrific," Connor said, smiling.

Caleb's face lit up with pleasure. Knowing how much he pleased his alpha made him want to wag his entire body in excitement.

Glancing down, Caleb noticed that Connor was still hard. Still throbbing. "You want another one?" he asked.

"Ummm, maybe this time …" Connor said, his voice trailing off at the end.

Caleb's eyes widened and he grinned. Spinning around, Caleb quickly unbuttoned his pants and lowered the zipper. He pulled his jeans and underwear down to his knees, then down to his ankles. Kicking them off, he climbed into Connor's lap, lowering his butt as he positioned Connor's cock at his puckered entrance. With a long groan, Caleb sat back, forcing Connor up inside in one smooth slide.

Caleb collapsed onto Connor's chest, enjoying the feel of Connor's hands rubbing up and down his back as Connor's hips shoved his thick cock up into Caleb's bowels.

Connor swallowed hard and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of the smaller boy in his arms and around his throbbing shaft. It felt incredible, but was it really what he wanted? What he needed?

After dropping Caleb off, Connor drove to his family's home at the Lodge high up in the hills. He pulled into the parking lot in front of the rustic building, stopped the truck, and killed the engine. As always, the nearby forest seemed to call for him. He felt miserable. Full of remorse and regret, even though he'd enjoyed every moment with Caleb and knew they'd be doing the same thing tomorrow. But it wasn't right.

Opening the door of his truck, Connor got out. Leaving his backpack inside, he quickly stripped off his clothes and shoes and tossed everything onto the seat of the truck. He began walking slowly toward the forest. He increased his speed to a trot, then a run, dropping to all fours as he effortlessly shifted into wolf form. As a wolf, he quickly disappeared into the trees.

Run. Just run. Pant. Heart pound. Run.

This isn't what I want. Not a wolfboy for a lover. Not blowjobs and quick fucks in my truck.

Run. Just run.

And I don't want a werebitch. I don't want a wolfgirl in heat, angling her tail to one side to give me clear access to her body, sliding inside, mounting her, biting her neck to mark her as my mate, giving her pups from my body.

Run faster. Run harder.

I don't want to be alpha. I don't want to lead the Pack. I don't want to take over from my father.

Run, but never fast enough.

I can't escape my destiny. It chases ME. It runs faster than ME. It catches me and forces me into a life not of my choosing.

Stop. Pant. Heart pound. Shift into human form and sit, naked upon a moss-covered log. Look around at the forest.

I'm not doing what I want to do. I'm not being who I want to be. So what am I? Who am I now?

Fight the urge to shift into wolf form and run, run, run forever.

Connor spoke to the sky and to his own heart. "Not again. I'm not running away any more. I'm staying, and this time I'm finding out who I am."

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