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Discovering Brazil

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002/2003 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: 2.0 May not be redistributed, commercial use prohibited!

English is a second language to me, so please excuse any goofs present herein regarding grammar, spelling. I try to do the best I can!

Legal mumbo-jumbo BS: this story features explicit descriptions of sexual acts between consenting male youths. The story is fictional, and only took place in my mind. If this sort of thing bothers you; you are under-age (and anybody cares about it); reading this story happens to be illegal wherever you may be right now; etc, please STOP READING. I won't get in trouble, but you might, who knows. If all is hunky-dory, feel free to continue, if that is your wish.

Also note that this is a real STORY centering around love rather than sex, those mainly interested in long descriptions of copulation and such may want to look elsewhere.

SPECIAL DEDICATION: My love and sincerest gratitude goes out to Dwayne, Pointblue, Daniel, Caeru, Blue, Taryn, Leonard, Warp1, Ryan, Ratatosk, Michael, Odius, Squidsgerbil, Tamsyn, Maxy and Genesis, all of you listed in reverse order of appearance, just to be a bit different. *Grin!* Special thanks to Jalaki for approving my posts in a prompt and regular fashion, my close friend IOMfAtS for looking over my stories and hosting them on his incredible website and finally, Comicality for having created the Library forum. Visit it at, read a story and give an author some comments. We all love it, please come and share the fun!

Chapter Twelve - Total Reversal:

"Wait here okay? I'll be right back." He bounced off eagerly into the big house, I could see almost all of his rounded butt cheeks revealed behind those tiny Speedos as he disappeared inside into the shade, it made my hard-on throb even more! I stood there patiently, waiting for him to return, and I didn't have to wait long. He came back with a stack of comics that was like half a foot high, and several candy bars placed on top. "Just something for us to munch on", he added with a grin. "You wanna read 'em here, or on the grass?"

"Hmm... What do you think?", asked, a little unsure. He didn't give me any hints, he just frowned at me as he smiled to hurry me along and make up my mind. "Okay then! Let's try the grass."

"Great! I like the grass better too." He proceeded with starting to strip off his swimsuit right there on the spot!

"JESUS! Brazil-"

His laugh silenced me. "Calm down. Nobody cares! Well, nobody's cared so far anyway."

"But anybody could see us!"

He shrugged, his Speedos pulled down so far the base of his cute dickie was visible. "So what, we're just kids, and if anyone did look it would basically be illegal anyway!" He winked at me and immediately resumed his task. When his Speedos hit the lanai and he lifted his small feet out of it he looked at me expectantly. "Well? You're not going to be a coward, are you?"

"Uh... I, I don't know..."

"Come ON! I told you, nobody cares! It's all rich snooty retired people living around here anyway, they're always hiding inside their air-conditioned houses during the day, they don't like the heat. Makes them shrivel up and turn even more wrinkly and raisiny than before."

"Um, well... I'm... I'm still, uh, you know..."

"You STILL got a hard-on? Christ, Nate!" He should have known, my not quite skin-tight Speedos gave it room enough to visibly poke out from my body to some extent. He surprised me by making a grab for my dick! He managed to get his entire hand over it, his palm pushing in the shaft flat to my stomach, his fingers cupping my balls before I reacted and jumped away.

"BRAZIL!", I scolded him, genuinely scared! He just laughed, like he had played some marvelously great and funny joke on me.

"Come on man, get out of that thing, it'll be great. Lie on your belly, nobody will see it." He nodded at me to go ahead. "I always lie here in the nude when my aunt's not around." He pointed at himself with his hands, showing that deliciously slim body of his that was all devoid of any tan lines. I followed his example slowly and kinda embarrassed. When I got the Speedos over the swollen head of my dick a long string of slime connected it to the thin fabric, I tried to swipe it away with my hand but it just got stuck to my hand instead and I had to make another embarrassed swipe to make it go away. Brazil politely pretended he hadn't noticed, just as he didn't laugh at my stiffie. He knew I felt awkward about standing there buck naked, especially with my dick poking up like that. I held my Speedo in front of myself to shield my boyhood from any prying eyes (not that I could see anyone or anything whatsoever inside all those dark windows in the surrounding houses, but better safe than sorry I thought), while Brazil picked up the stack of magazines and our snacks and selected a nice spot for us. He tossed himself down in the grass and waited for me to do the same before grabbing the topmost comic book. I did the same, getting down in the grass too (and quickly so nobody would see my super hard dick) and then proceeded to casually flip through the pile and pick a comic with an interesting cover. Both of us were on our tummies with our li'l boy butts turned up towards the sun with a comic each, enjoying the experience. Oh this would be great, I hadn't read any of those issues!

So yes, I DID enjoy the experience! It felt marvelous lying there in the just about entirely dry grass (most of the dew had evaporated while we bathed). It felt awesome to be naked with a naked Brazil so close to me in his garden where anybody and everybody could see us, even though I felt really embarrassed in a way about being naked. Well, he was too, so that had to mean it was okay, right?! Was no way in hell my dick was gonna go down under those circumstances! I pushed it down into the grass, feeling each individual straw tickling my ball sack and shivered of delight. Brazil was absorbed by his comic book, I read a panel or two of mine and then turned my head and looked him over... He was beautiful, so beautiful... His dangly braided hair, his face, his eyes... His body. All of him, beautiful.

I felt it within me, the glow of love. It got stronger whenever I looked at him, my heart fluttered in my chest and I felt weak. I saw his body move when he turned a page, muscles in his back tensed when he had to lift one elbow off the ground. His feet waved absently in the air, making the hamstring muscles on the back of his thighs flex, even his smoothly rounded gluts tensed when he did that. Oooohh...

Just as I was looking him over, he turned towards me. He didn't look at me though, he wanted a peek at my comic. "Oh man! You got the Colossus special issue!", he breathed. "Was ages since I read that one, it is really great!" He inched closer. "Yeah, that's the one. Colossus's way cool." He inched a little closer still, so our shoulders touched. "Look at all those shiny muscles, wow!"

"He sure doesn't seem to need to work out", I said with a giggle, remembering Brazil's views and opinions on weightlifting.

Brazil giggled also. "He doesn't need to, not with all the bad guys he beats up on!" He tried to edge closer still and our shoulders squeezed together and we bumped our hips. "Man, you're making my neck dislocate", he complained with a smile. "Come on, share with me!" He pulled on the comic book to bring it more over to his side.

"No way, you're going to make MY neck dislocate."

"Man, come on! It was so long ago, I wanna read it. Pleeeease?", he whined, giving me the cutest boy puppy-eyes anyone had ever seen!

I shook my head firmly. "No way man, it's your comic book, you can read it later when I'm gone", I said teasingly and he frowned, pretending to be upset!

"Okay, have it your way then. You brought this on yourself." He crawled closer still, wrapped one arm around my shoulders and tried to lean his upper body on my back.

"Oof!", I grunted. "Take it easy dude!"

He giggled quietly. "It's your fault, it was you who wouldn't share." Then he too determined his plan would not work out. He crawled up all the way on top of me and looked down over my shoulder, giggling constantly. I tensed up completely, it was the most amazing thing ever! That only served to make him giggle more. "Relax man, I just want to read the comic."

He worked with his hips a bit, forcing in his feet in between mine. His cute dickie ended up lying down right along the cleft in between my buttocks, I could feel it clearly. I shivered again at the strong sensations of having him pressing down on me. Then I started relaxing again and he came in even closer to me, how that was ever possible. He sighed contentedly, unconsciously, and I felt his face right next to mine. I held my breath out of pure pleasure, the morning was so quiet all I could hear was birds and the light wind and his quiet breathing. It was the most perfect moment ever...

We simply laid there, making a most delicious boy sandwich, reading the comic book. When I had finished a page I would ask if he was done. He'd make a muted 'mm-hm' and I reached to turn the page.

Slowly I felt a change go through him. Brazil seemed to become more and more relaxed on top of me, more comfortable, more at home. He was leaning his head in against mine. When I asked my "Finished?" question he barely responded. He was getting drowsy, putting more of his weight on my back rather than his own arms. I also felt something else changing... He was getting hard. For real this time...

It felt good. In fact, it felt awesome in a way, he was falling asleep on top of me and slowly popping a boner. My dreams were coming true, and it was all so very very wrong! I became afraid the reason he laid there was because he thought he had to try and please me, to buy my friendship with his body. That wasn't at all what I wanted! It was as if he felt I'd lavished him in gifts I thought, and that he had to pay me back somehow, and lacking money it would have to be this way! I knew he was a very physical, very affectionate boy, at least with me, but he WAS straight, dammit! This went beyond mere curiosity, the simple experimentation so many guys do together in their adolescence no matter what their sexual preference.

Strange as it may seem, but my hard-on shriveled up as his got stronger. I involuntarily moved my hips because a strand of grass tickled me, and just as involuntarily came his hips, pushing down on me. He went "MMMM...!", rather strongly in fact, and grabbed my chest with his hands, leaning his head against my shoulder. I jerked when I felt his moist, exposed dickhead touch my sensitive anus, and then he pushed again, making his dick go deep in between my legs. He moaned more in a quiet way and breathed heavily, as if in a trance. It felt so great, and really really horrible at the same time, I felt as if I was abusing him, taking advantage of him in the worst way possible. Not by any direct action perhaps, but by my inaction, by not stopping him. None of us were even reading the comic anymore, he was pushing gently with his hips in a slow rhythm, rubbing his dickie in between my legs and emitting short quiet whimpers of pleasure through his nose.

It felt as if he was barely conscious of what he was doing, which made it even more wrong. What if he suddenly came to and noticed where his dick was lodged? Would he finally freak out on me? Would he become angry and blame me for it, thinking I'd coerced him somehow? What if he started yelling and screaming at me?! I became so scared I totally stiffened up, I didn't dare to move, barely even breathe actually. He did notice that however.

Suddenly he was all his normal self again. He pulled his weight off my upper body. "Hey, you think I'm too heavy, right?" His voice was concerned and apologetic, there wasn't a hint of sexual excitement, and he made no move to acknowledge the present location of his erection either. Actually, since he sat up a bit that only pushed it in deeper, and I could feel it pulsing, apparently feeling quite happy where it was located. "I'm sorry Nate, it must be difficult breathing like this."

"Uh... Yeah." Though not for the reason he was thinking of. I was still feeling extremely uncomfortable however. "Umm, Brazil... I just remembered... Dad kinda needs help at home, he's doing inventory checks at the store and he doesn't have time to do any garden work and stuff. Uh, I..."

He slipped off me and sat down in the grass next to me. I followed his example, sitting up too. "It's okay", he said with a tiny smile. "I understand, Nate. I was hoping you were going to stay a while longer, my aunt won't be home until late in the afternoon, but if you gotta go that's alright of course." He actually pulled at his erection as he sat there next to me with his legs spread wide, perhaps in an attempt to make me point my eyes at it, but I refused. I looked at his face even as he looked down into his lap where his boyhood was poking back up at him.

We stood up together and started to slowly make our way back to the lanai. He kept trying to make me notice his hard-on by touching it, rubbing it, but I kept ignoring it. Not ignoring it studiously, on purpose. I tried to be like he'd acted all along, just not realizing what was going on. I kept my eyes away from him, and when I bent down to pick up my Speedos I made sure he wasn't in my field of vision. I had to twist my body discreetly when getting up, because he kept walking around me to face me. Made me feel bad in a way, that I tried to avoid him like that, but I loved him too much to take advantage of his naïveté. No matter how adorable it may be...

Brazil did one final last-ditch attempt to keep me. He grabbed me with his arms around my neck and gave me a big hug, putting his face right in mine, smiling wide. "Do you really have to go so soon?", he asked and I felt him jab forwards with his hips, I barely had time to pull mine back in time. "We were having such a good time, weren't we?" His smile was as innocent as always, I couldn't be certain he was even referring to his current level of sexual excitement or not! It was very difficult to see my friend like that, because he was my friend, and such a dear one at that.

I put my hands on his shoulders and slowly pushed him back. He continued smiling, letting his fingers brush the skin around my neck and down my chest as he withdrew his arms. They caressed my nipples on their way down, and then swept close by my belly-button.

I felt kinda flustered and a little uncomfortable, but glad too in a strange way. "Yeah, Brazil", I said slowly, softly. "We did have a good time."

He gave me a happy, yet slightly sad boy-smile. "Good. I am glad we did."

Brazil stayed buck naked the whole time as I got dressed and repacked my overnight bag, hovering really close nearby though not actually touching me. I know he still had a hard-on, I could feel it, see it on his posture somehow. He was more interested than ever before in having me see him, touch him, but I simply couldn't make myself. Not when I doubted his reasons and motives, it just felt wrong.

As I rode my bike home, I felt so empty inside. What did I want from Brazil anyway? He couldn't be my boyfriend, I knew that, but he couldn't be my friend either because I was so over my head in love with him it took almost all the willpower I had to keep myself from forcing myself upon him. Especially when he behaved like he'd done that morning...

Then there was Ali too. My mind hurt every time I thought about him, it hurt to a greater degree now because I was starting to spend less and less time thinking of him as I began to love Brazil more and more. I couldn't get out of my head maybe I was being unfaithful to him, that he wanted me forever despite having left me all alone.

Oh geez, would I ever get over him? Probably not, at least not anytime soon. Damn you, Ali. Why couldn't you have returned that piece of my heart I gave you before you departed this world?!

...No. Maybe... Maybe you need it, wherever it is you went. On second thought, you better keep it.

I don't believe in either heaven or hell, but if the piece of my heart that you carry with you can give you some consolation or keep you from harm, then I am happy. Ali, I love you, love you so much. I have always loved you, ever since we met in first grade when we were just six years old. You were so pretty, your cinnamon skin and black hair, you were so beautiful. Your face almost always looking so serious and a little sad, so vulnerable... You weren't like the other kids, you were more mature, more grown-up because you couldn't afford to fool around and act like a kid. Unlike them. If you did, you just lived to regret it, and now you don't live at all.

You can keep it, my love... You can keep it.

When I got home again I briefly considered doing some gardening but then abandoned the idea. Instead I tried surfing the web for a bit and read some hot story or something, but I couldn't think, couldn't concentrate. I went to watch TV but it was all boring daytime stuff, MTV had a rap weekend special and rap isn't my thing so I couldn't watch that either, thus gardening it was after all. Strange! First time in my life I've whacked weeds with the weed-whacker voluntarily! I felt so lost I whacked and whacked for hours, going through the whole garden and then back again a second time getting everything I missed the first time. I was in the weed-whacking zone, my hands working mechanically like a robot, tearing out the weeds, shaking loose the dirt from their roots and then tossing them in ever-growing piles. There was a lot to whack, neither me nor dad are big on gardening under usual circumstances, I went back a third time and still found things I missed.

Dad was so surprised when he came home and saw me sweating over the flowerbeds, my ears and arms and neck all lobster red by overexposure to the sun. He forced me to go indoors even though I struggled and tried to refuse, and when I did I could feel the enormous heat given off by my irritated skin.

"Let's get this looked at", dad insisted. "Oh my, you're as red as a tomato! Let me put some after-sun lotion on that..."

"AAAAH! Dad, that hurts!"

He chuckled. "Of course it does, your skin's been burned to a crisp. You little fool, you're not used to the sun at all, especially not in the middle of the day!" He scolded me, but I could hear the love and concern in his voice, and I winced as he rubbed the soothing lotion into my poor skin. He didn't care I hurt, because we both knew without the lotion I would hurt far more. Soon it started to feel better as the active ingredients dampened down the inflammation and worked to neutralize the pain at least somewhat.

In the evening after dinner he put on a special salve he'd picked up from a late-open drugstore before it closed for the evening, but I still hurt like hell the day after. I hadn't been able to sleep on my back the entire night, and my duvet chafed SO BAD, it felt like sandpaper on my skin. I wished for a boy's soft touch, one particular boy in fact... His moist lips would have calmed my irritated epidermis.

Kurt met me in school, like usual. He seemed a bit concerned about me, having sensed my growing infatuation with Brazil. I was barely inside the entrance doors when he was at my side.

"How are you feeling?", he asked as he slid in to my side through the dense hallway traffic. "You seem a bit frayed around the edges..." He pointed at my almost lobster-red skin that was beginning to peel, and I couldn't help laughing all of a sudden.

"I'm fine, alright?", I tried to growl at him. It didn't really work though and we both giggled.

He led me off to the side, us ending up in a relatively quiet corner. Two girls in brightly colored tight small clothes stood a little off to the side chatting, chewing gum and popping bubbles, twirling their long hair around their fingers in an inane manner. They were there but they didn't care about us, neither did we about them, we didn't even hear what they were saying really. "You sure? Because you looked really confused there when you came in through those doors."

I sighed deeply. "No, I'm not sure. It's... It's difficult right now okay? I have a lot on my mind, a lot to think about."

"I don't think it's that much really. Mostly just one thing, right?" He waited for me to say something. "It's about Dorian, isn't it?"

He prodded me with a finger so I'd answer, and finally I did. "Yeah, it is. And no, I don't want you to ask me about it thank you!" Naturally he ignored me and did it anyway, so we ended up talking about him of course. Wasn't exactly what I wanted, but he seemed determined, and managed to pull more information out of me than I really wanted.

"Geez man, if you more or less knew he was a thief, why did you try so hard to be his buddy?", Kurt said with a laugh.

"I live by the great words of our wise and compassionate leader, King George the forty-third... 'People say, how can I help on this war against terror? How can I fight evil? You can do so by mentoring a child; by going into a shut-in's house and say I love you.'", I replied calmly.

Kurt gave me one of those faked, comical looks that basically mean, 'are you for real?', he squinted with one eye and bugged out the other, making me giggle! "Did he really SAY that?", he asked incredulously.

I nodded eagerly. "Yup! Sure did, like eight days after the WTC attack."

"Wow!" Kurt seemed to mull on something for a few moments, then he laughed. "Damn! I don't think 'King George' ever intended for someone to take his words so literally! You really love him, don't ya?"

I just smiled. "Now pick up your jaw from the floor or else it'll get dirty." That got a laugh out of both of us, and the bubble-popping girls gave us a kind of annoyed sideways glance, but neither of them said anything.

Kurt's revenge was swift in coming. "I see you're going for the appetizing red-flaking-zombie look this summer!", he teased in a friendly way. My blush just made me go even redder.

"Well, I did some much-needed gardening, and suddenly hours had gone by." My skin was very delicate still after the mistreatment I'd given it the day before, and had already started to peel off despite dad having rubbed me with ointment again that morning. Guess it was only to be expected. We bantered a bit more, he called me lobster, I called him Bigfoot (because he's got kinda big feet), etc. We had fun, and we laughed more, thus annoying the girls again - whom seemed to think only they were allowed to giggle.

We separated, I had to go to my locker and he had to go to his to get ready for first period. I kept wishing and dreading for Brazil to walk up behind me and caress my neck or bury his fingers in my hair or touch and caress my ears or put his hands over my eyes or any of those things he usually does when we meet up in the morning (he's chronically late to school, always!), but there was no trace of him. I waited for him until the bell rang, and then I waited more, until I was the last guy left in the hallway, and then I waited some more until I was late for my class!

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