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Discovering Brazil

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002/2003 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: 2.0 May not be redistributed, commercial use prohibited!

English is a second language to me, so please excuse any goofs present herein regarding grammar, spelling. I try to do the best I can!

Legal mumbo-jumbo BS: this story features explicit descriptions of sexual acts between consenting male youths. The story is fictional, and only took place in my mind. If this sort of thing bothers you; you are under-age (and anybody cares about it); reading this story happens to be illegal wherever you may be right now; etc, please STOP READING. I won't get in trouble, but you might, who knows. If all is hunky-dory, feel free to continue, if that is your wish.

Also note that this is a real STORY centering around love rather than sex, those mainly interested in long descriptions of copulation and such may want to look elsewhere.

SPECIAL DEDICATION: My love and sincerest gratitude goes out to Dwayne, Pointblue, Daniel, Caeru, Blue, Taryn, Leonard, Warp1, Ryan, Ratatosk, Michael, Odius, Squidsgerbil, Tamsyn, Maxy and Genesis, all of you listed in reverse order of appearance, just to be a bit different. *Grin!* Special thanks to Jalaki for approving my posts in a prompt and regular fashion, my close friend IOMfAtS for looking over my stories and hosting them on his incredible website and finally, Comicality for having created the Library forum. Visit it at, read a story and give an author some comments. We all love it, please come and share the fun!

Chapter Nineteen - An Afternoon of Love:

"Was I better than a girl would have been?", I asked. Guess a part of me was a little afraid of his answer, but I needed to know. Ali had been okay with having sex with me because in his culture, having sex with a guy didn't necessarily mean you were gay as long as you were the one 'pitching', the other 'catching'. He had been as gay as gay can be, but that loophole meant that in a way, he could pretend otherwise. It was a relief for him, something he needed to function.

He sighed contentedly. "Jesus, Nate... You're hotter than anything I ever imagined. Even though I'm not gay, I think it really turns me on, doing a guy rather than a girl!" He giggled quietly to himself. "Is that kinky, you think? Am I weird, somehow?"

I patted his bum softly. "Certainly no kinkier or weirder than me."

Brazil smiled. "You wanna go get cleaned up, sweetheart?", he said in a warm voice. It felt so good, I was a little worried he'd get freaky after having had sex with another guy, but he was just completely mellow and happy, all tension and worry gone. Even his braided hair seemed mellow and happy! Getting laid had done wonders for him, and for me too; I felt happier than I'd done in many months. He held me as we grinned at each other, and I even shed a tear because I felt so good and so safe, a tear which he kissed away at once. I couldn't let him get away with that, I wanted his lips on mine so I kissed him hungrily without letting go, we hung on to each other for at least a minute, giggling and grabbing at each other's bodies!

"Oh MAN! I think I love you too much, Brazil...", I said when I thought we were done with each other for the moment. Barely a moment later, he kissed my breath away in another long amazing smooch!

"I know I love you even more than that Nate. I'm pretty sure I didn't love you from the first second I saw you, because I saw you many times in school at a distance and I didn't really think a single thought about you... You were just the face of some new kid passing through the hallways you know? It must have been the first time you actually spoke to me, even though I didn't notice it happening then. You looked at me in a special way, in a way guys usually don't look at other guys. I think I knew it, you thought I was good-looking, and realizing that... Uh, it was like waking up from a dream you know?" I nodded. "I woke up, and saw you too, and I started liking you immediately. You gave me my name, and then you gave me clothes so I wouldn't have to steal them. That one thing was the most awesome thing anyone ever did for me, and... Uh, and I liked it when I first touched you." Brazil blushed faintly under his light, even tan. "I liked it, so I touched you again, and I knew you liked it too. That made me glad, that I could keep touching you without making you feel weird or uncomfortable." The boy paused, looking up at the sky, away into the distance, at nothing in particular. "I didn't understand all of this then, you know... Not until quite recently. I didn't really know I touched you as much as I actually did. I know I love you, and that I've loved you for weeks now, but the knowledge itself isn't very old... Please tell me you'll always be mine", he said, looking at me with hazy, happy, dreamy eyes. My chest was filled with such an intense feeling of happiness and joy, I squeezed him so tight that he groaned as we hugged! "Am I to...take that as...a yes?", he gasped.

I giggled as I let him go again. "You betcha", I said sincerely, and then I felt him sink in next to me, his arms around my neck. I understood he was so relieved he was weeping. "Brazil...?", I whispered to him.

"Mm-hm?", came the answer, framed by soft sniffles.

"We're one", I whispered. "Always..." We kissed and let our tears mingle, sealing our love. Kissed, lots...

I heard the crunching sound of thin, dry twigs and branches snapping as someone pushed down a load of uprooted weeds into the neighboring compost box. We jumped, our heads whipping around to face the sound.

"Aah. Such a lovely young girl you got there, Nathanael", Mr. Collins Senior said in his distinguished-elderly-gentleman voice and squinted at us, adjusting his thick glasses with their equally thick, rectangular, horn-rimmed frames on his pretty large nose. Unlike his son, he had a full head of white hair (which he wore in a very old-fashioned pomade-laden style), which made him seem very out of synch with the passage of time. His false teeth suddenly made a wet smacking sound as they detached, and the man laughed, embarrassed, as he sucked them back into place as best he could. "Yesh, lovely. You musht promishe me take good care of her, you hear me young man? Take good care!"

"I promise I will, Mr. Collins!", I said with a grin. Then I whispered to Brazil, "Don't move. He's almost as blind as a mole, if we sit still like this he'll never realize we're naked!" I was right it seemed. The man peered at us with somewhat milky eyes from behind those thick glasses of his and waved, then retreated to fix the embarrassing problem with his teeth.

Brazil didn't kiss me; he licked me on the cheek, slowly and deliberately! "So I'M the girl now huh?", he said with a big grin. "We shall have to see about that!" With those words, he pulled me up and we walked back to the house, neither knowing nor caring if anyone saw us or not. I took him into our shower, the water was really cold on our sun-hot skin initially but soon it became comfortable. We caressed each other ALL over, both of us needing to feel what the other felt like.

As he soaped up my body I did the same with his. I took extra care with his dickie, which was hard as a rock and poked right up in a very determined and shameless manner. I looked at it, stroked it gently to give it pleasure. I knew where it fitted, where it wanted to go.

"I wish I would have been a girl for you, Brazil...", I whispered as I turned around and held the tip of his hardness right at my hole and attempted to guide him inside.

He stopped me, firmly yet gently. "I don't", he said softly, in that tone of voice that means you mean it with all your heart. "If you'd been a girl... I wouldn't have dared to love you Nate. Do you understand? They scare me. I like them alright and all, but I'm afraid. I don't know how to please them, how to make them happy. I don't even know how to talk to them without them thinking I'm silly! You on the other hand don't scare me... You never scared me... Besides, if you were a girl you wouldn't have been you anymore, and I love nobody but YOU."

"You're just fourteen, Brazil. Maybe you could re-learn to... I mean, you're normal, you deserve..." I hesitated for a moment, then tried again. "Uh, what I mean is-"

He silenced me with a long kiss, and when he let up again I knew better than trying to speak again so I let him do the talking. "I know I'm young, and maybe I COULD have re-learned somehow", Brazil started. "Except, now I don't want to. It simply feels too good loving you, I don't want anyone else, don't you see? THIS is how much I love you..." With that, he gently thrust into me, holding his arms around my torso.

"Ooh! Brazil...", I moaned as my dick spasmed from the sensations of being taken by the sexiest guy alive, and I felt how my boy body and voice turned him on even more. I made him grab me with his arms in under my arms and his hands on my shoulders so he could press me down and back at himself.

"You're soft on the inside... Like...the clouds of heaven." His breaths came shudderingly as I pushed my butt back at him, pushing his butt all the way back to the wall of our small shower cubicle, then placing my hands on the opposite wall and strained my body, putting maximum pressure on us both. He reached so deep inside me, much deeper than Ali had managed. He was leaning down on my back, placing his body on top of mine along its entire length and kissed me in between the shoulder blades, kissed and then licked and then I flexed my bum as hard as I could and he groaned so far down in his throat it echoed inside our bathroom and his dickie twitched and erupted a second time. It was almost as if it hurt him, he hissed between clenched teeth as he slowly pulled out of me - and it was actually me who had the sore bum of the two of us!

"You okay?", I asked kinda worriedly.

He smiled. "Oh yeah, I'm alright alright. Nate, you definitely turn me on! You're hot as hell. No, correction: hotter..."

"One other advantage I got over a real girl is we can do it three times a day all year round, and you never have to worry about making me pregnant."

His giggle that followed just kept coming and coming, he couldn't stop! Soon we were both laughing, hanging on to each other for support. "You know... I really WOULD like to try and do it three times a day", he said when we managed to draw some air. "At least today I would..."

I giggled a little more. "No Brazil, not today... My butt is too tender right now, but tomorrow I hope I'll be ready for more." I looked enticingly at him and he grinned, letting me know he would be ready too.

Brazil continued to make love to me with just his hands and mouth as he cleaned us both up a second time. I didn't do much; I just stood there and felt hot and attractive and smiled to myself, enjoying being there with him. When we were done, smelling fresh and flowery and clean, we toweled each other dry, then he took me back outside once more. We were still naked, and the neighbor kids saw us and looked at us with huge eyes before running away giggling. Thankfully, we were both soft, and we smiled back and waved at them as we held hands. I don't think they understood the significance, even if the older girl knew what two guys holding hands meant she was too surprised, too preoccupied by the sight of two nude young teens. Old Mr. Collins sat in a chair on the back porch of his son's house and slept it looked like, he didn't move a muscle. Then we ducked down behind the blackcurrant bushes again and only had to glare once at the neighbor kids so they'd go away and leave us alone. Brazil applied a second coat of sun lotion to my skin (and made sure to treat my sore butt too in a gentle fashion to make my stretched, stressed tissues calm down), and placing a nice kiss right on the small of my back to mark that he was done.

We laid down side-by-side, holding hands, and read more about the adventures of Sho and the bio-booster armor Guyver. We both knew there was something missing; he wasn't wearing ME on himself anymore, but I knew he wanted me to recharge my batteries so we waited, trading winks and wiggled eyebrows! When lunchtime came 'round we went inside and made toast with cheese, ham and tomatoes along with tall glasses of cold milk. YUM! Afterwards, we had a banana each.

We ate our food sitting naked in the kitchen, letting our feet wrestle. Eating the bananas was way fun. I peeled off at least 3/4 of the fruit and started inserting it into my mouth, slowly and seductively. I reached the gag-point, but noticed I could fit some more by pressing down my tongue and opening up my throat. Brazil's eyes were bulging, then he started laughing when he saw how much of the thing I managed to get inside myself. Almost all of it!

"A born natural!", he said and laughed more, then went, "EEEEWWWW!" when I bit off the banana and started chewing it up! "Christ, you gotta promise you won't do that to me, alright?!", he said, pretending to be really worried! More laughs followed as my cheeks bulged from banana being chewed and swallowed. When I was done, he kissed me with lots of tongue, wanting a taste of my banana as well as the one he'd eaten.

After lunch there were too many people around for me to dare going outside without any clothes. We both put on our underwear again and then went back to the secluded spot in the garden. Brazil wanted to get naked again, but I thought that was a bit too risky, so we just sat there and made out together. He seemed so surprised in a way to find himself in that position, almost naked with another guy, a guy whom he was KISSING. Surprised yes, yet very pleased too! He kept giving me these lovely, wonderful little smooches every five or so seconds, just to make sure I was still there, that I hadn't disappeared. We read more comics, but after about another hour my skin was starting to burn from the sun despite the lotion. We went inside and put on some more clothes, shorts and T-shirts and went for a walk. We ended up at the playground, looking at the skater kids strutting their stuff in the half pipe.

Kurt was there, we waved hi and held hands briefly just while he looked in our direction. He saw it and immediately fell off his board as he came down the ramp. His buddies laughed in a friendly manner at seeing his newbie mistake and he came limping over, rubbing a beat-up buttock from his hard landing while smiling uncertainly. I immediately went to hug him, and so did Brazil, which seemed to calm him down a couple notches.

I blushed a little, knowing what he felt for me. "Sorry Kurt", I said quietly.

He gave me a slightly sad, yet pleased smile in return. "Sorry? Whatever for?" He touched one of my cheeks with the back of his fingers just briefly, and it tickled a little, yet felt good too. "You two... You belong together." His voice was sad, but happy also.

"Uh, well... I know what you feel for me, and I'm sorry I can't share those feelings..."

He lead us away from the playground itself, off to the bench where he'd held me that day, all those weeks ago now. It felt like an eternity and a half somehow, with all the emotional ups and downs that had passed since then. I hoped, the ride would get calmer from now on, and looking at Brazil, it seemed he felt the same. I sat down kinda gingerly, my butt still a bit tender, yet I smiled suddenly at the memory of what we'd been up to in the morning. Maybe Kurt understood, because HIS smile changed suddenly as well, it became happy for real. "Look, Nate. You're a great guy. I didn't really expect to get you anyway... I wish you two the best of luck." Brazil seemed happy as well, hearing this, and knowing it wasn't a false statement! Kurt really meant it. Then the serious moment was over all of a sudden and we laughed and joked around instead. Kurt learned Dorian's real name and giggled at hearing me having believed that the colors of that hair band he liked so much to wear really was the colors of the Brazilian flag! Of course, by then I knew it was green, yellow and blue, but that didn't stop them from making me a bit embarrassed about my initial mistake. Pretty soon, my boyfriend was Brazil even to my first friend, and then Kurt took us over to his boarder friends. I knew a few of them a little by then, and Brazil sort of knew some as well. They had been if not close buddies, so at least lose acquaintances in that way kids make friends with other kids their age when they're young. After the accident they'd glided apart, but now Kurt started to bring us all together again.

He showed me and Brazil how to handle a skateboard (and let me tell you, it's not at all like a pair of inlines!), we were terribly wobbly at first and we stumbled off the board lots of times and even fell on our butts once or twice too. Kurt made sure nobody ridiculed us for our clumsiness, by then all his friends had skated for half a decade or more and were far more experienced than us. We were fortunate that none of the older teens hung out at the half pipe at the playground, it was considered too 'kiddie' so we had it all for ourselves.

After maybe fifteen minutes of mainly totally unsuccessful attempts to learn how to skate we had to go back to the bench. Our butts were a bit sore, and Brazil's head was starting to ache rather bad again, he just wanted to sit down in the shade, take it easy and rest (leaning against me with an arm around my shoulders as it turned out). I was strangely fascinated by the fact he became so much calmer as soon as he touched me, he put his head down on my shoulder, snuggling in really tight and closed his eyes. Kurt was with us, having his feet on his board, rolling it from side to side as he sat there, talking. Brazil only wanted to be near me, he didn't say anything, and I could feel his lips through the shirt I wore when he nibbled at my shoulder. I was deeply in love, having a hand on his thigh, my chest full of warmth. It felt so nice!

"Hey, Brazil", Kurt said. "I know you're not very fond of me... I suppose we both understand why. I just wanted to say I'd never try to cut in on your action man..."

"I was a bit mad at you earlier in the week, but I'm not anymore. Don't worry", he said softly, making Kurt relax noticeably. Then I saw Brazil smile, his eyes still closed. "Anyway... What makes you think I'm getting any action?"

I'm not sure, but I think Kurt blushed faintly, at least he behaved kinda awkwardly. "Uh, just call it a hunch okay?"

"Thanks...", Brazil replied and squeezed me with the hand that had suddenly appeared on my thigh.

Kurt seemed to relax too. "He's sweet, huh?", he said, with me in mind I know.

"Oh GOD, yeah... He's so sweet, and so warm and so firm." Brazil spoke about me in a quiet voice with his eyes all closed and this big smile on his lips. "Kurt... Don't be sad. You love her the same way I love him, I know you do."

He sighed. "Geez Brazil, I don't know..."

"Yes you do! You're sixteen, you know lots more compared to us little kids."

My ears perked up. "What, Kurt, are you sixteen?!"

"ALMOST sixteen, he said with a sigh and a grin. "I don't like to explain this over and over."

Brazil patted my thigh. "Kurt missed his first school year because he had a blood fever after he and his parents went to Africa when his mom got a job there with some oil company, and then he had to retake a year because he didn't behave while they were breaking up. Isn't that right?" Kurt mm-hammed, smiling.

I smiled at him comfortingly. "I didn't know you had a fever... A whole year?"

"Well, more like seven or eight months really, I then had some complications and the rest of the year was pretty much down the drain. Wasn't very fun."

I patted his hand. "I understand. Well, I'm glad you're okay now."

Kurt grinned. "Yeah, and when I got well again my parents bought me my first board. I'd been in bed so much my body was in pretty bad shape, I was almost like a skeleton they said."

"And look at you now", Brazil chipped in and squeezed his hand around Kurt's arm - which really did look rather nice I have to say! The squeezer grinned and the squeezee blushed.

"Yeah, well... Uh, I did get better."

A shadow fell over us. "So it's here you are hiding!", a girl's voice said brightly. "Aren't you forgetting something huh?"

I looked up, and I saw Katie Bates standing there! Kurt jerked out of surprise, then his face took on a comical mix of happiness at seeing her and discomfort at having forgotten about her. "Jesus! Katie!" He apologized profoundly for forgetting his date and in return got a long, soft kiss. I could see that despite Kurt insisted on being gay, he sure enjoyed the kiss tremendously, and I can understand that. Katie's one hot chick, for a girl I mean! She don't hold a candle to Brazil of course, but if no other guys were available, I'd probably prefer to snog with her rather than any of the other girls in my school... I could easily tell he liked it, because I saw the slight rise in his loose-fitting pants as his somewhat smaller organ extended! Brazil giggled softly into one of my ears, aware of what was happening to Kurt as well. I felt his breath on my face as he held my hand, and I became aware he'd scooched up really close to me, so close he was almost in my lap. I turned to look at him and he smiled. He was so close he could have kissed me had he chosen to. He wanted to, that was plain, but we were in public now.

'We' weren't lost on Katie though. She grabbed Kurt and gave us a long look, and unlike most people she saw exactly what was going on when Brazil touched me. She gave us a wry grin, meaning she knew all about the way Kurt said he felt about me and didn't really care. She was okay with it, mostly because we all saw something hidden shining in Kurt's eyes, something longing, something expecting. He excused himself (almost profoundly in fact) and then went back to the half-pipe. Katie said hi to the rest of the guys there, already knowing them intimately, before she and Kurt left together, also holding hands. We smiled to ourselves and then got up as well. Brazil's head felt better he said, and my bum wasn't quite as sore anymore either. I didn't want to sit down anymore though, so we stood at the sidelines and looked at the other guys doing their tricks. Two girls came as well, and they were much much better than us, though most of the guys still had them licked. That did not put them down, they were as cocky and self-assured as the rest of that bunch when it came to their own abilities, and me and my cute boyfriend cheered them on.

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