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Discovering Brazil

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002/2003 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: 2.0 May not be redistributed, commercial use prohibited!

English is a second language to me, so please excuse any goofs present herein regarding grammar, spelling. I try to do the best I can!

Legal mumbo-jumbo BS: this story features explicit descriptions of sexual acts between consenting male youths. The story is fictional, and only took place in my mind. If this sort of thing bothers you; you are under-age (and anybody cares about it); reading this story happens to be illegal wherever you may be right now; etc, please STOP READING. I won't get in trouble, but you might, who knows. If all is hunky-dory, feel free to continue, if that is your wish.

Also note that this is a real STORY centering around love rather than sex, those mainly interested in long descriptions of copulation and such may want to look elsewhere.

SPECIAL DEDICATION: My love and sincerest gratitude goes out to Dwayne, Pointblue, Daniel, Caeru, Blue, Taryn, Leonard, Warp1, Ryan, Ratatosk, Michael, Odius, Squidsgerbil, Tamsyn, Maxy and Genesis, all of you listed in reverse order of appearance, just to be a bit different. *Grin!* Special thanks to Jalaki for approving my posts in a prompt and regular fashion, my close friend IOMfAtS for looking over my stories and hosting them on his incredible website and finally, Comicality for having created the Library forum. Visit it at, read a story and give an author some comments. We all love it, please come and share the fun!

Chapter Eighteen - Power-Nipples!

"Here's number five..."


"Agh! Eight."

"Darn it! Three!"

All the way down at the bottom of the stack was the treasure we were looking for. Issue two, 'Mysterious!', detailing the continuing battle between the Guyver and Chronos. A small part of the mystery of the Guyver was unraveled as Sho pulled off his shirt when he and Tetsuro were home alone together, Sho revealing a set of blisters in between his shoulder blades to Tetsuro, blisters that might have some connection to the Guyver armor.

"He's got no nipples!", Brazil noted about Sho with a quick giggle.

"Uh... Well, I think the Japanese considers them kinda obscene or something, even on guys...", I said, trying to keep my own laugh back as he tickled MY nipples!

"Silly them! They're not obscene at all." He paused, then added, "Your nipples are HOT, Nate", as if he wasn't really thinking of what he was saying, teasing mine with the tip of his fingers so they stiffened up. I laid there and felt so good, I just giggled more in response.

I was starting to remember a bit of what was gonna happen further on into the issue and was becoming a bit excited! "Uh, yeah, well he DOES have a way. You'll see later!"

"Come on, tell me...!", he urged in an impatient tone of voice.

"No! Read on and see for yourself."

He pretended to be annoyed. "Oh, okay then", he grumbled, sounding as excited as me actually!

Reading on, we learned that Tetsuro got kidnapped by a gang of Chronos henchmen along with the more powerful Zoanoid known as Vamore. Sho followed to an abandoned building in an overgrown area outside town, but was captured as well by the men from Chronos, whom then used him as hostage to make Tetsuro reveal what happened to the missing Guyver Units (there had originally been three of them, stolen by a disgruntled Chronos ex-henchman). The men from Chronos were ignorant to the fact that Sho was in fact the Guyver, but then Sho was forced to reveal himself when one of the men ordered Vamore - who was an enormous monster with huge bulging muscles and lots of sharp teeth in a slavering mouth - to chew off Sho's arm in an attempt to entice Tetsuro to become more talkative!

Suddenly the group from Chronos finds itself faced with the Guyver, all of them seem startled!

Chronos Henchman: 'Where did it come from??' Vamore: 'I don't know what's happening...but it saves us the trouble of a messy SEARCH!' Vamore: 'This schoolboy whelp will be EASY PICKINGS! He won't surprise ME like he did Gregore!!' Guyver (Thinks to himself): 'I can BEAT him! The GUYVER is stronger than he is!'

Vamore's huge shoulder pods snap open with a 'POIK!' sound effect, revealing two organic-looking weapons hidden underneath!

Vamore's weapon pods: 'ZZZeeen' The Zoanoid fires warning shots that barely miss the Guyver, gouging deep craters in the wall of the abandoned building!

Vamore: 'Do you like my high-output lasers?' Vamore: 'Gregore didn't have the laser-implants! You may have escaped HIM...but I am a zoanoid you CANNOT defeat!' Vamore: 'Now that you've seen my power -- GIVE UP!' Guyver: '....'

The Guyver grabs around the seams of his chest plates with his fingers and rips them open, revealing two gelatinous-looking lenses hidden away underneath, embedded into soft and spongy-looking moist tissue. They're sort of like two jellyfish covering the opening of a barrel deep into his chest. They glow and hum, as if charging up!

Guyver's chest cannons: '*BAAROOOOM*' Vamore: '*?!*'

When Brazil saw the Guyver's awesome power he just laughed straight out! Poor Vamore, he and his evil baddies from Chronos were simply eradicated as the Guyver blew them away along with a substantial portion of the side of the building! My boyfriend continued his crazy laugh on top of me, bouncing happily in a most stimulating manner, he was totally taken aback! I felt his muscles contract in under his skin, it felt really good. I laughed too, stimulating him in return I felt... As we started cooling down, a part of him grew hotter, harder. It was happening again. He was calm and relaxed, at ease, as close to me as he could get. Not physically, but emotionally, and thus he stiffened up more and more.

I separated my legs a bit to give him more room to grow into...

"I told you he had nipples!", I said in a teasing voice.

"Yeah, you did", Brazil giggled back at me. "Power-nipples! Yay!" He pecked my cheek. "Man! That was awesome, didja see that? He just smoked the guy... That blast filled almost the entire spread! 'Give up', he says and thinks his silly little lasers are so bad-ass, and then, *POW*... Poof. Gone!"

"Yeah, that was pretty funny. Those zoanoids are pretty cocky, some of them." More giggles followed. "You've changed", I noted quietly as he reached maximum hardness, his dickie seemingly filling up all of the tight space in between my thighs just under my butt.

"Yeah, guess I did", he responded equally quietly. "You okay with that?"

"Mm-hm", I responded in an affirmative voice. "Sure am..." It did feel really good. It felt better than anything in fact. I wouldn't have to fear I was taking advantage of him, I could FEEL it was what he wanted. I was his loved one, and if you get hard with your loved one that's quite alright... Then I noticed I'd been wrong; there was more in him. I felt him grow a bit more, harden up even further as he understood I finally accepted his intimacy, then I closed my legs on him and was rewarded with a sigh that seemed like nothing but the deepest pleasure.

"It feels...good", he mumbled. "Now I know why you like to tickle me so much..." We didn't read any more after that. We stayed together, enjoying each other, getting comfortable with this new change in him, and I suppose, in me. After a while, Brazil noticed I was starting to go red again. "We should go back inside", he said. "I don't want you to get burnt like the weekend before last."

I shook my head. "No, I don't want to. There's a bottle of sunscreen lotion in the bathroom. We'll go get it, and then you me." We giggled like schoolgirls and then we remembered we'd promised ourselves to be quiet. It barely helped. I thought we'd wait until Brazil had...relaxed, but he lifted himself off me and sat down on my thighs. His dickie still stuck down partway in between my legs, only because he wanted to keep it there. I twisted myself, it came popping out and then I was on my back instead. Instantly he'd pulled me up to a sitting position so we could smooch, and smooch we did. I felt his hot stiffie against my tummy, and Kurt was right. It WASN'T small! Without a doubt, it was a nice size for a kid our age.

"Come", he whispered. I tried to shake my head but he rose up and pulled me along with him. Our bare butts were still hidden from the world behind the bushes, but when we would move out of that corner of my garden to cross those sixty feet or more of lawn to the kitchen door we'd be completely visible! I followed hesitantly as he pulled me back towards the house, his nicely developed bone fully visible to me. I gave it a quick look, just so I could show him I'd seen it without being scared. It seemed so...carefree, to me. It rose up straight towards the sky at a really steep angle, poking upwards a lot more than mine does, and it was as if it didn't make any excuses whatsoever for its current state! It just wanted to be, like us I guess. It felt good, to have cozy summer air wafting around my naked body, cooling me. Then Brazil stepped in closer, stopping me. He pushed down his hard-on, letting it bury itself in under my ball sack. I gasped as my soft dick hung over his steel hardness that seemed to grow harder by the second. He closed the gap between us completely, put his arms around my waist to hold me close, leaned in to kiss. I felt his hot, moist breath on my face, felt all of his body touch all of mine, lips brushing my own and there was a tremendous surge of pleasure surging through me. It tickled! It tickled like CRAZY and I had to do what he always did, start to giggle and squirm away!

"Jeez, Brazil!", I blurted, still giggling so bad I could barely breathe. "Calm down, okay?!"

"Why?" He looked at me in a hungry fashion. He'd tasted forbidden fruit, tasted it for real. He'd bitten down to the core, now he wanted to go deeper still, to sate his appetite on the boy that loved him. I so wanted to satisfy him, but it simply tickled too darn much in my dad's garden! "Come! Let's get inside", he said, a strange fire burning in his eyes.

He took me by the hand and lead me back to the house, his bone still sticking up proudly for the world to see! I felt terribly embarrassed, like every one of our neighbors were looking out their windows, seeing us like that. Of course, when we were halfway there and halfway back to safety in either direction, the thin, balding figure of Mr. Collins came out of his house carrying a newspaper which he intended to read in his garden. We shrieked and giggled and ran like crazy back to the house! Fortunately, he has the house right across ours, so all he could see were our naked butts as we raced across the yard like a pair of scared cats! He must have thought we were two most peculiar kids, streaking across the garden like that...

Brazil immediately seized me when the kitchen door was closed behind us, as the darkness and chilliness of the house descended upon us. He was hot as an oven, especially his dickie. He kissed me all over my face, small pecky kisses in rapid succession, letting his arms snake in around me more and more. He was so hot! I gasped deeply in his grasp, he couldn't wait to invade me with his heat, his hardness, all of it and I wanted it! I wanted him so badly, but he tickled too much still, it became impossible. I started giggling and squirming, it was a most wonderful painful kind of pleasure. He tickled me with his kisses and touches, and then he just tickled me, making me squirm and giggle even more. Finally he simply kissed me without any tickling, five long awesome kisses that made me starved of oxygen and then he let go.

"I understand, Nate", he said and stroked one of my cheeks with the back of his fingers. "I guess we're both a bit unused to this..." Then he smiled at me. "...I just love you so much! I love you so much it hurts every second I don't touch you or you touch me! Can you understand that?" He looked at me deeply, pleadingly, I quickly put my hands on his body, my palms on top of his nipples and leaned in to brush my lips against his skin.

"Hush my darling boyfriend, I understand. I understand, I feel the same...! Now let's go find that sun lotion okay? If you're a really good boy, you might even get to rub it into me all over." I gave him a roguish grin and he gave one back to me.

"Really? Can I do it...out there? Please!"

"We'll see", I said, then took him to the bathroom. I kneeled, starting to rummage through the cupboards beneath the bench with the sink, Brazil kneeled behind me and put his hands on my bottom. I felt the tip of his still rock hard dickie tickle my bum, then his hands wandered around to cup my privates instead. I wasn't sure how I'd managed it so far, but I HAD actually remained totally soft up until then. Guess I just felt really safe with my boyfriend, safe and comfortable in the knowledge he loved me for who I was, not for what I was, and not at all for my body. That's the wonder of having a straight boy as a boyfriend I guess, he wants you for WHO YOU ARE, nothing else. He sat there leaning up against me with my body in between his thighs, his stomach and chest covering my back like a blanket. It felt WAY good, I sat there for a little while letting him hold me close. "Alright, found it", I announced almost reluctantly. I could have stayed there with him for a week it felt like, but I also wanted to get back out into the sun.

In the kitchen, we peered out the windows trying to see what the neighbors were doing, if we might dare to rush across the garden to our corner naked or not. Mr. Collins sat in a reclining lawn-chair and read his newspaper, nobody else seemed to be around.

Brazil tapped me with a finger on my shoulder. "Let's go for it!", he said with a big smile.

"Okay!", I said and dragged him over to the door and opened it just a hair. "Ready... Steady... GO!"

We ran like we were a pair of madmen, laughed like we were madmen in fact! Mr. Cullins lowered his paper to see what the hell was going on and when he did we tossed ourselves to the ground! Fortunately we were almost there, and the bushes and compost box saved us from any too embarrassing moments. I rolled over onto my back and my sexy boyfriend sank down, sitting across my midsection. His bone was still extremely prominent, if somewhat less than fully extended after our mad dash. Feeling naughty, I reached out and clasped my hand around it, making him smile. I held it for just a short moment, but that was enough to make him harden all the way. His foreskin was barely enough to keep the tip all covered, so I pulled it back, making him go all jittery on the inside. His revenge was swift.

He popped the bottle-cap open and laid down a thick line of lotion on my chest, then added a big circle right in between my nipples and got to work. I twitched because the lotion was cold and I was not, but it felt much better once he started to spread it out over my skin. He didn't use it sparingly (and that's the right way to do it actually; you're not supposed to skimp on the stuff), and after doing my face (including ears), chest and neck, he went down each arm, and then my tummy, pouring on more goop whenever he needed to. I was awfully tickly on my tummy! Not so much when he just touched my skin, wet or dry, but with the greasy lotion I just could not stop laughing, it seemed to amplify the sensations of his hands at least fourfold! I had already started to get a little hard even before he actually touched my dick, but when he did I stiffened up to 100% in about five seconds, then hardened a bit more just for the sake of it. I'm not totally sure how I had managed to keep myself from boning up all until then, but it sure didn't work any longer! At the first touch of his slim fingers my body responded in a glorious fashion, it felt so nice.

Brazil rubbed lotion into my dick and balls methodically, over and over. He must have spent three times as much time on that part of me as he did my chest! Only reason he stopped was I was sliming up his hands so bad, diluting the sunscreen! He thought that was pretty funny, so he pulled his hands off me and my dick went smack down on my tummy as he started on the front of my legs. That felt way nice too.

"Alright Nate, roll over." His voice was so decisive and commanding my body simply obeyed him immediately without even needing any conscious thought to move! He turned me over with that firm voice and a gesture and then sat down right on my rump like it was a cushion. It made us both giggle, and then I yelped and jerked a little as he squirted several cold squirts from the bottle onto my skin.

"That is still lotion, right?" I asked teasingly as he started to rub it into me slowly and with utmost care.

"What do you think?", he said with a giggle. "Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't?" He paused, as if thinking for a few seconds. "Which would you prefer?", he asked suddenly.

"Nnnhhmm...", I sighed as he rubbed further and further down my back and sides. "I think you know already..."

Brazil slid off my bum and down onto my thighs as he started on the small of my back. He squirted more sun lotion onto my skin, and I found myself mmm-ing regularly at his wonderfully soft and careful touches, especially when he ventured down onto my butt. Never had I had my butt touched in quite that way! Never.

Ali had always been kind of afraid to touch my more intimate places with his hands, even though he knew I was okay with it, that I loved it and loved him. I can't be certain of course, but somehow it felt as if he experienced Brazil's touches right alongside me, finally learning what it was he'd been missing. It was probably just me imagining things, but if it was him there, it was a really nice and comforting thought that made me feel relaxed and really laid-back.

Brazil caressed my skin, kneaded my buns gently with his hands, adding more lotion to lubricate. He couldn't get enough of my butt! At long last, when I was so hard I was going half-mad of unfulfilled horniness, he moved down my thighs. He liked those too I could feel, but my butt was much more interesting. He gave my legs a proper if a bit quick work-over, then he was right back at my butt. He gave me a pat and a caress, then I somehow knew he was rubbing sun lotion on his own privates... I sighed deeply as I felt his lubricated steel-strength shaft venture down my cleft, sliding like a well-oiled machine part into a slot specifically designed for it in between my legs. I clamped down my thighs firmly on his hardness as he lowered himself flat onto my back.

It was hot in the sun, but with Brazil on top of me the heat raised further still, and in a far more pleasant manner as well. He nibbled at my neck with soft lips, tongued me behind my ear, tickled my neck and many other things that felt really nice and stimulating. I pushed up my butt at him, silently begging to feel him closer still. We were in my garden. Anyone could see us if they walked by close enough. I didn't care. I whimpered, pushing my posterior at him again and again. "Pleeease", I whispered.

"Are you sure?", came his quiet, hesitant voice in return, almost right in my ear. I could hear he was as excited as I was. from feeling our slick bodies touch so fully.

"It's okay... We want to, we need to." It was weird, I had never felt anything like this before; at times in the past I had wanted to calm down Ali, and I used myself to accomplish that. We took pleasure in it sure, but it hadn't really been for the sake of pleasure or intimacy, just calming our stirred-up emotions. This need that we both felt was something new, something amazing, and it felt awesome. I knew Ali approved of my boyfriend, we both would have found his cute braid-haired head and tight body equally appealing, and we needed to! I knew Brazil needed it also. It would seal us together, show we were meant to be together. "Give it to me, sweet Brazil...", I pleaded with him.

Finally I felt him raise his own bum too, pulling his hardness out from its confines between my legs. At his first wet touch my muscles constricted involuntarily, barring him entrance. "Ssshhh... Easy, Nate. Easy...", he whispered soothingly into my ear. A kiss followed on my upturned cheek. "I won't hurt you", he promised sincerely. I hadn't felt anything in me for months and my body was again pretty much inexperienced, but Brazil did not hurry. I concentrated on relaxing like he wanted me to, concentrated on existing, being one with the summer morning. I was the soft grass, the caressing breeze, the blue vaulting sky and the fluffy white clouds dotting it. I was the warm sunlight enveloping us, and I smiled as I felt his glorious length sliding into me little by little, inch by inch, aided by the sun lotion he'd used so unsparingly. We were silent except from our shuddering breaths and aah-sighs as we gave pleasure to each other. He touched my body from head to toes as he penetrated me fully, bottoming out with his groin all pushed in tight to my upturned buns. His breath was so fast and ragged just by holding his hardness still inside me, I knew he could not possibly last long once we started moving.

I could not keep the moaning whimper inside me as he slowly pulled out, almost all the way but not quite. His hands could not decide where to go, finally they settled on my shoulders, gripping me tight. I reached back with my own hands, touching his buns in turn, and that made him push back into me all over again, making us both whimper this time. Quietly, oh so quietly he made love to me in my dad's garden. He had no idea what he was doing, being a virgin and all, a beginner, but he still brought such pleasure to my mind... I couldn't do anything but moan and whimper and push back at him with my butt while showing a big smile on my lips. He kissed me almost constantly, only releasing me to moan or sigh every few seconds, breathing in some air before diving back down for another sweet smooch.

Reading him was not difficult, I knew it would happen seconds in advance before his body started stiffening up, preparing to blast his teen-cream as deep into me as he could possibly reach. First volley was marked by a low groan, then a ragged exhale of breath as he tried not to scream while more jizz shot into me in quick succession. I wanted to milk him totally dry, I arched my back, tummy flat on the ground and thrust back up with my butt harder than ever, he pushed back down immediately in response, trigging maybe two more spasms in him as he managed to hit my G-spot, at almost the same time as his hand went in under me and seized my rock-hard penis.

"Oh god, Brazil. I'm-", I moaned, and then I filled his hand with my semen, nearly yelling out in orgasmic pleasure despite the risk of discovery. Possibly because the risk of discovery! I felt him trying to catch each burst as it emanated from me, but they came too rapidly, too much, too hard, and instead the gooey fluid flowed out between his fingers. I collapsed down to the ground again, almost squashing his hand, but he left it there, cupping my now rapidly diminishing, dribbling member. As I fell down that short distance, there appeared a void in me where he'd been so recently and I felt all empty inside, like all the warmth of my soul had escaped as he slid out of me.

Then he added new warmth, by the tender kiss he bestowed upon my neck. "Thanks Nate...", he whispered. "You were awesome..." I blushed a little and I felt him kiss me once more and then we simply rested together. Our heartbeats were so fast that first minute. Had I ever felt that good before? No, I don't think so. I thought of Ali, and smiled. I couldn't possibly have felt that good if I didn't know I had his blessing! I gave my thanks, and I felt the love he felt for me in my heart, knowing that while he kept a piece of my heart, I still kept a piece of his in return, making me whole... I let Brazil pick me up in a sitting position and hold me in his arms, my head rolling back and exposing my throat for him to kiss and tongue and lick, which he did with great delight. We both went hard again, mashing our boners together as we kissed more, still sitting up. People were moving about in their gardens by then, but nobody could see us. Nobody knew we were there, naked. I heard the neighboring family's kids playing, they were a girl of eight and a boy of six years old, and both had the darkest skin I think I ever saw on another human being, just like their parents, they were so cute. The mother and father ran a small chain of Laundromats, leaving a maid to look after the children during the day. I spoke to the small kids sometimes and laughed with them, re-living the simple, innocent view of life small children usually have.

I wondered what they'd think of the playing me and Brazil had just participated in as I felt myself give away yet another piece of my heart, felt him accepting it as our mouths were joined, our tongues touching just a little.

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