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A Different Kind of Christmas Carol

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002/2003 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: 1.2 May not be redistributed, commercial use prohibited!

Please see chapter 1 for standard disclaimer blurb and the dedication and acknowledgements section.


I let him stand me up straight. First thing he did was to undo my necktie. He did it so quickly and expertly I have no idea what happened really, it was like a magic trick! He fiddled for just a few short seconds and then he pulled at one end and it all came slipping off me, and then, without giving me time to think he immediately got started on unbuttoning my shirt. I felt glorious as he did it, radiant... I was again so turned on I was at the point of cumming spontaneously! Jeff was kissing me even as he undid button after button of my shirt, and he made my knees weak as always, but I managed to keep myself upright somehow anyway. When he reached all the way down to my waist in his unbuttoning effort, he pulled the shirt down so it came off my arms and upper body and ended up hanging down the back of my legs still tucked inside my pants as it was. My golden Mjolnir symbol and chain were right on my skin, feeling chilly initially before warming up, and I did not touch his skin either, not even with the tips of my fingers even though I wanted to so bad; I could not. If I had, I'd lost control of myself I'm sure. He did not either, he limited himself to touching my clothes only. When the shirt was taken care of, he reached for my pants. One little button and then a light tug so the rest undid themselves... All my clothes were now on the floor, I'd removed my socks myself by snagging each with a toe and then pulling up my leg so it was tugged off. Strangely, I found I wasn't wearing any underwear at all for some reason. I couldn't remember not putting any on, but surely I must have? Apparently, that was not the case...

At last, Jeff put his hands on my back and drew me in close to himself. I felt his hardness against my tummy. One of his hands were on my upper back and the other slid down to my butt. I had my arms around his strong chest holding on tight so our bodies touched completely, and about a second after his lips touched mine it felt as if my veins were filled with liquid fire; all the heat in my body released at once and rushing down into my groin as I came... Jeff held me so hard, it felt as if my body would never stop pumping... When it was over I heard myself moaning and let my muscles go soft again on purpose even though my dick patently refused to do the same, Jeff had to keep me upright and I knew he gladly did it. He kissed me again and I felt even weaker as he did it, enjoying it immensely. My eyelids fluttered wildly, I was still crazily sensitive after my orgasm...

I was panting hard still as he picked me up in his arms and carried me into the adjacent room, the showers. I didn't feel the least bit embarrassed. I had an arm around his neck to help offload my weight, but it wasn't necessary. Jeff managed anyway just fine, at least for the short distance I figured he'd carry me. I felt glorious still, and turned on and everything. His dick was poking at my bum as he walked, and I felt his bulging biceps muscles as he carried me... I actually put a hand on one of them, stroking and squeezing it. So hard! I marveled, I'm a total wuss physically, it impressed the heck out of me!

His eyes looked at me so gently, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth. I was all turned on, the slightest of touches sent shivers down my skin, made it prickle with goosebumps. I felt my own semen on my tummy, it was a wet patch that felt chilly.

The shower room was just as beautiful and old-fashioned as the rest of the building. It was done in marble though, a pale, almost translucent white variety with faint veins of darker white and blue running through it. Floor was also marble I think, or maybe obsidian stone, I'm not sure. It was black and shiny, and probably quite dangerous once wet. The ceiling was composed of various shades of blue and white tiles in a mosaic, showing angels and scantily clad voluptuous women frolicking amongst clouds and such. It was beautiful, and extravagant and a bit over the top for me really.

The showers themselves were of the ancient two handles variety, not modern thermostat-controlled mixers. Jeff removed the hand he had under my back (and I had to keep myself up by holding on to his strong neck) and turned just one of the knobs. The cold water knob actually, and he immediately got in under the large showerhead. I yelled out as the icy water sprayed over me, but I didn't let go. Jeff looked at me, smiling, seemingly unconcerned with the chilly temperature. He seemed so pleased with being allowed to hold me like that, nothing else mattered to him.

After just a short little while I was deathly pale and my lips started turning blue. Jeff slowly lowered me to the floor and held me close. I sucked heat from him, fighting not to shake too much. I'm just a willowy little guy really! I'm not built for such extremes. But I didn't want to leave Jeff either, I held on to him as hard as I could, making him smile even more over my display of affection... The cold was getting to me however, making my body slow and numb. Even though I felt Jeff's hard, hot dick touching me, and his body too, I was still losing warmth. My teeth were chattering badly unless I kept my mouth clamped shut, and every once in a while my whole body would shiver forcefully, enabling some icy water to slip in between us. My toes were gone, my feet so cold I had to shift my weight between them and lift them off the floor in turn to allow some more blood to flow into them. Jeff sensed my discomfort, and also knew somehow I'd rather pass out from the cold than voice a word of complaint. He turned off the water and stroked the top of my head soothingly, squeezing out some of the chilly water while experiencing the touch of me, and then picked me up again. The chill was still almost as strong, the air in the stone-covered room was almost as freezing as the water had been now that I was all wet. He took me out into the big room that housed the swimming pool, the air instantly jumping in temperature and moisture level, making my shivers abate somewhat. Jeff was so careful with me, tip-toeing over the slippery wet floors so he wouldn't fall while carrying his precious cargo...

The pool room was even more impressive in a way, the pool itself was four lanes wide and at least 40 feet long, and illuminated from below, making highlights play around in the white ceiling as water jets made the surface ripple slightly.

The windows were tall and the top of them arched, each formed out of many small panes in a common wooden frame. Each window had a second, inner pane of frosted glass that reached up to about shoulder-height of a fully grown man, glass with nice patterns of nature and people etched into it, and the spaces in the walls where there was not windows were clad in white glazed tiles with raised patterns of leaves and flowers on their surface, leaves and flowers on twisting stalks that snaked their way up the walls. Every ten or so feet (or every two windows), there was a rounded marble pillar in the wall that held up a ceiling beam. Four small recesses in the walls in between the doors leading to the men's and women's shower rooms (recesses also clad with curved tiles and topped off with a seashell-shaped tile at the top), held marble statues of what seemed much like ancient Greek gods and goddesses or such, though I very much doubt they were that antique!

Jeff took me to the stairs leading down into the pool's shallow end, and started walking into the water.

"I don't know how to swim...", I admitted, feeling a little frightened, but also safe in the arms of my boyfriend.

Jeff smiled. "I know", he said matter-of-factly. "Don't worry", he then added in a softer voice, and I relaxed, sending him flirtatious looks with my eyes. Then water touched my butt and I suddenly jerked out of surprise! Jeff laughed as he continued to immerse me into that lovely, warm fluid. I felt his arms under me still, but not fighting quite so much anymore to keep me up when most of my body was already below the surface... Then... All of me! Except my neck and head, of course.

I must admit, the old fear returned for a few seconds. I'd almost drowned as a little kid when a bunch of older meanies had dunked me and held me down on purpose without understanding how dangerous it was! A grown-up had hauled me out of there by my hair sputtering and coughing and about a second before I was about to run out of oxygen, then proceeded to give the other kids such a yelling as I'd never heard before, and not since either. He sort of forgot about me though, maybe if he'd comforted me it wouldn't have meant I'd never bathe again ever in pools, rivers, lakes or oceans. Anything larger than a tub really scared the heck out of me, and of course I never learned to swim properly either. But this time there were no meanies around, only Jeff. And he would take care of me, I knew it...!

I was in up to my neck, crouched-up and held to the surface by Jeff's hands under my armpits. His hands grabbed greedily at my chest, and then pulled me in to himself. I crossed my legs behind his back, and then we both tensed up at the sudden sensation of our skin touching in the warm water of the pool. It was magic! I wasn't sure what I was thinking at that moment, just that it felt SO GOOD being that close to my love! In the shower, the chilly water had numbed my body to the sensations of the other boy, but in the pool, all my senses opened up, sucking it all in and sending it straight into my brain. I whimpered softly out of pleasure, not even understanding I made the sound I think, as I started rubbing my hardness against his stomach. It wasn't anything I could control: it was my body taking command and doing its own thing, and it made him shudder and groan quietly. He gripped me tighter in the process, putting his arms around me properly.

I let my hands wander over Jeff's well-trained body. He was as exquisitely developed as any of our school's jocks, whom I had had the pleasure of studying occasionally either just wearing swimming trunks, or completely nude in the showers after PE class. And he was SO handsome! To know he'd been wanting me and loving me for as long as I had, longer actually, it was incredibly comforting.

Then, after I'd had a chance to feel him up, Jeff wanted to take his turn, and my hands planted themselves on him instead. Jeff could easily reach almost any part of me, except my lower legs which I still had behind him. He touched my head first, clearing away the hair that laid slicked flat to my forehead before kissing it.

I literally quivered of delight as he explored my body, first my back side, feeling all over. I tensed when he first touched my anus, that most sensitive place of my butt, however he did not do anything else except caress me, and maybe even tickle me a little with his fingers. I giggled, and my body loosened up again, wishing for more of his exquisite touches! I ground into him as hard as I could, biting playfully at his neck and throat whilst growling at him, like puppy dogs do! It made him too laugh, but loudly instead and his laugh echoed around that big room and it kinda made us both a bit scared all of a sudden so we stopped everything and just froze dead still. ...And then we realized it was just the two of us there, nobody else. We'd just been silly. And that made us both giggle, but quietly... And then he kissed me while holding me tight so I was right next to his naked body, and I thought I was going to pass out, it made me feel so wonderful in some indescribable manner. I found the courage and suddenly I felt one of my hands seeking out...him. His stiff dick, poking out eagerly at me from a patch of soft, curly hair. I'm not sure what I did to him, but it almost made him drop his grip on me and I had to grab him around his chest to avoid sinking down below the surface! He strengthened his hold on me and my hands went back to their previous task... Unbelievable! How could I have known it would be this amazing? Not just touching...his! But... ALL of him!

"Oohhh... Timmmyyy...", I heard him sigh. "You-you' sexy...", he whispered to me in his sharply pronounced accent, yet it was the most sensual thing anyone's ever said to me, it made me totally surprised. Then it was as if that sensuality touched me somehow, cut all ties on my sexuality and made it bloom. I felt...special, somehow. I understood the effect I had on Jeff, and I intended to exploit it to the fullest.

"You think so?", I asked in return and turned around in his grip, pressing up my butt tight against his groin, gasping loudly at the powerful flashes of erotic sensations. I twisted my head around just as he came at me, seeking me out with his lips. It became difficult to stay joined with him, my body writhed as his hands discovered my torso, tracing the outlines of my starkly outlined ribs, then pecs - unimpressive as they were, at least to myself but not to Jeff. I shuddered as his hands passed over my nipples and went down my tummy - pausing briefly at my navel and then moving down even further...!

I haven't actually measured myself since I was like...twelve, I think. I just know I'm just about enough 'of a man' to fit one and a half of my own not very big hands on myself. Jeff's... Well, let's just say he's both hands, alright? Okay, okay! Two hands and then some. There, that's as detailed as I'll go okay? Happy now?! (Though he's longer than me, he's actually rather slim in its circumference, I find that really cute!) When Jeff seized me however it became clear one hand for him was quite enough to hold just about all of me... He took me in his hands gently, and it felt strange as he touched my ballsac and the area around my dick. It felt all different from when I do it myself! And I don't mean just because it wasn't MY hands doing it that time.

"Timmy...! You're, you're so smooth...!", he exclaimed, but doing it quietly, in a hushed manner due to the weird acoustics of the room with only two almost totally submerged people in it. And yes, I understood then. I had... Well, I had shaved myself too it seemed. First time in my life and I'd done it almost without thinking, I'd done it for him. I looked at Jeff, my head turned around, my expression blank, and he SMILED at me. "Timmy! You're so smooth!", he said, and then he kissed me again.

It turned out, I didn't learn to swim that day...

Jeff made love to me, and I loved him back, more than I ever thought possible for one boy to love another. When I was all exhausted and he was not, yet still satisfied, he took me anew in his arms carried me out of the water, and into the men's shower room. It looked almost identical to the women's, but it had an extra door in it. Inside laid a hot room; a real sauna. Well, as genuine as you can get about a third of the world away from the concept's original place of birth!

"No cold shower this time", Jeff said mildly. "It could give you a headache when we get inside, you're not used to it."

I nodded and was thankful, still being held in his arms and a helpless victim had he decided to give me such a treatment.

The hot sauna was a new experience to me. The room wasn't very big actually, to the left of the entrance it had three benches positioned at various levels, each wide enough to comfortably seat four people side-by-side, and each positioned above and just behind the previous, the third bench high up enough so a tall, fully grown man would almost bump his head when sitting down. The room was all clad in untreated, if smoothly polished wood paneling that made the room smell faintly of pine tree resin. All except the floor, which was the same black stone as outside, but this time with a rubber mat on top to prevent people from slipping, because in front of the benches was the big heater, and even though it was surrounded by a wooden railing one certainly didn't want to risk touching it by mistake somehow! The curved metal rods that served as heating elements inside it were glowing bright-red I could see from my elevated position (even though my eyes were actually below where they're usually positioned!).

Jeff put me down on the lowest bench and then picked up a wooden ladle hanging on the side of a wooden bucket whom someone had placed down on the floor and filled it with water from the bucket. I didn't know it right then, but just a little below my back and down to the floor was a distinct layer where the air was just about the same temperature as out in the shower room. The water in the bucket was still icy cold, not that it mattered when Jeff sloshed it liberally over the stones stacked in the midsection of the heater. The water instantly turned into great clouds of steam and rushed up towards the ceiling with a loud roaring, boiling sound. He applied several scoops until even I in my horizontal position could feel the temperature had increased substantially along with moisture level. Then he made me turn over on my stomach before he went outside for just a short moment to fetch something. I felt a quick rush of cold air leak into the hot, moist room as he exited, and then returned again. I started to ask a question, but he stopped me.

"Ssshhh...!", he said, a finger over my lips. I kissed it and tried to suck it into my mouth, but he withdrew his hand before I had a chance to! Then he sat down on me, on the upper part of my thighs and leaned forwards. His hardness made its way in between my legs and I pushed up at him, clamping my legs together on it, trying to lock it fast tight. Jeff giggled, and then I heard a bottle cap unscrewing. I was starting to wonder what he was up to, and then my back jerked as cool fluid struck the skin between my shoulders! "Relax", I heard him mumble, and then his hands was there, working away, starting to spread out the stuff he'd poured on me. They slid easily over me, my skin feeling slick.

Massage oil. It had to be.

Jeff's fingers rubbed my skin, bringing warmth and soft relaxation into my muscles with their skilled touch. I started stretching in response to his treatment, first my upper back, shoulders and neck. He applied more oil to my skin, and doused more water on the heater too to keep up the moisture level of the air in the room as he progressed first out over my arms and hands, and then further down my back. He was skilled and professional about it in a way, yet so obviously affectionate too... I felt so slender and supple, the warmth and his touches were softening up my body to the point it seemed it could stretch into virtually any position. My butt, and my legs were given equal treatment. Well, maybe my butt was given a bit more attention really. I think Jeff likes my butt! Then I was turned over, and of course the first thing he did was placing himself on top of me and lean down at my face to give me a kiss. The skin on his face was hot and so sweaty when I caressed it, his moist hair almost burning my fingers in fact. Then he pulled away again. I tried to come after him of course, trying to rise up on my elbows but Jeff pushed me down again with an amused giggle, sending me a silent look to be patient. He drizzled more oil on my body and started on my chest. He re-discovered my sensitive spots, and actually found some new ways to make my muscles start contracting all on their own, making me start to gasp, my heart and breathing speed up. He didn't massage my tummy as much as he simply caressed it, and then he skipped right over my groin and went down each thigh in turn even though there was nothing I wanted more than to have my dick touched, fondled, stroked... Stimulated, by his kind, sensitive hands. I pleaded to him with my eyes, but he just smiled, not revealing what his intentions were. I sure hoped he'd return his attention to that part of me, because I was so full of sexual energy I felt as if I was about to burst apart.

Jeff was so awesomely attractive, he'd always been such a calm and measured boy, and he still was. But now there was a different tone to that calmness. He was teasing rather than being held-back. He was stretching it out on purpose. Oh, I so yearned for him, but I managed to control myself and my eagerness as he lifted up each of my legs in turn and pushed my knees up towards my face so he could oil in and properly massage my feet. It didn't exactly tickle, whatever it was that he did with the soles of my feet, but in a way it still did! I giggled and tried to fight him weakly, but it had no effect. And, it felt GOOD of course... Feeling his fingers rub my toes, and the space in between them, feeling my skin become all slick, and have warmth and suppleness permeate my muscles...

We didn't speak, apart from me saying his name on occasion, most often as a quivering moan whenever he hit some particularly sensitive spot of mine. Then, when he considered he was completely finished with the rest of me, he finally reached for my throbbing dick... His hands were all slick and oily, and the effect his fingers had on me as they encircled my member was indescribable. My muscles lost all the strength they possessed, I was completely at his mercy as he oiled up that last part of me, shaft and balls, and all around, the small patch of skin I'd shaved baby-smooth which still felt all weird when touched, because my mind was used to there being hair there... I was like melting butter in his strong hands.

He sat kneeling between my separated legs as he put his hands in under the small of my back and lifted. He brought me up into his lap, me straddling his own squeezed-together legs, literally hooking me over his generously sized hard-on. My body was all slick with oil, and his with sweat. I felt the steam stinging my face and shoulders now that I was sitting up; he'd recently poured more water on the heater's hot stones, and it was a pleasant sensation. Jeff held me, and it was as if he didn't ever want to let go of me. Nor did I want him to; my boyfriend was simply more than anyone could ever have wished for... And he cared for me! Cared, for real, and so deeply... If I was threatened by tigers, or panserbjørne, or even balrogs, he'd fight them with his bare hands to save me I knew it. I felt it, in my heart.

He showed me so much love and affection in physical form in his kiss, and a hand of his was always on one of my buttocks. It was like slow-motion. His lips detached themselves from me, then they came at me again, kissing my cheeks, forehead, tip of my nose. My eyelids, one after the other, licking salty sweat off my skin after each kiss. His fingers tickled me as they wandered. One on my butt, moving across from one cheek to the next, the other across my back. Both busy, greedily feeling me up, loving me. I felt faint. I sighed his name, and he kissed my lips, sucking on my lower lip again like he was so fond of doing. I felt intense pleasure even as I weakened further.

"Jeff-reyy...", I sighed, feeling dizzy. "I love y..." Then I passed out.

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