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A Different Kind of Christmas Carol

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002/2003 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: 1.2 May not be redistributed, commercial use prohibited!

Please see chapter 1 for standard disclaimer blurb and the dedication and acknowledgements section.


Next thing I felt was water splashing on me. Lots of it, icy cold water. And someone was shaking me, almost tossing me about like a rag doll, shouting at me.

"Timmy!", Jeff yelled worriedly, and his voice echoed in the stone room. "Timmy, wake up! Please!" Then he saw I was coming to. "Oh GOD, Timmy!", he cried out. "I'm sorry, forgive me! I'm so sorry..."

I laid there on the hard, smooth black floor of the shower room, looking up at his concerned face suspended above me as water rained down around us, falling down from what seemed like a great height. "I'm... I'm all right now", I replied. My voice was quiet, but steady. Jeff was comforted by this, and I afforded myself a small smile. He hesitated, but after a moment he smiled back. He reached up and turned off the water again. It drizzled for a few short moments before starting to drip slowly. "It's okay, Jeff. It wasn't your fault."

He shook his head. "Oh, but I should have known! You're smaller than me, you can't deal with the heat as well as I can, and we were in there for almost forty minutes! I knew you're not used to it, and you didn't drink much at dinner either, I should have thought of that!"

"Don't blame yourself, sweetheart", I said and reached up from my lying position to caress a cheek. "I really am okay." He might have been crying, I'm not sure. It was hard to tell with water dripping from his hair and down his face. "Now help me up, this floor's freezing!" I smiled at him again, and he reached for my hand that I had on him still and pulled me up along with himself. He embraced me as if to check I really was awake, and I hugged him back as strongly as I could to tell him I truly was. He swallowed, then choked as he tried to say something, and I hushed him and squeezed him hard again. "All is fine, Jeffrey... Love you. Love you..."

"Little Timmy! Oh, I love you too! So much, love you so much..." I'm pretty sure he was crying right then, out of concern. There were no sniffles or sobs, but he was hiding his face from me... Besides, I could hear it on his voice, so I hugged him tight and kissed his shoulder and neck, the places I could reach, until he felt calm again.

I'd sweated off much of the oil, but enough of it remained to make me feel a bit sticky, and Jeff got the shower going again with comfortably warm water this time. He went away for a moment, back to the dressing room and returned with a number of bottles. One was a fragrant shower cream, which he used liberally to lather up all of me, taking care to go over every inch of me carefully and thoroughly. He made me feel so sexy and desirable, and I could see it reflected in his wonderful green-blue-green eyes how much he lusted for me, so I let my body radiate sensuality for his sake. After he had covered my face with thick cleansing foam and thus blinding me, he kissed me time and time again. He held my head by the hair of the back of my head, the other hand at the base of my neck, turning up my face towards him, stretching me straighter than my normal posture. My mouth gaped open, awaiting his next kiss, his lips and his tongue, my body shivering out of lust of my own.

It came, his tongue entered me, and my knees almost buckled...

I was rinsed clean, and then he used hair conditioner on me, and it had a sweet fragrance that made me feel luxurious and... Well, almost feminine in a way actually! Not that I actually ever considered myself to be the girly kind of gay person, but it was a combination of the sweet scent, and Jeffrey, a boy plainly being so MUCH of a boy... It felt dangerous in a way, yet enticing, and his kisses felt even better than ever before!

Third bottle was rich moisturizing lotion, which he again applied to all of me (after wiping me dry with a huge towel from that bundle we'd brought). It too had a wonderful scent and made my skin feel wonderfully smooth and supple. After being given such a royal treatment, I could do nothing except grin foolishly back at my boyfriend. He wiped himself dry as well, I wanted to help, but he told me to stand still so he could look at me instead, so I did that, trying not to blush. He gave me one of his small, neat smiles in return and brushed back a few errant strands of my hair, then took me out into the men's dressing room where two large bathrobes made out of rich, thick plaid fabric awaited us on hangers.

"...But... Our clothes?!", I asked as he donned me in the much too big bathrobe. It was HUGE on me! But so soft, and really warm and cozy. "And our shoes?!"

Jeff laughed. "Don't worry. Someone will come and take care of that stuff and clean up after us. As for shoes... We're not trekking a mile through a blizzard! Just run back to the house as quickly as you can, you silly boy!" He laughed at the horror shown on my face and gave me a playful slap on my butt. "Come on!", he urged me and pulled at my hand. "The sooner we get going the faster it'll be over. You can tell our grandkids about it when we're old and gray, okay?!"

I blushed madly at that, and I'm actually not sure if Jeff saw it or not either, and what's worse he gave me no chance to stop and digest what he'd just said! I had no idea if he'd been serious, or if it was all a big joke... There was no time for thinking right then, I had to follow him or my arm would have been pulled out of its socket as he started walking at a quick pace!

He dragged me straight along out into the snow, and DANG was it cold or what! My feet started freezing immediately, and my legs and head not very long afterwards as I ran across the hard-packed snow on top of the stone-paved path. Jeff kept ahead of me, giving me something to chase. He was MUCH faster of course, but he didn't use his physical advantage. Maybe he thought I'd get scared and feel abandoned if he simply dashed ahead to the house as fast as he could, especially since he knew I didn't exactly relish the current climate! I don't think I really would have reacted like that, but it was nice of him to think of me that way all the same. I could give as well as I took though! When we were about halfway, I ran up to him and gave him a good push off to the side. Jeff's feet started slipping when he tried to right himself again, and he crashed into the snow on the side of the path, screaming involuntarily from the sudden icy cold touching his skin as snow invaded his bathrobe!

"Aagh! You rotten, dirty little ba-", he yelled at me, laughing, as he rolled over on his back and tried to get to his feet again! "You'll pay for that!" He came at me, without a doubt intending to toss me into the snow to taste my own medicine, but I forestalled him.

"Dirty? Not anymore! And you'll make me pay only if you can catch me!" I surprised him by running off the path and jumping over the snowy wall lining it on both sides. Or trying to anyway, my feet caught on the top of it and I crashed flat on my belly in the more than knee-deep fluffy layer covering the garden. I suppose it was one of the most comedic scenes ever witnessed by my young host, because Jeff laughed (with faked derision) and hooted at me as it was my turn to scream girlishly from the cold wetness! I sat up and grinned a big monkey-smile at him (my face literally covered by melting powdery snow that started dripping off me), as if I was totally unconcerned. In reality, my privates were busy shrinking back up into my abdomen from the touch of sub-zero temperature snow, but I kept up the fake facade anyway. It was SO COLD! The snow literally burned my skin, but I ignored it!

He jumped in after me, and we spent about half a minute wading and chasing and jumping at each other and rolling around while yelling and laughing madly before we felt like our legs and feet were so numb we couldn't feel them any longer, and probably about to snap clean off from the cold as well. We helped each other stumble back to the big, well-lit building, still giggling uncontrollably.

It was SUCH relief to get back inside!

William must have seen us coming somehow, because he was there in the rear entrance hallway when we tumbled in through the door.

"Enjoying ourselves, are we?", he commented dryly, though we both could see the smile he did not show on his face reveal itself in his eyes instead. "Master Jeffrey, Master Timothy; I'll have the kitchen prepare some hot chocolate and sandwiches for you, if you'd like. Considering your current state, it would seem appropriate."

"Oh yes please, William. That would be great", Jeff replied.

He nodded. "Yes Sir. I shall leave you two to it then", the tall butler added before turning to leave. I'm not sure if the man meant anything in particular with his comment, but when he did turn, Jeff got this really mischievous look on his face, and like lightning he attached himself to my mouth with his own with an almost slurping sound! I felt a hand of his sneak inside the gap of my bathrobe and grab me between the legs. I was so small and shriveled-up I fit all in the palm of his warm hand... However, it took no more than a few seconds before my body had warmed up enough for me to start growing in response. Growing first to my normal relaxed size, and then expanding further!

"JEFFrey...!", I admonished him playfully once he'd released my lips. His hand still held me firmly though, not that I'd want it any other way...

"What?", he replied coyly/innocently. "What did I do?" And he was still doing it! Then he let go of me and grabbed me in a big hug, laughing. "Come, sweetheart. Let's go sit by the fire and get warm again alright?"

I must admit, nothing ever sounded more tempting to me in my whole life! Thus, he took me back to the library and was just about to pull 'my' armchair over straight in front of the fireplace when I stopped him. I made him turn it around instead to face the fire completely, and that made his tiny little twig of mistletoe sit right above the chair itself (which was my intention, and he understood it and gave me a happy smile), and then he scuttled away and dragged over a footstool for us, and then he sat down in it, wanting me to follow him. Just as I was about to, he rose up again, standing behind me. His hands went around my slim waist and pulled the knot of the waistband apart. The robe opened up, and with some minor additional help from him fell from my shoulders. My naked, pale skin reflected the fire's glow, and I half-turned towards him, my eyes glittering, my penis waving freely in the air...

His robe came as quiet as an owl gliding through the night and wrapped itself around me too, him tying both of us together with the waistband. He knew I was cold and freezing still, I'd only been indoors for a minute or two. I was guided down into the deep armchair alongside him, us sinking a bit more into it than when I'd been sitting down alone in it. He made me put up my feet on the soft, padded footstool, right in between his own feet. They were pointed right at the merrily burning fire, I stretched languidly. Jeff moved, lifting himself up a bit again and extracted something from his own back. He held it up for me to see. Wolfie! Sitting right where I'd left him. Jeff stuck the toy inside the robe as well, and I held it in my arms snuggling it tight as my boy snuggled me tight in his arms...!

Jeff was also getting stiff, with me positioned right on top of him, and it was a really pleasant sensation feeling him grow and start to push against my butt. I wiggled my hips a bit to make us 'fit together' a bit better, and he put his robed arms around me and squeezed me in tight, sighing quietly through his nose. He had his face right next to mine, and he started kissing my cold ears, sucking on them and warming them with his mouth.

"You don't mind, do you?", he asked softly. "You don't think I'm weird?"

"Oh no. You're not weird at all", I said, my voice all seductive. "You're CRAZY", I then added with a grin (that he could not possibly see). He was nibbling at my ear, and then bit his teeth around my lobe a little harder just to tease.

"Oh, kwazy am I, huh?", he spoke, still nibbling at me.

"Yess...!", I replied as I started to giggle. He was SO HARD now, and he sounded so funny when he couldn't articulate properly when speaking. I took one of the hands he had around my chest and guided it in under the fold of the robe. Finding my own hardness and made him curl his fingers around it, as we relaxed and got warmed up in the company of each other.

We'd almost fallen asleep together when William returned with a tray carrying the promised sandwiches and chocolate. There weren't that many for each of us (made on a nice, filling dark bread with smoked ham and a tasty cheese and thin slices of tomato), because dinner had been fairly recently after all, but we were still thankful. Jeff had to open up the robe a bit to let me get my arms out (and Wolfie sat in my lap, I wanted him close), William pretended not to notice we were completely naked underneath AND both sitting inside the same garment merely by using his impossible-to-faze butler demeanor as he shared a few words with Jeff.

"Your parents called earlier, Sir...", the butler said after presenting us with the tray, and pouring us each a cup of chocolate from an elegant, shiny stainless steel thermos jug. "They told me to wish you a merry Christmas on their behalf since they did not get to speak to you in person." He paused. "...And, a happy birthday also, of course." The last bit was the butler's own addition. Apparently, whichever of Jeff's parents the man had spoken to seemed to have forgotten that part.

Jeff nodded with quiet understanding. "Thank you William." It wasn't a cold, or even just a curt reply. Just a fairly quick one, maybe because he felt a bit upset with them for being left alone on Christmas eve, and on his birthday as well. Or maybe simply because he simply wanted to have a drink from his cup of chocolate and didn't feel like talking anymore, I couldn't tell. He sipped the hot, yummy beverage slowly with a quiet slurping sound.

"I hope you're all right, Master Jeffrey?" The butler paused. "I know they wish they could have been here with you, even though... Even though it may seem differently, Sir."

"Oh yes, William. I'm alright." He caressed my head, smoothing back my still damp hair and kissed me on a cheek, doing it slowly and intimately, not caring that William saw him do it. Or maybe doing it for the sake of the man, to really show everything was fine... I felt myself smiling slightly, leaning my head towards his as he kissed me.

The tall butler nodded, satisfied, and still unfazed. "Very good, Sir. If there is anything you need, don't hesitate to call for me." Then, without waiting for a reply he turned and left the two of us alone with each other.

We munched on a sandwich each and drank our chocolate together in peace for a short while. Jeff kept a hand under our robe, making sure I could not go soft on him, making me twitch at times when he rubbed me when I didn't expect it. Once when he did that, I almost spilled hot chocolate on us, and he apologized with a strained laugh (trying to keep a serious expression), and then I sat down the cup and twisted my upper body around to kiss him.

"So where ARE your parents then?", I asked all of a sudden. "Or did you send them away so you could seduce me in peace without them knowing?"

He chuckled at hearing that! "No, they're at our ski lodge in Aspen, 'working'", he replied, amused. "They're entertaining some fat-cat banker or something, him and his new wife who's a complete airhead and half his age to boot, plus his horrendously spoiled and obnoxious daughter from the previous marriage. If you think Hannah's a nightmare, well, if you'd ever met THAT girl, you'd realize Hannah only plays in the little-league. You'd know why I don't fear her after you'd been in the company of Priscilla for more than five minutes! But they'll be back again the day after tomorrow." Then he kind of calmed down all of a sudden. "But you're right. I did seduce you, I suppose... And my parents don't know. They don't know anything, actually." He paused, and when he resumed talking his voice was very somber. "I don't know if it was right of me... Bringing you here, you know, like this... To overwhelm you, so I could sink my claws into you." For the first time since I'd met him, he actually seemed insecure.

"Jeffrey, don't be silly...!", I teased him. "You really think I'd allowed you to seduce me if it wasn't exactly what I'd been wishing for the entire time I've known you, for almost a whole year in fact?" I twisted around again so I could look at him. Jeff didn't seem completely convinced, so I undid the knot that kept us together and turned towards him in the chair, sitting on his thighs as close to him as I could get (which wasn't right next to him since my knees were blocked by the backrest). "Jeff... Touch me please." The robe had fallen apart, so I was all exposed, all naked. He wouldn't move, so I had to pick up his hands and stick them on me, making sure they'd stay there. I put them right on my bum, and then I did feel his fingers bend to grip the curves of my flesh. "Okay, my love, here's my challenge: now you honestly tell me this is not EXACTLY what I want! Can you do that?", I told him, half amused, half serious.

He didn't speak. Instead, I felt his hands starting to wander, and I wondered if I should sort of exaggerate my performance brought on by the sensations those hands gave me. But I figured, he'd probably notice that and get turned away by it. It would be like lying to him... So I decided to remain completely still, and just let him feel me up as he wanted to. Smile a little maybe, to show I liked it! However, I under-estimated the power he had over me, and almost immediately after he started touching me, my body shivered strongly of delight! I moaned a little too, just a short, quick moan, but he still noticed it of course and started smiling again...

The fire's radiance kept me warm, and his touches made me hot. The tip of my dick was crowned by a growing drop of clear liquid, and I had to fight hard not to yell out loud when a hand encircled me, rubbing the tip and spreading out that mucusy fluid, making his hand glide so smoothly, giving me such pleasure. He made my whole body quiver momentarily actually! Only his kisses made me able to stay silent...

He knew I loved him of course, but he had to accept it himself somehow. He'd started out this afternoon (which had since then progressed well into evening) with the hope I'd be in love with him. It wasn't a certainty, far from it in fact, from his point of view at least. Though he knew I liked him, maybe it wasn't 'like' in any other way than as a friend he figured. His whole existence for most of the past year had centered around me. He'd not found strength in me, he had that already. I merely helped him find the strength within himself, and I helped him in channeling it to accomplish great things. All from the hope I might one day come to love him... Now that I did, he needed to find a new way to channel that strength. I guess, the first step to accomplish that was to truly confirm that love I said I had for him, and thus my hands reached for his body. Giving some back to him...

I'd shown it was alright for him to touch me. That I desired it. Now I showed I wanted to touch him too, and that I desired that also. My hands played with his pecs, and his round, brown nipples. I kissed his breastbone, right over his pounding heart. I felt it throbbing inside his chest when I pressed my lips against him, each beat clearly noticeable due to his excitement. Another kiss on his throat.

"Timmy, you're so beautiful", he sighed slowly, in a quiet voice.

I snuggled up to him, put my head next to his neck, resting on his shoulder. His arms wrapped themselves around me, closing up the robe around us both again, hiding me from everyone else in the world but him. "Did you mean that thing you said earlier...?", I asked quietly. His hands were still wandering over my body, and I felt muscles tense up as he touched different parts of me. "Uh... About us having kids, I mean. Grandkids..."

"Darling Timmy... If you will have me, then I am certain we will have kids, somehow", he said with that incredible sincerity that I loved him so much for! "That is... If you DO want me...?"

I stretched up straight again, my eyes all round with surprise. "Oh JEFFREY! Are... Are you PROPOSING to me?!"

He gave me a big, happy grin. "No, silly! I'm too young for that, I've only just turned sixteen after all!", then he stopped himself. "But... Maybe. Perhaps in a way I am... If only to say there's nobody else on this Earth I desire but you, and there never will be. So... Will you have me, Timothy? Will you make me yours some day?"

"Of course I'll have you! I'll take you and keep you forever so nobody else can steal you from me..." I was hugging him as best I could, because it was impossible to get my hands in behind his back when he was leaning against the backrest of the armchair.

He relaxed visibly, relieved. And he gave me one of his neat smiles too... "Then it's settled", he said, and it was.

"You may kiss the bride...!", I told him, and blushed furiously once I realized what I'd just said! I had to look down, and my eyes closed too, again awaiting his lips sealing themselves against mine.

He paused, probably teasing me on purpose. "Timothy Vincent Fairchild...", he said calmly. "We WILL do this properly one day, with rings, and a huge church with a priest and an organist in it, and a best man and a whole bunch of guests and all that stuff. Not now, when we both feel ready for it. So for now, I'll resort to kissing the bride-to-be. I hope that will do."

I felt the heat from his body as he leaned in and gave me quite possibly his best kiss yet. And I imagined myself in front of the altar already, with a hundred pairs of eyes or more on me, being kissed like that in front of everybody... I'm yours, my love! I'm yours!

His kisses had exhausted me all over again. "Love you, Jeff...", I said in a whisper, letting myself beginning to feel sleepy. The flames were starting to die down, and the room was becoming rather dark. "Stay with you, always...", I then mumbled and again put my head on his shoulder, my face in next to his strong neck. I sat with my legs drawn-up kinda sideways, the balls of my feet just under my butt, one of my hips resting against his thighs. He held me in his arms inside the robe, until I'd fallen asleep.

I barely registered it when William came to wake Jeff up. He wasn't asleep, he'd been sitting there hearing the fire crackle away as it turned into glowing embers, listening to me breathe softly. When William came, he took me in his arms under the robe, one hand under my butt to keep me up, and the other on my back so I'd stay close to his chest, and carried me upstairs to his place. His rooms.

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