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Interviews with Authors

Starting in the summer of 2018 we are featuring a growing portfolio of interviews with authors of teenage gay romantic fiction about why they write what they write, when they started and anything else our roving reporter finds worthy of adding here

We're adding them whenever they are complete. If you want them in alphabetical order of author just click the button!

Link to Stories link to Interview and a particular story review Date of interview
Eric Aune stories Interview 29 January 2018
AB stories Interview 26 February 2018
Ken Barber stories Interview 26 March 2018
Arthur stories here
Interview 30 April 2018
Sequoyah stories Interview 28 May 2018
Rick Beck stories Interview 25 June 2018
D'Artagnon stories Interview 30 July 2018
Cynus stories Interview 27 August 2018
Terrence Audette stories Interview 1 October 2018