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Stories by Hunter Woods

On 1 September 2016 we received this update from AB whose stories are not only hosted here, but share another site with Hunter Woods. AB has been in touch with Hunter over the past several days after concerns from people who wondered where he was. I am paraphrasing the message slightly since it was intended for those readers on his own site.

"I am in the sad position to bring this update on Hunter. He is physically okay and in good health but he won't be coming back to his site, this site, or his 'Hunter Woods' persona. Due to legal reasons (unrelated to the web nor to his stories), family and work considerations he has decided to quit writing and posting. He wishes to convey his gratitude to all of you for being such loyal and great readers."

We imagine that messages to his email address will simply go unanswered unless and until he chooses to return. It ought to be blindingly obvious, but 'Hunter Woods' is a pen name.

Stormy Weather

[a story in 10 chapters]

Sweet Cheeks

[a story in 11 chapters]

Bonds of Brotherhood

[a story in 22 chapters]

Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

[A story in 35 chapters]

Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

[A story in 26 chapters]

Micah's Precious Christmas Gift

[A story in 4 chapters]

Wild Boys and Metal Horses

[A story in 26 chapters]