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Haiku Based Stories

The idea came to me from N Fourbois, who asked if he might submit stories inspired by Haiku Alley. I agreed provided he quoted the haiku he was using in full and attributed that haiku to its author.

The stories here are chosen for totally arbitrary reasons. Some may have particular merit. Some may be literary gems. Some may catch my imagination. Some remind me of me. Some are simply "different". All hosted authors are the copyright owners of their own material. Copyright is not always explicitly mentioned in a posted story, but is always the author's property.

And so, to the stories. The haiku may be seen with all the others and their authors in Haiku Alley:

The mark of a good story is not grammar, not syntax, not even spelling. It's the ability of the author to get into your heart.

The authors here have been selected for that merit alone. The ability to reach somewhere special, and to make you live their tale as if it were you. Some make me laugh, other make me weep. But all get through my defences.

Write to each of them if you like their work. Please? As a favour to me?