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Stories by Richie Ryan (d 2011)

I have received this message from Richie Ryan's editor: "I am a friend of Richie Ryan's and had the pleasure of being the editor for his stories. I am afraid that I have very sad news to share with you and your readers. I got a phone call today [11 September 2011] from his sister telling me that Richie had just died from a massive and unexpected heart attack."

I never met Richie myself, but I had the pleasure of exchanging many emails with him discussing his stories and helping LGBT youth. He will be missed - IOMfAtS 11 September 2011

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Richie was planning a third book in this series when he died. No chapters exist, and he said that these were the only two tales he had written. So everything he has submitted for publication has been published

What We are

A story in two multi-chapter volumes